Free Daily Tarotscope — Feb 2, 2014 — Two of Pentacles

Two Pentacles

Two of Pentacles

Today you may be reflecting on the changes that you need to make to bring your world back into balance.

The two of pentacles is all about finding a comfortable compromise between opposing forces. That could mean between work and play, head and heart, fantasy and reality or material vs. spiritual values. 

In this version of the card, we see the Sun shining brightly in the sky and a flower-like disk reflected below. The two birds hovering in the upper corners of the card appear to be lifting the Sun, while two plants sprouting from the earth appear to be anchored to the flower.

The smiling face on the Sun is replaced by an inverted Venus symbol stamped on the flower’s face.

All this brings to mind the hermetic principles of “as above so below” that reflect the essence of the two of pentacles (or any of the “two” cards for that matter).

What’s apparent on the surface (the Sun in this case) is not literally reflected beneath the surface (the flower), but is instead a complementary force.

The Two of Pentacles is most often associated with money, but that’s only one small part. While Venus (the symbol we see inverted on the face of the flower) is associated with money, it also represents love, romance, aesthetics and personal values.

In some decks this card is called “Change.” What is it in your own life that you would like to see changed? Remember that when you make adjustments to your outer world, your inner world will change to compensate for it — and vice versa.


The card used for today’s tarotscope is part of the Crystal Tarot series, a Lo Scarabeo deck illustrated by Elisabetta Tervisan, and published by Llewellyn.

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