Weekly Astrology Forecast — Mar 25, 2019 – Mar 31, 2019:


Here is the Ask the Astrologers Weekly Astro Forecast for the week of Mar 25, 2019 – Mar 31, 2019:

This week starts with a loose t-square involving Venus, the Moon and Mars on Monday. This is a fixed t-square with Venus at the focal point of a Moon / Mars opposition, and as both of them are debilitated by sign, it can manifest as conflict and contention in relationship. 

Venus is void of course, with the Moon following right behind, but she’ll only be void for a few hours, before moving into Sagittarius. This should be a welcome change, and could see you wanting to spend time with those who make you feel good about yourself, rather than those who drag you down. The Moon in Sagittarius is expansive and spirited, with a strong focus on personal and spiritual evolution.

Venus moves into the last (Anaretic) degree of Aquarius on Tuesday, before moving into Pisces. While Venus in Aquarius is in mutual reception with Uranus, it’s exalted in Pisces (and dispositing Uranus), which is even better. Venus in Pisces is sensitive, romantic and altruistic. It’s highly imaginative and naturally creative, with a penchant for fantasy or escapism.

This transit can represent a time of feeling closer to others, craving a deep and meaningful connection to people from all walks of life. It’s a time of increased compassion and sensitivity, of seeing how connected we all are to one another and how unimportant our differences really are.

Take some time while Venus is in Pisces to get in touch with your softer, gentler side. See the beauty all around you — in nature, in the music and the arts, and in friends, loved ones and strangers. Let your imagination take flight and open your heart to those who may need little more than a kind word or a shoulder to lean on.

Venus next sextiles Uranus (on Wednesday) while the Moon conjuncts Jupiter. Starting with the Venus / Uranus sextile, this aspect can break up any of the crystallization that may have been forming in your relationships and can dismantle whatever roadblocks may be standing in your way. Venus/ Uranus is good at getting rid of the debris and clearing a path for you to achieve a more open and progressive expression of love.

The Moon / Jupiter conjunction is about about expanding your horizons. It’s about stepping outside your comfort zone and exploring uncharted territories. It’s about finding inspiration in the world around you and being an inspiration to others.

Things get a little more intense on Thursday, when Mercury turns stationary direct and when Pluto conjuncts the South Node. It will still be several days before Mercury crosses its shadow point (April 16/17th) and fully leaves the retrograde behind. But it officially ends at 1:58 pm on Thursday.

After having been retrograde for the past few weeks, this change in direction can be a welcome relief. Because it’s in Pisces — where due to turning retrograde at 29º it will have spent more than 6 weeks by the time it’s through — it invites us to tsp into the collective unconscious and to get in touch with our intuition.

The Pluto South Node conjunction is less personal and more universal. Still, it works well with the Venus transits, as both of these transits involve planets that are working toward manifesting their highest vibrations. Pluto / Node transits are often seen as karmic in nature, depending on where the North Node is currently transiting in your natal chart. This aspect can bring people into your life who seem “familiar” due to past life ties.

It will be mostly lunar transits that are active on Friday and Saturday, but that doesn’t mean those two days will be uneventful. There are still always transits in play: planets interacting with one another and blending or communicating their unique energies. This should be particularly evident as the Moon moves through Capricorn, conjuncting Saturn, then Pluto, and then the South Node.

Finally, Mars leaves Taurus behind and moves into Gemini on Sunday. This transit is good for taking a stand, saying what’s on your mind, being bold and brave in your communications with others, and putting yourself out there. It’s better at talking than listening and is not so good at tact and diplomacy, so keep that in mind in your interactions with others.

The Mars in Gemini archetype encourages you to be flexible and adaptable, and to find a positive outlet for your restless or impatient impulses. You may be bursting with ideas and an urgency to communicate them to others, but watch out for a tendency to go off on wild tangents or to lose interest before you get any of them fully off the ground.


That’s it for this week. See you next week!


Here is this week’s astro calendar; click on it to view it full-sized.

Weekly Astro Forecast —

Mar 25, 2019 – Mar 31, 2019



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