December 2016 Tarot Scopes by Melodie


ARIES: The Magician

With Mars (your ruler) and Uranus in mutual reception now, it’s going to be a high energy month for you, with just as much potential for things to go haywire as there is for magic to transpire.

The Magician card — this version from Nora Huszka’s Gypsy Palace Tarot — encourages us to make the best use of all of the resources at our disposal. Especially during stressful times. The Magician — like the Fool — already has everything he needs. But unlike the Fool, he’s consciously aware of it.

Sometimes it’s about learning to harness those energies and sometimes it’s about keeping them afloat. And sometimes it boils down to a precarious balancing act.

Notice the black cat exiting the stage on the right. He’s left his paw prints all the way down the wall and across the backdrop. He’s traipsed all over the stage yet doesn’t seem to have distracted the Magician at all. That’s the kind of composure you wan to cultivate during this time.

While Mars and Uranus bring in unexpected opportunities, there’s also a Jupiter / Uranus opposition to contend with. This can be a volatile aspect that can wreak havoc on your relationships.

There are two ways to handle oppositions. The first one has to do with “owning” one side of the opposition and projecting the other one outwardly, onto another person or an event. The other is to see it as an opportunity to balance and integrate those opposing forces.

The first option often results in crisis (when it comes to Jupiter and Uranus, it doesn’t matter which one you’re owning and which one you’re projecting — it’s not going to be a picnic). And the other has the potential to create “magic” (especially when it comes to Jupiter and Uranus).

Your goal therefore should be head off conflict by working on balancing the “oppositions” in your own life. You may not be able to avoid confrontational people, but how you respond to them is entirely in your hands.That ability to harness your inner conflicts will ultimately provide you with the tools that can help you to handle the outer ones.


Seven of Cups

TAURUS: Seven of Cups

You may have so much going on this month –and find that so many different options are available to you — that staying on track with your goals becomes a challenge.

You may feel like torn by competing interests and pulled in different directions — either away from the things you really want to do, or towards the kind of mindless diversions that cause you lose sight of your priorities.

The Seven of Cups– this version from the Llewellyn Tarot — is a card of temptations, often fueled by irrational thoughts or fantasies. There can be too many options available, which makes it hard to decide. But it’s often a case of wishful thinking and foolish day-dreaming that can interfere with actual progress.

The woman in this card gazes up at Seven goblets, each more tempting than the last. There’s a snake, dragon, wreath, dove, castle, treasure trove of jewels and a winged heart. These are tied to the Seven deadly sins and in fact this card is called “Debauchery” in some decks, referring to the superficial appeal of things that most of us only think will make us happy.

This is the dilemma with the Seven of Cups. What you long for looks so appealing while what you have appears so drab. But it’s just an illusion and even if it weren’t — even if it were perfectly attainable — it’s not going to come about by sitting around daydreaming about it.

There are elements of seduction also inherent in this card. Being seduced by something intangible or just out of reach, or being lured in by a fantasy that falls short in the harsh light of day. Notice the butterflies luring the woman toward all of the enticing representations of fame, glory, power, wealth and acclaim, which are just hollow victories in the end.

While you may think that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, chances are good that when you got there you’d want nothing more than to return back home. The message behind this card is to aim for reachable goals and to participate in attaining them rather than allowing yourself to fall into the trap of wishful thinking.


Knight of Swords

GEMINI: Knight of Swords

You may find yourself needing to think and act more quickly this month than usual. Gemini is the most restless of all the dual (mutable) signs so this kind of being on your ties and acting with lightning speed may be up your alley anyway.

This version of the Knight of Swords — from the wonderful Mythic Tarot — has two Knights not one. These are Castor and Pollux (the Dioscuri) — known to us as the twin stars in the astronomical constellation Gemini.

The Dioscuri were warrior twins — one mortal and one divine. They spent their days alternating between heaven and earth after Pollux was killed and Castor was stricken with grief.

This is the volatile, unpredictable energy that Mars in Gemini is so well suited for. It requires us to be flexible and adaptable; in fact it embraces constant change.

The Knights in this card appear to be very much in sync. But you can see that there are storm clouds on the horizon. The true test of their allegiance will come when those clouds produce results and threaten to disrupt their world.

This is what you want to be thinking about this month when life throws you curve balls. Are you prepared to act quickly and decisively when things don’t go as planned? Or will one minor change in your schedule upset everything and throw you off kilter?

The Knight of Swords encourages you to not only roll with the punches but be open to unanticipated disruptions in your carefully constructed life. These may not only become blessings in disguise, but can also steer you away from pitfalls you might otherwise have not foreseen.


Queen of SwordsCANCER: Queen of Swords

You may have to adopt a bit of an “ice queen” persona this month, much like the Queen of Swords — from the gorgeous Faerie Tarot — depicted in this card.

Sometimes it’s necessary to detach yourself from emotional responses in order to get a job done. You may find yourself in a position of authority, having to “lay down the law” rather than listening to excuses or rationales.

That doesn’t mean you have to be “cold” — even though this Queen and her familiar (a beautiful stoat sporting her winter coat) are seen here in the midst of an icy landscape. What it does mean though is that you’ll have to make decisions based on logic and principle rather than being swayed by emotional attachments.

Decisions that you make thia month will require you to use intellect and logic rather than emotions and intuition.

This card signals a need for discipline. Whether you’re acting in this capacity or dealing with someone who embodies these qualities — like authority, self-reliance and impartiality — this month you will need to rise to the occasion.

This Month’s Full Moon is in Gemini, in close opposition to Saturn. As your ruling planet the Moon’s aspects to other planets can dictate the direction of your ever-changing moods. This combination acts as a natural conduit between the realm of emotions (Cancer) and ideas (Gemini) and allows you to detach enough from your feelings to make informed and rational decisions without sacrificing kindness or sensitivity.

The Queen of Swords may seem cold, but underneath her icy exterior lies a heart of gold. Notice the fiery hilt of her sword placed directly over her heart. She tends to her pet with the same loving care that a mother expresses for her child. Keep this in mind this month if you find yourself having to mete out justice of your own.


Eight of CupsLEO: Eight of Cups

While you may be feeling somewhat self-protective this month, it’s going to be important to let go of your fears and allow yourself to trust that the Universe has your best interests at heart.

This version of the Eight of Cups — from Marie White’s Mary-el Tarot — has a very different take on what is traditionally seen as walking away or leaving behind something (or someone) that no longer serves you.

There’s also sense of moving toward something with the Eight of Cups. Moving toward a place of personal gratification, even if that journey begins with a heavy heart.

But in this version the emphasis is more on opening your heart and allowing yourself to become aligned with the potential of something more relevant and more fulfilling being in store for you in the end.

Here a small child is almost completely enveloped in a cocoon that has been fashioned by the pelt of a lion, which he draws close to him for comfort and protection.

He’s empowered by his garment, the same way that Hercules was once empowered by his.

Marie says this is due to his natural ability to view the world without bitterness. He possesses both the strength of a lion and the innocence of a child, because he’s kept his heart open and his fears at bay. Notice the 6-pointed star of Ishtar on his wrist. This symbol is identified with Venus (both the goddess and the planet) which is associated with purity, beauty and love.

No matter how painful the idea of walking away from something might be, consider that same scenario from the perspective of walking toward something instead. Take some time this month to wrap yourself in all that Venus energy, and allow yourself to become a more active participant in where your journey leads.


Page of PentaclesVIRGO: Page of Pentacles

This month may see you taking a more serious approach to pursuing your interests as well as honing the skills that you already possess.

With your ruler (Mercury) entering Capricorn — where it will spent almost two full months — it’s time to start thinking about finding a practical outlet for the things you have devoted your time to.

Mercury will aso be sexiling Neptune for a good part of the month. This aspect is creative and harmonious — perfect for music, poetry, art, or any creative endeavor. Similar to the Page of Pentacles — this version from Jennifer Galasso’s Crystal Visions Tarot — which refers to the desire to develop skills that can be applied to material enterprises.

The Page of Pentacles may be someone in your life; if so he or she is here to teach you something. This person may be immersed in a hobby or trade; he or she may be a student or apprentice; and he or she may just starting a new job and filled with all the inspiration and anticipation that comes with taking on a brand new project.

This version sees a young woman seated high up in the branches of a tree. This may be a sacred space for her: if you look around her you can see where she’s carved figures of woodland nymphs into the surrounding branches.

Lush green vines wend their way up the trunk and over her dress, suggesting that she’s been there quite a long time.  A single jewel-encrusted Pentacle is placed prominently in the tree, with smaller faceted crystals below it. She closes her eyes and strums the lute she caresses in her hands, fully immersing herself in the music.

You may be thinking of going back to school or learning a whole new trade. You may be immersing yourself in your own studies — either formally or informally, as in teaching yourself a new skill or perfecting one you’ve already begun to develop.

The Page of Pentacles invites you to recapture that youthful exuberance and thirst for learning that may have gotten lost somewhere along the way. It encourages you to dust of the books or pick up a creative instrument of your own and try your hand at refining, improving and ultimately mastering it.


Two of SticksLibra: Two of Sticks

Are you in need of more confidence and self-assurance these days? As Venus and Saturn inch closer and closer to their upcoming square aspect, you may be starting to feel overwhelmed by the weight of your own insecurities.

The Two of Sticks is the Rabbit Tarot’s version of the Two of Wands. He looks pretty dejected here out there in the middle of a snowstorm without a friend in the world. The sticks he’s carrying don’t seem heavy at all, but they’re somehow preventing him from moving forward.

This card indicates  a struggle with keeping things in balance in your life. You may have great ideas and plans for the future (as seen with the one branch held high in the rabbit’s hand) that get weighed down by practical concerns — money, time, scheduling conflicts, etc. Or you may be held back by a lack of faith in your own abilities.

The Two of Sticks can represent an internal crisis, where you find yourself at a crossroads — frustrated by wanting to make something happen, but not quite sure what that something might be.

It can manifest as a temporary paralysis, which can result in lost opportunities. It requires you to ask of yourself  “What am I waiting for?” and “why am I holding back?” It tells you that you may be your own worst enemy when it comes to motivation.

The Two of Sticks is in need of some courage, daring and initiative — which this little guy could use in spades. And he’s going to have to find them if he wants to get out of the rut that he’s in; otherwise he’ll freeze to death under a blanket of uncertainty and doubt.

This card says you’re going to have to put your neck on the line sometimes in order to get what you want out of life. You can’t let your fears (of making the wrong move or not being fully prepared) get in your way. If you’re wavering over a decision due to your own insecurities, consider the consequences of not choosing at all. You risk squandering important opportunities if you let your fears hold you back.


Three of WandsScorpio: Three of Wands

This is a month for looking all around you and seeing how the world offers infinite possibilities.

It’s a time for painting your own canvass and creating your own destiny, courtesy of the Three of Wands from Dana Driscoll’s fabulous Tarot of Trees.

Moving ahead means you may be leaving something behind. Something like a dull dreary existence or a reality that no longer suits you.

It may mean taking a risk, striking out toward uncharted territories and expanding your horizons so far and wide that you not only don’t know where the road you’re on leads, but are ready to make your imprint on it wherever you go.

The Three of Wands is a card of expectation and anticipation. It’s says that you’ve already started to hit your stride. It says you’ve already done the groundwork and are now ready to strike out and make all that you’ve dreamed of a reality.

It’s about opening the door to possibility and setting your sites on distant horizons. What can I do with what I already have to make a difference in the world? What do I have to offer that will bring the greatest reward? These are the questions you want to be asking yourself right now.

The Three of Wands encourages you to push past your limitations and expand your worldview. It will mean stepping outside of your comfort zone and exploring uncharted territories. And while you may run into pitfalls or have to take detours along the way, know that these are often blessings in disguise that can open you up a whole new world of opportunities.


The WorldSAGITTARIUS: The World

Your card this month — The World from the beautiful Feng Shui Tarot — is all about looking at the big picture and being able to trace the steps that have brought you to where you are today.

It’s a card of fulfillment and completion; recognizing milestones that have passed and goals that have been achieved as you prepare to close the door on one chapter in your life and open another.

You may be setting new goals in place or you may be taking some time to celebrate how far you’ve come.

As the last card in the tarot, the World complete’s the Fool’s journey, with the understanding that he’s grown, evolved and matured along the way.

This card can also have you thinking about where you fit in in the world and about your contributions to humanity. It speaks of not only realizing your dreams and achieving your goals, but also  becoming one with the Universe, becoming fulfilled and whole..

November’s New Moon in your sign culminates with a Sun Satrun conjunction that is still in place at the Full Moon on the 14th. This With the New Moon in your sign (at the end of November) and the Sun and Saturn moving into conjunction this month

You may be tying up one cycle this month and preparing to embark on a new one. Whether you’re taking some time to relish the satisfaction of having achieved something, or are ready to dive back in and start again, the message behind the world card is best received with insight and awareness.

Ask yourself: “What is is I’ve learned through all that I’ve experienced in this chapter of my life?” and “What must I now give up in order to start anew?” If you can answer those two questions with honesty and humility, you’ll be able to carry those lessons into the next chapter.


Seven of WandsCAPRICORN: Seven of Wands

You may feel the need to brace yourself against an attack this month, or hold your ground against what feels like perilous opposition.

The Seven of Wands — this version from Kessia-Beverley Smith’s Forest Folklore Tarot — refers to a need to be more alert, guarded and cautious, rather than accepting things at face value.

You may face opposition from others, in the form of competition or outright resistance. You may also feel “under siege” as in feeling attacked or ganged up on.

In this version, a little fairy stands her ground from a branch that is situated between two trees. It’s clear that she’s outnumbered as she struggles to keep her adversaries at bay. She fends them off with her magic wand, keeping one hand on the tree for support.

The Seven of Wands — like all Sevens — refers to a dilemma that is not going to be easily reconciled. The question is: do you take the easy way out (in this case giving in to the masses and compromising your own integrity)? Or do you hold your ground — like the fairy in this card — and risk further alienating your detractors?

There are issues with boundaries present in this card as well, and it can manifest as feeling imposed upon or backed into a corner. But the same dilemma applies. You have to choose whether to give in or maintain your stance and deal with whatever repercussions result.

Whatever happens this month — no matter how this plays out for you — you’re going to be called upon to take the high road. You’re going to be challenged to stand your ground and to not allow yourself to back down. You’ll also have to reconcile a “me against the world” attitude before it turns into a chip on your shoulder.


Four of TidesAQUARIUS: Four of Tides

There may be times this month that you feel like you’re drifting along in a sea of apathy.

This card — the Four of Tides — is the Japaridze Tarot’s version of the Four of Cups. It’s a card that generally relates to disillusionment and discontent. And you can see how the couple are floating along with their backs to one another, lost in a state of reverie.

They may not even be aware of one another’s presence. They just drift along, eyes closed, not even seeing the beauty and serenity that surrounds them.

The Four of Tides can relate to a lack of motivation or a lethargy so profound that it threatens to numb you or trap you in your sense of boredom. It can have you wondering whether there might be something else out there that would excite or inspire you.

It can also relate to a lack of energy, which may mean it could turn into a lazy day where you don’t feel like doing much of anything.

Your ruler (Uranus) being retrograde until the very end of the month, may be part of the problem. It can see you taking one step forward and two steps back — if you even get that far to begin with.

One of the positive aspects of this card though is that it reveals to you exactly what’s “wrong with this picture” and allows you the opportunity to make it right. And although Uranus is retrograde, it’s also in mutual reception with Mars. This aspect brings two of the most powerful planets together and can really shake things up.

It can get you thinking about how things could be — in an ideal world or at least with respect to following your dreams — and then what you can do to make those dreams a reality. While you may start out thinking “what’s the point?” you’ll have a clearer idea of what’s worth salvaging and what could use a little more work in the end.



Pisces: Three of Mirrors

This month should see you connecting to connect (or reconnecting) with loved ones and focusing on putting your differences aside.

The Three of Mirrors — the Chrysalis Tarot’s version of the Three of Cups  — is a joyful and festive card that emphasizes partying and celebrating over work and responsibilities. It also emphasizes friends and casual relationships over serious romantic entanglements.

It refers to being surrounded by like-minded people and putting your differences aside. It’s about coming together and joining forces with those who have your best interests at heart.

The focus is on merriment and gaiety rather than monotony and drudgery. It’s on interacting and networking with others, allowing you to push aside some of your more serious concerns — at least for the time being.

It represents people gathering together to connect, interact and socialize. It’s a happy, joyful energy that can manifest as a party or celebration, or it could be as simple as a girls’ night out.

With your ruler (Neptune) currently conjunct the South Node, you may also be reconnecting with someone from your past. This is a karmic placement that can lead to resolution (even if you then go your separate ways).

Pay attention to new people coming into your life too. You could find yourself developing friendships with people that seem random at first but can turn into important connections over time.

No matter where the people in your life have come from this month — no matter what your connection or history or relationship with them is — the Three of Mirrors is a card of companionship and camaraderie. It serves as a reminder that there’s always something to be grateful for, and always someone to share your gratitude with.


This month’s tarotscopes feature some of Ask the Astrologers all time favorite cards. We hope you like them too! 



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December 2016 Tarot Scopes



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