April 2024 Monthly Horoscopes by Jeanne


We begin the month with a Mercury retrograde, yippee! Yes, the little dude does his retro dance from the 1st through the 25th beginning at 27 degrees Aries and going back to just under 16 degrees Aries before its direct motion on the 25th.

Mercury rules travel, communication, the nervous system, speaking and writing, among other things. “Don’t buy and don’t sign” is the usual Mercury Rx dictum. If you do travel during this time, things may be confusing in the beginning but ease up after the 10th.

The big news this month is, of course, the total Solar eclipse on April 9th at 19 degrees, 24 minutes of Aries, which has a path of totality across a large portion of the United States. The ancient wisdom about eclipses is that where ever the path of totality is visible those areas will be affected by the eclipse.

The ancient astrological lore is that one should not be outside during a solar eclipse as the lack of the Sun’s rays during that time may be a disturbance to your body functions.

The Moon and Sun are also conjunct by degree and minute with the asteroid Chiron, whose archetype is the wounded healer. This could signify some major developments in the medical field coming out within the next 6-12 months following the eclipse. Mercury retrograde hits that eclipse degree on April 17 and again on May 5th, which could trigger news or announcements about medical advancements at that time. Eclipses often mean a big change is coming and there is no going back from what happens after that time and this does not mean that what happens is negative. It is just a rather life altering experience.

Eclipses are relevant in a person’s natal chart if they are within 1.5 degrees on either side of a planet or angle. They are definitely involved with royalty, for example last year King Charles was crowned on an eclipse day and now he has cancer so his reign may be cut short, depending on his health and what he chooses to do during his reign. Even the Pope has some connections with the eclipse at this time. We shall see what events manifest as time passes. Eclipse effects can occur 6-12 months after the actual event and can be triggered by other planets transiting over that degree.

Venus is moving towards a conjunction with Neptune on the 3rd, which is good for romance, artistry and pleasure in general. Just stay realistic about spending money as one can be caught up in a delusional idea or fantasize an unrealistic potential outcome to some financial risk. It is not a good aspect for investing because of that principle. Venus enters Aries on the 6th and triggers the eclipse degree on the 21st, so there might be an interesting event or news about a famous or prominent woman at this time.

Mars moves towards a conjunction with Saturn at 14 degrees of Pisces and that coupling occurs 2 days after the eclipse on April 10th and 11th. Mars and Saturn signify aggression and suppression energies as well as a potential military event. With the dire situation going on in Gaza and the ongoing war in Ukraine, there is cause for concern now. Mars isn’t particularly strong in the sign of Pisces, however, so that might mitigate the circumstance. Mars finishes his spin through Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, by the month’s end and enters Aries, a sign he rules on May 1.

On an upbeat note, Jupiter makes its exact conjunction with Uranus on the 20th but if you have planets between 17 and 22 degrees of Taurus, you might already be feeling a shift or some kind of excitement brewing. I like this pairing of planetary energies as it has some unexpected good fortune or good luck with it. I personally experienced something exciting and fun as those two planets surround my Sun degree at this time, I was selected to be an extra in a movie, Eddington, that is being filmed in nearby Truth or Consequences! It was fun, fascinating, boring (the waiting around part) and interesting to see how that industry works up close. So, that was my stroke of good fortune and it may not even be over as the crew comes back in early May for more filming. I mention it because real events can definitely happen when transiting planets align with a planet in your natal chart.

Neptune moves from 27 degrees 54’ of Neptune to 28 degrees 54’ throughout the month but doesn’t really make any aspects to the other planets so its effects will be negligible as it is disconnected from the other planetary energies this month, except for a conjunction with Venus in the first week of the month.

Pluto is at 1 degree 51’ of Aquarius and moves to 2 degrees 6’ throughout the month. It makes a square aspect to the Sun on the 22nd and a square aspect to Venus on the 30th so one may feel its effects more at the end of the month as it will station and go into its retrograde motion on May 2. Let’s all visualize positive transformation for all beings and our beautiful planet and move away from the doom and gloom scenarios prevalent in the media. It is springtime, after all, where new growth and new beginnings are symbolic of this season so plant the inner seeds/thoughts you want to flourish and grow within yourself!

Read your Sun sign and Rising sign for best results:

Aries — March 21-April 19: With four planets now transiting your solar 12th house of endings, surrender, secrets, karma and the subconscious mind among other things, something has culminated in your life and you are shedding outmoded parts of yourself. The Sun in your sign in your solar 1st house of the physical body, appearance and what you project out in the world gives you support and the courage to do just that. Don’t give up. Jupiter and Uranus together in your 2nd house of money, assets and values may deliver a positive surprise to your bank account or an opportunity for financial gain. Go for it! The 7th and 8th are your best days and the Solar eclipse happens in your solar 1st house for Aries rising folks.

Taurus — April 20-May 20: Jupiter and Uranus are in your solar 1st house now and may deliver some unexpected events that affect your physical form. Jupiter in one’s first house can often deliver a weight gain from over indulgence but with Uranus also there, the effect is diminished as there is more motion and action available from the Uranian side of the equation. The Solar eclipse happens in your 12th house for people with Taurus ascendents, so there may be endings and surrender coming up in the next year. So be it and be willing to walk away from people, places and things that no longer serve you. The 9th and 10th are your stellar days.

Gemini — May 21-June 21: With Mercury retrograde until the 25th in your solar 11th house of friends, society connections and income from profession, you might have some changes coming up in those areas as the Solar eclipse also happens in that house for Gemini rising people. This can indicate a new cycle starting for you this year in those areas. In any event, just be aware that the energy is swirling and so get comfortable with uncertainty this month. Jupiter and Uranus are in your solar 12th house so you may have to suddenly let go of something you thought was super important to hold onto. Trust the process of surrender now. The positive vibes of the 11th and 12th are your days of good fortune this month.

Cancer — June 22-July 23: The Solar eclipse happens in your 10th house for Cancer rising folks, so there are big changes brewing for your professional life in the future. With 4 planets transiting your 9th house, it appears you are in the process of a re-alignment of your beliefs or considering more education to fulfill an unrealized ambition. Jupiter and Uranus in your 11th house of friends, ambitions, ideals and society could deliver a unique opportunity for you. Take it! The 13th, 14th and 15th are your days of good fortune.

Leo — July 24-August 23: There is a big focus of planetary energies in your solar 8th, 9th and 10th houses this month so you have some psychological issues to resolve before you can move forward with a new awareness of what you believe and what you want to create in the future. The Solar eclipse happens in your 9th house for Leo rising people so there is a search for meaning happening within your psyche right now. Jupiter and Uranus in your 10th house of profession and career may mean a new beginning or entry into a more expansive or tech saavy area of expertise. In any event, just keep moving forward with faith in the future. The 16th and 17th are your stellar days.

Virgo —  August 24-September 22: Your ruler, Mercury, is in its retrograde motion phase now and happens in your solar 8th house along with the Solar eclipse for Virgo rising folks. This is considered a difficult house as we have to deal with end of life matters, insurance, taxes, fears, insecurities and life’s deeper mysteries. There are also 4 planets transiting your solar 7th house of partnership so you may be feeling some stress from your partner right now as Mars and Saturn are two of those planets and they can create some tension together. This will clear up when Mercury goes direct. Your 9th house of beliefs, long distance travel and the higher mind may have some surprises in store for you as Jupiter and Uranus join forces there. This is very positive so trust the insights you have this month. The vibes of the 18th, 19th and 20th are your lucky days.

Libra — September 23-October 22: The Solar eclipse happens in your 7th house of partnership and contracts for Libra rising people so that area of your life will have big changes or significant negotiations in store for you in the coming 6-12 months. There are also 4 planets in your solar 6th house of health, illness, work environment and service so you have to attend to matters in that area of life as well. Rest when you feel the need. Jupiter and Uranus in your 8th house can bring forth a windfall or unexpected inheritance or insurance benefit for you and this is strongly in effect until the middle of May. The 21st and 22nd are your stellar days.

Scorpio — October 23-November 22: With the Solar eclipse happening in the 6th house for Scorpio rising people, things will bubble up about your health, work environment and service so you may have to make some changes to facilitate health and well-being in the coming year. If you have creative projects brewing or have children, they may need some extra attention or disciplined action this month. Jupiter and Uranus active your 7th house of partnership and could deliver some interesting news or situation developing with your spouse. Listen carefully, this month as you may have minor misunderstandings that will create stress if you let them. The 23rd, 24th and 25th are you most fortunate days.

Sagittarius — November 23-December 20: Your ruling planet, Jupiter, makes an exact conjunction with Uranus on the 20th signifying something unusual coming up in the areas of work, health, illness and service but those two planets together can be lucky and fortunate. Still, pay attention to anything out of the ordinary for you through the middle of May and tend to it. For Sag rising people, there could be family matters to attend to with 4 planets transiting your 4th house of home, family, ancestors and real estate. You might even be considering a move to be closer to them at this time. Your creative 5th house gets activated by the Solar eclipse on the 8th so if you feel the urge for a new project, adventure or maybe even a romance, put yourself out there to be open to those experiences now. Your stellar days are the 26th and 27th.

Capricorn — December 21-January 20: The Solar eclipse activates your solar 4th house for Capricorn rising folks and will bring matters of family, home, ancestors and real estate to the forefront of life for the next 6-12 months. Contact with siblings and neighbors might be warranted and communications will also be a focus at this time as 4 planets transit your solar 3rd house. Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus in your solar 5th house will bring some joy and fecundity through creativity or children at this time and through the middle of May so enjoy this special time. The lunar vibes of the 1st, 2nd, 28th and 29th favor your sign.

Aquarius — January 21-February 19:  For Aquarius rising people, the Solar eclipse happens in your solar 3rd house of siblings, neighbors, communication and short trips and speech. Mercury retrograde is also there so you may feel out of sync with those aspects of life and your mind in general. This should pass towards the end of the month but if it persists you should remain aware and take necessary steps to investigate the problem. Use caution in spending money and don’t indulge in something frivolous during the 1st part of the month as the 2nd week may bring in an unplanned and necessary expense. This is an excellent time to visit family or entertain in your home with Jupiter and Uranus passing through the 4th house. Enjoy the gifts of those connections through the middle of May. Your stellar days are the 2nd, 3rd and 30th.

Pisces — February 20-March 20:  Expect the unexpected this month as your ruling planet, Jupiter, will be conjunct Uranus on the 20th so unusual circumstances may present themselves for you to deal with. This can be a lot of fun if you are open to new experiences and fresh reactions. Connecting with siblings and neighbors will offer good vibes and new ways to experience them. While the Solar Eclipse happens in your 2nd house of values, money and assets, you might find yourself reconsidering how you spend your money and what you really value over the course of the next 6-12 months. The lunar vibes on the 5th and 6th favor your sign.






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