Weekly Astrology Forecast — Oct 15, 2018 – Oct 21, 2018:


Here is the Ask the Astrologers Weekly Astro Forecast for the week of Oct 15, 2018 – Oct 21, 2018:

This week starts with a Venus / Mercury conjunction at 8° Scorpio 50′ on Monday. This aspect is good for communicating with relationship partners and loved ones. It adds a layer of passion and depth to interpersonal relationships, and may see you revealing more about yourself (and your feelings and intentions) than you’d planned.

Venus and Mercury are never more than a few signs apart, and because of this their most frequent aspect is the conjunction. And this is generally a very pleasant aspect, emphasizing tact, diplomacy and cooperation. In this case though, with Venus retrograde and debilitated by sign, you want to pay as much attention to what is not said as what is. Mercury / Venus retrograde in Scorpio can bring in trust issues and hidden resentments. Don’t let your imagination run away with you, and don’t look for problems where there are none.

We have a first quarter Moon in Capricorn on Tuesday. The first-quarter Moon is tied to home, family, security, emotions and needs (among other things). While the Capricorn archetype isn’t particularly comfortable in any of these areas, there are plenty of positive attributes associated with this Moon. Wisdom, for one thing. Discipline for another. And responsibility for still another.

As the first quarter square is also associated with a “crisis in consciousness,” we might look at the sign placements for the Sun and Moon (in this case Libra and Capricorn) for more information. The square between Sun in Libra and Moon in Capricorn forces us to confront discrepancies between our longing for close personal relationships vs. our desire for public acclaim.

Mars semi-sextiles Neptune on Thursday. This aspect serves as a conduit between your dreams and aspirations and your ability to go out there and make them happen. As semi-sextiles act as instruments of transition from one sign archetype to the next, this one may see you finding ways to manifest the Neptune in Pisces concepts of hope, faith and idealism through exciting and innovative means (Mars in Aquarius).

The Moon is also in Aquarius on Friday, reinforcing your ability to think outside the box. This combination is both insightful and progressive, so don’t be surprised if encounter people during this time who challenge you to open your mind and think about things in ways you never had before.

Mercury joins in on Friday, and squares Mars while trining Neptune. The square between Mercury and Mars suggests that communications may be tempestuous so consider taking a breath and count to 10 before you speak — especially if what you say can come across to others as angry or abrasive.

This transit can manifest as harsh words, confrontations, temper tantrums and impatience. And it can also be careless and / or reckless which translates to “accident prone.” Watch your step during this transit, in more ways than one.

Fortunately the trine to Neptune is much more pleasant. It opens up the psychic pathways that lead us to our dreams. Mercury trine Neptune is incredibly perceptive. It provides unparalleled access to the collective unconscious. You may find yourself experiencing profound psychic insights or instances of synchronicity and deja vu.

We wind the week down on a mellower note, with the Moon moving into Pisces on Saturday and first trining Venus, then trining Mercury and conjuncting Neptune. Any aspects involving the Moon are temporary and likely to fly by imperceptibly. But that doesn’t mean these two days will be uneventful. There are still always transits in play: planets interacting with one another and blending or communicating their unique energies.

In  this case the transits are generally quite pleasant. They assert a  more idealized version of love, beauty, romance and compassion for others. They can bring you closer to loved ones, and see you feeling so connected to them that it’s hard to tell where you end and they begin. You may feel so in sync with those who hold a special place in your heart that you know exactly what they need to feel appreciated.

Use these transits to meditate and reflect, explore your psychic senses and surround yourself with beauty. Write poetry, listen to music, spend time exploring your own dreams and visions and focus on cultivating forgiveness. As these are all themes associated with Moon in Pisces and Venus / Mercury / Neptune aspects, they can help you to actualize this transit in its highest possible vibration.







That’s it for this week. See you next week!




Here is this week’s astro calendar; click on it to view it full-sized.


Weekly Astro Forecast —

Oct 15, 2018 – Oct 21, 2018







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