Free Daily Tarotscope — Nov 17, 2015 — Eight of Wands

Eight of Wands

Eight of Wands

Today’s Sun / Mercury conjunction can have you thinking about which direction you want to go and how you want to go about making your next move.

You may be feeling more decisive about putting your plans into action and striking while the iron is hot.

The Eight of Wands — this version from Robin Ator’s Prairie Tarot — is all about declaring your intentions and be purposeful about your goals. It speaks of consolidating your efforts and moving ahead.

Notice that all of the pencils in this card are pointed in the same direction. They may be different sizes and colors, but they’re lined up and pointing in one (forward) direction. This indicates both clarity and purity of intention.

The Eight of Wands is a high energy card that represents a highly focused sense of action and activity. It’s all about progress, efficiency and momentum. It’s about getting things done and making things happen.

It may be as simple as ticking off all the little things on your to-do list, and it may be as significant as making great headway on an important project.

And while it might feel to you like there just aren’t enough hours in the day, you could be surprised when it’s over at how much you really accomplished. The Eight of Wands can also refer to travel. In that respect it relates to being literally and physically on the go. Are you planning a weekend getaway? Use this extra energy to make preparations for your trip.



Free Daily Tarotscope — Sept 11, 2015 — The Magician


The Magician

Today is a good day to show the rest of the world just what it is you’re made of.

The Magician card — in the Prairie Tarot deck portrayed by an old-style vaudeville magician — is so skilled at whatever he puts his mind to, that he can do it with his eyes closed (or in this case a pair of darkened glasses). It’s all about concentration and mastery.

In this version of the card, we see the Magician demonstrating all of the qualities he possesses — skill (pentacles), ingenuity (swords), creativity (wands) and intuition (cups). He stands before a table with all of his tools, ready to perform “magic.”

Similarly, you’ll want to become more aware of the tools that you possess naturally that can be honed and fine tuned into something magnificent. You may also start noticing magic happening to you — in the form of unexpected events or synchronicities. Don’t chalk it all up to dumb luck though: see it instead as confirmation from the Universe that you’re on the right path.

While there are also elements of trickery and sleight of hand, the proper manifestation of this energy is to funnel it into something that can be mastered.

Every one of us has something that we’re so passionate about — and properly channeled, This can be your calling. It’s all about making the best and most powerful use of that thing that makes you YOU. Like the Magician, you’ll need to realize that the ultimate power and control over your life are in your own hands.

Free Daily Tarotscope — May 5, 2015 — Ace of Cups

ace of cups

Ace of Cups

You may feel as though your Cup is running over today — physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The Ace of Cups is a card of promise and opportunity, a new or fresh perspective that is mirrored right back to you by the Universe.

All Aces are related to new and unformed energy. So even if it does manifest as something material for you — a new romantic interest or some form of external validation for example — the bottom line is that it creates a “feel good” energy which reverberates throughout your very being.

As this is the Ace of Cups, and Cups refer to emotions, intuition and feelings, it’s likely to manifest on one of these levels. Love and romance for starters. But also affection, intimacy, sharing, closeness and the expression of feelings.

In this version of the card — from Robin Ator’s Prairie Tarot — we see three brightly-colored birds at a bird bath. One bathes in it, one perches on the side and the third one is coming in for a landing.

Think of how many opportunities you have — some you may not have yet considered (hence the bird on its way in). This card represents opportunities for happiness and fulfillment. It speaks of fertility, birth, newness and promise.

Like the three birds depicted on this card, there’s a sense of joy and appreciation for all that has been provided for you. Today is ripe with potential and opportunity. What you make of it — and how open you are to the possibilities before you — is entirely up to you!

Free Daily Tarotscope — Jan 2, 2015 — The Sun

the Sun

The Sun

It’s a good day to be alive! With the Sun in your face and the Wind in your hair you may be feeling a renewed sense of vitality, enthusiasm and anticipation for the path that’s laid out before you.

The Sun card refers to a period where things seem to be going well for you — or maybe it’s just that your attitude has you focusing on what’s right in the world for a change.

You’re optimistic about the future: perhaps you’ve made New Years resolutions that you expect to keep this time around. Or you could be doing better financially, feeling better about your health, or seeing your relationship in a new light.

In this version of the card, we see young boy riding bareback through a field of sunflowers. The Sun shines brightly in the sky while the horse trots along with a steady gate. A field of sunflowers lines the path beside him, each stretching up to bathe in the Sun’s light.

He’s clearly in his element here. So comfortable is he on the back of his horse that he doesn’t even need a saddle or reins (or shoes for that matter). His hat is long gone.

This is one of the best versions of the Sun card ever. You can just feel his exuberance and you know he’s on the right path.

Along with the happy, fearless and adventurous energy in this card, there’s also a childlike wonder and exuberance. Keep this idea of “reinventing yourself” alive today and you can’t go wrong. The emphasis on freeing yourself from worldy burdens and concerns can go a long ways toward achieving your goals.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Nov 9, 2014 — Nine of Cups

Nine of Cups

Nine of Cups

Today — with the planet of love (Venus) in hard aspect to the planet of excess and overindulgence (Jupiter), you could find yourself tempted to overdo it in some areas.

The Nine of Cups is associated with appreciating the finer things in life. With a natural fondness for luxury, comfort, sensuality. composure, self-indulgence, and tranquility. And potentially with excess, depending on how fond of those things — and how susceptible to their charms you are — at this point in your life.

Overall this card speaks of getting to where you feel comfortable enough to kick your heels up and start enjoying the fruits of your labors. And while you may not be exactly there just yet, this card indicates a sense of accomplishment and pride in how far you’ve come.

Here we see a man leaning back and draping his arms across the what looks like a well-stocked bar. He doesn’t appear to have a care in the world.

A large painting of a tastefully concealed nude woman hangs on the wall in the background. Everything about him is relaxed, right down to the trust he places in his rickety chair.

This Venus / Jupiter aspect can be a bit careless. As in trusting too much and taking too many chances. But there’s an element of luck there too, which seems to offset the risk. 

Free Daily Tarotscope — Oct 11, 2014 — Three of Swords

Three of Swords

Three of Swords

Today — with the planet of love (Venus) in opposition to the planet of upheaval (Uranus), you may be reeling from an emotional upset that’s left you feeling abandoned or rejected.

The Three of Swords refers to a shock to the system brought about by the realization that something must come to an end. It’s not an easy card, nor is the experience it refers to something that anyone looks forward to going through.

But it’s a necessary experience, in the sense that it’s the culmination of a loss that’s been building for some time.

Even though it can feel like a shock to the system, chances are good that you’ve sensed something was on the horizon anyway and are just now having to deal with the backlash.

In this version of the card, we see a shabby paper heart stuck to a tree by three puny swords. The tree itself doesn’t look to be in good shape — even though the leaves are green, they’re drying up and falling to the ground.

The Three of Swords in general refers to feelings of sadness, loneliness, suffering and pain.The classic interpretation involves a breakup: something (or someone) has been lost that cannot be regained. It can also refer to unrequited love, the loss of a friendship, or the realization that something you’d hoped for is just not going to manifest.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Sept 28, 2014 — The Hanged Man

Hanged Man

The Hanged Man 

Today with the Sun aspecting both Neptune and Saturn, you may feel like certain areas of your life are in a state of limbo.

Plans you’ve made may be put on hold, or you may feel the need to take a step back and regroup.

The Hanged man refers to things slowing down or even coming to a dead halt. It could be due to circumstances beyond your control, or it could be a decision you make when you realize the path you’re on is leading you in a direction you don’t want to go.

You could be frustrated over something that’s taken too long to manifest, or have the sense that nothing is happening despite your best efforts. Road blocks are put in your path — often for your own good.

The Sun / Neptune inconjunct can make you feel like your life force is being drained right out of you, and the semi-square to Saturn brings obstacles and obstructions. With these aspects in play today you may feel like you’re being blocked at every turn.

In this version of the card, we see a shirtless Native American figure strung up under the glaring heat of the Sun. He’s gaunt and skeletal, and at first glance appears to be dead. But we can see one fist clenched in what could be defiance.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Sept 7, 2014 — Death



Don’t be afraid of the Death card — it doesn’t refer to a literal “death.” It’s an indication that there’s something in your life that it’s time to put to rest.. or “put out to pasture” in keeping with the Prairie theme.

With the Sun opposite Chiron today and Mars in stressful aspect to Pluto, it could manifest as a snap decision, that aha! moment that tells you that something (or someone) just needs to go.

But be careful — this aspect can also be rash and impulsive, and potentially regrettable down the road.

Think about what is no longer serving you — whether that’s something literal, such as a relationship that’s run its course, or something more figurative, such as outdated ideas or belief systems.

Sometimes the Universe shows us just what we don’t need by removing it from us forcefully. In this sense the “death” can be a painful undertaking. But if you choose instead to cooperate, it can be an incredibly liberating experience.

In this rendition of the card, we see an old man getting ready to bury the remains of an ancient decaying bird. Perhaps this is a symbolic reference to something he’s held onto for too long — the carrion has been picked clean.

But this is no casual event: he’s dressed for the occasion and stands in solemn reverence as he prepares for the task at hand.

Free Daily Tarotscope — May 30, 2014 — Two of Pentacles

Two of Pentacles

Two of Pentacles

Today you may need to see both sides of an argument where you weigh one side against the other.  These two sides are totally opposite so you need to be on your toes that you don’t get too caught up in one side at the expense of the other.

Have you been trying to decide that you wish to do something and nearly have yourself talked into it?

You’ve weighed up the pro’s and the con’s but then suddenly you take a 180 degree turn and find yourself looking at your decision from the opposite side and feel as if you can’t make a move.

This type of decision making can keep you caught and stuck in thought so long that you end up not making your mind up and therefore may miss an opportunity that has presented itself to you.

The snake curling throughout the coins suggests that with whatever decision you come up with; change will be required.

Think of a snake shedding its skin… its that type of change: a total transformation whether this be in your thought processes, relationship, finances, career, etc.

Your indecision may come from not wanting to get “bitten” if you make the wrong choice and with this in mind you need to look what you really want and if there are any downsides to one decision over the other. All avenues must be explored.

Free Daily Tarotscope — May 18, 2014 — Seven of Cups

Seven of Cups

Seven of Cups

You may find yourself with the tendency to overdo things today.  With Venus squaring Jupiter the focus is on excess.

This excess could be in your thinking, words, emotions or just generally feeling as if you can’t reign anything in and get a good grip on what is around you.

Look at the cups floating in the air.  What do they mean to you?  Each cup is a different colour which correlates to a different chakra.

Take your time and choose which cup you are most drawn to and ask yourself what this colour means to you… I dare you to try this and when you do take note to any resistance you feel within yourself in actually choosing a cup/colour and being able to hold onto your thoughts surrounding it.

That is the feeling of the Seven of cups… the inability to truly grasp a situation and the capacity to make a mess of things if you go off on a tangent.

If you need further proof of this look at the bottle of alcohol by the foot of the chair for this is also the card of drink, drugs and the confusion associated with these substances.

So the real question is what do you have to work with?  You might be best to sit this day out and not take any actions that would land you in a mess.

January 2014 Tarot Scopes featuring the Prairie Tarot


ARIES: The Star

This month it’s going to be all about counting your blessings. In recent months you may have been too focused on what you lack — or what you feel has been missing in your life, But the Star card speaks of putting all that aside while you focus on what you do have.

This is a very calm and peaceful version of the Star card. In it, we see a young Native American woman sitting on the banks of a river, replenishing it from the water in her vessel.

She sits with her eyes closed and her feet dangling comfortably in the water. A large white star shines above her to the right, while seven smaller stars, in the colors of the rainbow are lined up on the left.

There are elements of tolerance and acceptance here too. The gentle imagery of the young woman in Native garb coupled with the rainbow stars act as symbolic reminders that the world is full of different kinds of people and all of them belong here. Even the act of pouring water into the stream reminds us of how important it is to “give back.”

As the New Year begins, think about resolutions you made last year that you didn’t end up keeping. The Star card is full of hope and inspiration but it’s not exactly well grounded. There’s a need to work in order to manifest your dreams, as they’re not about to fall into your lap.