Weekly Astro Forecast – July 19 – July 25, 2015


Here is the Ask the Astrologers Astro Forecast for the week of July 19 – July 25, 2015:

Mercury squares Uranus and trines Chiron on Monday. The square to Uranus can be challenging. It can manifest as an overwhelming need to be “right.” It can be opinionated and argumentative. If you don’t want to risk alienating everyone around you, your best bet will be to bite your tongue and keep your opinions to yourself, at least for the next day or so.

The trine to Chiron is much more harmonious and can offset some of that confrontational Mercury / Uranus energy. It brings elements like compassion, humility and tolerance to the mix, which makes social interactions so much more pleasant. As both of Mercury and Chiron are in water signs, the capacity for understanding others and being able to put yourself in their shoes — as well as the ability to express genuine caring and compassion for those who aren’t always so easy to love — is greatly enhanced.

With the Sun trining Saturn on Wednesday, and Mercury trining Saturn on Thursday, you can get a lot accomplished in the workplace. It’s a good time to make plans and to assess progress that’s already been made. These trines to Saturn are both incredibly disciplined and productive, so if you want to get something done now is the time to do it.

Mercury / Saturn is focused and rational while Sun / Saturn is ambitious and goal-oriented. Bring them together in a harmonious 120 degree angle (trine) and you’ve got a fantastic recipe for success. And this is serious business: you may not feel like putting your party hat on over these two days, but you can get a lot accomplished.

On Friday, both the Sun and Mercury move into warm, confident, benevolent Leo. They conjunct at around 3 in the afternoon (Eastern time). This tight conjunction — called Cazimi — refers to a planet being “in the heart” of the Sun, or so close in orb that it becomes a part of it. This is a powerful conjunction, and at 0 degrees is infused with the Sun’s natural rulership over Leo. Sudden flashes of insight and awareness are possible so pay attention to your thoughts and ideas during this time.

Speaking of 0 degrees, Venus goes retrograde on Saturday at 0 degrees Virgo. It’s been at this degree since the 18th and will retrograde back into Leo on August 1st. You may hear from someone from your past (or feel the urge to reach out to someone yourself). But relationships that begin under this retrograde are more likely to be about resolving past conflicts or tying up loose ends than they are about reigniting some long-lost passion. It’s a good time to forgive someone or ask for forgiveness for yourself. And it can also bring healing in the form of closure.

Mars and Uranus move into a tumultuous (square) aspect on Saturday too. This aspect can be volatile and combative. It can manifest as temper tantrums, angry outbursts or rash decisions that can lead result in accident-prone behavior. You may need to find a physical outlet for all that pent up energy, or have it worked out for you therapeutically, via bodywork or massage.

Fortunately there’s also a trine / sextile between Mercury and the Nodes that day which can soften some of those blows. Open and communications and a willingness to compromise are the keys.


That’s it for this week, see you next Sunday!


Weekly Astro Forecast:
July 19-25, 2015







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