Mercury Retrograde

This period began in October 2013 and no doubt many of you are feeling the effects of it. So how has it been for you? I, for one, can attest wholeheartedly to having a dreadful time during this period.

You name it… I’ve experienced it!

Of course the 2 eclipses also happening during this time have not helped at all. I’ve become an expert at chasing my tail around in circles trying to get things fixed and when one thing seems as if it is sorted another pops up to take its place.


Let’s look at my list and perhaps you would like to share yours.

Mercury RetrogradeCable TV breaking down and wiping in excess of 90 hours recordings for the fourth time in as many months… yes I know I’m slow at watching things I record but KNOWING they are there when I wish to watch them is what counts.

The firm who was meant to fix this didn’t turn up because apparently they did not book a technician for me…. I was one step ahead of them there as I knew with Mercury retrograde they would mess things up so I phoned to be told exactly what I knew was happening…

no technician coming out… no fixing of my TV shows.


I’ve had problems with my car, travel, light bulbs blowing out. Travel plans being cancelled. Mail getting lost in the post and not being delivered to me. Mercury is the messenger of the Gods… well he has not been messaging me too well of late.

Mercury RetrogradeI have become like a woman possessed trying to fix one thing only to find another taking its place. I’ll let you in a little secret though this all ends in a few weeks.

Mercury goes back to the degree it originally went retrograde at and we can all exhale deeply and tell ourselves we’ll be better prepared for it next time and as it does this 3 times a year… next time is not far enough away for me to even think about.

Then again that is probably the problem with all the chaos I’ve experienced this turn around… not thinking about it… not thinking it can touch me when it usually always does!


This retrograde cycle ends on November 10th but will remain in its “shadow period” until November 27th.

Depending on your Sun (or rising) sign, these are the areas you that may be most sensitive to this current Mercury retrograde cycle:

Aries: Sex, death, loss, endings, joint resources, colon, bowels, reproductive organs

Taurus: Relationships, partnerships, open enemies, lawyers, counselors, kidneys, bladder, skin

Gemini: Work, health, improvement, diet, colleagues, pets, digestive system, intestines, spleen

Cancer: Children, lovers, self-expression, creativity, gambling, heart, chest, spine, upper back

Leo: Home, family, mother, land, heritage, roots, breasts, womb, ovaries, stomach

Virgo: Siblings, neighbors, local travel, cars, computers, electronics, arms, hands, lungs, nervous system

Libra: Money, possessions, earnings, financial security, ears, nose, throat, vocal chords

Scorpio: Self, personality, appearance, health and vitality, head, face, eyes, brain

Sagittarius: Dreams, fantasies, secrets, psychic impressions, hidden enemies, addictions, feet, toes, lymphatic system

Capricorn: Friends, acquaintances, groups, social and community involvement, ankles, calves, shins, circulation

Aquarius: Career, reputation, aspirations, authority figures, father, knees, joints, bones, lower back

Pisces: Education, foreign affairs, legal affairs, travel, spirituality, liver, blood, hips and thighs


If you have any stories to share on how this period has been for you we’d love to hear them.


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