Free Daily Tarotscope — Aug 31, 2015 — The Fool

The Fool

As August comes to an end are you thinking about where you’re heading or what you’re leaving behind?

The Fool card begs this question, as it brings the past, present and future together into one fleeting moment in time. It asks you to suspend your beliefs and rely on your instincts as you take a leap into the unknown.

In this version of the card — from Maria Kuara’s fantastic Black Cat’s Tarot — The Fool is a beautiful white cat waltzing along a rocky trail without a care in the world.

She’s so confident in her footing that she doesn’t even bother to open her eyes. Or she may just trust in the Universe so completely that she knows wherever she winds up is exactly where she needs to be.

Like the Fool in so many versions of this card, she’s got everything she needs right along with her. In this case it’s her trusty companion — a little grey field mouse — holding on for dear life. She also has a set of bells dangling from her collar and her shadow at her side.

She could miss a step and end up falling into the abyss. But it doesn’t look like she’s in any danger of that. Even with her eyes closed she knows the Cat in the Moon is watching over her.

This is the ultimate “leap of faith” card. It’s about jumping into the unknown and trusting the Universe will provide a net. Think about what new adventures are in store for you, and how suspending all beliefs and concerns can get you in the necessary mindset.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Aug 11, 2014 — Four of Wands

Four of Wands

Four of Wands

Have you got everything in place for what you want to do next?

It may be that you are planning a project or something new and at the moment you are laying down the groundwork to how this will all fall into place for you. If so, take note to the image on this card for it may be that you need to call in some favours or help from others to accomplish what is on your mind.

With Mercury trining the south node today there is a sense that what you are planning to do is something you have been wanting for a long time. In the past you may not have been able to accomplish it because what you needed was not in the right place or it was not the right time for you but today you can start making plans and begin to see the results of your dreams coming to life.

The 4 points of the compass are clearly laid out within this image as the 4 cats hold hands and join in unison to bring everything together. The focus is on the fire within the middle which can serve as a focal point for what is needed next and as everyone is working in unison there is little chance that something will go wrong.

Do not allow a breakdown in communication although with Mercury’s placement this would be unlikely.

You may also wish to look for help from an unexpected source with Uranus close to the south node something or someone from your past may unexpectedly step forward and offer you the help you need at the moment you need it.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Jun 26, 2014 — Justice



Today you may be called upon to make a decision that is fair and just — without regard your own personal investment or leanings. The Justice card refers to a conscious awareness of cause and effect, action and consequence, right and wrong.

It may be a situation that you’re personally involved in, such as a relationship that tugs at your heartstrings but is not aligned with your principles. Or you may be asked to mediate a disagreement among friends or family members.

This isn’t about choosing sides. It’s about being able to tap into the “truth” objectively and impartially.

In this version of the card, a pair of black cats — one facing towards us and one facing away — are balanced in a set of scales that are emerging from the depths of the sea. A shark circles around them from just below the surface of the water.

The orb of the Sun shines through a hinge at the top of the scales, while the cats lounge comfortably in their individual clouds.

The shark infested waters remind us of the need to “rise above” turbulent emotions in order to get a clear perspective, which the Sun shining brightly provides. And notice too how the sky gets progressively brighter and then graduates into night-time. Staying centered, maintaining your composure and getting clarity are all important aspects of this card.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Jan 1, 2014 — the Sun

the Sun

The Sun

What a great way to start the New Year!

Today’s card — the Sun — comes from the Black Cats Tarot deck illustrated by Maria Kuara and distributed by Llewellyn. The sheer playfulness depicted in this card is enough to make anyone smile.

You may have woken up today glad to put the old year behind you and looking forward to the new one.  There’s a “New Lease on Life” aspect to this card, a sense of vitality, promise and anticipation for the future.

if you’re reflecting on the past — and especially on changes you expected to see over the last 12 months that never quite came to fruition, now is the time to do something about it.

In traditional versions of this card, we see a small child seated before the Sun, reinforcing the Sun card’s connection to being “born anew.”

This rendition conjures up similar images, albeit of the feline variety. Here we see two black cats romping gleefully atop a field of vibrant sunflowers.

The Sun rises in the distance, illuminating the tiny dragonflies and hummingbirds that share their sacred space. All are joyfully “in the moment” — impervious to any danger or outside diversions.

This is the essence of the Sun card. It speaks of optimism, enthusiasm, courage and hope.