Weekly Astrology Forecast — Nov 5, 2018 – Nov 11, 2018:


Here is the Ask the Astrologers Weekly Astro Forecast for the week of Nov 5, 2018 – Nov 11, 2018:

This week, we have two planets (and two asteroids) changing signs, a planet moving out of bounds, and a New Moon in Scorpio. Starting on Monday, the asteroid Pallas moves into Libra. This asteroid is named after the goddess Pallas Athena and represents strategy, wisdom, self-empowerment and creative intellect.

It works very well in Libra, the sign most associated with objectivity and impartiality. This placement can bring issues with fairness and equality to the forefront. and can signal a need to stand up and defend those who’ve been marginalized, or who could use some guidance in reclaiming their power.

This is especially true with Uranus retrograding back into Aquarius on Tuesday, and into a mutual reception with Mars. Aries is a good fit for Uranus, even when retrograde. It’s about being innovative, progressive and insightful. It also lends an added bit of confidence and bravado that can see you making big plans.

In the meantime, with Venus now rising as a morning star, Tuesday’s Moon Venus conjunction should be a site to behold in the early morning hours. Add to that the Sun and Neptune completing their trine at around the same time, and you may find yourself feeling more aligned with others, and with your own life’s purpose.

The Moon Venus conjunction is generally a very harmonious and accommodating aspect, with emphasis on love, beauty, comfort and companionship, while the Sun / Neptune trine focuses on a more universal or cosmic consciousness. And while it can also make you more susceptible to outside influences, it is overwhelmingly a peaceful, make love not war set of aspects.

The Moon’s North and South Nodes are at zero degrees (Leo and Aquarius and moving int into Cancer and Capricorn (with the true nodes at 29 each on Tuesday). As the Nodes are naturally retrograde, they move through the zodiac in reverse order, completing a full cycle in roughly 19 years.

The Cancer / Capricorn axis shifts our focus from the need to balance Me vs. Us contradictions (which were present during the Leo / Aquarius cycle) to Home and Family vs. Career and Public Persona divergences. At this time, Jupiter, Uranus and the True Nodes are all at 29 (anaretic) degrees, at least for a small sliver of time.

Wednesday’s New Moon takes place as 15 Scorpio 11. The 15th degree of all the fixed signs is said to be especially powerful. although not necessarily good.

This is the midpoint between the solstices and equinoxes, which is said to bring obstacles that are difficult — although certainly not impossible — to overcome. In fact this degree is also known for its determination and perseverance, which makes those obstacles rather than undefeatable.

As New Moons always represent new beginnings and opportunities to start anew, this one — in Scorpio — presents opportunities for deep personal connections with others, as well as a chance to explore the inner workings of our own psyches.

By this time, Mercury has also moved out of bounds, and as it also in Sagittarius (the sign of its Fall), we may be seeing all things Mercury behaving erratically and unpredictably. This includes communications and communications-related devices (phones, tvs, radios, computers, etc.) as well as anything related to local or short term travel (train schedules, traffic lights, automobiles, delivery trucks, and so on).

Jupiter moves into Sagittarius (on Thursday), for the first time in almost 12 years. Jupiter is the natural ruler of Sagittarius, which strengthens its presentation, a distinction that’s shared with both Venus and Saturn, which are both also posited in their native signs.

Jupiter will remain in Sagittarius for a little more than a year this time, so for the next  So for the next 12 months or so, you should be feeling more passionate about pursuing spiritual, philosophical and intellectual growth. It’s a time for getting out of auto-pilot and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. Travel, educational pursuits, and anything related to exploring higher mind goals are all highlighted during this time.

Jupiter trines the North Node on Friday, just as Venus trines Mars. Starting with the Jupiter / Node trine (which automatically sextiles the South Node), we can expect to feel more generous and benevolent toward others. And this works both ways, we can just as easily find ourselves the benefactors of someone else’s generosity. With both of these bodies in water signs — and at anaretic degrees — connections forged with others during this time are likely to be both fateful and fortuitous.

The Venus / Mars trine brings love and romance to the forefront. This transit is all about going with the flow and staying in sync with your loved ones. It’s good for attracting new people into your life and for collaborating with others.

As this an air sign trine, the energy is more intellectual and communicative, with emphasis is on collaboration and cooperation rather than resistance. All is not perfect, as Venus is still retrograde. But this transit weighs much more on the side of making love than it does on making war, so take advantage of it if you have the opportunity.

We end this week with the asteroid Ceres moving into Scorpio just as the Sun sextiles Pluto, on Sunday. As Ceres is associated with mothering, nurturing, femininity and fertility (as the Roman counterpart to the Greek goddess Demeter) this placement suggests a desire for deep, personal connections and an aversion to anything shallow or superficial.

It works well with the Sun / Pluto sextile, which emphasizes personal power and charisma. It marks a time of increased confidence and comfort in going after what you want without feeling the urge to resort to aggression or force.







That’s it for this week. See you next week!




Here is this week’s astro calendar; click on it to view it full-sized.


Weekly Astro Forecast —

Nov 5, 2018 – Nov 11, 2018







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