March 2014 Monthly Horoscopes

March horoscopes

Happy Birthday Pisces! Here are some highlights for the month ahead:

Lunations: There are two New Moons this month.

The first New Moon is on March 1 at 13° Pisces. The second New Moon on March 30, is at 9° Aries.

This month’s Full Moon on March 16 will be at 26° Virgo.

Retrogrades: Mars goes retrograde on March 1 at 27° Libra. Saturn goes retrograde on March 2 at 23° Scorpio. Jupiter is retrograde until March 6, when it turns direct at 10° Cancer.

Ingresses: Venus moves into Aquarius on March 5th; Mercury moves into Pisces on March 17th; the Sun moves into Aries on March 20th; and the lunar nodes cross into Libra / Aries on the 22nd.

Continue reading for complete scopes for each sign:

aries glyph

Aries Mar 21 – April 20: As Mars, which is retrograde, continues to travel through your area of love and relationships you may be excused from asking yourself “will this ever end?” You may find your hands are full with diverting one crisis after another whilst your usual exuberant enthusiasm is left a little wanting. This is not the time to blunder forward fool-heartedly into any deep and meaningful conversations where you think you are going to come out on top, rather, this is the time when a little planning and patience goes a long way. Around the 17th a few interesting planetary movements happen for you. Firstly, from the 17th to the 19th the moon joins Mars in your relationship area which may intensify your emotions more. On the 21st the sun moves into your own sign putting the focus of things back onto you and on the 23rd the node, which is a point of karmic events moves into your relationship area for the first time since 1995. Keep all this in mind as a new moon on the 30th falls in your sign denoting the start of a new cycle for you… make a wish!

Moon in Aries March 3, 4, 31


Taurus Apr 21 – May 20:  You may find that your work life is busier than usual this month and you would be well advised to buckle down and get on top of anything that needs to be taken care of as Mars turns retrograde and you may encounter a few obstacles you don’t usually have. You might also like to check out any health concerns you may be having. Saturn turns retrograde in your relationship area on the 3rd which may find you reassessing your relationship and getting ready, which includes making plans but not necessarily acting on them just yet, in making changes to your relationship. If you find yourself in this situation you may do well to also weigh up the benefits of how secure you will be with any changes you are pushing for as Jupiter is in a position after the 6th to be making you feel a lot more confident and you need to weigh this confidence with the actual facts of your situation when it comes to financial security and stability.

Moon in Taurus March 5, 6


Gemini May 21 – Jun 21: As Jupiter, planet of luck, turns direct in your area of security you may find your thoughts turning to finances and making plans for a few changes there. A word of caution though because even as Jupiter comes out of retrograde it does not diminish the fact that Mars (which is retrograde) is forming a tense aspect to Jupiter and you may find yourself jumping into something too soon without enough room to maneuver yourself out of it. I’m not talking love here… I’m talking money… and if these two things are linked for you take care not to do anything that rocks the boat. After the 7th Venus is in a great position to bring fun and adventure your way and you may even have a trip or two planned. This is a great month for you to travel especially if it is linked to romance. Best go after the 18th though which gives Mercury time to travel back into Pisces and out of harm’s way for you.

Moon in Gemini March 7, 8, 9


Cancer Jun 22 – Jul 23: Life should be more on an even keel for you this month as Jupiter turns direct in your sign on the 7th and hopefully sweeps a bit of luck your way which is a pleasant surprise after the last few months of Venus travelling through your relationship area… which may have been good or bad for you but certainly not boring. Those of you born in the middle of Cancer will feel the effects of Jupiter just now more-so than others and you will also be feeling the effects of Uranus squaring Jupiter which means you need to be vigilant in making any sudden changes… especially changes that are not thoroughly thought through. The moon in your relationship area on the 25th/26th may be giving you reason to rethink what you actually want and need just now as the effects of Mars retrograde trigger off feelings of frustration and a need to act. This is a month where your thoughts, feelings and actions may not be totally in alignment and the best you can do with it is observe yourself and others around you in an effort to clearly see what you need to do next. If all else fails… remember you still have Jupiter on your side.

Moon in Cancer March 10, 11


Leo Jul 24 – Aug 23: Mercury is in your relationship area till the 19th giving you a good month for romance because on top of this Venus also moves into your love area on the 7th which makes March a month of love and relationships for you.  Sounds like a lot of fun doesn’t it… I know Leo likes fun!  With Jupiter turning direct in an area of your chart on the 6th that will give you a better view of what is really going on around you there doesn’t seem much that can go wrong for you this month.  If anything, all that you really need to watch out for is Mars in your area of communication.  Mars is spending a prolonged time in this area of your chart and after the 2nd it is retrograde.  This means you may not want to go rushing into any talks or discussions without knowing all the facts because something could blow up for you that you are not expecting.  Try to keep the peace with siblings and neighbors and put your energy into the best thing you have going for you this month…. your love life.

Moon in Leo March 12, 13, 14

virgo glyph

Virgo Aug 24 – Sept 22: The full moon lights up your sign on the 16th just before Mercury moves back into your area of love and relationships. I say “moves back” as Mercury has been retrograde and whilst it turned direct last month it doesn’t come fully out of its shadow period until 22nd where it continues through your relationship area. For this reason it may be best if you wait to right any wrongs that have happened communication wise for you until after the 22nd when you are out of the woods. Mars turns retrograde in your area of security this month after the 2nd and as Mars is spending an extended stay in this part of your chart and will continue to do so over the next few months you may find your thoughts turning to what makes you feel secure. It may be money, the finer things in life, your bank balance, your job but whatever it is you need to keep an eye that nothing and no one upset this balance for you as Mars has a habit of blowing things apart… you could also use this time to gather your energy and resources and wait till the time is right to put into motion that which would have you feeling secure.

Moon in Virgo March 15, 16, 17


Libra Sept 23 – Oct 22: As the masculine energy of Mars continues to travel through your sign, as it has been since December, you may wish to brace yourself for a change coming in that energy. Mars turns retrograde on the 2nd and will continue this backward movement until 21st May. What does this mean for you? Well for one you may find yourself needing to practice a bit of patience and surrendering yourself to that which you have no control over. You may also find that any frustrations you are experiencing need to be viewed with a new outlook which is not a bad thing if you are in need of some zen moments. On the other hand the last few months may have tested your patience sorely and as the next few months take on a new hue you may wish to keep in mind to accept what you cannot change, don’t go forcing too hard what you can change and that wisdom may go straight out the door in a situation that goads your temper and requires patience.

Moon in Libra March 18, 19


Scorpio Oct 23 – Nov 22: Communications should take a turn for the better for you after the 19th when Mercury finally clears all of the tension out from around you that miscommunication has possibly been causing you lately. Keep in mind that after the 19th things are a lot smoother in that department. Best not to push forward with any plans you have for taking your relationship forward. Saturn is turning retrograde in your sign on the 3rd and by the end of the month will be forming a square to Venus (planet of love). The combination of these 2 planets in this aspect may have you feeling as if you are not quite ready to make that next step or want to sit down and have any deep and meaningful conversations regarding your relationship. On top of this Mars will be retrograde for most of the month in an area of your chart that could be making your thoughts a bit murky and not allowing you to really see what is happening around you.

Moon in Scorpio March 20, 21


Sagittarius Nov 23 – Dec 21: As Venus moves into your area of communication on the 7th you may be excused for thinking now is the time to talk something through with your partner.  Think again!  Mercury, which is still in its shadow period after coming out of retrograde last month, will also be travelling through this area of your chart till the 18th and you may find yourself in trouble if you think that barrelling in with what you are thinking and not taking a step back to organize your words will keep you out of trouble.  Mars in your area of friends and friendships will give you a great boost to your social life although it may not be as boisterous as you like.  Mars is retrograde from the 2nd and you may therefore find yourself sifting through and possibly culling those friends that serve no purpose in your life anymore whilst at the same time strengthening the ties you have with friends who strengthen and enable you to be the best of yourself.

Moon in Sagittarius March 22, 23


Capricorn Dec 22 – Jan 20: As Venus moves out of her extended stay in your sign on the 7th you may wish to reflect on how the last few months have been for you and your love life. Was it a time of upheaval? Did you find yourself in the midst of changes that you wanted no part of or was it all smooth sailing and you got the happy ending you were looking for with your Prince or Princess Charming? This month just as Venus moves out of your sign Jupiter turns direct in your relationship area and curiously this happens on the same day that you wave goodbye to Venus. This gives you an extra bonus in the form of Jupiter, planet of luck, continuing to boost your relationships so don’t think all the fun and excitement is over just yet. Be aware of any new thoughts or ideas you have on your relationship around the 10th and 11th and act accordingly in perpetuating things going your way.

Moon in Capricorn March 24, 25


Aquarius Jan 21 – Feb 19: Mercury may now be direct and also in your sign but it is actually moving through its shadow period which is those degrees it traveled through when it went retrograde last month. For this reason you still need to be aware that you cannot push your thoughts and ideas through and expect everything to go smoothly for you. Best to wait till after the 22nd when Mercury is fully past its first degree of retrograde and will work more in your favor. What you do have going for you this month though is Venus who arrives in your sign on the 7th and stays there all month. The last few months may have all been a bit wishy-washy for you as far as relationships were concerned but this month you have the chance to fix all of that as Venus works her magic. The best way you can facilitate this happening is to have patience and don’t allow Mars, which is also retrograde, to cause any friction for you. Mars is working for you this month even when you think it’s not… it’s all a matter of timing.

Moon in Aquarius March 26, 27


Pisces: Feb 20 – Mar 20: The full moon on the 16th lights up your relationship area giving you a chance to put right anything that may have been troubling you in that regard although you may wish to wait till the 22nd when Mercury is fully past its shadow period after turning retrograde last month. The reason for this is twofold. Firstly, Mercury has been travelling backwards and forwards in an area of your chart that makes it hard to put your finger on what is really happening communication wise… although as a Piscean this may not have been too bad for you. Secondly, Mercury will be in your own sign and able to assist you in making sense of your thoughts, clearing your mind and delivering communications that will have the best impact in turning things your way. Venus will also be of great benefit to you this month as, after the 7th, it travels into an area of your chart that will have you feeling quite special and loved.

Moon in Pisces March 28, 29, 30

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