Articles for this day of December 1, 2023

December 2023 Monthly Horoscopes by Jeanne

This month has quite a few planetary shifts that will be helpful as we close out this last chapter of 2023 and move into the new energy of 2024.

The first one is Neptune going into direct motion on December at 24 degrees 53’. Since Neptune is an outer planet, its vibration is more of a big picture shift as Neptune moves through the last degrees of Pisces over the next 15 months. Water issues in particular, and new solutions to the crisis, will emerge as viable to pursue into 2025 and beyond.

Mercury, our favorite little dude, will begin its last retrograde cycle of the year on December 13th, stationing at 8 degrees 27’ of Capricorn and moving back to 22 degrees of Sagittarius on January 2nd of the new year.

What will be very interesting about this cycle is Mars will be joining up with Mercury Rx during the last week of December so there’s lots of exciting talk and actions being discussed at that already busy time of year. They both engage with the Galactic Center of 26 degrees of Sagittarius during that week, Mercury Rx on the 25th and Mars on the 30th, so for those who like to connect with the cosmos for wisdom, it’s a great time to engage! However, don’t take action until Mercury clears that degree in its direct phase on January 11, 2024.

Venus is now separating from its recent conjunction with the south node on December 5th so it may take the next 3 weeks to get clear on your motivations and desires that took hold at the end of November. Venus doesn’t function all that well in Scorpio so allow yourself to take a step back to see where you might be obsessive or fixed in your opinions and be open to change.