September 2016 Tarot Scopes by Melodie

Four of Cups

ARIES: Four of Cups

This month you may feel like you are in a world of your own making and not willing to come out of it for anyone or anything.

No matter how good an offer is that is made to you you prefer to stay within your own little world and not make any plans or moves just yet. The Four of Cups — this version from the fabulous Ceccoli Tarot — is about boredom, melancholy and complacency, all of which are aptly depicted here.

This is not a bad place to be as it gives you time to sit back and survey and contemplate what is around for you and also as you are making yourself scarce from others, it inadvertently puts you in a position where you can perhaps command more than you have received in the past.

You actually know what you want. Notice you have your eyes on the nautilus shell (or is it a snail’s shell?) which is at the moment beyond your reach.

You may have desired this for a long time and not known how to attain it. If there is something in your life that you have been wanting for a long time and it has not shown up use this month to come up with ways to bring it into your life.

The bubble that you sit in shows that you are quite happy where you are but you may need to upset that balance, for a while anyway, to actually make your dreams come true.


the Chariot

TAURUS: The Chariot

This month you’ll have to “pull it together” and harness the opposing forces in your life if you’re going to be able to accomplish your goals.

The Chariot card — this version from Timothy Lantz’s gorgeous Archeon Tarot — depicts a warrior goddess harnessing two vastly opposing energies.

The blue and red stallions embody hot and cold (or fire and ice) energies and are rearing up in two different directions.

While you may be met with obstacles, you’re clearly up for the challenge: there is a sense of confidence and strength seen here in the way she takes charge of the two rearing beasts. And there’s a sense of fatedness as well: as in the symbol of the goddess Maat above the moon and the overlay of constellations in the background.

The Moon in the background glows a brilliant gold. It almost looks like a Sun: more “opposing/diverging” symbolism. And yet we see the warrior goddess standing front and dead center, as she strives to restore order to the chaos around her.

You’ll likewise be called upon to both maintain control and harness the opposing forces in your own life. Whether this is related to relationship, career, or the dual desires of your own psyche, the challenge will be to find a way to pull your energy inward and funnel it outward into one solid direction.

You can accomplish a lot this month through sheer force and will, as long as you’re aware of the need to focus your energy in one primary direction. You’ll have find a way to balance the diverging energies in your life. But if you can “pull it together,” you’ll make great strides toward accomplishing your goals.


Eight of Swords

GEMINI: Eight of Swords

This month you may need to think about your own limitations, and how you’ve contributed to the obstacles that stand between you and your goals.

The Eight of Swords — this version from Robert M. Place’s Alchemical Tarot Renewed — speaks of self-imposed obstacles and restrictions. You may feel powerless in your current circumstances and may be so caught up in blaming the people or events that have brought you to this that you’re unable to see a way out.

You may feel like you’re beating your head against a wall or like all of your efforts are being met with resistance. You may question whether the Universe is telling you to fight or to accept defeat — although neither of these is going to be the right course of action.

If you look at the demon in the card you can see that he has several ways out. The Swords that are lined up behind him are more decoration than anything else.

The chain around his leg is attached to … nothing. And he has wings! If he wanted to he could just take flight. There are multiple options available to him if he really wanted to break free.

As always with the Eight of Swords there is a way out. It may require a bit of ingenuity — much like is seen in this card. But it mainly involves simply opening your eyes, changing your perspective and finding a workable solution.

The Eight of Swords calls for awareness, perspective and acceptance or responsibility. Only once you have achieved all three can you truly break free from the ties that bind you.

Five of DaisiesCANCER: Five of Pentacles

This month you want to be careful not to spend too much time focusing on what’s missing in your life: as in what feels unattainable to you or seems just out of reach.

The Five of Daisies is the Rabbit Tarot’s version of the Five of Pentacles. And here we see a little rabbit poking his head out from behind a massive tree. He reaches one tentative paw into the water where five daisies float on the surface.

The Five of Pentacles is associated with a sense of helplessness against insurmountable odds. As Pentacles related to money (and values in general) and Fives related to crises, this card speaks of obstacles that spring from our own feelings of doubt and dread.

It wouldn’t be hard for the rabbit to reach out and latch onto one of those daisies. He’s already made a reluctant move. But his hesitation may end up costing him the lot.

There’s a lot of fear associated with this card. Fear of making a mistake or not being good enough. Fear of falling in. Fear of taking a leap of faith only to have the thing you want so desperately swept away before you get a chance to attain it.

Your challenge this month is to move past those fears and recapture your your own self worth. Move past the feelings of shame, embarrassment and uncertainty and allow yourself to reach out for help.

Take some time to remind yourself that you’re worthy of being loved and accepted. The challenge with the Five of Pentacles is not to give in to those fears, but to overcome them.

NatureLEO: Eight of Nature

This month is going to be more about reconnecting with your roots, your heritage and the mysteries of your past than anything else.

The Eight of Nature card is the Tarot of Origins version of the Eight of Wands. This version focuses less (way less) on the movement and activity usually seen in the Eight of Wands and more on introspection and soul searching.

You may find yourself motivated to get more in touch with nature during this time. You may be feeling less sociable and more interested in delving into the mysterious workings of your own psyche.

There are also elements here of history, progress and evolution. Notice the man’s face which has been carved into the driftwood.

One side has a primate-like appearance and the other depicts the visage of an ancient man. The driftwood curves upwards and branches off in two different directions, one side circling the rising sun and the other off into unknown regions.

The Eight of Wands is known as a messenger card, and notice the tiny blackbird perched on the branch. Is he bringing a message to you or ready to deliver one of your own? The blackbird as an animal totem is tied to consciousness, the higher mind, mystery and magic.

This month is going to be ripe with opportunities for you to unravel secrets of your own. Looking back over your past, retracing your heritage, and thinking about the steps that have been taken to lead you to where you are now. Pay attention to messages you receive during this time, and be mindful of those you send out to others.

Ace of PentaclesVIRGO: Ace of Pentacles

With Venus and Jupiter moving into your money sector this month, it’s time to start thinking about putting plans into action and working toward manifesting your goals

The Ace of Pentacles — this version from Jennifer Galasso’s Crystal Visions Tarot — represents the start of something new, in this case new financial opportunities. It encourages you to plant seeds that you can tend to, nurture and grow.

You may be in line for a raise or promotion, or you could learn of job opportunity that involves a bigger salary. You could also be the benefactor of someone else’s generosity. Either way, you should have more opportunities and more financial resources at your disposal than you’ve had in recent days.

You may not see a windfall, but it’s still a positive affirmation that you’re putting your energy into the right areas. With that in mind, it also serves to remind you of the importance of staying grounded and focused while you put your plans in motion.

This is such a beautiful version of the card. In this deck the Ace of Pentacles is not only framed by a pair of majestic, fertile trees, it’s a part of them. It’s a living breathing pentacle — a symbol of luck, fortune and magic.

Notice the two goddess figures carved into the branches of the trees. Or perhaps they too are alive. They’re as much a part of the Pentacle’s narrative as you are a part of your own. The golds and corals in the sky paint a glowing backdrop that’s made even more dazzling by the crystals at the base of the card. These are repeated symbols of abundance, fertility and growth.

The Ace of Pentacles is a card of inspiration and celebration. It tells you that the seeds you’re planting right now can prosper and flourish. As it’s also associated with a positive change in fortune, it’s telling you to keep up the good work, to go after your dreams, and to be open to all that the Universe has to offer.


the StarLibra: The Star

With Jupiter moving into your sign this month, it’s going to be a good time to acknowledge your dreams and aspirations.

The Star card — this version from Erin Morgenstern’s Phantomwise Tarot — represents a renewed sense of hope and faith in the Universe, which usually comes after a difficult period.

As the Star card sequentially follows the Tower, there are also elements of “picking up the pieces” that are present in this card.

You may be feeling more inspired after a period of disappointment or disillusionment. You may be more aware of your connection to other people and to the world around you. And you may be more conscious of how all of your actions reverberate into cause and effect principles that boomerang right back to you.

The Star is all about Universal harmony and synchronicity. It’s about being one with the Universe and feeling connected to every single other living thing.

We see it in the almost perfect symmetry that’s present in this version of the card: from the 8-pointed star in the sky, to the mountains on either side of it, to the vessels in the woman’s hands from which she pours water into the sea.

There are as many possibilities before you as there are stars in the night sky. If you play your cards right you could be wishing on one this month and thanking your lucky ones next!

the SunScorpio: The Sun

It’s a good time to be alive! With the Sun in your face and the Wind in your hair you may be feeling a renewed sense of vitality, enthusiasm and anticipation for the path that’s laid out before you.

The Sun card — this version from Robin Ator’s Prairie Tarot — indicates a period where things seem to be going well for you — or maybe it’s just that your attitude has you focusing on what’s right in the world for a change.

With your ruler moving forward again, you’re going to be feeling more optimistic about the future. You could be doing better financially, feeling better about your health, or seeing your relationship in a new light.

In this card we see young boy riding bareback through a field of sunflowers. The Sun shines brightly in the sky while the horse trots along with a steady gate. A field of sunflowers lines the path beside him, each stretching up to bathe in the Sun’s light.

He’s clearly in his element here. So comfortable is he on the back of his horse that he doesn’t even need a saddle or reins (or shoes for that matter). His hat is long gone.

This is one of the best versions of the Sun card ever. You can just feel his exuberance and you know he’s on the right path. Along with the happy, fearless and adventurous energy in this card, there’s also a childlike wonder and exuberance. Keep this idea of “reinventing yourself” alive this month and you can’t go wrong.


Knight of SwordsSAGITTARIUS: Knight of Swords

Now that both Mars and Saturn are moving forward in your sign, you may be feeling a renewed sense of urgency and passion. To chase after your goals, deliver an important message or reach some objective that you feel time is running out for.

The Knight of Swords this version from the gorgeous Tarot of Dürer —  is a fearless and driven individual who can be so intent on pursuing his goals that he fails to see any obstacles in his way. In some ways this is a blessing in disguise: in the “what he doesn’t know can’t hurt him” vein.

But the downside of the mind-set is an inability to see what (or whom) he’s trampling over in his single-minded quest to get to the finish line.

The Knight of Swords can be aggressive and abrupt. He’s no-nonsense and no-BS and is unlikely to worry about sparing anyone’s feelings. He’s also not someone you can reason with or who will be deterred by emotional displays.

In this version the Knight and his stallion are both wearing armor — and both cloaked in royal attire. The Knight raises his sword and rears back on his horse in a gesture of defiance. A second Sword has been thrust into the ground in a symbol of triumph. The spoils of war are behind him.

As with all the court cards, this may be someone in your life or it may be a set of attitudes that you need to adopt. If he’s someone in your life — especially someone you’re at odds with — your best bet is to just get out of his way. He can be combative and contentious, which means that you’re not going to make any headway in getting your own views across.

But he may also represent an energy or attitude that you need to learn to embrace. If you’ve been wavering in your convictions, now is the time to develop a backbone. And as the Knight of Swords also often delivers news, if it turns out that you’re the one doing the delivering, be mindful of the tone, manner and especially your choice of words.


9 of scrollsCAPRICORN: Nine of Scrolls

There may be times for you this month when all may seem like the dark of night. Yet there is hope in this card — the Nine of Scrolls from the fabulous Chrysalis Tarot — as can be perceived by the hues of pink (love) and mauve and purple (spirituality) layered throughout the image.

Eight scrolls lay before you as if lost and never to be seen again. Yet it is the last scroll you hold in your hand — the one that you may have given up on — which can pave the way for you to see your way clear.

A situation you are involved in may be causing you to lose sleep, whilst also giving you all sorts of nightmares and “what if’s”.

But if you looked more closely at what you have been worrying about, does it seem that it is the negative thoughts that have power over you? You may have to ask yourself if the threat you’re feeling is even “real.”

You may not be seeing things around you clearly as you immerse yourself in the situation as you perceive it, which may not be how others are perceiving the exact same things.

You are surrounded in love (pink dress) and you have golden wings which are already set in a position for you to fly out and rise above what is troubling you. Remember that sometimes all seems darkest before the dawn, and the only way to go is up.


Three of TidesAQUARIUS: Three of Tides

This month should be good for socializing and interacting with others. It’s time to put some of your worries aside and start focusing on friendship and camaraderie.

The emphasis for you this month is going to be more about establishing long lasting connections, as can be seen here in this card with the ponies playing together along the shoreline.

The Three of Tides — the beautiful Japaridze Tarot’s version of the Three of Cups — is about connecting with friends and interacting with others.

The emphasis is on joining together with like-minded people, whether this is a planned gathering or an impromptu meeting of the minds. It’s a happy, joyful energy that can manifest as a party or celebration, or it could be as simple as a girls’ (or boys’) night out.

Either way it’s a time of merriment and gaiety. Hanging out with friends and expressing feelings of affection and good-will. There’s no room for fretting about work, and none of this sitting around ironing out political or ideological differences.

In terms of romance the Three of Tides can refer to reconnecting with an old flame or reuniting with an ex. It can also manifest as a natural progression from an interest to a mutual attraction to taking things to the next level.

Whether you’re celebrating your own good fortune or raising your glass to toast another’s, the Three of Tides serves as a reminder that there’s always something to be grateful for, and always someone to share your gratitude with.


Queen of Wands

Pisces: Queen of Wands

This month is going to be a time for you to think about expressing yourself a little more colorfully and dramatically than you’re probably used to.

With Venus moving into your 8th house and the New Moon Solar Eclipse taking place in your relationship sector, it’s going to be a call for you to step outside of your comfort zone and show the rest of the world what you’re made of.

This is Charissa Drengsen’s beautiful Steampunk Tarot’s version of the Queen of Wands. She’s creative and charismatic, with a keen sense of fashion and a flair for drama.

There’s a bit of a seductive, mysterious quality about this Queen of Wands. But she has a lot of fiery Goddess energy and can teach you a thing or two about leading with your heart.

The reds and golds in this card bring to mind things like like passion, drive, energy and creative self-expression. But there’s an enigmatic quality to this Queen as well, with the self-conscious draping of her bold costume against the backdrop of such a vibrant setting.

The Queen of Wands  may be someone in your life, an event or a part of yourself. She may be a supervisor, a parent, a friend or even some facet of yourself that has long been dormant.

If you’ve been hiding in the shadows or downplaying some of the more expressive aspects of your personality, now is the time to step up and be seen. The Queen of Wands encourages you to get out there and put your best foot forward, in whatever capacity you can.




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