Articles for the Month of September 2023

September 2023 Monthly Horoscopes by Jeanne

There are quite a few planetary changes coming in September but it began at the very end of August with Uranus going retrograde on Septemeber 29 at 23° Taurus, a fixed feminine earth sign. Then, we have Venus going direct on Septermber 4th at 12° Leo, a fixed masculine fire sign and Jupiter going retrograde 13 hours later on at 15° Taurus, squaring Venus in Leo.

All three of these planets will be very powerful for the first two weeks of September as their rate of apparent motion slows when going from direct to retrograde and vice versa which makes them more powerful during that time.

People with natal planets close to those degrees in the fixed signs may find their focus turning to finance matters, like establishing budgets and managing their own personal money goals.

Fluctuations in circumstances are likely with Uranus in Taurus but the tide goes both ways, in and out so please don’t panic if something you counted on slows down or stops completely. The flow of the universe will fill that vacuum in due time. Stay positive and remain open to change.

Mercury is retrograde until Septermber 15th and will have its inferior conjunction with the Sun on Septermber 6th in its Rx cycle. Look for new insights about your life in whatever houses in your natal chart that Mercury rules and is transiting through. The time between the 17th and 20th has the Sun at 26° Virgo in opposition to Neptune at 26° Pisces which can make one very sensitive and hesitant to make a change but it can also bring in refined artistic insights, too.