Sept 2015 Tarot Scopes by Chrisalis

Ace of Swords

ARIES: Ace of Swords

This is a month of new thoughts and new ways of doing things. It is also a month for changing your thoughts and ideas on something.

Notice the butterfly wings around the Sword — from the Miracle Tarot. Venus turns direct this month, bringing grace, harmony, beauty and love to the forefront.

Even the sharp edges of the sword are not enough to deter the butterfly from being this near the blade. It is almost as if you can throw caution to the wind and say/do whatever you want. Well… perhaps not too much as Mercury is about to turn retrograde again.

Your thoughts are pure and aimed single-mindedly at the outcome you desire. If you have any mental tasks to accomplish do so whilst your mind is highly alert and focused on what you want.

The play of muted colours through this image give your clarity in anything creative you wish to succeed in alongside a transformative quality to the way they spring forth from your mind.

The blade looks sharp but don’t be fooled as it will not harm you as long as you stick to your principles and deliver your words with care and grace nothing will stand in your way.



TAURUS: The Tower

Deep within you lays a calmness that is about to be called upon this month as things start getting out of hand.

The symbol for Mars in this card suggests action and the image of the Tower — from the Star Tarot — suggests explosive action. If there is anything you have been trying to change but finding all your efforts are in vain you may try the other approach ie pushing your way through without taking into account the repercussions of your actions.

The biggest thing you need to worry about though is that you keep enough calm within you to deal with the fallout because the fallout from any actions whether those by yourself or from outside yourself look huge. As long as you keep the vision of the white dove of peace within the tower as your anchor you should be able to ride anything out.

This may mean you need a back up plan and when the tower is involved forearmed is always forewarned. If you feel as though things are getting out of control and they are not of your making or doing then look at ways to counter anything that may blow up for you because if it does blow up it is going to do so in a grand fashion. Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread.


Hezicos Tarot -- 10 of Rods

GEMINI: Ten of Rods

I am loving the rocks in this Ten of Rods from the Hezicos Tarot — for they suggest that even though you have a heavy load to carry you are able to put your feet down safely without falling or tripping up.

This will allow you to get through what you need and find your way safely through anything that comes your way. It may be that you are working too hard or carrying around problems that may be your own or they could be problems someone has dumped onto you.

The walking stick shows that you are not opposed to a bit of help and you may accept it if it comes from the right person. That person would need to be very straightforward in sizing up of your situation as you’re not about to stop what you’re doing and drop the bundle from your back. No, you’ll know what you need to do whether it harms you in the process or not.

It may be a good idea to think on that… have you been overdoing things, are you opposed to accepting help from others, if you did accept help what would it mean to you and how does it feel? These are all good questions to ask yourself if you find yourself so burdened down that you don’t see the forest from the trees.

The HierophantCANCER: Hierophant

What do you know and what don’t you know? Are you preaching to the converted or are they preaching to you?

The Hierophant — this version from the Paulina Tarot — is about knowledge and from what can be seen in this version of the card it looks as if there is a long lost wisdom being given out to the masses under various guises.

Where does this wisdom come from and where is it going? If you look at the base of the tree it is as if wisdom is still being learned and put into practice and if you have found yourself perhaps sitting back and “looking” at life without partaking in it then you will know that you are still learning and becoming wise but from a different perspective than if you had been involved in a situation.

This is what it can be like when you are caught up in life all around you and doing things too quickly, becoming emotional and not sitting back to learn from your past mistakes.

We all sometimes need a wise observer or friend who can guide us when we have become so embroiled in a situation that we can’t see things clearly. If you are in need of some reassurance or guidance this month it may pay to listen carefully to where that guidance comes from because it may come in any size, shape or form.

Seven of SwordsLEO: Seven of Swords

Do you stay or do you go? That is the question this month as you seem to be on your way out of one situation yet not quite ready to leave it all behind.

As you move from this situation there seems to be some need for you to do it with stealth or without quite being seen to be doing what you are really doing. If you are in a rocky relationship be aware that your partner may be on the way out the door without you realising it as they are playing a two sided game whereby you are not sure where you stand with them and their actions/words are not aligning with what is actually going on.

Hopes and dreams may not be clear as can be seen from the different shaped stars in the sky. What you hope  for when you wish on a star may not bewhat you actually get. You need to be ready for anything as circumstances can change at the drop of a hat.

There is more “unspoken” than “spoken” within the Seven of Swords — this version from the Illuminated Tarot. The 5 swords being carried away heavily outweigh the 2 swords left which means you are only being told a part of the story and a small part at that. With Venus about to turn direct again it may be more about what you have left in your relationship rather than what you gained.

Six of WandsVIRGO: Six of Wands

The Six of Wands from the Artist’s Inner Vision Tarot is a card of appreciation and admiration. You “win” something and earn the right to be satisfied with the spoils of your victory.

This isn’t about ego or conceit and it’s never at someone else’s expense. There’s a strong sense of being supported and lifted up by those who rejoice right along with you.
You may have been putting a lot of effort into your work and not even realizing that others have taken notice. Or you could be unexpectedly pulled aside by a loved one, just to tell you how much you’re loved and appreciated.

The Six of Wands is called “Victory” and refers to that sense of satisfaction and acknowledgement for a job well done. It refers to the combination of confidence and optimism that spurs us toward manifesting our goals. There’s a sense of triumph and victory in the knowledge that you’ve earned your rightful place, but with that comes certain expectations that you’re going to have to live up to.

Whatever form this takes for you in September, know that you’ve earned it and that you deserve it. It may just give you the incentive to keep shooting for the stars and manifesting your highest goals.

Knight of SwordsLIBRA: Knight of Swords

This Knight of Swords means business. He’s not taking any prisoners or suffering any fools. He may be someone you live with, work with, or know casually. Either way this is not someone you’re going to be able to reason with.

The upside of this version of the card — from the Samurai Tarot — is that you won’t have any trouble knowing exactly where you stand with him. But the downside is that he’s spoiling for a fight and not about to let anyone get a word in edgewise.

The Knight of Swords can be a messenger, or a bearer of “news.” In this case it’s probably not going to be good news — notice how dark and ominous the clouds are and how forcefully the warrior slices through the air with his swords.

The reds and golds on the warrior’s tunic represent passion and drive. The Swords refer to ideas. And the lightning bolts emanating from the storm clouds represent energy and electricity. Together they make for a fiery and dynamic energy that can be combative.

In whatever form the Knight of Swords appears to you this month, know that you have a choice in now you react. Keep in mind that the message may not be nearly as bad as the messenger. You can try to disarm him with kindness and cooperation, or you can try to deflect some of that energy by meeting him head on.

FourOfWandsSCORPIO: Four of Wands

Everything seems to be coming easy to you this month and it is as if the world is at your fingertips. If you need to think your way through a problem or perhaps have many things to juggle all at once do not be afraid to take on the challenge.

Mercury may be retrograde for a large part of September but you may not even notice it as you happily throw yourself into all that is around you and come up smelling of roses.

The only problem you may encounter — as seen in this version of the Four of Wands from the beautiful 78 Tarot —  is that you find yourself doing so many things at once that you lose control of one or more and a domino effect transpires with you at the centre of the heap.

There is little doubt though that if this does happen that you will come out “whiter than white” and still live to tell the tale alongside being given more opportunities.

It’s as if you had nine lives! While you are juggling all and sundry around you though you may like to give a bit of thought to how you could make your life easier and cut down on time wasted.

A problem shared is a problem halved and with the smile you have on your face this month anyone would be willing to listen.

the EmperorSAGITTARIUS: The Emperor

If you are dealing with any figures of authority this month it is best to go in well prepared and not to leave anything left undone or to chance. The figure in this card demands respect.

S/he knows what s/he wants and how to get it and if this figure is you then, like the shadows in the background of the image, you will leave everyone behind as you stride forward and take what is rightfully yours.

Although the colour green suggests you do so with grace and ease and whilst no one opposes you, it may be because they know you are right and that your actions will also benefit them further down the line.

The throne that you sit upon implies that you will see through to the end that which you wish to accomplish in perhaps an unusual way. Whilst the Emperor is a pretty straightforward card, this card — from the Tarot of Reflections — implies there is something of the extraordinary about you and perhaps this is the secret to your success.

As can be seen in the reds and purples adorning the figure in this image full use is being made of all talents. Purple represents spirituality and messages from a higher realm whilst red represents action and base instincts. Notice how the face reflects onto itself in both modes. You are using both qualities to their best degree and you will go far by doing so.


Five of Cups

CAPRICORN: Five of Cups

You may be trying to find your bearings this month and need to decide what direction you will take next.

Don’t rush into any decisions as you may not be seeing the full picture just yet and need to wait for things to fall into place.

Things are on an upward turn for you but you are not out of the woods yet. You need to watch where you are going and not leave things up to fate or chance.

Part of you may feel as if it is all too much effort to make but there are other parts of you (as can be seen from the face blowing bubbles behind you) that do see the fuller picture and are intuitively urging you to make the changes you face without holding back.

If you did decide to make changes perhaps you should take a look at the mermaid’s tail in this image. It is not being used for anything other than balancing just now and that is how it is for you. You are at a standstill, neither here nor there and just holding your own.

The beautiful blue and green hues of the water in this card — from the Dream Enchantress Tarot — speak of communication and healing taking place. The relatively calm currents show your emotions being kept in check. However, the trajectory of the cups in the water do not show which way you will go.

Eight of SwordsAQUARIUS: Eight of Swords

The Eight of Swords speaks of being wrapped up in something — often your own misery — to the extent that you’re unable to see a way out.

If you look at the woman in this card — from the Gypsy Palace Tarot — you can see how she could easily extract herself from the serpents that are entwined around her and have her chained to a tree. But she lies there looking dumbfounded and doesn’t even try. She’s stuck when she doesn’t need to be stuck. She’s become a victim of circumstances.

There’s a definite inability to see the forest for the trees vibe to this card. And that all stems from being too focused on how you might be trapped rather than figuring out ways to get out. Notice the Sun shining through the clearing on this card. And the pathway which is only partially obscured. If she wanted to plan her escape that’s the first place to look, although it doesn’t look like the woman in this card has even bothered.

You’ll have to look at both how you’ve contributed to the situation you find yourself in and the best way to get yourself out of it. At the very least you’ll have to find the motivation to start moving toward a solution. That solution is likely right there before you, and it may be clear to others even if you can’t see it yourself. You can either unwind yourself from the restrictions that have rendered you immobile, or you can retrace your steps and back yourself out the same way you came.

Seven of Pentacles

PISCES: Seven of Pentacles

You may be looking back over your shoulder this month to see how far you’ve come. The Seven of Pentacles indicates a need to pause and reflect — on plans that were made and detours that have been taken along the way. It’s about getting an overview of progress that’s been made, and evaluating the sidetracks and setbacks that may have caused you to rethink your goals.

You may feel like you’re at a cross-roads, questioning whether you want to continue with something as originally planned or consider changing direction altogether. The Seven of Pentacles says it’s time to take a breather and rethink where you’re heading: you probably won’t proceed exactly as planned but that’s because you’re wiser and have more information to work with now.

The peacock is this card  — from the Animism Tarot — is perched high in the branches where she can get a clear overview of what’s taking place below. The wintry backdrop and the icicles on the branches tell you that not much is happening down there. There’s a stillness in the air that makes it easier to clear your head and reassess your goals.

You may need to make adjustments to your plans. But it’s at this moment in time — as you find yourself on the precipice between where you’ve come from and where you’re headed — that you’re better equipped than ever to plan your next move.


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