July 2012 Monthly Horoscope

July 2012 Monthly Horoscope


March 21 – April 20

Relationships are important to you this month and not just because Mars moves into that area of your chart on July 4 possibly causing you a few jitters and misunderstandings with someone close to you but also because there is a full moon in this area of your chart on July 3 which will highlight and bring to the fore any inconsistencies you have been experiencing with your partner.  You will certainly not be without words to throw around if you are upset but you may wish to think a bit before you speak out especially early in the month.

Moon in Aries July 10, 11


April 21 – May 21

Your focus may be on security and stability this month with Venus (your ruling planet) and Jupiter both in this area of your chart lending you a helping hand to lay down firm foundations.  Keep an eye on communications with family from July 14 as there may be a few misunderstandings.  Mars moves into your work area on July 3 most likely bringing with it a surge in your workload and an uncanny ability for you to get through it all.  Care is needed with work from July 18 to 28 when Uranus may cause a few upsets.  Take care of loose ends.

Moon in Taurus July 12, 13, 14


May 22 – June 21

With Venus and Jupiter now both in your sign you should be having a wonderful love life.  This will become more obvious after July 3 when Mars moves into a position to also boost the effects of Venus and Jupiter in your life.  Mercury is in your area of communication but as it is due to go retrograde on July 14 don’t count too much on your quick intellect to get you out of any trouble. Plan for this month.  Know that you have the benefits of Jupiter and Venus to see you through but it will be up to you to curb your words if things get out of hand.

Moon in Gemini July 15, 16


June 22 – July 22

The full moon on July 3 should find you focusing on your love life.  However with Mars moving into your area of home and family around the same time you may just want to curl up at home and say goodbye to the last 8 months of communication difficulties.  Mercury’s journey now through your area of security should also help you with this but keep in mind the road may be a little bumpy after July 14 when Mercury turns retrograde.  There is a new moon in Cancer on July 18 which should see you shifting gears back into “you”.

Moon in Cancer July 17, 18, 19


July 23 – August 23

Early in the month you seem to have the gift of the gab with everything you say coming out of your mouth in just the right way.  After July 14 though all of this may change as Mercury turns retrograde causing you to think before you speak.  Venus and Jupiter are both showering blessings on your career this month.  If you were thinking of launching a new career or going for a new job then keep your eyes and ears open as opportunities should abound.  Even with your love life your career seems to be placing you in a good position to meet someone new.

Moon in Leo July 20, 21


August 24 – September 22

From July 4 you can breathe easier knowing that the last eight months when Mars was in your sign are behind you.  You may be a bit perturbed by Venus and Jupiter forming a tense aspect to your sign this month but after what you’ve been through the last eight months you should be able to deal with anything.  Mercury turns retrograde in your area of security.  Try to put off any talks, communication or changes to this area of your life just now and concentrate on enjoying a well earned rest.  If anyone’s going to appreciate one right now it is you.

Moon in Virgo July 22, 23


September 23 – October 23

Mars moves into you sign this month after eight months in Virgo which I imagine may have been slowing you down in many respects.  However, with Venus and Jupiter now both showering blessings on you to get out there and feel free you may feel like you are a new person.  A new person with a mission…  to have fun.  Be careful after July 14 when Mercury turns retrograde and any fun you had been having may come back to haunt you through possible misunderstandings with friends.  This is especially true from July 28 to the end of the month when the Sun comes into an aspect with Mercury that may also hinder any attempts you try to make right.

Moon in Libra July 24, 25, 26


October 24 – November 22

Venus and Jupiter are currently in a great position to offer you insight and answers to problems that may have been on your mind for quite a while.  With Mars entering  into an area of your chart just now that may be causing you all types of misunderstandings and confusion though make sure that anything you do learn you assess first before speaking aloud on it.  Mercury is in a position this month to cause you problems with communication.  Be especially careful of tackling any situation that involves authority figures.

Moon in Scorpio July 1, 2, 27, 28


November 23 – December 21

Relationships will be the flavour of the month for you in July!  Mars will bring forth great opportunities to reconnect with friends and have fun whilst Venus and Jupiter are over in your relationship area giving you a great deal of luck in love.  This is especially true around July 15 and 16.  Those of you born early in this sign may even meet someone who seems “fated” for you.  Look forward to what changes come your way just now along with taking a leap into the unknown.  Should prove to be a month anything but boring.

Moon in Sagittarius July 29, 30


December 22 – January 20

The full moon falls in your sign early this month on July 3 which is also a significant date for another reason… namely Mars moving out of its eight month stay in Virgo and moving into an area of your chart that is more in tune with your Capricorn traits of planning and working towards a goal.  Even Venus and Jupiter are nicely placed to help you work this month.  You may experience a bit of difficulty around not knowing all the facts when Mercury turns retrograde around July 14 but that shouldn’t hold you back too much.  This is a month for moving forward.

Moon in Capricorn July 3, 4, 5, 31


January 21 – February 18

Take care in communication with partners this month.  Mercury is moving through you relationship area but will turn retrograde on July 14 possibly giving you a bit of trouble in being heard and getting your point across to those closest to you.  Be especially careful with this around July 20, 21. There’s a lot of energy around though for expressing your unique creativity.  Venus and Jupiter are giving you an extra boost with this right now.  It is a time to “play”, have fun, revisit your inner child and see where the mood takes you.

Moon in Aquarius July 6, 7


February 19 – March 20

At last Mars will move out of your relationship area early this month and should give you space to heal any problems you have been experiencing there for the past eight months.  Mercury will be retrograde in your work area from midmonth so try to tackle any communication issues you have at work early in the month.  Venus and Jupiter are possibly whispering to you that home is the best place to be just now.  This is true and you shouldn’t find any problems at home just a lovely energy and a great place to relax.

Moon in Pisces July 8, 9




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