Free Daily Tarotscope — Sept 7, 2015 — Six of Scrolls

Six of Scrolls

This is a time when wisdom meets hopes and dreams. The elephant in this card portrays that which is ancient and wise and the knowledge which a person like this can bestow on you.

Keep your ears open today for one such as this because it seems as if they have something very wise and nurturing to give you in the form of words and knowledge.

There is almost a spiritual connotation to this card — the Six of Scrolls from the beautiful Chrysalis Tarot — as the colour purple surrounds the elephant (giver of wisdom and knowledge).

You may find that you go within yourself to draw out that which is wise and strong… that which you always knew. With this knowledge a transformation takes place within you.

The point where the woman in this card touches the elephant’s forehead with her own is where the 6th chakra lays. This is where psychic information flows in and out and relays that the knowledge and wisdom you attain does not need to be from books but is simply “known” by you. The crescent moon and stars in the sky speak of mystery and mysticism as well as the turning of the ages.

You may be thinking of taking a meditation class or psychic course. If these are not for you art, writing or anything creative can also give you the knowledge and wisdom you are looking for as it is already within you.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Jul 20, 2015 — Four of Scrolls

Four of Scrolls

Four of Scrolls

The Four of Scrolls is the Chrysalis Tarot’s version of the Four of Swords. It refers to the need for silence, stillness and recuperation that is so necessary when chaos and turbulence surround you.

You may be recovering from a broken heart (as seen in the Three of Scrolls) and if so this card recommends taking the time to tend to it. Or you may just need to step away from your own racing thoughts in order to get a better understanding of your feelings.

The woman in this card looks pensive. She’s curled up in an almost fetal position, protecting her tender heart. As her wings suggest, she’s quite capable of taking flight, but she knows that now is not the time to do that. She knows she needs to find comfort in the stillness that surrounds her and in her own humility.

Who knows what words of wisdom are written on the scrolls that are placed beneath her? They may be lessons that she’s learned or that she’s still trying to absorb. Lessons about acceptance, understanding and forgiveness.

The Four of Scrolls encourages you to ponder, reflect and meditate rather than “act.” It speaks of detaching from the whirlwind of activity around you and choosing to observe rather than participate.

It encourages you to disengage from the distractions around you and to find your strength through recovery. It could be as simple as getting away for a few days to relax and recharge your batteries. And it could be as profound as going on a life-altering pilgrimage or spiritual retreat. If you can’t get away there are other ways to regain your sanity. Meditation, breathwork, self-imposed silence, etc. — any one of these can help you to de-stress and restore your equilibrium.

Free Daily Tarotscope — May 11, 2015 — The Hero


The Hero

Today’s card — from the gorgeous Chrysalis Tarot — is this deck’s version of traditional tarot’s Fool. Here he’s portrayed as a Hero, or more specifically the legendary wizard Merlin.

As the first card in the 78-card tarot deck, this card represents the onset of the Fool’s journey. And yet this version portrays him as a wizened old man — someone whose life experiences have brought him to great pinnacles of awareness.

But this is a card of transformation and change. It’s a reminder of the importance of embracing each new chapter with the idealism and wonder of a child — no matter where you are in your own life’s journey.

Notice that Merlin’s staff is actually a snake — the archetypal symbol of transformation. And his familiar sits at his site, wide-eyed, alert, and embodying the traditional feline mysteries that have been passed down through the ages.

The light creeping over the horizon and twinkling stars above tell you that a new day is dawning. It’s an opportunity — as with every new day — to start fresh.

The Sun sextiles Chiron today, making it possible to conduct yourself with both confidence and humility. There is a gentle, compassionate energy about Chiron that makes progressing toward your goals less about ego and more about experience.

The Hero card encourages you to draw on the wisdom you’ve gained through your life experiences as you embark on each new chapter. You’re given the opportunity to embrace new experiences with the youthful spirit of a child, without losing sight of what you’ve already learned.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Mar 21, 2015 — Ace of Spirals

Ace of Spirals

Ace of Spirals

On the heels of yesterday’s total Solar Eclipse of the Sun at 29° Pisces — and the last day of winter for those in the Northern Hemisphere — the Sun has now fully stepped into Aries.

What better card to honor this transition than the Ace of Spirals from the gorgeous Chrysalis Tarot? The card features the head of a Ram (symbol for Aries) with prominent spiraled horns.

Feathers from different species of birds encircle his head like a ceremonial headdress — I counted 22 in all, perhaps this is a symbolic reference to the 22 cards in the major arcana.

The Peacock feather — known as the “eyes of the stars” — is said to represent an awakening, awareness, insight and luck, all fine Aries keywords.

The Ace of Spirals is this deck’s version of the Ace of Wands. Its keyword is “Energy.” It refers to the Arian qualities of action, impulse, fearlessness and drive. Like all Aces, the Ace of Spirals is a pure, raw, untamed energy. It’s an essence that can be formed or shaped or planted like a seed.

This feels like a kinder, gentler Ram; there’s a soulfulness in his eyes and a certain dignity in his stance. He’s got an “all-knowing” quality about him, made even more distinct by the timelessness of the celtic knot that encircles his neck.

The Ace of Spirals — as well as the Sun moving into Aries — is all about inspiration and potential. It invites you to ask yourself what you really really want that you haven’t (up to now) put your whole heart and soul into? And what are the chances of making it a reality unless you do?

The Moon is in Aries today too — joining Mars, Uranus and the South Node — so there’s no dearth of this fiery, dynamic energy. It’s time to offer your intentions up to the Universe with every reason to expect you’ll be rewarded for doing so. It”s time to push all negativity aside and replace it with optimism and inspiration. If you’re truly serious about manifesting your desires, there is no time like the present to do it.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Dec 21, 2014 –Three of Stones

Three of Stones

Three of Stones

There is wisdom and then there is being wiser. As the Sun goes into Capricorn today we see Uranus turning direct.

This means that just as things start to get more practical and grounded for you Uranus comes in like lightening and could shake them all back up.

If there is anything that you have been trying to put into action lately today may be the day to do it on.

You have all the answers you need, you have all the resources you need and the only thing you perhaps need is a bit of a push in jumping off that ledge and doing it.

Uranus turning direct today will give you that push even if you want it or not.

Whatever you do decide to do today know that it comes from deep within you and if you look at the owls in this image you can see they are actually under the tree and form part of the tree’s root system.

Your own beliefs will also support and feed you today.

It is important to listen to any thoughts you are having as they will send you in the right direction and further fuel the fire inside you to get things done.

You might also want to keep in mind that if you hold back and don’t do what needs done then you may be forced into doing it kicking and screaming at some point in the future and if this is the case you will not hold as much power over your actions as you would if you made the decision yourself.

There is more than one way to watch a plan take action and the first step starts with wisdom.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Oct 14, 2014 –Two of Mirrors

Two of Mirrors

Two of Mirrors

Everything is going smoothly today… life is just drifting by and you with it.

With Venus conjunct the node and sextile Jupiter it is as if nothing can bother your or get in your way of the peace and happiness you feel. There is nothing wrong with this and whilst you are in your own little world you can actually accomplish a lot.

If you have been having problems with your partner then today is the day to plan something together as the planets are smiling down on you to do so.

From the looks of this image though you may want to make your time together low key and not spend it around other people. This is a day about togetherness and strengthening the bonds you share.

It is not the day to go out and join others unless you have a point to make by showing solidarity because today you surely will be showing the strength of your solidarity together.

Notice as the swan’s heads come together and they gaze into each other’s eyes the posture forms the formation of a heart alongside their hearts meeting and joining together at the base of their chests.

This is something you can use to your advantage today and even if you have no one in your life and are single perhaps it is time you looked at yourself in the mirror and repeated all of your best qualities to the reflection you find there.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Sept 10, 2014 — Eight of Spirals

Eight of Spirals

Eight of Spirals

As Venus goes into opposition to Neptune today you need to not allow yourself to act impulsively especially where your love life is concerned.

There is a fair degree of quickness and speed to this Eight of Spirals which gives the impression that if you rush into something too quickly you may end up not knowing where you stand.

Alternatively you may be looking for a way out of something and decide the best course you should take is just walk away (or run) as quickly as you can.

Sometimes you are justified in removing yourself from a situation as quickly as possible and other times you may find you need to give a reason or two for your imminent departure.

The Eight of Spirals is also a card of communication whether this be phone, email, text or face to face. It is the type of communication that comes up suddenly without warning. You may hear from someone you were not expecting to hear from.

As the Eight of Spirals shoots across the rising (or setting) sun there is the suggestion that what has been around for you the past few days may have been triggered by the recent full moon which fell on the 8th or 9th (depending on which part of the world you are in).

Free Daily Tarotscope — Aug 9, 2014 — Ten of Spirals

Ten of Spirals

Ten of Spirals

As the Sun conjuncts Mercury today there is an abundance of thoughts and ideas for you… not to mention perhaps the need to talk more than usual. However, as this aspect is being squared by Saturn there is also the feeling that you need to be a bit careful in what you say or a sense of holding back.

If you look at this image of the ten Spirals you will get the general idea of what you may be up against today and how to make it work for you.

As the human part of the centaur tries to race ahead (Sun conjunct Mercury) the horse part can be seen trying to hold back (Saturn). There are several choices you may be making today and it may not do well for you to rush into the first one you deem fit or that takes your attention because all roads looked as if they are “paved with gold”. What is important is that you plan ahead and are seen not to be carrying a heavy load when you get to the end of the road (choice) you make.

Right now you may feel as if you are carrying the world on your back and indeed from this image you are. Yet the spirals in their various shapes and colours may also be a “gift” just waiting to be unravelled that will serve you best on another path or on another day. Do not discard all thoughts and ideas today and blindly rush in because you think you need to be “doing” something.

May 2014 Tarot Scopes featuring the Chrysalis Tarot

Four of Mirrors

Aries:  Four of Mirrors 

This month is all about choices and those choices and decisions you may be putting off whilst, perhaps, you wait for something better to come along.

The mirrors in this card stand for the suit of cups and from the pattern they are displaying in the water also show that your thoughts, decisions, choices may be changing like the tide… one day you are high on an idea and the next day you are low and no longer want to go along with that idea.

I don’t blame you… from the looks of things where you are sitting it looks pretty comfortable and calming.

There are no intense emotions and everything is running along quite smoothly. You feel at “one” with your environment and see no use in fighting against the current in making changes to your situation. Change is coming though, whether you want it or not.

The sea turtle which is about to brush against your tail is a symbol of you being given a slight nudge in making changes.

You can go back to your dream world, keeping your eyes shut and focused on pleasant thoughts and sensations — or you can face what’s coming head on.