December 2023 Monthly Horoscopes by Jeanne

This month has quite a few planetary shifts that will be helpful as we close out this last chapter of 2023 and move into the new energy of 2024.

The first one is Neptune going into direct motion on December at 24 degrees 53’. Since Neptune is an outer planet, its vibration is more of a big picture shift as Neptune moves through the last degrees of Pisces over the next 15 months. Water issues in particular, and new solutions to the crisis, will emerge as viable to pursue into 2025 and beyond.

Mercury, our favorite little dude, will begin its last retrograde cycle of the year on December 13th, stationing at 8 degrees 27’ of Capricorn and moving back to 22 degrees of Sagittarius on January 2nd of the new year.

What will be very interesting about this cycle is Mars will be joining up with Mercury Rx during the last week of December so there’s lots of exciting talk and actions being discussed at that already busy time of year. They both engage with the Galactic Center of 26 degrees of Sagittarius during that week, Mercury Rx on the 25th and Mars on the 30th, so for those who like to connect with the cosmos for wisdom, it’s a great time to engage! However, don’t take action until Mercury clears that degree in its direct phase on January 11, 2024.

Venus is now separating from its recent conjunction with the south node on December 5th so it may take the next 3 weeks to get clear on your motivations and desires that took hold at the end of November. Venus doesn’t function all that well in Scorpio so allow yourself to take a step back to see where you might be obsessive or fixed in your opinions and be open to change.

November 2023 Monthly Horoscopes by Jeanne

We have some interesting cosmic vibes to contend with this month beginning with the Sun doing its annual opposition to Jupiter this year on November 1st at 9 degrees of Scorpio / 9 degrees of Taurus.

This can bring some good fortune to people with planets around those degrees so be ready for some blessing to make its way to your door if you have a planet or birth chart angles close to that degree. Accept the boon with gratitude, joy and spread love and generosity around.

Next, we have Saturn going into direct motion on November 4th. This happens at 0 degrees 30’ in Pisces so all the early degrees of the mutable signs have been directly affected by his retrograde in June at 7 degrees, going back to 0 degrees. Think about what you learned during the past 5 months as this transit was happening.

Saturn leaves a gift after any transit that personally affects one’s chart so if that is the case for you, accept it gracefully, realize the significance and incorporate it in your life.

Mercury moves from 15 degrees of Scorpio to 28 degrees of Sagittarius during the month. He will still be close to Mars for the first 4 days so remember to keep critical thoughts to yourself. The world needs peacemakers not irritating complainers or faultfinding whiners, now more than ever.

Venus transits through the last 8 degrees of Virgo and enters Libra, a sign she rules, on the 9th so that will make for more harmonious relationships and appreciation for love and beauty in the world.

October 2023 Monthly Horoscopes by Jeanne

Welcome to eclipse season! We have two eclipses this month, the first on October 14th, a new Moon solar eclipse at 21° Libra and the second on October 28th, a full Moon lunar eclipse at 5° Taurus.

The first will be visible in a large part of the western United States and has more difficult aspects associated with it. There is an inconjunct aspect from a retrograde Uranus at 21° Taurus and a waning square of Mars in early Scorpio to Pluto at 27° Capricorn.

These are tense and volatile aspects so use caution in your travels and worldly affairs during the second week of October.

Both eclipses occur in signs that are ruled by Venus so there may be financial matters that need attention or a course correction for the country since the eclipse is visible here in the US.

If you have planets in your natal chart around 21° of cardinal signs or 5° of the fixed signs you can look forward to big changes in the coming year. Lucky me, I have two planets in Libra within 1° as well as one in Taurus within 1° so the adventure continues to unfold in my piece of paradise.

Pluto goes into direct motion on October 10th at 27° Capricorn 53’ so he is quite powerful for the next two months. This is the last pass of Pluto over the 27th and 28th degrees of Capricorn for another 248 years so there may be more scandals coming up for big business and government that demand rectification so positive transformation can occur.

September 2023 Monthly Horoscopes by Jeanne

There are quite a few planetary changes coming in September but it began at the very end of August with Uranus going retrograde on Septemeber 29 at 23° Taurus, a fixed feminine earth sign. Then, we have Venus going direct on Septermber 4th at 12° Leo, a fixed masculine fire sign and Jupiter going retrograde 13 hours later on at 15° Taurus, squaring Venus in Leo.

All three of these planets will be very powerful for the first two weeks of September as their rate of apparent motion slows when going from direct to retrograde and vice versa which makes them more powerful during that time.

People with natal planets close to those degrees in the fixed signs may find their focus turning to finance matters, like establishing budgets and managing their own personal money goals.

Fluctuations in circumstances are likely with Uranus in Taurus but the tide goes both ways, in and out so please don’t panic if something you counted on slows down or stops completely. The flow of the universe will fill that vacuum in due time. Stay positive and remain open to change.

Mercury is retrograde until Septermber 15th and will have its inferior conjunction with the Sun on Septermber 6th in its Rx cycle. Look for new insights about your life in whatever houses in your natal chart that Mercury rules and is transiting through. The time between the 17th and 20th has the Sun at 26° Virgo in opposition to Neptune at 26° Pisces which can make one very sensitive and hesitant to make a change but it can also bring in refined artistic insights, too.

August 2023 Monthly Horoscopes by Jeanne

August begins with a full Moon in Aquarius on the 1st, a masculine, fixed air sign. It is the only air sign represented in this lunation with the most elemental placements going to earth with five, followed by fire and water, both of which have 2 planets. This earthy signature shows support for grounded action of a practical nature as the way to take advantage of this energy for the next two weeks. Finish what you start, be reliable and take care of your personal space.

The first 18 days will be dominated by the Venus retrograde placement in late Leo as she now moves into a square to Uranus in Taurus as well as being inconjunct Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn. You may feel a lack in resources or have some additional expenses show up that you weren’t expecting. Remember it is just a temporary condition and juggle things around as needed.

Venus is with fixed star Regulus so there will be unusual news about famous people, people in power and the financial markets as well. Relationships could get a little odd or prickly at this time so respond to the present moment and stay out of judgment. Venus in Leo values independence and attention so cut some slack and give some space to your loved ones while dishing out some appreciation and praise. Venus retrogrades back to 12 degrees of Leo by the end of the month and will go direct on September 3rd at 12 degrees 12’ of Leo.

July 2023 Monthly Horoscopes by Jeanne

While this event actually occurred on June 30th we are still very much involved with the effects of Neptune going retrograde at 27 degrees 41’ in Pisces. If you have been particularly tired, spacey or forgetful for the last few weeks, this might be Neptune’s effect on you as it is very powerful in its home sign, particularly when it stations before going into its retrograde motion phase.

The mutable signs will be most affected by this, Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius, so take care if you have any planets or angles around the 25-29th degrees of those signs. Neptune is a slow mover as she only covers about 40’ a month so these effects could go on for a while or migrate into something else Neptunian. Consider yourself under the influence for the next year or so. Will you go for inspiration or illusion/delusion at this time?

Mercury is speeding along now, covering 8 degrees Cancer to 2 degrees Virgo this month. It can be a social time for all of us, particularly around July 27th when Mercury and Venus are conjunct as that pairing is usually up for lots of fun.

Venus begins her retrograde dance on July 23 at 28 degrees 36’ in Leo. She retrogrades back over the fixed star, Regulus at 26 degrees of Leo, which is said to be involved with many world leaders’ charts. There have been many times in the past when a planet in transit passes goes over Regulus and there has been a fall from grace for some leaders with the 26th degree of Leo prominent in their charts. Venus hits that degree three times initially on July 13, the second time while retrograde on August 2 and the last time on October 5th during this Rx cycle.

June 2023 Monthly Horoscopes by Jeanne

We have some significant cosmic developments this month, the first being that transiting Jupiter will be exactly conjunct the transiting north node at 3 degrees 37’ on June 1st!

Since Jupiter, the benefic, represents the guru, wisdom, abundance, optimism, publishing, higher mind, foreign lands and expansion in general, it seems to me that the time is ripe for an opening for those things to take hold in your consciousness this week.

The north node is also expansive but can be obsessive about wanting to grasp and possess people, places and things. But it can also reveal your subconscious desires, so pay attention to what comes up for you during meditation and your dream state. Be willing to take a look at your longings instead of squashing them because they seem impossible.

More is possible that our limited minds can understand and it is an excellent time to put what you truly desire out there so it can find its way to you. Mercury transits the sign of Taurus until June 12th when it goes into Gemini, one of the signs it rules, until June 28th when it enters Cancer. The pace picks up when Mercury is in Gemini and lots of ideas come in for evaluation and suitability to your needs. Plus Mercury in Gemini likes to socialize and have fun!

Venus is currently at 25 degrees of Cancer and enters Leo on June 6th and stays in that sign reaching 20 degrees at month’s end. Mars moves from 6 degrees of Leo to 23 degrees Leo by month’s end. That means that that the last week of June and first week of July, Venus and Mars will be in conjunction. This signifies the feminine and masculine energies coming together so if you are looking for partnership, put yourself out there during that time as the cosmic vibe supports the Venus and Mars coupling vibe.

May 2023 Monthly Horoscopes by Jeanne

We begin the month with Pluto beginning his retrograde cycle at 0º Aquarius 22’ and continues the retrograde through October 10th.

Yes, the lord of transformation will slide back into Capricorn going back to 27º 58’ during this cycle so we are not yet complete on our Capricorn issues.

Pluto is very powerful right now so make use of the intensity of these energies, particularly if you have any planets at 0 degrees of the air signs, Aquarius, Gemini and Libra. People with planets around 0 degrees of Taurus,

Leo and Scorpio may find this time challenging but that can also have its rewards as you learn to persist with your goals and overcome obstacles.

The intensity continues on May 5th when we have a Full Moon lunar eclipse at 15 degrees of Scorpio. This day is also Buddha Purnima which celebrates the birth of Buddha and his enlightenment. According to legend he comes back on this day every year to join with other enlightened ones to regenerate the earth. Sounds pretty good to me!

This eclipse includes the energy of Uranus as the Sun is very close to Uranus then and they both are opposing the full Moon. This vibe can translate into some kind of chaotic situation or unusual event that alters your plans. You just have to roll with what is during an eclipse. Slow down and weigh your options if you can before you making a big decision. Or you can just trust your gut in the moment.

If you have any planets at 15 degrees of the fixed signs, Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio, the next six to twelve months may alter your life in a big way. Eclipses really shake things up if they are within 3 degrees of a planet or angle in someone’s chart.

April 2023 Monthly Horoscopes by Jeanne


Well, we all made it through a very challenging March and now can welcome April and the blossoming of spring into our lives. Mercury is moving quickly through the end of Aries and enters Taurus on April 4th.

Mercury is going retrograde on April 21 through May 4th and the little dude moves from 15 degrees Taurus back to 5 degrees Taurus. So, if you have any planets within those degrees you may feel the effects in your reasoning ability, communication and travel plans, just to name a few of the things Mercury rules. The dictum of “don’t sign, don’t buy” for big ticket items or contracts during the retrograde period is a safe approach to take.

Venus moves forward from 18 degrees Taurus and enters Gemini on April 12th and clears the 21st degree of Gemini at month’s end.

Venus is quite social in the sign it rules, Taurus, and also lots of fun when in Gemini so accept all invitations to do things and meet new people.

Mars is still out of bounds until May 4th in its current journey from 3 to 18 degrees Cancer on April 30th. We still have the volatility and potential extremes that an out of bounds Mars brings so if you have planets within those degrees of Cancer, be aware you could take an extreme position in some way or extra risk during the time Mars is close to that degree. Check out what house Mars is moving through for more information about how this could manifest for you.

March 2023 Monthly Horoscopes by Jeanne

March 2020 monthly horoscopes

With all the planets in direct motion and Mars finally clearing the 25th degree of Gemini on March 16 (the degree it retrograded on at the end of October in 2022) we can continue forward with our lives with more ease and certainty of direction by the end of the month.

There’s a possibility of a bit of recklessness in our desire to just get on with it, so just be aware of that impulse for rash behaviors. Mars’ energy wants to fulfill its desires as quickly as possible and sometimes that is not the wisest choice.

Mars is currently out of bounds; it has been since October 22, 2022 and will be until May 4, 2023. This indicates that the motion of Mars is beyond the normal north or south zone of declination at the celestial equator. It can indicate erratic or extreme actions if Mars is aspecting a planet or angle in anyone’s chart.

Mercury is moving along in Pisces but will be combust with the Sun from March 15 through March 26 while in Aries. Expect lots of information to come in at that time but not a lot of clarity as to what to do with it or how it will work out until the end of the month. Be patient, it will unfold.

Venus is lovely to look at in the western sky, particularly around the 1st of the month when she will be in a very close conjunction with Jupiter at the 12th degree of Aries. They have been moving closer together quite visibly in the sky over the last two weeks so don’t miss the spectacle of their union on or before Wednesday.

February 2023 Monthly Horoscopes by Jeanne

The month begins with all the planets traveling in direct motion, which is a pretty big deal considering that since May of 2022 we’ve had between two and six of them in retrograde motion each month.

You can make all this ‘full speed ahead” direct motion work for you now. Develop an action plan to achieve your goals and stick with it, hire a coach if you need that extra support but the point is that the force is with us now, so go for it.

If something in your chart, like Saturn transiting a planet or angle is causing some caution or delay, it’s OK. Just work with that slower and more cautious energy and keep going. In regards to Saturn transits, which everyone including myself dreads, remember that Saturn leaves a gift for you after every transit to a house or planet in your chart.

So, here are the planetary motions for the month of February. Mercury covers the degrees it retrograded over by the 8th, so any messes made in January can be cleaned up by then. He enters Aquarius on February 12th. Venus moves into her exalted sign of Pisces on the 14th which is quite fitting for Valentine’s day, right?

January 2023 Monthly Horoscopes by Jeanne

As I mentioned in the 2023 Year Overview message, we have Mercury in Capricorn and Mars in Gemini in retrograde motion so the new year and its new cycle will be off to a slow start because of this planetary condition.

So be patient and let your thoughts germinate during the first three weeks of the month before taking action. Jupiter in Aries will give you the opening and energy to move forward when the time is right. Mars goes direct at 8 degrees of Gemini on January 12th and Mercury goes direct at 8° Capricorn on January 19th.

Venus is in Capricorn and close to Pluto right now until January 3rd, when she enters Aquarius. Saturn is also transiting Aquarius now but they don’t meet up until Jan 23rd when situations can get more solidified.

Venus and Saturn are friends so I don’t expect this to be troublesome, just more serious, particularly if you are in a relationship. Expectations and boundaries get revealed. Venus enters Pisces, the sign of her exaltation on Jan. 27th, so the next 25 days after that should be quite pleasant.

Uranus goes into direct motion at just under 15 degrees of Taurus on January 22nd so that will free up some interesting energy for a new exciting direction for Taurus’s. Possibly you break free from some situation that has felt like shackles to you.