May 2012 Monthly Horoscope

May 2012 Horoscope


Venus goes retrograde in your area of communication just as the moon is in your sign on the May 17. This may have the effect of what may have been a romantic couple of days suddenly turning into a communication mix up especially early on the May 17 when Uranus will also be in close contact to the moon. To add insult to injury – which is what I’m trying to warn you about so you can avoid it – there is an new moon eclipse on May 20 also in your area of communication. Best keep any thoughts you have in relation to your love life to yourself this month as you may be skating on shallow ice if you think you can fix things for now.

Moon in Aries May 16, 17, 18


Mercury enters your sign on May 10 with the promise of better communication and also clearer thinking on your part. There is a new moon in your area of love and relationships on May 5 and whilst this may have you thinking you have finally come to a few conclusions in that area with new insights you may be experiencing you may wish to wait till the end of the month to put any of these hypothesises into action. With a new moon eclipse on May 20 in your area of stability and security you do not wish to go rocking any boats just yet. A better plan of action would be to do what you need to do for yourself and wait till the coast is clear to follow through with any other plans.

Moon in Taurus May 19, 20


This month as the Sun enters your sign on 20 May you may feel a little bit out of your depth as emotions linked to an eclipse on the new moon in your sign start bringing up a whole lot of questions… without answers. To add to this Venus, who has been blissfully travelling through your sign all month with promises of a great love life actually does a slow down and goes retrograde on 16 May. This may leave you with a few headaches along with those lack of answers and the urge to push forward to find the answers. Beware not to rock too many boats just now though as you may not be able to handle what you unearth. Mercury will quickly travel through your sign from 25 May to 7 June. I know this is the ruler of your sign, I know this should be of help but even the speed at which Mercury is travelling should give you some clue as to why you need to put a “stop” on your mouth getting you into more trouble.

Moon in Gemini May 21, 22, 23


This is a month where things may not be as they seem in your love life and certainly a month to allow yourself time to use any positive self help strategies you have learnt. Secrets may come out and you need to be prepared to deal with them. The new moon eclipse is in your area of spirituality and also intuition however it is also a moon that is very much geared to mental processes so take time to blend your intuition and rational thinking together. The moon in your own sign on May 24 and 25 is a perfect time to put this to practice as Mercury also moves into Gemini at this time and only highlights your need for balance. Luckily for you you were born with strong instincts as you may need them this month and you may also find you learn a thing or two about yourself along the way.

Moon in Cancer May 24, 25


This month may find you focussed more on your friends and what those friends and friendships mean to you. Some you may love, others you may not feel so close to and others you may wish to finish ties with. The eclipse on May 20 may have the effect of highlighting all these things to you at once and you may be just itching to act on what you come up with. Bear in mind though that with Venus retrograde in your friendship area at the same time you may not be seeing the full picture or you may not be being shown the full picture. When the moon moves into your own sign on May 26 though none of this may matter as Mercury also moves into your friendship area at the same time and nothing may be able to hold you back from what you wish to communicate to others at that time.

Moon in Leo May 26, 27, 28


You’ve had a bit of a hard time of it recently with Mars travelling ever so slowly through your sign and then turning retrograde to give you another dose of its energy along the way. With Mars now back in a direct motion you may be excused for thinking you are out of the woods… however, on May 21 with the new moon eclipse just a few hours old you may find things come back to haunt you as this moon will form a tense aspect to Mars and may have you lashing out in spite of your own resolve to stay calm. If there is anything annoying you at work try to ignore it on this date as you may find a lot of your frustration around the last few months focused on a situation that has nothing to do with what really is bothering you.

Moon in Virgo May 29, 30


Not for you the problems that other signs may be having thing month with the new moon eclipse, Venus and Mercury in Gemini! You are looking at a smooth sailing month where you may actually make a few decisions, look at booking some holiday plans or even just have a make over. All past times I’m sure you will relish in. This month may feel like a freeing up of your energy, a shift in the right direction. Even with Saturn still retrograde and in your sign for what may seem like forever with Mars direct and hopefully having cleared up any feelings of tiredness you have been experiencing you are all set to make plans. That sounds like a month to celebrate to me… or a month to just get on with things you need to do.

Moon in Libra May 3, 4, 31


The full moon in your sign on May 5 may herald in what turns out to be quite an emotional month for you. This can be positive though with Mercury travelling through your relationship area from May 10 to May 25 which is a good time to say what is on your mind and get a head start on any issues that may arrive after the new moon eclipse on May 20 as Mercury may work in your favour to fathom out some issues you have been trying to get a handle on. Use the time till May 16 when Venus is retrograde to put your case forward in business matters and get any legal matters out of the way before Venus turns retrograde after which, you may find things slow down for you and obstacles are placed in your path.

Moon in Scorpio May 5, 6, 7


The eclipse on May 20 falls in your area of love and relationships and I use the word “falls” for another reason also… you may find you have a fall in your relationships if you don’t forearm yourself carefully and that means paying note of what you are thinking so it doesn’t inadvertently come out of your mouth (I know you like to hear things bluntly). You have Venus going retrograde on May 16 in your relationship area along with Mercury entering into this area of your life on May 25. This is all having the effect of making this month a quite exciting time for your romantically but with Mars forming a tense aspect to all these planets and your own Sun you are being forewarned to play it safe.

Moon in Sagittarius May 8, 9


This month may be all about work for you… which you should enjoy! May 16 and 17 sees the moon in your relationship area giving you a time to take stock of what you want just now. After the new moon eclipse on May 20 you may wish to take notice of any health issues which may arise especially if you have been neglecting this area of your life lately. Mercury sees you focussing on your home life till May 10 and then it is time to focus on a little creativity for yourself till May 25 at which time its back to work mode. Venus will give you a boost to your love life this month but after May 16 keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary… you know…. like something that doesn’t add up!

Moon in Capricorn May 10, 11


Mercury is in your area of communication till May 10 giving you an extra edge intellectually to forge ahead in any talks you may wish to initiate. With Venus in your area of creativity and romance also this month you may wish to turn your attention to this as the positive energy you feel there till May 16 may not last for the remainder of the month when it is retrograde and perhaps a bit draining on you. On the bright side though you seem to finish the month off after May 25 on a high with the moon travelling through your relationship area and Mercury coming in to help you out with any creativity endeavours you are trying out.

Moon in Aquarius May 12, 13


You may feel you are sandwiched between doing what you want to do this month and being refrained from doing it at the same time as Mars, Venus, Mercury and the new moon eclipse all play to cause you a few frustrations. Use the period from May 10 to May 25 to strengthen communications that need attention. For the remainder of the month you may wish to use your home as a safe place and sanction and if you have family around you all the better. This is a “learning” month for you in situations that come up so take what you learn and do the best you can with it.

Moon in Pisces May 14, 15


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