April 2013 Monthly Horoscope

April 2013 Monthly Horoscope

June 2013 Monthly Horoscope -- Aries
You should be in fine form this month, with five planets moving through your sign. The Sun aspects Venus and Jupiter on the 1st, paving the way for social and romantic opportunities. Remember that these require a lot more give and take than you’re probably used to: you’re going to have to curb some of those Arian impulses if you want to make the most of these aspects. Your relationship rulers come together on the 7th, followed by the New Moon in Aries on the 10thYou’ve got so much potential here to start something new, or to revitalize a current connection. You’ll get the green light to “go for it” – whatever the elusive “it” may be – on the 13th. But the most powerful aspect for you this month occurs on the 17th when the Sun and Mars come together in your sign.These two planets are dignified in Aries: the Sun through exaltation and Mars through rulership. Consider this an added Aries boon and use it as a springboard for success. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone, least of all you. But this month you’re able to show the world what you’re made of — and in doing so can surpass even your own expectations.

Moon in Aries: April 8, 9 and 10


With most of your personal planets moving through your 12th house at the start of the month, you may feel more comfortable staying in the background than venturing out into the public. This doesn’t mean you should be slacking off; there’s much to be done behind the scenes. It can be a creative and inspirational period for you, made all the more fulfilling by the lack of outside distractions. You’ll start feeling more sociable around the 7th when Venus and Mars come together. A secret admirer could surprise you by expressing feelings at this time. This transit can also refer to secret affairs, so make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. The Moon moves into your sign on the 10th, followed by Venus on the 15th, the Sun on the 19th and Mars on the 20th. With all this Taurus energy, you should be feeling like you’re back in your game. Relationships can get shaken up though with the eclipse on the 25th. Problems you’ve been suppressed will come to the surface and you’re going to have to address them. Don’t get stuck on “what’s wrong with my partner?”—see it as an opportunity to evaluate and improve on your own shortcomings as well.

Moon in Taurus: April 10, 11, 12 and 13


This month you’re thinking about social connections and where you fit in in the world. You’re going to have a true “six degrees of separation” experience through synchronous connections between yourself and friends of friends. You may meet someone through a casual acquaintance who turns out to be very significant in your life. Starting around the 10th, when the Moon moves into your sign and your ruler moves into Aries, you’ll be bursting with ideas that you really should think about putting down on paper. This would be a great month to start a blog, expand your social circles or join a group of like-minded people. The 20th and 21st can be a bit tumultuous, with Mercury first conjuncting Uranus – the great awakener – and then squaring Pluto – lord of the Underworld. A brilliant idea can take shape during this time, only to see you persecuted for it later. Stick to your guns though as these external challenges can strengthen your position in the end. The eclipse on the 25th may bring health matters to your attention so pay attention to the signals your body is sending you. This would be a good time to schedule a check-up, change your diet or work on integrating body, mind and spirit.

Moon in Gemini: April 13, 14 and 15


You’re feeling more confident this month about your career goals, whether this is tied to opportunities opening up for you or just a sense of satisfaction over all you’ve achieved thus far. With a whopping 7 planets (as well as the Moon) above the horizon for you now, you’re going to be venturing into the public eye a lot more than you’re normally comfortable with. Five of those planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Uranus) will be in your professional sector by the 13th. This is a good time for you take stock of what you want to accomplish and offer it up to the Universe. You can do that in several different ways: creating a business plan, applying for a job or promotion, launching a whole new career, etc. The Moon moves into your sign on the 15th, starting a whole new lunar cycle for you. As this is also your ruler, you can use it as a springboard for change over the next 30 days. Don’t let your relationships fall by the way-side though: a hard aspect between Venus and Saturn can bring problems to a head around the 22nd if you’re not careful. Balancing your personal and professional relationships will be the key to your success.

Moon in Cancer: April 15, 16, 17 and 18

June 2013 Monthly Horoscope -- Leo

You’re going to be making great strides this month as far as your own growth and personal development are concerned, with a lineup of planets moving through your 9th house or “personal expansion” sector. This area relates to travel, education, spirituality, foreign affairs, etc. – anything that gets you out of your comfort zone and forces you to broaden your horizons. With your ruler (the Sun) now exalted in Aries and 4 other planets moving through this sector, you can expect to make progress by leaps and bounds. If you’re considering going back to school or pursuing less traditional studies, be sure to make the most of it rather than seeing it as a chore. If you’re planning a trip, make it memorable: don’t let yourself get stuck in auto-pilot. Several planets start moving into your career sector beginning on the 15th, shifting your focus over to the professional area. The Sun and Mars join forces on the 17th, and the Moon moves into Leo on the following day – forming collaborative aspects to all those Aries planets. This is where you take what you’ve learned and add it to your resume. Don’t get too big for your britches though – all this Aires/Leo can be overwhelming for even your most die-hard fans.

Moon in Leo: April 18, 19 and 20

June 2013 Monthly Horoscope -- Virgo

You’re going to be taking stock of what’s most important to you this month, as you start cataloging baggage that needs to be cleared away. With a line-up of planets moving through your 8th house (the sector related to personal transformation), it’s vital for you to work on releasing all that is no longer relevant to you before you embark on the next chapter in your life. Your ruler (Mercury) is debilitated In Pisces, and moving through your relationship sector, while your relationship ruler (Jupiter – also debilitated) is involved in hard aspects to those Pisces planets. Ask yourself in what ways you’re putting or own needs aside in deference to others. You may be feeling uncertain about your opinions or see it as easier to just keep your views to yourself. Things begin to shift around the 13th, as you start placing more value on your ideas. You also start looking at what’s no longer working for you and what you’re willing to give up. This is an integral part of your growth, even if means uncomfortable changes in your relationship. By the end of the month you could be working with a whole new set of standards depending on what you’re willing to let go of.

Moon in Virgo: April 20, 21, 22 and 23

June 2013 Monthly Horoscope -- Libra

It’s going to be all about love and relationships for you this month with both your relationship rulers (Venus and Mars) and your romance ruler (Uranus) all lined up with the Sun in your relationship sector. This doesn’t necessarily mean that everything is “good” in your relationship; just that this is where you’re going to be focusing your attention. The New Moon on the 10th also takes place in this sector, upping the number of planets in that area to five. Mars and the Sun are also both dignified there, and Venus – while debilitated by sign – is dignified by house. What does this mean for you? An exciting new love interest, an unexpected turn of events in your relationship, or maybe even a change in your status. One thing you can be sure of though is that things will happen fast. There’s nothing slow moving, cautious or prudent about all this Aries energy. You’ll need to pay attention to the distribution of “power” too. If you find yourself doing all the work while your partner has all the fun things are going to get ugly once you come back down to earth. Strive for balance and harmony, especially around the 22nd, if you want this relationship to last.

Moon in Libra: April 23, 24 and 25

June 2013 Monthly Horoscope -- Scorpio

You start the month out with a series of planets posited in your 6th house and moving into your 7th. This is the bridge between making personal adjustments (6th house) in preparation for aligning yourself with others (7th). Focus on work, health, and your relationships with colleagues are all indicated – at least in the first half of the month. This has less to do with professional achievements than personal development, as this sector is all about the work-in-progress aspects of refining and improving your world. Starting on the 12th – when Pluto (your ruler) goes retrograde – this point is driven home. You’re forced to look at your own “shadow” energy with a brave and honest scrutiny. You may have to go back and right some wrongs under this transit or at the very least make amends. This combination can be cathartic, in the sense that it leads to a personal transformation. There’s a “baptism by fire” component, capped off by the eclipse in your sign (on the 25th). The energy shifts during toward the end of the month to 7th house (relationship) areas. You’ll be putting all you’ve learned to use in this area. This is where you show others what you’re made of, so be sure to make it memorable.

Moon in Scorpio: April 25, 26 and 27


Romance is going to be on your radar this month, with five planets lined up in your romance sector from the beginning. Venus and Mars – the planets associated traditionally to love and romance) come together in this area on the 7th. You could meet someone new, start a brand new romance, or even “seal the deal” which someone you’ve been seeing. Your libido should be off the charts, especially with the Moon (ruling your sex and intimacy sector) in your sign at the start of the month. All is not perfect though. For starters both of your relationship rulers are debilitated by sign: Jupiter in Gemini and Mercury in Pisces. Additionally, this month’s eclipse (on the 25th) falls in your 12th house – the sector related to both clandestine affairs and hidden enemies. There is some danger of getting caught up in a situation that you can’t get out of, or of having your secrets exposed. It’s going to be critical to be completely on the up-and-up this month, as far as both your relationships and your intentions are concerned. A whirlwind romance could develop with these transits, but if that happens, make sure you’re on the same page and not leading someone on.

Moon in Sagittarius: April 1, 27, 28, 29

June 2013 Horoscope: Capricorn

You’re going to be tending the home fires this month, whether that means your immediate family, or whether it’s your literal home, as in property. On the upside this can free you up to spend time with those who probably don’t see enough of you. It can also refer to making changes in your home – such as someone moving in or out, remodeling or even purchasing land. Potential downsides include being stuck at home despite your wishes – through necessity or illness; or structural issues (home repairs) that demand your attention. Everything but Saturn – your ruler – is below the horizon for you now. And while most of it is posited in the “home” sector (4th house), in general this corresponds to a sort of “down-time.” You’re less in the public eye and more behind the scenes than you’re used to being. And while Saturn is elevated (and in mutual reception with Pluto, making it all the more powerful) you may just not know what to do with yourself during these weeks. You could be going stir-crazy, particularly around the 21st and 22nd. But your best bet is to embrace this period – rather than fighting it – as much can be gained by stepping back and contemplating your next move.

Moon in Capricorn: April 2, 3, 4, 29 and 30

June 2013 Horoscope: Aquarius

Your professional relationships may take a “hit” early in the month, thanks to a hard aspect between your 7th house ruler (the Sun) and a 12th house Pluto. These sectors are both related to “enemies” (open and hidden, respectively) and since Pluto rules career for you, this is the area you’re most likely to be caught off-guard. You could have a run-in with a supervisor or a co-worker; or you could be thrown a curve-ball on the job. You may have to face that not everyone has your back, and try to frame that in the context of all of your other relationships: Friends, family, loved ones, a rock solid support network: these are the ones that are most important in the end. You’ll also be interacting more with neighbors, siblings and those in your immediate environment this month. You may even be a catalyst for change in your community. Taking on a cause – animal rights, homelessness, local women’s shelters, etc., : these are all right up your alley. You can funnel some of that Aquarian desire to be a part of something bigger than yourself in any number of community alliances. Brainstorming with others over the weekend of the 20th can lead to something life-changing in the end.

Moon in Aquarius: April 4, 5 and 6

June 2013 Horoscope: PiscesYou’re going to be challenged to get your finances in order this month. This doesn’t refer to just income and spending, but also saving, investing and tithing habits as well. You’ll have to get a handle on your spending first and foremost though. With hard aspects between Pluto in the 11th and Sun, Venus and Uranus in the 2nd, there’s bound to be some crisis that you’ve created yourself. These are your money (2nd) and large organization (11th) sectors, so be ready for the tax man when he comes too. You can make great strides in your earning power this month – as you’ll have 5 planets moving through that house early on. But you can’t skip the important step of taking care of debts or it will all be for naught. Your ruler (Neptune) is favorably situated as it’s not only moving through your sign but is also mitigating the effects of both Mercury and Chiron. It can act as a powerful receptor for dreams, psychic impressions, creativity, etc. Starting around the 18th, you’ll have opportunities to focus on those areas, through a series of harmonious aspects. Take care of “business” in the beginning of the month so you can free yourself up to manifest your dreams near the end.

Moon in Pisces: April 6. 7 and 8



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