April and May 2013 Solar and Lunar Eclipses from an Astrological Perspective

Starting on April 25 and going through to May 25 we have 3 eclipses due to cross our paths affecting some of us more than others but giving all of us a chance to use the heightened energy of the Sun and Moon that is around at these times.

However you choose to use these important dates keep this in mind. Eclipses tend to have a way of throwing you off your guard, situations may happen that send you reeling and circumstances whether good or bad have a way of showing up in your life in a way that reminds you of fated or coincidental events.

Be aware of what is around for you on these dates and in the interim weeks between each eclipse. Don’t make any grand plans around these times but rather sit back, watch what is happening and be ready to counter things if they do not go in your favor. The “forewarned is forearmed” approach goes a long way when it comes to dealing with eclipses.

The first eclipse is on April 25 in the sign of Scorpio at 5 degrees and brings forth a tide of deep emotions and heightened intensity in our feelings. Whilst probably not a good time to go rushing into a situation emotionally it is a great time for uncovering deeper truths and uncovering facts that may have had you held back and feelings as if you were unable to make a move till you were more aware of what a situation truly was. This eclipse falls very close to Saturn’s present position in Scorpio which will also give you a more grounded approach in tackling anything that comes your way.




The second eclipse on May 10 is in the sign of Taurus at 19 degrees. Something may clear up for you at this time but possibly not without something else being lost in the process. This eclipse is in opposition to the node which is a point of fated events in your life. Whether these events are good or bad the effects of the eclipse will be strengthened with a possible karmic quality to what is happening for you.

This is not a time to walk through what is going on around you with your eyes shut, rather it is a time to be on the lookout for what the Universe is trying to tell you and act accordingly and not hold on to something in your life that may be holding you back. This may be a person, situation or an attitude you have been holding on to… be ready to let it go so you can feel released from its confines and move ahead with your life.

The third eclipse is on May 25 falls in the sign of Sagittarius at 4 degrees. Sagittarius is known as the happy go lucky sign of the zodiac. An eclipse in this sign is usually fortuitous although it can have its drawbacks… these being acting without forethought, rushing into something without thinking it through properly or even just feeling so happy that you are not aware of what the real situation is and therefore act inappropriately.

On the plus side this last eclipse falls in an area of the zodiac that gives a sense of lifting to any dark emotions and/or situations that have been around for you in the last few weeks. Use it well and take it as the gift it is… in other words enjoy the shift in the energy and don’t hold on to that which has been holding you back.

To find out more on what the eclipses may mean to you personally contact Melodie or Chrisalis for a reading to aid you in added insights and decisions to navigate your way forward through this period.




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