March 2015 Tarot Scopes by Chrisalis

Nine of Pentacles

ARIES: Nine of Pentacles

The Nine of Pentacles implies success and satisfaction with career and financial matters. However, take a closer look at the imagery in this particular card and you may find that all is not as it seems. I’m not saying you should not feel more than a bit smug with your achievements but you may find you have an “itch” to try something different.

Do you find thoughts keep coming into your mind that you want to change something? Perhaps your job, your beliefs on success and what it personally means to you? If you look at this card you will see 6 pentacles are on one side (left hand side) and 3 pentacles on the other (right hand side).

Take a sneaky look on the ground under the 6 pentacles — this version from the Golden Universal Tarot — and you will see a snail so perhaps the accumulation of your wealth, knowledge and security is actually making you feel as if your life is moving at a slower pace (a snail’s pace).

Now look at the side of the card with the 3 pentacles and you’ll notice an almost mirrored version of the lefthand side… the difference being there is less on the right hand side (3 pentacles) which implies if you make a decision to go in a different direction you will have less in some ways but you may actually gain in other ways.

Perhaps the biggest indicator in this imagery that speaks out but is easily overlooked is the direction of the foot on the ground… the little bird whispers in your ear to make a change and almost without knowing it you are turning your foot to begin a new direction in your life.

And now here is a conundrum for you… I have not given out which foot I am interpreting as being the one that is “changing directions”… that part of the equation is up to you…. listen with your heart for the answers.

King of Wands

TAURUS: King of Wands

How comfortable are you feeling with your own power? The Kind of Wands is a powerful man. He is forceful and kind and likes to have his own way in all things he surveys… and who would not wish to give him otherwise for he is quite adept at whatever he sets his hand and mind to.

This version — from the Crystal Tarot — has a figure who’s quite relaxed whilst all around him everything seems to bend to his will. There is prosperity and growth that looks as if it requires little effort and perhaps this is because he has others doing the hard work for him whilst he comes up with other plans.

He is a man of action but that doesn’t necessarily mean he is the one undertaking the actions for he is also a leader and may have very little patience for those who don’t do as they are told. He doesn’t need to explain himself as he knows what he wants and how to get it.

If you are on the receiving end of this type of behaviour it may be quite frustrating, to say the least, in knowing how to perceive what his real intentions are. The King of Wands requires a strong woman to stand up to him and you don’t necessarily need to stand up to him head on.

As can be seen from the lion, seemingly tamed, beneath his foot you can purr along in the shadow of his exuberance whilst he takes the lead in arranging all that needs done. Take note though that the lion does not look as if it will for one minute put up with any bullying.

It is content in its place whilst being treated well but could just as easily turn around and bite him on the foot if he gets too bossy and overbearing. And that foot could well be his Achilles heel as it is without proper protective footwear.

If you are in a situation where you perceive yourself to have no escape look for the Achilles heel… it will be there and sometimes closer than you think.


GEMINI: The Lovers

We all have different layers to our persona and do not show these characteristics to everyone we meet. In fact, only a few of us can say we are able to share 100% of ourselves with others and even then… there remains a question mark on whether this is the absolute truth.

Perhaps there is a percentage of our real selves that we hide even to ourselves. This Lovers card comes from the beautiful Astrological Oracle by Lunaea Weatherstone and  Antonella Castelli.

The Lovers is a card of love but is it love of another or love of the reflection we see of ourselves when we look in the mirror or into our own hearts as we try to fathom out what is truly real for us?

On the surface the image on this card looks to be of 2 identical women but look closely and you will see tiny differences including weight, facial asymmetry, position of hands and stars and my favourite… hair under the armpit… lol.

What may be obvious to you as you look in the mirror at your identical image may not be obvious to other people. Others may perceive you differently to how you perceive yourself and those little flaws which matter to you are not such a big deal to them. In other words… it’s time to accept yourself as you are… flaws and all. What is your “ideal” may not be the “ideal” of others.

Go to the image of the woman you are drawn to… focus your eyes on the pendant sitting in front of their heart and solar plexus chakras.

You will see an image in that pendant. As you allow yourself to get “lost” in that image take note of what comes up for you. There is no right or wrong answer… there is only your own self looking back at you and allowing you to accept you as you are in this moment.

Three of WandsCANCER: Three of Wands

March may be quite busy for you and among the hustle and bustle you find yourself a part of you may lose sight of what is important to yourself.

Look at the energy of those flames as they lick around you and set you on course to being so busy that you don’t know where to start.

This version of the card comes from The Artist’s Inner Vision Tarot, a collaborative effort by a variety of tarot artists. This card was designed by Michele Monet.

You may find you start one thing, stop it and start something else. Nothing seems to be finished and you are even at a loss as to what your next step should be.

That’s one important feature of the Three of Wands — setting things in motion so that the work you’ve already done keeps building on itself while you expand your horizons. In doing so your project (or your goal, or your relationship) begins to take on a life of its own.

It may be a good time to sit down, gather your thoughts around you and write down a list of what you wish to accomplish and then slowly and methodically work your way through it.

Then again, with the energy in this card you may find you cannot bear to do something so slow and tedious and just rush in again only to find yourself back at square one… “square one” being… where do you start again?

Page of PentaclesLEO: Page of Pentacles

Have you been thinking of different ways to make money or add something to your life without selling yourself out or your enjoyment of life in doing so?

This month you may find yourself thinking about how you can do so and whereas the imagery in this card makes the answer look simple there are a few layers to it that perhaps you need to explore within yourself first before you see your way to clear to making new plans.

Look at the terrain this beautifully depicted tree sits on and the patterned swirls within the landscape. This card is from Dana Driscoll’s gorgeous Tarot of Trees.

Meditation may help you come to realise your path and if you can get outside this month, into nature and walk under her calming influence the chances are your answers will come to you sooner.

There’s probably little chance you can visit a labyrinth and step through the maze in order to “lose yourself” within its enchantment but that is the type of feeling you are aiming for in order to find your answers.

The deep purple hues simply shout spirituality and higher good at you. The sky, although it looks as if it is about to storm, is actually mirroring back to you that you need to remain calm to come up with answers.

What stands out to me is the four circular white shapes hovering over the tree. Four is the number for business and it seems that the path you are going down will pay off if you allow yourself to just step outside of your thoughts for a while so you can see your way clear.

Leisurely forge your path through the labyrinth of your mind and allow a new plan to surface… there’s no hurry you have all the time in the world… especially if you draw upon your own magic.

King of CupsVIRGO: King of Cups

The King of Cups is intuitive, sensitive and wise.  And in this version — from the gorgeous Ceccoli Tarot — he is a she.

And what, pray tell, do you think she is doing looking like a little girl in a nursery playing with her toys? If you look closely though you will see that the gown she is wearing actually mimics that of a sea.

The boat, with the young man… whose hands are held out to her, is actually sailing towards her and the sea dragons who surround him in an effort to hold him back are also creatures within the “sea” of her dress.

This month’s total Solar Eclipse is stretched across your relationship axis. This may unearth some secrets about your relationships and force you to look at things you’ve hidden from yourself.

But this image of the King of Cups says it’s ok to play around a little with what you are feeling, nothing is going to come up and grab you as long as you keep the “nightmares” away from you.

These nightmares may encompass a relationship where you are keeping the other person at arm’s length in a bid to keep yourself safe because your feelings have been hurt in the past and you are not willing to open your heart again and let them come back in.

If you find this is the case and the other person is willing to go through thick and thin to break down your barriers even at great risk to themselves then you may wish to cut them some slack and shake out those demons which are not only holding you back but holding the whole situation back as they stop anyone getting close to you.

Eight of SwordsLIBRA: Eight of Swords

You look as if you have gone and got yourself tied up in knots over something and don’t know what to do about it.

While you are in this state you will not be able to see clearly or navigate a path towards safety and/or peace of mind.

The image on this card — from the Robin Wood Tarot — shows that you may think you are not out of a bad situation yet but you may be further out of it than you know.

One last piece of strength is needed for you to take action and extricate yourself from the clutches of someone else’s power and you will be free.

If you stay where you are now you will find yourself not knowing what is going on, not seeing things clearly or for what they are and generally beating yourself up for something that is more than likely not your fault.

The damage this is doing to you emotionally and mentally may not be understood by you yet but when you do set yourself free you will see the damage (as in the tattered lower part of the dress).

When you do see the damage for what it is and where it came from your eyes may open even more to what perpetuated this situation in the first place.

Remember swords are for thoughts, mental processes and words… when you do release yourself from your self imposed prison you may wish to remember you have 8 swords surrounding you.

You may wish to pick one up and use it whether this be words you say to someone else or you giving yourself a good talking to for finding yourself in this situation in the first place.  The choice is yours… as it is in releasing yourself from those ropes in the first place.

the FoolSCORPIO: The Fool

What is it about this month that makes you want to begin something new but you are not quite sure of the best way to go about it or the first step to take?

Opportunity is knocking on your doorstep.  There’s enough energy around you to make you start thinking twice about all that has gone before.

If there is anything around you just now that you have been wanting to change and do in a different way then this is the month to do it.

It may not be easy as you may not know “yourself” once you start changing your course and others around you will know you even less but think of where this could take you.

The energy around the Fool — this version from the gorgeous Gypsy Palace Tarot — implies that you make decisions that are not based on fact and are more based on instinct.  This is neither good nor bad it is just a different way of approaching a change that may be long overdue.

Any situation that has been holding you back because you kept doing the same thing over and over again and getting nowhere could be instantly transformed into a different direction.

I’m not saying it is the right direction but it may be the impetus you need to propel you out of a bad situation and into something new.

The changes you make this month will not be small.or even carefully thought out.  As the colours on this version of the Fool suggest your actions will be large and the results can be equally as large and impressive.  Time to ask yourself… what is the first step you can take?


The Death card is nothing to be afraid of. Personally I love this card and this version of it — from the Hudes Tarot — is amazingly talkative and gives a fantastic illustration of what the Death card is about.

Do you feel as if you are being worn down to your bare bones and that all that you do is all for naught and you just can’t seem to get on top of anything?

Perhaps you are trying to get something started but other things keep on popping up all around you and you are stuck at square one again.

If this is the case you need to sit down, gather your thoughts and listen within yourself as to what is really going on. Sometimes change can hit us like a 10 ton truck, other times it can crept upon us so silently we do either not see it coming or are in the midst of it before we realise what is happening.

This is what the Death card is like… it is like moving from one position in your life to another and sometimes those transitions can be easy and other times they can be difficult but usually they end in a positive experience and you are happier than you were before.

In this respect, it’s more about leaving behind something that probably wasn’t working for you anyway and moving toward something that you’re naturally more aligned with.

Like the butterfly in this card be ready to arise from anything that has been holding you back and begin a new chapter in your life.

Two of CupsCAPRICORN: Two of Cups

The two of cups is a card of love. In this version of the card — from the Chinese Tarot — a man is seen sitting sage like on a bench made of uneven rocks whilst he pays homage to the sun (or is that a full moon?).

It is difficult to decipher whether this is dusk or dawn due to the gorgeous shade of blue in the sky and as we all know even a full moon can be seen in the broad light of day.

Is he trying to balance his emotions or is he trying to bring a relationship back into emotional stability through his own efforts. Whichever way this plays out it will not be boring or lonesome.

Depending on how you are feeling this month take a look at the bright circle in the pale blue sky and decide whether this relates to the sun or moon for you.

Imagine yourself as the figure on the stone platform playing homage to the circle in the sky (keep in mind whether this a sun or moon for you) and lose yourself within its orb. As you do so you may like to make a wish related to your love life.

Whilst your focus is lost within the orb (sun/moon) move your eyes over to the right hand side of the card and look within the bamboo shoots.

There is a figure within the bamboo, cunningly hidden and waiting to be discovered. I’ll leave the discovery and what the meaning is for you.

wheel of fortuneAQUARIUS: Wheel of Fortune

We all have periods in our lives where things go and up and down along with our moods. Usually we try to find balance or equilibrium to help us through the periods where we are not feeling so happy.

As you can see from this version of the Wheel of Fortune — from the Mansions of the Moon Tarot by Zadock — there is an endless cycle of who you are (yourself) on the inside and what is going on around you on the outside (your environment).

The chakra system is clearly marked on the figure within this card which is shown in a meditative pose once again highlighting the need to go within and draw out what is within to balance what is around for you.

The chakra system gives in depth knowledge of how you are functioning physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually whilst the different symbols surrounding the figure display the need to delve deeper into knowledge and use all modes of learning you have to further extend yourself.

If there is one thing you may wish to do for yourself this month it would be to take time for yourself out of the rat race and anything that is troubling you.

Look within yourself and know that the knowledge and the power to accomplish and become what you want is always within you waiting for you to tap into.

Keep your mind open and allow the signs of synchronicity to flow through you showing you what needs to be done next.

Seven of CupsPISCES: Seven of Cups

Look at the cups floating in the air. What do they mean to you? Each cup is a different colour which correlates to a different chakra.

Take your time and choose which cup you are most drawn to and ask yourself what this colour means to you… I dare you to try this and when you do take note to any resistance you feel within yourself in actually choosing a cup/colour and being able to hold onto your thoughts surrounding it.

That is the feeling of the Seven of Cups — this version from the Prairie Tarot — the inability to truly grasp a situation and the capacity to make a mess of things if you go off on a tangent. If you need further proof of this look at the bottle of alcohol by the foot of the chair for this is also the card of drink, drugs and the confusion associated with these substances.

So the real question is what do you have to work with? You might be best to sit this month out and not take any actions that would land you in a mess.

You can also try this. The one cup on this card that is facing you is the green cup. It’s aiming right at you and is very close to your chest area.

This cup is the cup for the heart chakra as it is coloured green (the colour associated with this chakra). You may wish to try some colour breathing whilst focusing on this chakra.

You may also wish to try abstaining from any substances that would set you off into a conflicted argument with those around you because the cups which are looking as if they are the two with the most likelihood of smashing together are the blue and yellow cup. Blue stands for the throat chakra and communications and yellow stands for the solar plexus chakra and power.

In other words… if you open your mouth and say what’s on your mind it may all just blow up in your face. Best focus on yourself and show yourself a bit of kindness and self love.



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