Nov 2015 Tarot Scopes by Chrisalis

ARIES: Six of Scrolls

This is the month when wisdom meets hopes and dreams.

The elephant in this card — the Six of Scrolls from the beautiful Chrysalis Tarot — portrays that which is ancient and wise and the knowledge a person like this can bestow on you.

Keep your ears open this month for one such as this because it seems as if they have something very wise and nurturing to give you in the form of words and knowledge.

You may find that you go within yourself to draw out that which is wise and strong… that which you always knew. With this knowledge a transformation takes place within you.

The point where the woman in this card touches the elephant’s forehead with her own is where the 6th chakra lays. This is where psychic information flows in and out and relays that the knowledge and wisdom you attain does not need to be from books but is simply “known” by you.

The crescent moon and stars in the sky speak of mystery and mysticism as well as the turning of the ages.

You may be thinking of taking a meditation class or psychic course. If these are not for you art, writing or anything creative can also give you the knowledge and wisdom you are looking for as it is already within you.


Princess of Staves

TAURUS: Princess of Staves

This month you can look forward to embodying the energy associated with the beautiful Princess of Staves. You can see the flames that rise up and threaten to engulf her, but does she slow down or cower in fear? No she charges on after her goal — more determined than ever.

The Princess of Staves — this version from the Lover’s Path Tarot — has a mind of her own and the fearlessness that so often accompanies it. She knows what she wants and goes after it without regard for the consequences.

As with all of the Court cards, this may be someone in your life or it may relate to qualities that are going to be important for you to embrace. If it’s someone in your life — such as a headstrong and rebellious teenager or a temperamental partner — you’ll have to rise up and meet them on their own turf in order to balance out that energy.

Keep in mind though that the Princess of Staves can motivate and inspire you in your own life. Ask yourself in what areas have you been too timid or uncertain, and how might incorporating some of her passion and bravery into your own life work to your advantage?

The Princess of Staves is spirited and adventuresome. Embracing those qualities and allowing yourself to be inspired by her fearless energy can go a long ways toward helping you to manifest your dreams.


The World

GEMINI: The World

This month you may be feeling like you’re coming to the end of one chapter in your life and preparing to embark on another.

The World card — the version from Patrick Valenza’s Deviant Moon Tarot — speaks of a sense of fulfilment and completion as you put the finishing touches on a project or cycle and begin to tie up loose ends.

This version of the card is ripe with symbolic imagery. We see a sea siren or mermaid, framed by the mythical Ouroboros (world serpent).

Two human-faced fish are situated at the top of the card, gazing at one another. A pair of hybrid beasts safeguard the gateway between past and future at the bottom of the card. According to tradition, the Ouroboros swallows his own tail and devours himself, only to be reborn again and again. This represents the World card’s on-going cycle of past and future, death and rebirth, transformation and regeneration.

The mermaid is front and center here, midway between the past and future. She’s risen from the sea behind her as she begins her transition across solid ground.

She only needs to cross through the gateway before her to complete the transition. She may need to confront her fears (the beasts on the other side), but if you look at them closely, they’re not so frightening after all.

This is the essence of the World card. We find that everything we need to become fulfilled is right at our fingertips: We can draw from the past to prepare for the future, as long as we’re willing to cross those important thresholds.

StrengthCANCER: Strength

Sometimes we are our own worst critics and other times others are our worst critics but is any of the criticism truly worth it and do you have to accept the criticism from yourself and/or others as the truth.

This image — from the Margarete Petersen Tarot — shows that there is strength deep inside you simply bursting to come out and when it does it will feel as if you have shed a skin and are someone else.

I’m not saying it will be an easy transformation to pull off and it may take some time as can be seen in the cycles of the moon on the upper left side of the image.

However, when you do shed what has been holding you back and see things for what they really are you will simply “shine.” Nothing and no one will stand in your way.

There is a predominance of red in this card which denotes action. You will not get to where you wish to be by simply sitting back hoping and wishing you need to take some decisive action and put yourself first.

This is not the time to be wishy washy in what you want or what you hope to accomplish. When you see what you want, going for it and knowing you are onto a winner.


Nine of PentaclesLEO: Nine of Pentacles

This version of the Nine of Pentacles — from the Tarot Lenormand — depicts an opulent courtyard, complete with a reflection pool, statues, fountains and lush landscaping. And of course the vibrant and colorful butterfly front and center.

Butterflies are also symbols of metamorphosis and transformation, which is interesting in that the corresponding Lenormand card — card number 8 / Nine of Diamonds is the coffin or sarcophagus, another symbol of transformation.

The Nine of Pentacles is traditionally related to be satisfied with where you are in life, especially in terms of the lifestyle and environment that you created for yourself.

And there is certainly some of that here in the luxurious landscape and surroundings.

But the Tarot Lenormand version shifts the focus more to rising above the petty or earthly concerns and elevating yourself to something that is rare and beautiful in its own right.

The butterfly in this card is known as a Peacock Butterfly, due to its vibrant coloring and spectacular eyespots. As an animal totem, butterflies represent grace, beauty, curiosity, buoyancy and fragility.

In keeping with the traditional interpretations of the Nine of Pentacles, you want to use this time to balance out the give and take in your life while still maintaining your priorities. Remember that whatever you put out there — whether it’s time, energy, money or yourself — as well as whatever you’re open to receiving, will all balance out and be replenished over time.

Four of PentaclesVIRGO: Four of Pentacles

This month you want to think about what it is you might be holding onto too tightly. This can relate to possessions, emotions and thoughts as well as money.

The Four of Pentacles — this version from the Tarot of Pagan Cats — can refer to a hoarding mentality, a poverty consciousness and a resistance to change. All of these end up creating blockages in your life, where your fear of letting things go can prevent new things from coming in.

The cat in this card is not only protecting his territory (by sitting squarely on top of it), his ears are perked up and pulled back, a clear sign that he’s alert and guarded against any sign of danger.

With this in mind your challenge this month will be to loosen up the reins a bit. Let the darkness (avarice, hoarding) out so you can let you some light (enlightenment, prosperity) in. Think about sharing what you have with others, or giving something back.

Remember that the Universe does not appreciate a vacuum. All that you’re willing to let go of now will be replenished with something new in the end.

And news flash: that’s not just money and material possessions. It also applies to negative thought processes, dysfunctional relationships and outdated ideals.

Two of PentaclesLIBRA: Two of Pentacles

November is going to be all about juggling the different areas in your life and finding ways to maintain some sort of equilibrium in the process.

It’s about needing to be flexible and adaptable, as well as being able to shift from one task to another without losing focus.

Notice the two pentacles the woman in is juggling deftly on this card — from the stunning Druidcraft Tarot. They look identical, and this may refer to their level of importance in the realm of larger considerations.

But as far as what you want to accomplish (as opposed to what needs to get done), they’re probably not equal at all.

Whatever it is, you don’t want to be so focused on weighing your options that you lose sight of what’s going on around you.

In the midst of all this rocky terrain the woman in this card stands on solid ground. She may not be aware of it, but there’s a turbulent storm brewing in the background and shipwreck taking place right behind her.

Think about what you need to balance in your own life as opposed to what deserves your undivided attention. It may require levels of skill and dexterity that you didn’t even know you had.

If you can pull it off though and find ways to satisfy one area without neglecting the other, it should be tremendously rewarding for you in the end.

Ace of WandsSCORPIO: Ace of Wands

As Saturn has now left Scorpio and entered Sagittarius there is a definite difference to the energy around.

It is as if you have been released from the constrictions of the past few years and there is a brighter future coming your way.

Sagittarius always has a way of making everything seem brighter and more positive and this is right in line with the energy of the Ace of Wands. Any new project you are thinking of starting now would be a great time to begin.

The image on this Ace of Wands — from the beautiful Cosmic Tarot — suggests there is a correlation between what you are thinking of doing on a higher level and bringing it into your life. If this is the case it will not be difficult.

Things will fall into place for you almost seamlessly as your thoughts and actions correlate to what is around you and help comes from unexpected sources. This is a good month to plough through your workload.

This also gives a sense of balance to your life today as you are blessed with a sense of rightness in what you are planning to do.

Great ideas start with a small spark and I suggest you follow your heart with any small spark that comes your way today… you never know where it will lead you.


Nine of WandsSAGITTARIUS: Nine of Wands

If you’ve been thinking about where you’re heading — in your relationships, with your career, or in your life in general — now is the time to reflect on how far you’ve come and to make preparations for whatever obstacles may still lie ahead.

You may be hesitant about what the future holds, especially if things aren’t laid out before you in ways that are crystal clear. Like the figures in this card — from Elizabeth Hazel’s gorgeous Whispering Tarot — you may need to exercise caution when scoping out your horizons.

The Nine Wands in this card are actually trees that offer refuge and protection for these weary travelers. They offer a safe haven — a place to rest — for them to get their bearings and gather their strength.

Saturn is now in your sign alongside some harsh aspects from Jupiter. This may have you feeling as if you want to get on with things but something is holding you back.

One way to approach this is to look for logical, sequential steps you would need to make to arrive at your end goal.

The Nine of Wands asserts that while things may not be easy — and while there are bound to be more challenges ahead — it’s hardly the time to throw in the towel. You need only think about how far you’ve come (and how much you’ve already accomplished) to find the motivation to push ahead.


Seven of Cups

CAPRICORN: Seven of Cups

You may feel torn by competing interests and pulled in different directions — either away from the things you really want to do, or towards the kind of mindless diversions that cause you lose sight of your priorities.

The Seven of Cups — this version from Jennifer Galasso’s gorgeous Crystal Visions Tarot — is a card of temptations, often fuelled by irrational thoughts or fantasies.

There can be too many options available, which makes it hard to decide. But it’s often a case of wishful thinking and foolish day-dreaming that can interfere with actual progress.

What you long for may look so much more appealing than what you already have, but it’s also quite possibly an illusion. And even if it isn’t you have to remind yourself that it’s not going to come about by sitting around daydreaming about it.

There are elements of seduction also inherent in this card. Being seduced by something intangible or just out of reach, or being lured in by a fantasy that falls short in the harsh light of day.

While you may think that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, chances are good that once you got there you’d want nothing more than to return back home.

The message behind this card is to aim for reachable goals and to participate in attaining them rather than allowing yourself to fall into the trap of wishful thinking.


Seven of SwordsAQUARIUS: Seven of Swords

You want to work on trusting your instincts today and staying tuned in to your environment. There are temptations disguised as opportunities, which could turn out to be more than you bargained for in the end.

This image — the Seven of Swords from the Archeon Tarot — shows four swords piercing the moon and three penetrating the earth below it.

As the moon represents mystery, illusion and the depths of the human psyche, we can see this as a need to penetrate the veil that obscures our motivations.

We’re reminded that all that glitters is not gold, that there are consequences for our actions. The concept of time is also relevant here, as in keeping track of time, not wasting time, and making time for things that are most important.

There are elements of mischief, trickery and even thievery in this card. You may be tempted to engage in practices that are not aligned with your principles. Or you may be the recipient of someone else’s duplicity. But these same elements can be used to your benefit.

The Seven of Swords represents skill and ingenuity as well. You must have a sharp mind and a vigilant approach if you’re to navigate through some of the obstacles before you.

Opportunities come your way, but there’s always a catch. Just like the raven whose cunning and prowess has rewarded him with the fiery sun, but whose feathers have become permanently charred in the process.


Knight of Cups

PISCES: Knight of Cups

The Knight of Cups is the more sensitive, loving and romantic Knight in the tarot.

He (or she) is more interested in harmony and communion than chasing after goals or fighting any battles. This person wants to connect intimately with others and may present as somewhat seductive and alluring.

This version — from the gorgeous Love and Mystery Tarot — is more feminine than most. The Knight in this card is dressed in colorful and jewel encrusted ceremonial garb.

He peers through an ornate golden chalice that he holds in front of his face. The chalice itself seems to be alive with flowering branches and leaves that encircle and embrace him.

The Knight of Cups is all about love and romance. Falling in love and being in love with love. Putting your heart on the line and being willing to risk it all.

This may be a person in your life, and if so he or she is here to show you how to express your feelings more openly. How to connect with your feminine side — which means getting in touch with your emotions and your intuition. This person may also be delivering a message — which can come in the form of a proposition or proposal.

Are you happy in your relationship or your relationship status? If not it may be time to reassess what you want and change your approach.


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