March 2013 Monthly Horoscope

March 2013 Horoscope

June 2013 Monthly Horoscope -- AriesYour ruling planet Mars moves into your sign on the 13th which will give you more drive and ambition than you have perhaps been feeling with Mercury retrograde in your area of spirituality. You may even wish to use this month as a time to try out a new approach to getting things done… one that doesn’t involve so much pushing. If you think that making a grand effort to get something accomplished is the only way to do things then have a think on this. After the 23rd which is also around the time the Sun enters your sign and begins another new year astrologically you will be in the enviable position of also having Venus enter your sign. Slow and steady actions may well win any races you have been thinking of undertaking with regards to your love life and with the full moon in your relationship area on the 27th the only thing you need to be focusing on is what you want to happen in your love life and not throwing yourself so recklessly into a plan that you scupper the results.

Moon in Aries: Mar 13, 14 

TaurusWith Mercury retrograde this month until the 18th you may well wish to think twice before committing to any social engagements and/or being a bit careful in which friends you share your thoughts with. Miscommunications, misunderstandings and just plain old “missing the mark” could cause a few headaches for you before this month is out. On the bright side though you do have quite a lot going on in your area of spirituality and a lot of it may actually bring your love life to the fore and have you feeling as if you are in a different phase within your relationship. Be careful around the 23rd when Mars comes into direct contact with Uranus and may cause a few upsets for you… the type that come without warning and out of the blue that give you little time to do anything about. At the same time Venus will be entering Aries along with the Sun leaving you with the remainder of the month to contemplate where you would like to be heading and not feeling any rush to get there.

Moon in Taurus 16, 17 

GeminiJupiter, which has been in your sign for the best part of a year may be causing you a few upsets this month as it comes into a 90 degree angle (known astrologically as a square) to Mercury which is retrograde in Pisces. The effects of this may be felt more strongly by you in the first 2 weeks of the month when Venus also joins Mercury in Pisces with promises that you may find cannot be kept to you or that you cannot keep to others. If you find this to be the case turn your thoughts to what was happening for you from 1 to 4 March as Venus comes into contact with Neptune. You may have felt very good at this time in fact it was probably a time when you were just floating on “cloud nine” without giving too much thought to where you would land. If you keep that in mind you may be able to diminish what may turn out to be a rather rough landing later in the month that could’ve been avoided especially if you keep in mind that a retrograde Mercury (your ruling planet) does not make communication easy and one thing a Gemini does thrive on is communication.

Moon in Gemini 18, 19 

GeminiAt various times throughout this month you may feel as if you are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea with events and circumstances set up around you that cause you more than your fair share of friction. You could blame it on Pluto opposing your sign, you could blame it on Venus and Mars in the latter part of the month squaring your sign or even the full moon on the 27th squaring your sign… so many choices so little time and that is the operative words here… so little time and such a lot that seems to have taken on more importance than what it’s worth. This month may be a bit of a let down and chaotic for you but it is only a small amount of time you will have to put up with it for. If you are looking for something to put a smile back on your face though then think of this.. Mercury may be retrograde but it is trining your sign, Saturn is also retrograde but it is trining your sign. A Mercury, Saturn, Sun grand trine in water signs is nothing to snicker at especially if you have a lot of planning to do. Expect good results!

Moon in Cancer 20, 21, 22 

June 2013 Monthly Horoscope -- LeoYou may be feeling like spreading your wings a bit this month and doing something adventurous. At various times during the month the Sun, Venus, Mars and Neptune will be in your area of adventure, travel, philosophy and fun! You might as well go and enjoy yourself because that doesn’t happen every day. For the first half of the month you may wish to keep an eye on miscommunications and what you perceive to be the truth and what others’ perceive to be the truth in a matter. Something like this could cause serious harm to your relationships and as Mercury, Venus and Neptune are involved you need to keep an eye on this. This also includes asking yourself some hard questions ie what is really going on, what is really involved and also should you wait to get the full facts before rushing into a confrontation. With all the energy coming from other planets this month you could well do worse then go out and have a bit of fun and adventure and leave the heavy stuff till later.

Moon in Leo 23, 24 

June 2013 Monthly Horoscope -- VirgoRelationships are paramount for you especially in the first half of this month where you have no less than 5 heavenly bodies giving your love life a boost… well at least giving it something! Mercury, one of the planets is retrograde so you need to be careful with how you conduct your communications and also that you are hearing what the other person is really saying. To add fuel to the fire Venus and Mars, planets of love and passion are also dancing around your relationship sector promising to make the first half of March an exciting time for you. Speaking of which, you may wish to be a bit careful the first few days as Venus and Neptune come into close contact which could cause a few unexpected discoveries. Towards the end of the month as the Sun, Venus and Mars all move into Aries it is a good time for you to perhaps not rush to any conclusions. There may be something “hidden” that you are not seeing… just give yourself a bit more time.

Moon in Virgo 25, 26

June 2013 Monthly Horoscope -- LibraWhile the first half of the month may be all about work for you the second half takes on a totally new perspective in the form of your love life. If you haven’t got a love life at the moment then now would be a good time to start putting a few “wishes” out to the Universe and see how these are answered. The full moon on the 27th which falls within your own sign can help you along with this as the moon shines her light strongly on you, as a person, and allows you to see what you may have missed in the past.. especially emotionally. Saturn’s placement in your area of security and stability should also be spurring you onto some deep thinking on what you need as a person to feel safe and also ways in which you can accomplish this. This month does promise to be one of the busier months for you both with work and romance so make sure you don’t go working so hard you forget to put the effort you need into your love life.

Moon in Libra 27, 28, 29 

June 2013 Monthly Horoscope -- ScorpioSaturn’s presence in your sign may have had you making a few rumbling noises of late but here’s some good news! For the first half of March the Sun, Venus and even Mercury will be making a pleasant trine to Saturn and giving you a lot of help with any planning you have to make. Now of course Saturn is retrograde throughout March (and also for several months to come) but this should only strengthen your resolve to tackle a particular problem with all the practicality you can muster and even Mercury’s retrograde, a position which most do not envy, will also give you a helping hand if you approach a problem in a practical way and don’t expect anything to change overnight. Around the 13th as Mars your co ruler enters Aries you may find that you have the energy and enthusiasm to tackle anything that comes your way… and also to push anything from your path that is going to stop you!

Moon in Scorpio 2, 3, 30, 31 

SagittariusMercury is retrograde in your area of home and family this month so it might be a good idea to think carefully before you rush in and make a difficult situation worse… especially if it involves diplomatic communication skills. With Mars also in this area of your chart up until the 13th any diplomatic communication skills may be somewhat in short supply for you. The second half of the month is all about creativity and fun for you as the Sun, Venus and Mars all line up to give you a well earned boost in letting of some steam and making up for any constrictions you have felt were placed on your earlier in the month. Around the 18th the moon and Jupiter line up in your relationship area promising some fun and games for you, coincidentally it is also the time that Mercury stations and goes direct. Expect the second half of the month to be better than the first.

Moon in Sagittarius 4, 5, 6 

June 2013 Horoscope: CapricornThis is not the month to be running your mouth off and expecting everything you say to be heard by others. Mercury is retrograde in your area of communication and whilst this may have you feeling frustrated in regards to all areas of communication in your life it does come with the added benefit that it is a good time for planning such things. If there is anything you have been putting off ie a letter you need to write, balancing your accounts, etc then this is the time to sit down and put the hard, nitty gritty work that needs to be done. It doesn’t need to be all done at once, it just needs to be started. The Sun, Venus and Mars will also be in your communication area in the first half of the month so all is not lost! You can use this combination to let yourself shine forward with your communication skills just as long as you don’t go overboard especially early in the month when Neptune is in close contact with Venus and there is the possibility of a misunderstanding.

Moon in Capricorn 7, 8 

June 2013 Horoscope: AquariusThe first week of March starts out quite well for you and your love life with Venus conjunct Neptune promising a nice, smooth time with matters of the heart. What you need to be aware of though is that you don’t try to force something to happen and if you have you may want to take a step back and just wait to see how a situation unfolds. This is especially true whilst Mercury is retrograde and as it doesn’t come back to station at the degree it commenced the retrograde at till next month… don’t go thinking you can cheat and just wait till the 19th when it goes direct. The other planet which is causing problems with patience this month is Mars up until the 13th at which point you have such an abundance of thoughts in your mind that you could go rushing in and make matters worse especially given that Uranus will be in close proximity to Mars on the week of the 18th. Stand back from things… take a deep breath… and see how everything unfolds… you may be happily surprised.

Moon in Aquarius 9, 10 

June 2013 Horoscope: PiscesMarch is a big month for you. The new moon in Pisces on the 11th holds promises of something new in your own life and the first half of the month finds the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Neptune all in your sign. Some of these planets get along quite nicely with each other and some do not. As Venus (planet of love) and Mars (planet of passion) are in this mix you should find that your love life takes off wonderfully. However, Mercury is retrograde so you also need to be careful with communication which may seem to be forcing you to take one step forward and two steps back. The moon in your relationship sector on the 25th and 26th also coincides with Venus and Mars coming into contact with Uranus in your area of stability. For this reason you may find that you need to wait till the end of the month to put any plans you have into action and when you are doing so be aware that with Uranus also in close proximity to Venus and Mars so anything can happen…and probably will!

Moon in Pisces 11, 12 



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