Free Daily Tarotscope — Feb 13, 2014 — Ace of Cups

Ace of Cups

Ace of Cups:

Today’s card — from the Alchemical Tarot — is another Ace. This time though it’s the Ace of Cups (Vessels in this deck), which refers to feelings, emotions, intuition and most importantly “love” in its purest form.

This isn’t necessarily a romantic version of love; it has more to do with falling in love with oneself: an alchemical process if ever there was one. When you think about it, it’s this process that reveals to you — at least for a brief moment — all that you are capable of giving and receiving.

Aces in general represent raw, unformed energy. The spark of intuition (wands), the seed of an enterprise (pentacles), the origin of an idea (swords). And the most powerful potion of all — love (cups).

The imagery in this version of the card is rich with esoteric symbolism. We see a fish carting a precious (and fragile) vessel across a body of water. The vessel contains a heart which is floating in a pool of red (the blood of Christ) and from which sprouts a grape vine (the fruit of life).

The fish is said to be a messenger of the unconscious, but also represents wisdom, knowledge and transformation. The vessel — a symbol of mystery, sustenance and fertility, is also an alembic, within which the alchemical process of distilling, refining and transmuting occurs.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, this is some heavy stuff! And the union of symbols for love (the heart), fertility (the grape vines), transformation (the vessel) and wisdom (the fish) makes for an impressive transformative “magic.”

But in real life it may be as simple as opening your heart and aligning yourself with the greater good. All that you send out there — like the ripples beneath the fish on this card — reverberates out into the Universe and inevitably echoes back.


Today’s card — Ace of Cups — comes from the Alchemical Tarot Renewed by author/artist Robert M Place, published by Hermes Publications through the Alchemical Egg. Used by generous permission. This deck is also available as an Iphone, Ipod and Ipad app through Itunes. Please visit and “like” the deck’s Facebook Fan page. 

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4 comments on “Free Daily Tarotscope — Feb 13, 2014 — Ace of Cups

  1. Anonymous

    Can anyone hrlp me with reading on my chart: Date of birth: 2nd April 1951 time: 08.54 Madras, India

  2. Pure Heart

    Love in the purest form, for sure! In short, I made an ass out of myself and it only took me 6 drinks and one tequila shot to tell a man I loved him and I always will for the rest of my days. A few days later, I communicated to him again, but I was very sober this time. My communication was intense and I’ve never felt so honest or true about communicating my feelings to someone. They say the truth comes out when your drunk, but my truth was real in the purest form and even when sober a few days later my truth was very raw and pure.

    I don’t think he’ll return back to me and I’m okay with it although I feel a weight has been lifted and I no longer have this gnawing, gut instinct feeling to tell him what feel. I said it all already. I feel complete and I will always care for this man. He touched my heart, my being, my soul, my everything.

    What is funny, I didn’t even realize it was Valentines day the next day. This is when he read my first email. I don’t know if he read my sober email yet, but I hope he’ll have good thoughts about what I told him.

    I sure felt and communicated my purest form of love for sure. I love these daily tarot cards because it was spot on for me.

    Love is a crazy thing, but when it’s real it’s real. 🙂

    1. Melodie

      Thank you for that wonderful feedback… when I read your comments the first thing I thought was how very much the vessel with the heart, blood and grapevines was like the process of distilling wine. In your case a love potion and truth serum all in one.

      You may be right that he won’t come back. That kind of disclosure can be frightening to say the least. But the fact that you feel empowered and that a weight has been lifted off your shoulders is very liberating — very Ace of Cups!

      all the best!

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