December 2013 Tarot Scopes featuring Steampunk Tarot

Wheel of Fortune

ARIES: Wheel of Fortune

You seem to be standing on quicksand within a situation that keeps changing.

Try to gain a sense of balance for yourself within this and don’t lose any of your power by trying to follow what others are doing or not doing.

If you find yourself trying to extricate yourself from the situation which is swinging from good to bad and around in circles take a look at the 4 figures trying to balance at the bottom of the card.

What looks like strength is actually a bit precarious when you look closely and see they are all looking and/or facing in different directions.

Each of these directions gives a different view of what you are facing.

Each of these directions gives you a different answer to what you should do next.

And each of these directions only shows you a glimpse of the whole situation.

Stay still and wait for things to settle down so you are not being thrown off your balance.


TowerTAURUS: The Tower

Sometimes you can walk straight through a crisis although you may need a little help in doing so and sometimes you take a fall when you are at your most vulnerable.

The Tower is a card that shows you that all can come undone at the drop of a hat and there is nothing you can do about it.

If you are lucky enough, as the figure of the man in the top right hand side of this card to be still standing, although precariously balanced at a great height, you also need to ask yourself just how lucky you have been and are you trying to hold onto something even though it’s blown up and smashed itself apart.

Other people seem oblivious to your obvious distress and pay no heed to what is around.

The ship in the lower right hand side of the card gives the impression that it may be launching or wrecked and this is also true of the card of the Tower.

You can pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start over again or you can sit within the wreckage and feel sorry for yourself.


HierophantGEMINI: The Hierophant

How’s your love life?  This card stands for relationships and can sometimes denote marriage.

Interesting that Einstein is featured on this deck’s Hierophant.

Most people equate relationships with the heady rush of feelings that come about and the question “will I be getting married soon?”

Perhaps a better question to ask is “is this relationship right for me?”

Logic and practicality are needed right now so don’t lose yourself in the situation but know you have the wherewithal to find a solution to whatever is troubling you.

You may need to take a step back and look at a situation from a purely logical point of view, pushing your emotions to the side for the time being.

This is easier said than done: if you look back over your life and problems you’ve had you know that each problem has given you an opportunity to learn and grow and approach it in a new way.

An older person may be of help to you right now or you may be able to look back and your life experience and judge what you need to do next.


Seven of PentaclesCANCER: Seven of Pentacles

It’s time to tackle your finances in a different way and allow your money and assets to work for you rather than you doing all the hard work.

The woman in this card shows that although she is ready for hard work and carrying all the necessary tools needed to finish a job, she is not really dressed for it, being dressed all in white.

She seems to be taking a break or assessing what has already been done.

The fruits of her efforts are seen in the seven pentacles hanging from the tree interspersed between the flowers which is another indication that things are about to bloom for you.

Whatever project or financial plan you lay down is headed for success.

You will be feeling as if you are standing on top of the world and the world is laid out at your feet ready for you to enjoy the fruits of your labors.

You can already see them on the branches before you and all you have to do is reach out and claim what is rightfully yours.


steampunk-6-of-cupsLEO: Six of Cups

Dreams of yesterday and the past may be with you just now as you find yourself lost in nostalgia and of times gone by.

An old friend or lover may come back into your life and reconnect with you.

Children may figure prominently for you and the thoughts of your own childhood be triggered by their presence.

Fun times and playfulness abound for you.

You will feel light hearted as if you don’t need to worry about anything and in doing so you can throw from you  worries that have been burdening you lately.

The ferns on either side of this card bring up an image of using your imagination to get what you want.

If you are used to meditating and visualizing what you wish for then this is a good time to do so. Do not let the past hold you back because in the past there are many lessons which can propel you towards a future that you can only dream of.


steampunk-5ofwandsVIRGO: Five of Wands

Be careful that you know all the facts and are not just reacting on hearsay.

This card is made up of five people.

Three of these people (females) are having a most relaxing and enjoyable time while the other two people (males) are in battle not with words (swords) but with wands which denotes they are acting out and need action to get their point across.

One man is dressed in white which usually shows he is the “good” guy and the other is dressed in black usually showing he is the “bad” guy.

However, the good guy’s wand is black and the bad guy’s wand is white which further shows confusion as to who is right and wrong (good or bad).

For this reason you cannot take what is said at face value just now.

Idle gossip may lead to misunderstandings and before you know it you are in the midst of a power struggle involving not just one person but many others.

Try to stay out of negative group dynamics and find your own path.


FoolLIBRA: The Fool

What do you want and are you going about things the right way to get it? This card suggests there are a 101 things you want and 101 things you’re hiding from others and possibly from yourself.

You may need direction in achieving your goals and a plan to follow in reaching the final destination.

The little dog implies that someone or something is begging for your attention even if your mind is on something else. Is the “mask” you’re wearing for your benefit or someone else’s?

Are others having a hard time reading your intentions or are you having a hard time reading theirs? As you can see this card is showing you that you’re all over the place.

I particularly like the naked couple parachuting towards earth but rather than having eyes for a safe landing they only have eyes for each other. This sums up rather nicely the meaning of this card.

The Fool doesn’t look where he’s going but relies on something or someone else to save him. The only person who can save you is your “self” you may wish to look for the key to that…. I’ll give you a clue… it’s hanging by a chain around the figure of the woman in this card very close to her own heart… perhaps it is there you will find your answers.


Two of WandsSCORPIO: Two of Wands

You may be thinking of a journey or travel plans just now and if you are going with a companion choose wisely who this is.

You may think you get on with this person but the reality is there are certain things between the two of you that do not always see eye to eye.

The male in this card is seeing things from a totally different viewpoint to the female.

Notice his head gear.  e can see clearly but his mouth is covered as if he is keeping his own points of view to himself and not speaking on it.

On the other hand the woman in this card is possibly seeing things through blinkered vision. Sure she is smiling to herself but she may have preconceived ideas of what is really going on with her and her partner.

If this is you then you need to take the blindfold off and see with open eyes what is really happening in your relationship.

Just because he’s not saying anything in response to your words doesn’t mean he agrees with everything you say.

Problems can arise from this between the two of you and you may find yourself going on that holiday by yourself.


King of CupsSAGITTARIUS: King of Cups

Help may come to you through an older man who is not quite what he seems.

For one, you may not think he is listening to you as can be seen in the image of the King of Cups.

He seems to have his back to you but Cups equal emotions so he is listening to you and understands things on a whole different level.

Notice how he has one ear displayed prominently in your direction even though he may not appear to have heard or understood you… he has… because he interprets what you say on a different level.

A level that is mixed with intuition and it is from there that he makes his deductions.

I particularly like the headgear he is wearing on this card as it shows he is plugged into things in a totally different way to what you expect.

If he is someone you have just met then do not take him at face value.

As can be seen from the tattoos on his body (and I’m not saying he will have tattoos when you meet him) but these images show a rich life… a rich tapestry to his own life and how he views life and others in general.


Seven of CupsCAPRICORN: 7 of Cups

So many choices…  so little time.

The Seven of Cups usually denotes a situation where you are not sure what to do.

You may not have all the answers or know all the facts of situation and therefore cannot come to any conclusions and indeed should not be making any concrete decisions at this time.

In other words… one and one may not be adding up to equal two… and you may have to wait until you can proceed with what you want to do.

There are a lot of questions you have that are going around your mind and these questions need to be answered.

Rather than pushing for answers at this time though the 7 cups says… wait until things become clearer as parts of the situation and the solution to it are not in your control and you have no power to do anything about that.

Stick to what you do know for the time being and wait to see how things pan out for you.

 Four of PentaclesAQUARIUS: Four of Pentacles

Have you been trying to hang onto what you have and not let any of it go?

This may be in relation to your assets, finances, possessions or even your feelings and heart. Sometimes money and feelings go hand and hand.

You may not be willing to see it that way but money can be a powerful ally when it comes to relationships and emotions and who “owns” what within a relationship.

Sometimes it’s not so clear cut as that: you may not be seeing that what really matters is love and money cannot buy you this… or can it?

Perhaps you should ask yourself if your financial matters have become entwined with your emotional matters and if so where does one end and the other begin.

What you would be willing to lose and what would you gain if you lost it.

Some people are happy with very little money as long as they have love, while others have very little love and a lot of money.

If you’re in one of these categories, ask yourself how much power the abundance of one and scarcity of the other has over you?  And more importantly, how does it affect your actions and the actions of those around you?


Ten of WandsPISCES: 10 of Wands

Are you feeling a little grey and forlorn but want others to see you as colorful and happy?  Do you find yourself hiding behind a false persona and not yet ready to show yourself as you really are?

There is a situation going on around you just now that you are not ready to face.

You are taking some “time out” and do not wish to show your true colours (or your hand) in what you are truly thinking or what you are going to do next.

The path you stand on looks a bit precarious to me so you may wish to take a few moments to yourself and decide what your next step will be.

There is only so long you can push others away especially when you are not standing on firm ground yourself.  You are not ready for what is to come next.

You need some time to gather yourself and decide what your next course of action will be.

You’ve done a great job so far in not allowing others to see how you are really feeling but it is getting to the time where you are going to have to make a decision and stand by it.

The first step in your decision making process may need to be asking yourself the question “what am I ready for just now?”





steampunk-setThe deck used for this month’s tarotscope the Steampunk Tarot series designed and illustrated by Charissa Drengsen.

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