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I am an international psychic with an extensive client base and also write articles and horoscopes for several psychic sites. My readings usually focus on the present and immediate future but also look at the past to see where the problems you are facing right now have originated. This can help you in finding your best way forward as it can show you how to change patterns in relationships and take control again.

Sometimes you may feel confused and not sure of your way forward. To help ground yourself before speaking with me you may wish to ask yourself the following questions. What is going on for me at the moment? What is it that I need or want? How do I make it happen? I am sure there are many other issues in your mind at the moment and as your reading unfolds it is good to have a focal point for yourself and where you are “at” after all this reading is for you even if it involves another person who I will be looking at also.

I am open and friendly. I do not do spell work. I believe we all create our own luck and we all have the power to choose our own destiny. My reading will follow what is in the confines of your own destiny but you have the ultimate decision in what you do with my advice. As a general guide I usually stick to a 6 month time-frame so you have the best possible advice for your way forward in the immediate future. One of the reasons I do this is because I do not believe our fate is “written in stone” and each individual has the right to change their direction. Part of your reading in the next few weeks or months may cover areas you need to look at to change in order to get the results you want. I specialize in love and relationships but will also read on other areas, especially as these areas are often causing problems within a relationship.

It would be a pleasure to speak with you.


  • I am a natural clairvoyant. I have spent many years using tarot, astrology, palmistry, crystals, chakra and dream analysis.
  • I have trained in spiritual healing with The National Federation of Spiritual Healers UK.
  • I have qualifications in Reiki, aromatherapy, massage, life coaching, NLP.
  • I am trained in Future Life Progression and have various exercises I have developed to use this within a reading.
  • I write horoscopes and articles for several psychic sites. I am also a counselor and psychic teacher.

I am currently alternating monthly horoscopes and tarot scopes on this site with Melodie.  I also contribute to a question and answer advice column and occasionally supply other content on eclipses, retrogrades, ingresses and other astrological phenomenon. Click here to see a full sampling of my contributions.


Heather: What can I say, but WOW!! This reading was so amazing, so accurate; pinpointed everything I needed to know and more. Now I feel hopeful but realize that I have to be patient as well. Thank you Chrisalis.

gemma: wow…my goodness….what a heart and so much love this beautiful lady has…direct, to the point, and offers so much guidance..and so truthful…especially about one’s self…excellent…and thank you so much..bless you.

sandyclaus: Chris is funny, on target and predictions come to pass. She has been a go to person for me now for years. She cares about her clients and will provide wonderful guidance. Highly recommend.

User_qz3b46: Chris is the most detailed, honest, non-judgmental reader I have spoken to!! She has given me so many resources to read via email in relation to my situation. Very confident advice I trust. This was the first time speaking with her, but I will be back for sure! Really enjoyed speaking with you, Chris! Thank you so much!!

shesparklez: Excellent! Thankyou so much you were a great help and a wealth of knowledge. So good to speak to such a professional. Wish i could’ve had more time.

mrsx: wow first time reading, picked up a great deal without to much information, picked up on description of person and current situation, cant wait for predictions to come to pass, will contact you and let you know how things go. very fast and sweet.

nicky0924: She was very inspiring. She confirmed what I was thinking and gave me hope and reassurance. She even pick up on my ex character lol! Thanks

Happy Days: Excellent. She’s lovely and so intune. Great reading and look forward to the next 6 months or so. Definitely worth a go…..thanks a million!

soul: There are not enough of stars to rate this lady!! She is the real deal and her style is so easy to understand – very fast to connect and type…amazing person!!! Told me what I know to be the truth before moving forward and then told me things she had NO WAY OF KNOWING!!!!

amyr: Chris, thank you so much. I am not sure what it is about you, but I really felt very calm and grounded after the reading with you. You told things as it is, but it gave a clear perspective on everything. I am amazed by the accuracy of timings you have provided and also the details of individuals and the situation. I look forward to talking to you further


I am available for live phone, Skype or chat consultations in 30- and 60-minute increments. I am located on the beautiful mid north coast of New South Wales in Australia. I am on AEST.

I am available for live phone and chat sessions at a per-minute rate of $3.99 USD through Click 4Advisor below. Or if you prefer a flat rate session, I am available via phone (AUS callers only), chat or Skype through the PayPal links below. These are actually cheaper than the per minute fees. Please email me to schedule an appointment if you choose one of the PayPal options or if you do not see me live.



$3.99 per minute

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  1. keith

    Hi. What is your email. I havnt got an default account set up on this mob ph. So if l could just get it l can go thru my normal email. Ta

  2. Anna Leny Gil

    I dounderstand that all of us need the money…what I ask myself is if I need help and I am sick, can hardly walk it is hard for me to have money so you are not going to help me if I do not pay. I am tired of this pain in my legs you can see I am not telling the real truth I work online to help even with this pain so Mel and Chris you are so nice and i do understand the situation but what else can I do. Just want to know if my projects will solve soon so I can go to a Doctor and see what is wrong with me. Thanks in advance for your free horoscope it helps a lot.

  3. Melodie

    Hi Anna, it’s not that we don’t want to help.. it’s that we’re both stretched so thin through working so many different projects. The dailies are a lot of work, and a labor of love. But they tend to take up what free time we have. If you want to send something to we can potentially look at it but just know we’re both strapped. We’ve just launched another site which is also taking up a great deal of our time.

  4. Anna Leny Gil

    Thank you so much Melodie I do understand very well do not worry, wish you all the best in all the projects you have in mind. these days time is gold my dear Melodie do not worry you are doing a lot for me. I just want to know something It is small thing to keep going. I am going to write to the email you left me and when you can have a bit of time just at least yes or not. All the best always,

    Anna Leny Gil

  5. Roderick Roel Batobalonos Narrido

    I was born on September 13, 1971 at exactly 12:00pm, and there was a very loud lightning sound exactly at the moment I was being born. Does this means anything supernatural? I have so many experience with supernatural when I was younger up until 2005. In my dreams and even when I’m awake. And I kinda experienced/was trying to experience “semi out of the body experience/astral projection” but was afraid and I get back.” Until now, I feel empty, like I made a wrong turn somewhere/sometimes and wake up finding my life very very hard and tiring…something Inside of me I can not find. Feel so empty always…

    Sorry, if this not appropriate here.. just don’t know where to voice these out…

    1. Melodie

      Hi, I’m not sure what the significance of that is or how it correlates to your birth chart. But I would personally want to keep it in mind when you’re feeling lost or struggling with your self esteem. It sounds to me like you were born to live an extraordinary life. Don’t ever forget that.

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