March 2012 Horoscope

March 2012 Horoscope


The new moon on March 22 falls within your sign heralding the arrival of Spring for many of you. At this time both the Sun and Moon will be at the same degree in the sky along with the planets Mercury and Uranus. Expect anything and expect the unexpected! Communication may be hampered for you for most of this month and it would be wise to check and double check that all is in order there. Don’t go rushing in trying to fix anything within a relationship by expecting this will be a time you are heard… it could go completely wrong for you and the twists and turns that come out of it will may be beyond any “damage control” you can do.

Moon in Aries March 23, 24


You can’t be blamed for walking around in a bit of dream this month. Venus will enter your sign on March 5 and along with Jupiter which is already travelling through Taurus your love life may be in for some very pleasant surprises. One thing to watch for though is misunderstandings… you know those little things that can blow up out of control because someone said something and it was taken the wrong way. With Mercury going retrograde after March 12 you may find you should wait till the end of next month to open up any serious issues you are wanting to discuss.

Moon in Taurus March 25, 26, 27


There may be some upset and friction around friendships for you this month and your usual quick mind may be in for a bit of slow motion somersaulting as you try to steady yourself against all that is happening. Romantically you have a great month to look forward to but even there you need to guard against jumping to assumptions as things may not be what they appear at first glance. The full moon in Virgo on March 8 finds you seeking the sanctuary of home. Keep in mind though Mars is also very close to this full moon so any time you wish to spend at home that you would like to be quiet time may need some planning.

Moon in Gemini March 28, 29


Secrets may come out this month that you have been trying to get to the bottom of for quite a while. Even so, you may not get the whole story and without the finer details it would be unwise to act on anything that sounds like hearsay. The full moon on March 8 may find you thinking at 100 miles an hour and you may also be trying to physically keep up with these thoughts. Take one step at a time though as the remainder of this month comes with a minefield of communication challenges. You may think you know the answer, you may be sure you know what you are meant to do… but with Mercury retrograde from March 3 you may find that a little patience goes a long way… keep this in mind especially around March 22.

Moon in Cancer March 30, 31


This month may find you not quite knowing what to do next. There are several avenues you can go down though just watch yourself if you decide to go the “direct approach”. Mercury going retrograde after March 12 may find you stumbling back over yourself in an effort to undo something that you have said. To make this worse it is in an area of your chart that will be urging you to “tell it as it is” bluntly and without holding back. Any conversations you have been thinking of having are perhaps best put off until this passes which, unfortunately, will not be by the end of this month. The new moon on March 22 will also lend a helping hand to anything your mouth gets you into as Uranus urges you to say something you may regret… just don’t do it!

Moon in Leo March 5, 6, 7


The full moon on March 8 falls in your sign highlighting within you all that you wish to do. Be careful though as Mars is quite close to this full moon and may cause you unnecessary upset or more work than you needed. After March 22 Mercury turns back into your relationship area and you may see this as a sign that you can smooth over any miscommunication that has been haunting you in that department. However, all is not as you may think it is and any misunderstandings may be blown out of proportion as you try to gain your balance. With Venus in your area of adventure and play though you can focus on these to get you through and also possibly throw in a holiday if that is what you feel you need.

Moon in Virgo March 8, 9


This month sees you focused on relationships. There is such a lot going on for you just now in this area that you may need a rest before the month is out. Keep an eye out especially around March 22 when the new moon begins her cycle again coinciding this year within a day of the sun entering Aries. That would normally be a great thing to see especially as it falls within your relationship area however joining the Sun and the Moon around this time is also Uranus a planet renowned for causing havoc and changes without a moment’s notice. Venus is in a area of your life just now which is sure to make any relationships intense so whilst you are crying out for the need for stability also keep an eye on any threats to this you may see… they may come quite unexpectedly and from nowhere you imagined.

Moon in Libra March 10, 11


This month sees a boost to your love life which is just as well as your work may be a little out of balance. So looking on the bright side of love you have Venus in your relationship area from March 5 further being given a boost around March 26 and 27 when the moon is also in that area. To add more good news to your love life Jupiter is still in this area for you and this month may be one of those times where you are just lucky in love. Going back though to what I said about some of the month being out of balance around work… you need to keep in mind that communications at work may not be what they seem and you may experience some frustrations there because of it. The new moon on March 22 may further heighten any negatives around this also so be aware of this… it may save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

Moon in Scorpio March 12, 13


Do you know those times in your life when you think everything is going to plan, nothing can go wrong, you are riding high on the efforts of your happy go lucky nature… well this month is not one of those. With Mercury going retrograde in your area of romance, creativity and also theatrics you may need to tone everything down a notch. Around the time of the new moon on March 22 you may even find that you need the peace and quiet of your home and family around you as Mercury moves back into this area of your life. Just don’t go taking any moods out on those around you at home. Both Venus and Jupiter are in your work area so you should be able to plough through a lot of work this month without any feeling of resentment. It will be work you love doing and will see you through for quite a while as you seem to do it with a smile on your face.

Moon in Sagittarius March 14, 15


Keep an eye on your home life this month with Mercury retrograde in that area you would not want to be unprepared for any surprises that pop up for you. Venus and Jupiter are both in your area of romance and creativity promising this to be a month where you can forge ahead with your love life and also break out a bit from any mundane routines that have set up around that area. March 22 may find you wanting to break free from the constraints of home and do something different to what is your norm for you. The last weekend of March also sees the moon in your relationship area so you may like to plan for a special time with a loved one on that weekend.

Moon in Capricorn March 16, 17


Even at the dullest times this month your life looks to be without incident. Retrograde Mercury is travelling through your area of communication from March 6 till March 23 which may leave you either struggling for others to catch up with your mental processes or the opposite… you struggling to catch up with their’s. Either way it is frustrating for you. Also around March 22’s new moon Uranus will add some spice to any ideas you have had… this also may go in either direction… good or bad. You may not feel like it but with Venus and Jupiter in your area of home and family you may like to stay close to home just now so you don’t cause any major upsets that you will need to deal with further down the road.

Moon in Aquarius March 18, 19


This month starts with the tail end of Mercury leaving your sign but after that it may turn out to be pretty much downhill for you with communication difficulties as Mercury turns retrograde on March 8 and re enters your sign again on March 23 where you may find yourself needing to clean up any problems you had with miscommunication earlier in the month. Venus and Jupiter are both in your area of communication though so your love life should be given an instant boost after March 5 just don’t go overboard with wanting to talk too much because with Mercury retrograde around you anything you say may be misinterpreted even with such a great combination as Venus and Jupiter to help you out.

Moon in Pisces March 20, 21, 22


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