November 2011 Monthly Horoscope

November 2011 Monthly Horoscope


March 21 – April 20

You may have found October a bit hard going with things just that little bit out of your reach, however, November has a totally different feel to it for you.  Mercury and Venus will move into your area of freedom and adventure from November 3 and this spells a lot of  fun for you.  Mars is in your area of work from November 12 when you will have a lot more energy to put into your career.  Those of you born earlier in Aries may need to watch for a bit of a bumpy ride in the last week of the month when Venus enters Capricorn but for the most part this is a month where you can let your hair down and act as if life is meant for living and you mean to live it to the full.

Moon in Aries: November 7, 8, 9


April 21 – May 21

The full moon falls in your sign on November 10 and this is not just any full moon! It is the full moon leading up to an eclipse on November 25. What you do during these 2 weeks may have an impact on you for the next few months so tread with care. You’ve just come out of a period with a lot of activity in your relationship area and this month will be no different in fact you may feel like you have a bit of a hangover from what has gone before. Mercury and Venus are playing around in your area of secrets and whilst you may think it’s best to get to the bottom of something right now I would urge you to hold off and wait. Mars is in your area of romance after November 12 so whilst you may not be able to contain yourself – don’t say you were not warned.

Moon in Taurus: November 9, 10, 11


May 22 – June 21

This month will be marvellous for your love life that is possibly until around November 24 when Mercury goes retrograde and possibly scuppers a lot of your well laid plans. Soon after on November 27 Venus moves out of your relationship area and into a place where you may find yourself trying to get to the bottom of things without a hope in the world of finding out the truth (for now). Around November 14 and 15 there is an especially nice aspect being formed for those of you born June 1 to 10 as Mercury and Venus both come into close alignment with the moon’s node also in Sagittarius. Be on the lookout for situations that may seem like they are fated at this time, especially in your relation-ships.

Moon in Gemini: November 12, 13, 14


June 22 – July 22

You may find yourself very much focused on your career and public profile this month with both eclipses opening up new areas for you to look at. The key days for this are November 25 (and also December 11) and as you also have Mercury and Venus in your work area for most of this month you may find yourself planning for the future even more than is usual for you. With Mars in your area of security up until November 12 there will be extra drive to set yourself up and put into place options that can pay off for you long term. Communication and conversations (galore) may be around for you after November 12 as Mars spurs you on to get more and more done and along with it the capacity for holding more in your mind at one time than you realised was possible. You may just need this!

Moon in Cancer: November 15, 16


July 23 – August 23

OK so all the fun over in Sagittarius this month is falling in your area of romance and creativity that is until the end of the month when you may feel like settling down to work. With Mars in your sign till November 12 there is sure to be plenty to occupy yourself with. Whether you wish to do things on your own or with others there is certainly a lot of energy around you. After this date you may find yourself thinking more of your own sense of worth and security and have you acting and carrying out plans to facilitate this area of your life. The eclipse on November 25 may come with a few surprises of its own for you and unexpected changes to your love life may follow. Be ready for this and make sure you have a back up plan.
Moon in Leo: November 17, 18


August 24 – September 22

Home life will be important to you this month and it is also where you will gain most of your energy from. After November 12 you will also be feeling more yourself and ready to start making plans that you may have been putting off for a while. The November 25 eclipse may have you thinking more on your own life and what you want from it and with Mercury going retrograde at around the same time you may feel cut off from those around you. Your love life may also be seeing some imminent changes as Venus moves into Capricorn at the end of this month and transits Pluto. Any problems you may have been experiencing could come to a head and you may not be willing to compromise any longer.

Moon in Virgo: November 19, 20, 21


September 23 – October 23

The first part of this month finds you very busy with social engagement, places to be and people to see. After November 12, you may find yourself slowing down a bit as Mars moves out of this area of your chart and into a much slower pace. Mercury and Venus are allowing you to let your hair down a bit but you may want to watch you don’t go too overboard with your behaviour as there may be a nasty surprise or two as Venus moves into Capricorn at the end of the month and anything you have done recently may just come back to haunt you – especially in your love life.

Moon in Libra: November 22, 23


October 24 – November 22

Happy Birthday Scorpio! The very enjoyable time you have for October may now come with a price tag. There is a need to slow down just now and get your priorities in order. This is especially true of your love life and you may find yourself taking a few steps backwards and assessing any situations that you need to take action with. Because of the eclipse on November 25 there may be quite a few things you need to take action on and you need to be ready with a back up plan. Mercury goes retrograde at around the same time so don’t expect communication to be easy… in fact don’t expect much at all and that way you won’t be disappointed. Your saving grace is that you can usually resurrect yourself out of most situations and this month is no exception.

Moon in Scorpio: November 24, 25


November 23 – December 21

Whilst last month may have been marred with confusion and doubt this month is promising to be a month to remember. For the most part Mercury and Venus are travelling in sync through your sign until the last week of November when Mercury goes retrograde along with an eclipse on November 25 that will affect those of you born in early Sagittarius and Venus leaves your sign headed for a conjunction of Pluto in Capricorn which may, on the one hand, cause you a headache or two in your love life or it may have the opposite effect and clear a lot of matters up for you. Either way you need to be aware that what you sow this month you may reap further down the line and you won’t have a long wait to find out the consequences.

Moon in Sagittarius: November 25, 26, 27


December 22 – January 20

This may be a month where you are best to keep your head down and your thoughts to yourself until a few things become clearer. This may take till the end of the month however by that time Mercury will be retrograde so you might well be waiting a bit longer. Use this month to re connect with yourself, be kinder to yourself and also to sit back and “watch” what is going on around you without necessarily having to be part of it. At the end of the month Venus moves into your sign and will be very close to Pluto. There will be intensity in your relationships at this time but possibly not of a positive nature. It’s up to you which way you play it.

Moon in Capricorn: November 1, 28, 29


January 21 – February 18

Friendship is normally important to you and this month is no exception! In fact, it is one of those months where you are going to be particularly happy to spend time with friends and new friendships may even be formed. With Mars over in your relationship area for the first part of the month watch for arguments with a loved one or tension that is not smoothed over. Throughout this month you may have a sense that something is not as it seems and this may grow as the month progresses. Don’t go digging around trying to uncover the answers. It would be far more prudent for you to just wait any situation out and not go looking for trouble.

Moon in Aquarius: November 2, 3, 4, 30


February 19 – March 20

If there is anything you have been putting off then this is the time to do it in as you have the capacity to get quite a lot done this month. Work features strongly for you and if there is someone at work you are trying to impress then it is not going unnoticed. Your thoughts will turn to your relationship however after November 12 when Mars enters this area. With all the hard work you have been doing up until that point you had better make sure that everything is in order with your love life because if it is not Mars could cause a few upheavals for you and with Mercury going retrograde towards the end of the month you do not want any misunderstandings hanging around you.

Moon in Pisces: November 5, 6


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