Free Daily Tarotscope — Dec 22, 2015 — The Emperor


The Emperor

As the Sun moves into Capricorn today and the Taurus Moon trines Mercury and then Jupiter, you may be thinking more about taking charge of your life and achieving your goals and ambitions.

This is the Ceccoli Tarot’s version of the Emperor, in this case a mini Napoleon Bonaparte sitting on a rocking horse.

The room he sits in may be small, but he casts an imposing figure nevertheless, sitting there amongst the various discarded toys and sundries.

You may be asking yourself today whether you want to be a small fish in a big pond or a big fish in a small pond. It’s all about gaining perspective and establishing priorities.

This card symbolizes worldly acclaim and ambition. No matter how high you want to climb, you can know that there are possibilities available to you if you only you set your sights on pursuing them.

As the Emperor also relates to the Laws of the Land, some of the less pleasant manifestations of this card include being on the receiving end of legal or professional disciplinary actions, dealings with the IRS or government, or having to deal with an oppressive boss or coworker.

Hard work, perseverance and determination are all required: nothing will come to you through sheer luck or wishful thinking.

The message behind this card is one of taking care of business. It’s not the time to be passive or wishy-washy. It’s all about stepping up and taking control of a situation that requires a firm hand and authoritative presence.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Nov 29, 2015 — Temperance



Today’s Sun / Neptune square may see you feeling like getting away from it all, or escaping into a world of fantasy and illusion.

There’s a nebulous quality associated with this transit that can manifest as feeling overly dreamy, romantic and idealistic. But it can also translate to a desire to escape — away from the cold harsh glare of reality.

Like the figure in this card — the Temperance card from the beautiful Ceccoli Tarot — you may find comfort and contentment in your dreams, where you can be one with the Universe and where all things are possible.

With the Sun in fiery Sagittarius and Neptune in ethereal Pisces, you may find yourself at odds between what you should do and what you’d much prefer to do. And while there is some “fire” in this card (the muted orange colors on the fish that are floating in the clouds), it’s clear that Neptune wins. There are Piscean fish symbols all over this card.

The Temperance card is associated with finding balance in your life and bringing the disparate areas back into harmony. And the Neptune / Sun square is tied to the dissolution of ego and boundaries. Both of these things are depicted in this card.

You may feel lacking in energy or motivation today, and if you can take some time to rest, then by all means do so. There’s a lot to be said for putting all your worries aside and floating off somewhere on a cloud of contentment.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Nov 2, 2015 — Page of Batons

Page of Batons

Page of Batons

You shouldn’t have any trouble getting into your zone today and adopting a more contemplative or meditative state.

As Mercury moves into Scorpio, you may be turning away from all the noise and distractions in your life and seeking a place of quiet and solitude to explore the deeper regions of your psyche.

You may be thinking of ways to bring depth and clarity back into your life, or like the woman in this card, a way to breathe life into your own creative process.

This is the Ceccoli Tarot’s version of the Page of Batons (or Wands). She’s expressive and original, even in her introspective state. She’s taken a novel approach to self-expression, rising up through the mist that surrounds her to blossom where she stands.

While there’s generally a very exuberant quality to the Page of Batons, this version is more intent on maintaining her composure than on any outward displays of emotion. Still there’s a certain drama in the way she presents herself, with the flowers blooming and the bees buzzing all around.

If this is someone in your life, know that she’s here to teach you a thing or two about creative self-expression.

But she may also represent and event in your life or a set of qualities that you need to embrace — in this case the combination of introspection, self-reflection and understated grace. While the Mercury in Scorpio transit can have you pondering the deeper mysteries of life, the Page of Batons takes it a step further and brings them to life.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Oct 16, 2015 — Eight of Cups

Eight of Cups

Eight of Cups

Today you may be asking yourself just what is it that you are trying to hold on to? This is the Ceccoli Tarot’s version of the Eight of Cups, a card typically associated with finding yourself caught within the confines of your own self-created prison.

The image on this card shows that there are things, whether outer or inner, that you are holding on to or bottling up inside. But notice there are only seven birds — six inside one on the outside: where is the final bird? It’s you of course if you’re ready to free yourself from your cage.

Something like this usually comes out in the end and you may need to do some serious thinking to work out what you are going to do next.

Be careful that you do not find yourself holding so much in that it explodes like fireworks causing an argument or friction with someone close to you. With Mars trining Pluto today the urge to purify and release whatever pent up energy you’re holding onto is strong.

If you have been doing too much or burning the midnight oil a little then you need to slow down.

There is light at the end of the tunnel as can be seen from the bird outside the cage yet you need to let go of something first to be able to feel free as this will lead you onto your next step down a path that is not as constricting as the one you are now on.

If you find yourself holding onto old grudges, thinking to settle or even a score then perhaps it is time to let go as the only person this will hurt and hinder is yourself. Remember the eighth and final bird is you, so be willing to open the door on your cage and set yourself free.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Sept 1, 2015 — Two of Cups

Two of Cups

Two of Cups

With Mars and Venus coming together today in Leo, the emphasis is on the romantic, creative and expressive aspects of falling in Love.

But as these two planets are moving in opposite directions — Mars moving forward and Venus moving backwards (retrograde) it reminds you that in order to do so you must first learn to love yourself.

This version of the Two of Cups — from the stunning Ceccoli Tarot — illustrates this concept beautifully, with the two figures (identical twins) as exact mirror images of one another.

Whether you’re in a relationship or just looking, the Two of Cups is all about falling in love — either opening yourself up to new experiences or reigniting a connection with someone you’re already involved with.

It’s this process of falling in love that reveals to us — in perfect clarity — ourselves at our very best. It’s where we put our best version of ourselves forward and the Universe responds by opening up unanticipated doors.

The Two of Cups is known as the “Love” card as it refers to that love at first sight sense of finding your other half. It’s the mutual attraction card, the “soul mate” card, and so much more. It’s the process of falling in love or renewing a love connection that replenishes itself over time.

There’s a synergy that pulls two people together and echoes their feelings back to one another. In this respect the Two of Cups is more about falling in love with yourself, as seen through your loved one’s eyes.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Aug 16, 2015 — Two of Batons

Two of Batons

Two of Batons

When you look in the mirror what do you see?

Self love is high on the agenda for you this month and you will take the good with the bad and plain ugly.

Today’s Moon / Neptune opposition can act to diffuse the barriers between your conscious and subconscious mind and open you up to more creative and inspirational thinking. But it can also have you seeing things that others cannot see or seeing them in completely different ways.

If you have something that you really need to look at properly without putting rose coloured glasses on to assess the facts, you will get down to the nitty gritty of deciphering that situation without sentimentality clouding your judgement.

If this is about you and how you are seeing yourself, your life and what you are doing with it then you will see that the past can carry you towards the future along with all the knowledge you have accumulated along the way.

Don’t be too harsh on yourself. There’s no use looking for flaws where they do not exist and it is far better to embrace your “whole” self… flaws and all… fall in love with what you find and take it from there.

Others may find you a bit self reflective but it is a time that you need for yourself to go inside and pull out from the depths of your thoughts what you need to carry you forward.


Free Daily Tarotscope — Jun 12, 2015 — High Priestess

High Priestess

High Priestess

While you have possibly been feeling a bit trapped and held back in recent days, you are still brimming with ideas. It’s just a matter of releasing yourself from any self imposed doubts or situations that may be holding you back.

Neptune goes retrograde today and Venus sextiles the North Node. Together these transits can act to diffuse the barriers between your conscious and subconscious mind and open you up to more creative and inspirational thinking.

The High Priestess in this card seems to be encased in an ice castle which can double as a prison or a cocoon.

Sometimes when we keep ourselves trapped within a situation or way of thinking we do so to protect ourselves or protect other areas of our lives.

The crown floating about your head implies that you are ready to make changes and fairly brimming with new ideas on how to do so.

First things first though… how will you take the first step to change?

Will you thaw the ice that encases you or will you transform your life and emerge as a butterfly from a cocoon?

Either of these options may not be as difficult as you envisage.

There’s a lot of self love around for you as can be seen from the hand placed over your heart and even though others may think of you as a bit of an ice queen you have the power within you to transform all around you… including yourself.

Free Daily Tarotscope — May 22, 2015 — Death



Today — as Venus and Pluto oppose one another — you may be called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice, in the form of giving something up that you’ve been clinging to for far too long.

It may be a relationship, a job, a dream, or even an out-dated belief system that is no longer conducive to your growth. Whatever it is, it’s going to feel like a loss, and may bring with it a period of mourning.

The Death card can be frightening, as it promises both loss and change — two of the scariest notions that any of us are ever faced with. But the Venus / Pluto opposition says that what must be “put to death” becomes so clear to you that you realize you have no other choice.

In this respect, it’s more about leaving behind something that probably wasn’t working for you anyway and moving toward something that you’re naturally more aligned with.

In this version of the card — from Nicoletta Ceccoli’s beautiful Ceccoli Tarot — we see snowflakes fluttering down on the fairytale princess Aurora’s eternal sleep. She’s surrounded by the Seven Dwarfs, who are solemnly paying their last respects. The poisoned apple that caused her demise lays nearby.

But if you remember this story, there is a happy ending. Death brings rebirth and a revival. Aurora finds her Prince Charming and ultimately lives happily ever after.

Sometimes the Universe shows us just what we don’t need by removing it from us forcefully from our grip. In this sense the “death” can be a painful undertaking. But if you choose instead to cooperate, it can be an incredibly liberating experience.

You may have to accept that the very thing you so desperately cling to is the one that’s holding you back. We can say that this ending is pregnant with opportunity: you do have to attend to the business of putting something to rest, but remember that when one door closes another one opens.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Apr 19, 2015 — The Star

The Star

The Star

As Mercury sextiles Neptune today, it’s a good time to acknowledge your dreams and aspirations.

You could be feeling a renewed sense of hope about a goal that is now starting to feel more reachable. Or you may be feeling inspired to explore your intuition and psychic impressions.

The Star is all about Universal harmony and synchronicity. It’s about being one with the Universe and feeling connected to every single other living thing. This is illustrated perfectly in this version of the card — from Nicoletta Ceccoli’s gorgeous Ceccoli Tarot — with the woman lounging on a cloud in the night sky and all of the planets surrounding her.

In this version a tiny angel and devil are hovering at her shoulders, loosely connected to her and one another with a fine silken cord. She holds the power to command them with a flick of her magic wand, thus altering time and destiny.

This is something to keep in mind today as Venus also squares Neptune. This transit can be somewhat delusional as it’s tied to self-deception. Although the Star card refers to “Hope,” the potential for it to turn out to be false hope or wishful thinking is also present.

The Star card is associated with Aquarius as the Water Bearer archetype. It is a card of compassion, inspiration, intuition and faith.

It also represents a sense of rebirth and renewal. As it follows the Tower card — which is associated with disaster and destruction — it can serve as a welcome refuge or a beacon of hope.

It’s the sense we have that everything will be alright — even if we have to push past our own doubts and fears. It’s also about transmuting those fears and finding a productive outlet for them. Art, music, poetry, dance, creative self-expression are all very meaningful manifestations of the Star card’s energy.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Apr 3, 2015 — Two of Pentacles

Two of Pentacles

Two of Pentacles

Today you may find yourself juggling all of the different areas in your life and trying to find ways to maintain some sort of equilibrium in the process.

You will need to be flexible and adaptable, as well as being able to shift from one task to another without losing focus.

The “Pentacles” the figure juggles in this version of the card are not Pentacles at all — although in her world they may very well serve as currency. She’s juggling buttons, balls and clothes pins. She stares off into space — never losing focus (although the same can’t be said for her head).

Maybe she feels confident because she’s off in her “zone.” Or maybe she’s so invested in trying to balance out her priorities that she doesn’t even notice it. One thing’s for sure: if she loses her concentration and ends up dropping one of those balls, everything she’s striving for will fall out of balance.

In the context of this card Pentacles refers to more than just money. While it can mean juggling funds — robbing Peter to pay Paul and seeing money go out as soon as if comes in. And these are certainly possibilities you want to be aware of. But it can also refer to tasks, commitments and external obligations.

It could be work and responsibilities vs. pleasure and play. It could be relationships vs. autonomy. Or it could even be up time (productivity) vs. down time (rest). Whatever it is, you don’t want to be so focused on weighing your options that you lose sight of what’s going on around you.

Think about what you need to balance in your own life today as opposed to what deserves your undivided attention. It may require levels of skill and dexterity that you didn’t even know you had. If you can pull it off though and find ways to satisfy one area without neglecting the other, it should be tremendously rewarding for you in the end.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Mar 14, 2015 — The Hermit

The Hermit

The Hermit

Saturn turns retrograde today at 4° Sagittarius. The Sabian symbol for this degree is “An old owl sits alone on the branch of a large tree.”

This symbol ties in very well with the Saturn retrograde as well as the Hermit card, both of which speak of gaining insight and wisdom through solitude and introspection.

This version of the Hermit card — from Nicoletta Ceccoli’s gorgeous Ceccoli Tarot — focuses more on introspection than it does on solitude, which is an important feature in many decks.

The woman in this card is dressed in a red-and-white striped tunic, which transforms into a sort of snail-like shell formation behind her. She paces around the edge of another circle — this one a pattern painted onto the floor. Along the outer perimeter of the same circle stands a mirror image of this same woman, in miniature version.

Together they wind their way around the circle, each with the light of a candle to guide their way. The candles provide illumination of a different sort — though they may not even need them: they seem to know the steps by heart. The circular theme is repeated here in the shape of the room itself.

The Hermit card refers to turning inward and seeking guidance from your self. Much like the woman and her mini-me here in this card.

And Saturn turning retrograde reinforces this theme. It forces you to “look back” and to re-evaluate some of your earlier choices, which have in turn led you to where you are today — on your own circular path.

Rather than going in circles you may want to look at this as retracing your steps, which is something the retrograde Saturn wisely imposes upon us. It’s not about repeating past mistakes: it’s about revisiting old hindrances and finding ways to resolve them.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Mar 5, 2015 — Five of Pentacles

Five of Pentacles

Five of Pentacles

Coming on the heels of yesterday’s upbeat and sociable Venus trine Jupiter, we have Venus squaring Pluto today — a completely different (and unfortunately far less joyful) energy.

Venus / Pluto aspects tend to intensify emotional responses, especially regarding personal relationships. This aspect represents a sort of collision (square) between the “love’ planet — Venus — and the planet associated with pain, loss, fear, shame and rejection — Pluto.

This energy is illustrated here — in the beautiful Ceccoli Tarot version — in the form of a tender young woman sitting alone in the dark, looking sad and forlorn. A flock of songbirds has taken up residence in hair, with one of them plucking at her heart. A single tear falls from her downcast eyes.

The Five of Pentacles refers to feeling lost and alone, isolated or excluded, shut out, rejected or unworthy. It doesn’t have to manifest in a big way. It can be as “simple” as being dismissed or overlooked — an insignificant occurrence that in light of the Venus / Pluto square takes on a life of its own.

It’s a harsh word, a careless remark, a lack of consideration or a call that doesn’t come. Something that makes you feel small, dejected or demoralized.

Keep in mind that Pentacles relates to more than just money. It has to do with values in general and self-worth. Allowing the inconsiderate acts of others to make you feel small says a lot about how much value you place on yourself.

This is what you want to think about today as you look at how these incidents affect you and what you can do to offset their impact on your own sense of self-worth. There can be feelings of shame and embarrassment — or fear of being rejected — associated with reaching out for help.

Take some time today to nourish that tender heart of yours and remind yourself that you’re worthy of being loved and accepted. The challenge with the Five of Pentacles — as with the Venus / Pluto square — is not to give in to those fears, but to overcome them.