January 2012 Monthly Horoscope

January 2012 Horoscope


The new year sees you start with all good intentions… and a lot of these intentions are to do with your work. However, as the month progresses and Venus travels her path through your area of friendship and then spirituality you may find you are pulled back into your love life whether you like it or not. There is a pivotal point this month around January 22 when Mercury and Mars form a great aspect to really have your seen and heard at your workplace. Any plans you are thinking of to change your career direction are best left to this time. Do not wait till after January 24 when Mars turns retrograde and may scupper any ideas you have to move forward. Jupiter is in your area of security and stability for the next few months and this is a time when you can lay down plans to see you through times of upheaval with finances.

Moon in Aries January 1, 2, 29, 30


As 2012 opens with Jupiter currently in your sign I want to remind you to make the most of this lucky time as Jupiter only visits each sign about once every 12 years… you have until mid June to enjoy this luck. For the most part January will be about you wanting to break free and being tied to obligations in turn. Mars is in your area of romance and creativity where it may be forcing you to be a bit more outgoing than is usual for you. Around January 24 Mars turns retrograde so you may wish to not stick your head out too much in relation to romance and play it safe (in accordance with your Taurean character). From January 15 Venus will be showering you with the attention of your friends and you may find yourself making new friendships also this month with the possibility that they turn into something more especially after January 28 when Mercury also joins Venus in this area of your life.

Moon in Taurus January 3, 4, 5, 31


Mercury, planet of communication, is in your relationship area until January 9 with the possibility of bringing to the fore any issues you want to discuss with your partner. As Mars is forming a tense aspect to your Sun sign this month you may wish to think before you speak… a concept that may be foreign to you, but you can but try, as it may give you the best possible outcome to any conflicts you are having just now. On the plus side Venus will be in an area of your chart which will give you an overall feeling of happiness and a happy go lucky attitude until January 15 when the mood then turns to your career. Make sure that towards the end of the month you have others on board with any changes you wish to make that affects your home life and work as there may be friction there.

Moon in Gemini January 6, 7


This year may look like year of promise for you from the start as you may have spent the last week (since the new moon in your relationship area on December 24) giving serious thoughts to what is important to you in that regard. With Mars in your area of communication for a prolonged period just now and turning retrograde on January 24 you may wish to get your house in order and your thoughts very clear on what you do want along with a plan to communicate to those close to you the best way for you to achieve this. Venus is moving through areas of your chart that give you a sense of needing to have a commitment to a sense of needing more freedom and the pivotal change in this mood comes around January 15. Luckily for you Mercury is also in your relationship area (along with the Sun) for a good part of this month so you can use this to your advantage and speak up for what you want.

Moon in Cancer January 8, 9 10


Relationships are of great importance to you as 2012 starts of with Venus, planet of love, in this area of your chart until January 15. You are also coming to the end of a prolonged period where Neptune may have possibly been causing you to have not much luck with a choice of partner and after this month all of that will change as it moves out of your relationship area. This may give you the feeling that the mist is lifting from your thoughts on love and starting to show you some truths in this area for you. Let it lift gently though as you don’t want too much on your hands to deal with at once. With Mars in your area of stability and security and also turning retrograde on January 24 you need to plan carefully and look at all options so you don’t get caught out without a back up plan. Mercury moves into you relationship area after January 28 once again giving you a great communications skills to get your point across. Just remember… a back up plan may be needed.

Moon in Leo January 10, 11, 12


How’s your energy levels lately? Feeling like you have to do all things at once and no one can help you? You may like to ponder on this because after January 24 your efforts to forge ahead and do everything yourself may reach a point where you need some help. Mars has been in your sign now for the past few months and will be there till July 3. You have lessons to learn and energy and patience to think about. Venus will be entering your relationship area this month after January 15 and by the end of the month forming a tense aspect to Mars giving you a hint where you may find your frustrations being place. Forewarned is forearmed and if you needed any extra warning with this then the moon will enter your relationship area just a few days beforehand (January 26, 27, 28). Remember to balance your emotions at this time as all may not be as it seems.

Moon in Virgo January 12, 13, 14


Home and family seem to be largely on your mind this month followed closely by some great times with children and doing anything you find creative. Venus is in a strong position till January 15 for you to enjoy some romantic times and also towards the end of the month when Mercury may give you the push you need to express how you are feeling about someone. Mars may have been clouding your thinking for the past few months whether by giving you too much to think about or by not making something clear. On January 24 Mars turns retrograde so don’t rush into assuming you know something that you may actually know little about, do not act on any knowledge that is not fully clear and do not become upset over something you have little control over. Yes… kind of like what I just wrote… which would have a similar feel to how you may be feeling. In other words sit back and wait for things to become clear!

Moon in Libra January 15, 16


You may have several defining moments this month mainly bought about by different ways of thinking and possibly seeing situations. Mars is still around your friendship area but as it goes retrograde on January 24 there may be gaps that open in a friendship that has your questioning what it was based on. Be prepared for a confrontation that may not be too open or easily seen. Whilst Venus merrily moves through your home and family area till January 15 which has the effect of you basking in your home life it is the change that comes after this date that you may be needing to prepared yourself for. Romance! Try to be prepared for someone special entering your life and give them a chance. They may be a bit dreamy but they are going to be more in sync with you than you realise. With the Sun and Mercury weaving throughout your communication area this month try thinking before you speak… there’s a lot to be said for biding your time.

Moon in Scorpio January 17, 18


It may be the start of a new year but if I were you I would have my eyes placed firming on the end of the month when your Sun sign is placed in the middle of opposition between Venus and Mars, the two planets of love and passion. This is especially true for those of you born in the last two weeks of Sagittarius. You may feel torn in two directions and you also need to keep an eye out for any misunderstandings especially around your home life and work. Your energy levels for work may take a bit of a downturn so plan for this and get anything that needs doing done early in the month. Mercury will be working in your favour up until January 9 when it is in your own sign and again towards the end of the month when it is in a great place for communication also giving you an intellectual boost. Until January 15 Venus will be in your area of communication which I’m sure will have you all geared up for some great flirting.

Moon in Sagittarius January 19, 20


Life becomes a lot clearer for you after January 9 when Mercury enters you sign. Around the same time there will be a full moon in your relationship area giving you a chance to see fully any changes that need to be made there. It will also be a time when you feel the need to give to yourself so start planning something you can do just for you at this time. Venus moves into your area of communication after January 15 further pushing you to voice your thoughts to a special someone. With a majority of this month showing up with you thinking on your own security and how you can feel this more it may be a good idea to have a plan made up before you begin any conversations on this. Pivotal dates for this are around January 21 when the moon is in Capricorn and the sun is just moving into Aquarius.

Moon in Capricorn January 21, 22, 23


January is looking like a very nice month for you! Your love life is being given a boost by Venus in your sign till January 15 and to top this off Mercury is also in your area of friendships (something which is very important to you) up until January 9. This means that the first 2 weeks of the new year will see your relationships in the spotlight. The good news doesn’t stop there because there is also a new moon in your sign on January 23 giving you the chance to start again and also to refresh your New Year’s resolutions. If there is any spoiler this month it will come after January 24 when Mars turns retrograde which may cause you some frustrations and I urge you to read any important documents before signing them. Mercury will also enter your sign on January 28 so your mind should be in top form.

Moon in Aquarius January 23, 24, 25


Venus will enter your sign on January 15 with promises of romance and daydreams to see you through. With Mars over in your relationship area and opposing Venus though you need to be careful to control your patience. If you think of the saying “all good things come to those who wait” and then apply it to your love life you will get the gist of how this month may be looking for you. Be especially careful around January 26, 27 and 28 when the moon is also in your sign and you may find yourself pulled in different directions without clear input from those you need it from. At this time also Mercury moves into your area of spirituality and you may find that if you “listen” to yourself more than others then you come through this month better than you thought you would and quite possibly with a new found respect for your patience.

Moon in Pisces January 26, 27, 28



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