Weekly Astrology Forecast — May 7, 2018 – May 13, 2018:


Here is the Ask the Astrologers Weekly Astro Forecast for the week of May 7, 2018 – May 13, 2018:

We start this week on Monday, with Venus going out of bounds and squaring Neptune. As out of bounds planets are known to be erratic and unpredictable, this one — in Gemini and Pisces respectfully — may see you responding to ambiguous social cues, or sending them out yourself.

Also on Monday, Mercury squares Pluto. This aspect is associated with intrusive thoughts, anxieties and fears. It can feel like your mind is playing tricks on you, convincing you that something is real based on rudimentary “facts.” You want to be careful not to let your imagination run away with you, lest you find yourself growing increasingly paranoid.

This aspect is great for ferreting out hidden information but is not so good at evaluating it objectively. Because there is some danger with this aspect of jumping to conclusions, if you notice yourself getting fixated on something and feeling the urge to act, step back, take a breather and re-evaluate it in a couple days.

The asteroid Vesta goes stationary retrograde on Tuesday, at 4° Capricorn 54. Vesta retrograde may see you reviewing your attitudes about self-sufficiency, autonomy and service to others, and because it’s in Capricorn this is most likely tied to your public persona, your goals and professional ambitions.

On Wednesday, Jupiter opposes the Sun. This aspect can manifest as conflicts with others due to overblown egos or self-importance. This is the time to keep your ego in check and to make sure you’re not coming across to others as too big for your britches.

You may also be dealing with someone who is overbearing during this transit. You won’t make much headway if you try to challenge them, in fact this aspect can degenerate into a battle of wills. Politics and religious or ideological debates are likely to get heated and are unlikely to result in any meeting of the minds. Remember that ego is involved here and no one is going to want to concede defeat.

Venus inconjuncts Jupiter on Thursday.  This aspect can see you having a hard time establishing boundaries, especially with respect to personal indulgences. When is enough, or when is it too much? This is what you’ll have to be asking yourself during this transit.

Keep in mind though that Venus is in Gemini, where it is esoterically exalted. Because of this, any discomfort experienced with the inconjunct aspect is likely to be mitigated.

The Sun trines Pluto on Friday. This transit is all about harnessing your personal power and channeling it in productive / transformative ways. It’s excellent for business and financial matters since both of these planets are in Earth signs. It can also be used to make positive changes in yourself — as in how you wish to present yourself to the outer world and how you want to be perceived.

With the Sun in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn, this is a good time to think about “doing business.” It’s good for working on a budget or looking into investments, or figuring out ways to make (and save) more money.

Mercury squares Mars on Saturday, just as Venus inconjuncts Pluto. This is an interesting set of transits since neither of them are particularly pleasant but both Mercury and Venus are in the signs they rule esoterically. At the same time, Mars is exalted in Capricorn, and at its exact degree of exaltation on this day.

The Mercury / Mars square can be tempestuous so consider taking a breath and count to 10 before you speak — especially if what you say can come across to others as angry or abrasive. It can manifest as harsh words, confrontations, temper tantrums and impatience. And it can also be careless and / or reckless which translates to “accident prone.” Watch your step during this transit, in more ways than one.

The Venus / Pluto aspect is significant in that it involves a planetary pair (as rulers of opposing signs) that are fundamentally tied to relationships. It forces us to re-evaluate our relationship with deep-seated fears and desires and find a way to reconcile them with our personal realities.

Mercury and Uranus are conjunct at 29 Aries (an anaretic degree) on Sunday. The last degree of any sign is said to be “fated” in some way, and this is especially powerful as Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury and as these two planets are in mutual reception.

This transit brings flashes of insight and brilliance to the table. This is a time of tapping into your higher-consciousness. And you may be doing it without even realizing it. You might hear yourself speaking and wonder where did that come from? Or hear something that you’ve heard hundreds of times before and realize that NOW it makes sense.

Mercury / Uranus in Aries is an incredibly powerful combination. It’s progressive, innovative and pioneering, Don’t waste it vegging out in front of the tv. Express your ideas, speak your truth, learn something new and push your mind to its limits.

Later on, Mercury moves into Taurus, and into mutual reception with Venus. Mercury in Taurus is patient, practical and serene. It can be slow and methodical, mainly because it doesn’t see the point in getting its feathers ruffled over things that are likely to iron themselves out over time. The mutual reception can activate the positive energy for both planets, making for enhanced communications, especially where cooperation and collaboration are concerned.

That’s it for this week; see you next week!




Here is this week’s astro calendar; click on it to view it full-sized.


Weekly Astro Forecast —

May 7, 2018 – May 13, 2018







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