November 2012 Monthly Horoscope

November 2012 Monthly Horoscope

June 2013 Monthly Horoscope -- AriesThis is a month where you really might need to watch what you say. For the first week Venus is in your relationship area and opposing Uranus. Think the unexpected, things happening out of the blue, your own reactions being possibly a bit of center. In other words be ready for anything happening in your love life. To compound all this in the second half of the month several planets change signs. Mercury is retrograde in your relationship area making communication with your partner difficult, Mars will be pushing you to work more and the sun moves into an area of your chart where you just want to be footloose and fancy free. If you keep your eye on nothing else this month then do this…. on November 28 there is a full moon eclipse in your area of communication just waiting to trip you up and get you into trouble.

Moon in Aries: Dec 23, 24, 25

TaurusThere’s a lot going on for you this month and a great deal of it will be to do with your love life. Saturn is now in your relationship area which may have you re evaluating your current relationship or really having a good think on what you want in a relationship. If it is not what you have right now then you may have a few hard lessons to go through. Its your choice if these lessons are easy or difficult. Adding to this tension is an eclipse on the 13th also in your relationship area closely followed by Mercury entering your relationship area again but this time it is retrograde. Bottom line is that you have a lot to think about, a lot of planning to do and as Venus enters your relationship area on the 23rd coming into close contact to Saturn a decision to make that you need to be well prepared for.

Moon in Taurus Dec 26, 27

GeminiYou may be taking a bit of a more serious look at your work this month with the possibility of new opportunities coming your way in this regard around the 13th. Mars will be in your relationship area until the 17th. This, along with Mercury turning retrograde in your relationship area could have you a bit lost for words when it comes to communicating your feelings. It may also lead to a few arguments and misunderstandings. The full moon eclipse on the 28th falls in your own sign. Use the energies of this month correctly and you may come out of it a different person than you stepped into it. It won’t be an easy month but it will be an interesting one.

Moon in Gemini: Dec 1, 2, 28, 29, 30

CancerWhilst the other signs are dithering about trying to become used to the new energy that Saturn’s entry into Scorpio has caused…. you, on the other hand, may come to relish it like a breath of fresh air. Your focus of the past few years has been on your home and family and now you have a chance to take back some of your life and steer it into what you want. Use your creativity, have some fun and think “reinvention” especially around the 13th. If there is anything that may steer you from this course it will be work which seems to be coming in short bursts of frenzied deadlines during the first half of the month. November 28th’s full moon eclipse may find you experiencing bursts of intuition over a current problem.

Moon in Cancer  Dec 3, 4, 5

June 2013 Monthly Horoscope -- LeoMercury will be retrograde from 7th to the 27th possibly causing a few misunderstandings and/or arguments in the latter part of the month. You may already be well versed with a bit of conflict as Mars passes through your area of romance, creativity and children up until the 18th at which time you have more than enough energy to tackle any jobs you have been putting off. Leo rules the area of the heart and from the 23rd Venus will be passing through your home and family sector possibly giving a new meaning to you of “home is where the heart is”. Be on the lookout for a situation that is highlighted to you around the 14th and its relevance to your home/family life. If you need to work on it then take your time to assess it from all angles before jumping in.

Moon in Leo Dec 6, 7

June 2013 Monthly Horoscope -- VirgoYou should be feeling more energetic this month as the influence of Saturn of the past few years moves into a different energy for you. First you had it going over your sign, then for the last few years it travelling through your area of security and stability possibly still leaving you with a taste in your mouth that you had to keep doing everything you could to stay afloat. However, last month as Saturn moved into your area of communication, siblings and short trips you may find that you are turning your attention to more uplifting thoughts, seeing difficulties you had in these areas in a different light and also finding you can use your natural Virgo abilities to get to the bottom of a situation without too much fanfare. The 13th is a significant date to watch out for anything around you that ticks the boxes in what I have just said.

Moon in Virgo  Dec 8, 9, 10

June 2013 Monthly Horoscope -- LibraVenus, your ruling planet, is in your sign this month up until the 23rd. You should be feeling right at home with this and taking time out to add beauty and pleasure to your life in ways that feel natural to you. Even that pesky Mercury retrograde may not be able to take the smile from your face. The full moon eclipse on the 28th may give you some ideas of any plans you had for travel and as Jupiter is in that area of your chart also don’t hold back on an adventure. Don’t go spending too much though because as the month draws to an end you have a line up of planets in your area of security and stability all vying for your attention to make a plan and stick to it. This may also be triggered by the eclipse on the 13th so keep an eye on things at that time and plan ahead to the end of the month.

Moon in Libra Dec 11, 12

June 2013 Monthly Horoscope -- ScorpioAt various times this month there will be no less than 3 planets in your sign. Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio from the 15th. Venus is in Scorpio from the 23rd. Saturn is in Scorpio for the next few years. What does this all mean? Well its going to be one hell of a month for you with many things going on simultaneously. Mercury comes into contact with the node around 16th, 17th possibly giving you new thoughts of your own or communication with someone that seems fated. Take note of this as there is also a new moon eclipse on the 13th which will make these energies stronger. Venus will be in close proximity to Saturn from the 23rd possibly having you feel a bit emotionally vulnerable and hesitant to share what you are feeling but also giving you the opportunity to explore your emotions internally without feeling like broadcasting them to anyone else.

Moon in Scorpio Dec 13, 14

SagittariusThis looks like a great month for you… well that is until Mercury turns retrograde in your sign from the 7th and starts heading back into your 12th house which may find you with many questions to ask and not a lot of answers forthcoming! As Mars is in your sign till the 18th you may feel like your best way forward is to push for what you want (and push and push) but with other planetary influences going on for you just now including Jupiter retrograde in your relationship area and a full moon eclipse also in your relationship area on the 28th then all of that pushing will just be for naught because this is not the month for answers it is the month for questions… questions you should be asking your own “self”.

Moon in Sagittarius Dec 15, 16

June 2013 Horoscope: CapricornMars will enter your sign on the 18th giving you heaps of energy to complete any projects you have in mind. During the last week of November you may find you have such an abundance of energy around that you need an outlet to focus on. Mars and Pluto both come into contact during this week and that combination can be explosive leaving you little room for just sitting back and seeing what happens next. This combination will put situations in your path that you need awareness to navigate through and the wisdom to know when to keep your mouth shut. There are 2 eclipses this month. The first falls in your areas of friendships on the 13th the second falls in your area of work and health on the 28th. Keep this in mind as you travel through November.

Moon in Capricorn Dec 17, 18

June 2013 Horoscope: AquariusWork and your “place” within it may have taken on a whole new meaning for you lately. Saturn entered this area of your life last month and it will remain there for the next few years. You are at the beginning of a cycle where you are becoming aware of your need to plan a career path. From the 15th of this month Mercury goes retrograde in this area for you also which means it is a great time to sit down and plan, get the plans in shape and give yourself a few weeks (yes into next month) before you take any action. You may also wish to give your love life more energy this month with Venus in your area of freedom, philosophy and most importantly fun up until the 23rd it is a great time to meet not only new people but interesting people.

Moon in Aquarius Dec 19, 20

June 2013 Horoscope: PiscesNeptune goes direct in your sign this month on the 11th. As it is your ruling planet giving you that much sought after gift of intuition then that is what you may wish to focus on especially with Mercury going retrograde in your areas of work -v- freedom from the 7th to the 27th. The new moon eclipse on the 13th may leave you feeling like you want to break out of a rut and experience new things whilst the full moon eclipse on the 28th leaves you feeling that you want to be close to home. To sum it up this month looks like a month of opposites you may experience in your life however you do have something to look forward to in the shape of Venus travelling through your 8th house up until the 23rd which may pave the way for a very intense love relationship.

Moon in Pisces Dec 21, 22, 23

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