December 2015 Tarot Scopes by Melodie

Polar Bear

ARIES: Polar Bear

This month is going to be all about getting in touch with your environment and getting clarity with respect to your emotions.

Where do you fit in and where do you feel most at home? These are questions you’ll be asking yourself this month, courtesy of the Polar Bear — or Seeker of Shells (Knight of Cups) — animal totem.

The Polar Bear is not only completely at home in this version of the card — from the Animal Wisdom Tarot — but he’s adapted beautifully to his environment. He’s strong and competent, yet light-footed enough to trek comfortably through terrain that could be hostile to others.

Notice the crystals that are forming on the snow, the ice and in the sky above. There are symbols of clarity throughout the imagery of this card, and even glistening on the Polar Bear’s fur.

The Aurora Borealis overhead and the glowing conch shell at the base are reminiscent of glistening jewels, as is the glittering crystal backdrop and the vibrant array of colors that wash over the scene. The Seeker of Shells is a virtual rainbow of emotional expression and experience.

Think about ways that you can translate what you’re feeling this month into experiences that can be shared with your loved ones. With several planets moving through the sector related to home and family, this is a good place to start.

Your environment — that place you’re most comfortable and where you feel most complete — comes to life as you devote yourself to fostering your relationships therein.


Three of Wands

TAURUS: Three of Wands

This month you’ll be looking at opportunities that are presenting themselves for you to expand your horizons. The Three of Wands says you’ve already made strides toward accomplishing important goals. And you’re probably also already starting to see the fruits of your labors.

Whether this is related to a projects in the workplace or momentum you’ve gained in your personal relationships, you can take a moment to pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

But it’s also time to look toward the future. The Three of Wands acts as a bridge between the tension and uncertainty of the Twos and the structure and stability of the Fours. With that in mind you want to think about how far you’ve come as you plan your next move.

The central figure in this card– this version from the Wheel of the Year Tarot —  is a young woman looking out over the vast horizons before her. The night sky is alive with fireflies and stars. A crescent moon — waxing, which relates to growth and potential — shines down on her from above.

Look at the three wands placed neatly behind her. They’re there within arms’ reach, but her focus is on what lies ahead. Her trusty companion sits by her side, and is equally immersed in the landscape before them.

This is a good reminder that you didn’t get where you are today alone. Whether it’s been help, inspiration or just motivation, remember those who have been a part of your journey and deserve some recognition.

The Three of Wands says you’ve still got a ways to go. But you can take pride in how far you’ve come. And like the girl in this card, you can thank your lucky stars for the rewards you’ve already been shown.


Knight of Swords

GEMINI: Knight of Swords

This month you may  find yourself needing to think and act more quickly than usual. Gemini is the most restless of all the dual (mutable) signs and with the recent full Moon in your sign, you’ll want to be even more on your toes and more prepared to act with lightning speed.

This version of the Knight of Swords — from the original Mythic Tarot — has two Knights not one. These are Castor and Pollux (the Dioscuri) — known to us as the twin stars in the astronomical constellation Gemini.

The Dioscuri were warrior twins — one mortal and one divine. They spent their days alternating between heaven and earth after Pollux was killed and Castor was stricken with grief.

This can be a volatile, unpredictable energy that Gemini is so well suited for. It requires you to be flexible and adaptable; in fact it embraces constant change.

The Knights in this card appear to be very much in sync. But you can see that there are storm clouds on the horizon. The true test of their allegiance will come when those clouds produce results and threaten to disrupt their world.

This is what you want to be thinking about this month when life throws you curveballs. Are you prepared to act quickly and decisively when things don’t go as planned? Or will one minor change in your schedule upset everything and throw you off kilter?

The Knight of Swords encourages you to not only roll with the punches but be open to unanticipated disruptions in your carefully constructed life. These may not only become blessings in disguise, but can also steer you away from pitfalls you might otherwise have not foreseen.

Two of PentaclesCANCER: Two of Pentacles

This month may see you becoming more aware of the importance of bringing your external goals and responsibilities into alignment with your personal relationships.

The Two of Pentacles sees this as a precarious balancing act, where you have to be careful not to let one set of priorities outweigh the other, even if you find yourself pulled in several different directions.

This card is often seen as juggling interests or responsibilities, and there is some of that here. The figure in this card — from the Morgan Greer Tarot — appears to be leaning in both directions.

One on side — with his heart — he leans toward travel and adventure. The sea, the boat, the wind in his hair and a longing to immerse himself into the turbulent realm of emotions. On the other side — with his head — a flock of seagulls rise and take flight. These are symbols of logic, intellect, higher mind and learning. Mind over matter. Head over heart.

While one of the giant pentacles he holds in his hands appears heavier, it’s really just an illusion — you can see that the coins are attached to one another in a lemniscate formation, illustrating the ebb and flow of one’s decisions, values and desires. As one comes up the other moves down, in an infinite and never-ending cycle.

With all of the activity going on around you his month (much like all of the motion in the background of this card) you want to stay on your toes. You want to remain adaptable, agile and observant. Giving into the call of one desire without neglecting the call of another should be foremost on your list.

The idea is to be alert enough to remain aware of your surroundings and flexible enough to immerse yourself in them fully. Although there are bound to be distractions and demands on your time, the Two of Pentacles says you have it in you to stay centered and attend to your obligations by pulling those opposing forces together and striking a balance between them.


SM-2CLEO: Two of Cups

This month may bring opportunities for you to connect with your “other half.” Whether you’re in a relationship or just looking, the Two of Cups is all about falling in love — either opening yourself up to new experiences or reigniting a connection with someone you’re already involved with.

It’s this process of falling in love that reveals to us — in perfect clarity — ourselves at our very best. It’s where we put our best version of ourselves forward and the Universe responds by opening up unanticipated doors.

The Two of Cups — this version from the gorgeous Sun and Moon Tarot — is known as the “Love” card as it refers to that love at first sight sense of finding your other half. It’s the mutual attraction card, the “soul mate” card, and so much more. It’s the process of falling in love or renewing a love connection that replenishes itself over time.

There’s a synergy that pulls two people together and echoes their feelings back to one another. In this respect it’s more about falling in love with yourself, as seen through your partner’s eyes.

In this version, a young couple sit in a giant lotus blossom and share a loving embrace under the light of the full Moon. Their images are reflected below them in the surface of a tranquil pool.

The Two of Cups often refers to a brand new relationship — one that hasn’t fully gotten off the ground. It’s more about falling in love than it is being in love. It’s more that heady state of limerence than the settled state of long-term relationships. Whether it can stand the test of time is still up in the air. But established relationships can also use a reminder of what it was like to fall in love.

If you meet someone new this month, consider it an opportunity for growth. It could be the yin to your yang — or it could just be a friend who shows you the true meaning of the word. You may also be working on revamping your current connection or reuniting with a loved one. Whichever it is, be grateful for the opportunity to see yourself through someone else’s eyes.

Eight of SwordsVIRGO: Eight  of Swords

This month you may need to think about your own limitations, and how you’ve contributed to the obstacles that stand between you and your goals.

The Eight of Swords speaks of self-imposed limitations. You may feel powerless in your current circumstances and may be so caught up in blaming the people or events that have brought you to this that you’re unable to see a way out.

In this version of the card — from the Shadowscapes Tarot — a graceful swan is rendered almost entirely immobile by the thorny branches of a blackberry bush. Eight Swords stand strategically around her, amongst the decaying carcasses of earlier captives.

She longs to break free, but her struggles against the confines of her “cage” cause her to get even more tangled in the bush. A tiny hummingbird flits above her taunting her with its agility.

But look closely at the hummingbird and you can see that it’s not taunting at all. It’s actually showing the swan the way out. It flutters its tiny wings and coaxes her toward the light. If it can just get the swan to stop panicking and calm down, it can navigate its way through the brambles and disentangle her from the brush.

This month, you may have to shift your consciousness enough to see that things are not as bad as they seem. You may be feeling overburdened by outside restrictions, or frustrated by limitations that you’ve created yourself.

But as always with the Eight of Swords there is a way out. It may require a bit of ingenuity — much like is seen in this card. But it mainly involves simply opening your eyes, changing your perspective and finding a workable solution.


Five of CupsLibra: Five of Cups

This month may see you facing some difficult realities and dealing with some very uncomfortable emotions. The Five of Cups is not an easy card. It can indicate emotional upheavals, feelings of loss, loneliness, grief and regret.

As you can see in the imagery of this card — from the beautiful World Spirit Tarot — there may be tears and sadness. A woman is seen weeping into her hands at the base of the card while the five cups beside her are jostled about and spilling their contents onto the ground.

You may be reeling from a recent heartbreak or personal betrayal. A relationship that didn’t go the way you’d hoped or a dream that failed to materialize in the end. No one could accuse you of crying over spilled milk with this card — the grief that accompanies this card is generally very real.

But if you look closely you can see what the woman does not see, the Sun rising in the background, heralding a brand new day. And notice the silhouette of the tiny Unicorn high up on the hillside. It waits there patiently for her, ready to dry her tears and carry her away.

Remember that you do participate in your destiny. And while you may not have any control over what goes down, you do have some say in how it all plays out. In how you react and respond to the hand you’re dealt. And what you do with it after you’ve dried your tears.

Your heartache can become a powerful conduit for healing. It can also become a gift that you pass onto others: the gift of empathy. Your own experiences lead to a deeper understanding of what others may be dealing with, and can translate into compassion, understanding, forgiveness and unconditional love.


the HSCORPIO: The Hermit

This month you may feel like removing yourself from the hustle and bustle of the outside world and retreating into a place of quiet and solitude.

The Hermit card — this version from the beautiful Tarot of the Magical Forest — is not about rest or relaxation; it’s about getting away from the noise and distractions so that you can heed your inner voice.

In this deck we see a bear lumbering down a snow-covered hill in the dead of night. Only a small lantern lights his way. He’s bundled up against the elements; you can almost hear the sounds of his footsteps as he trudges through the snow.

He steadies himself with a rod as he silently scans the path before him. Is he lighting his own way? Or is he holding the lantern before him as a beacon for others who may have lost theirs?

As the Hermit card also refers to turning inward, there is an entire spectrum of information — from the depths of the psyche to the heights of conscious awareness — that can be accessed through this process.

Notice the single star shining high in the background: it’s there to lead the way back home when the Hermit is ready to return.

While the Hermit card can sometimes refer to avoidance, there’s a an important distinction between running away from one’s problems and moving toward the “light.” Every one of us sometimes need to get away — if only to gain some spiritual perspective.

This month you get to choose whether you’re lighting your own way or acting as a guidepost for those who have wandered away from theirs. Both are valid endeavors ,and only you will know which is the right path for you.


Queen of PentaclesSAGITTARIUS: Queen of Pentacles

This month you’re going to be thinking more about what you truly value — which may or may not relate to money and material possessions.

The Queen of Pentacles is often associated with money. She represents a strong, practical and efficient individual who is grounded in the material world and who understands the value of a dollar.

But that’s nowhere near all that she stands for. In this version of the card — from the Secret Language of Birds Tarot — she’s portrayed as 60’s sex-kitten Brigitte Bardot, who gave up a career in Hollywood (and the financial security that came with it) in exchange for something that meant more to her.

For the past forty-plus years she’s devoted her life to animal rights endeavors, funding her activism by selling off her own clothing and jewelry. This is such a good example of the Queen of Pentacles energy, as it illustrates to concept of putting resources (valuables) to work and gaining something far more valuable in the end.

The Sun face on the medallion that hangs from her neck and the stars imprinted on her shirt remind us that we all have a place in the Universe. The wren totems on the card are tied to resourcefulness and efficiency, which are also features of this archetype.

The Queen of Pentacles needs to be grounded. And she needs to feel that she’s contributing to her future and her financial security. But she also knows that there is so much more to life than wealth and success. You can work and earn and save to your heart’s content, but unless you can find a meaningful outlet for it, you’ll never be fulfilled.


Five of WandsCAPRICORN: Five of Wands

This month may see you feeling more competitive and more invested in standing up for what you believe in. You may find that both your passion and your fighting spirit have been reawakened, which means that certain impulses, like anger, aggression, impatience and combativeness are all also likely to surface.

On the up side, this can increase your natural confidence and self-esteem. It can see you feeling invincible, to the extent that you’re willing to put yourself out there — letting nothing stand in your way. But on the downside it’s careless and potentially reckless — especially if you allow your ego to take charge.

The Five of Wands — this version for the beautiful Gypsy Palace Tarot — refers to conflict, strife and competition: forcing your will on others, trying to be heard above the “roar” of opposing viewpoints and struggling against cross-purposes.

You may have to look at where you may have been pushing your views forcefully onto others. You might not even realize that you’re doing it, yet your actions can translate as pressure, at at least on some subconscious level. Petty squabbles can erupt into major arguments because no one’s actually listening to what anyone else has to say.

The important thing to remember is that most disagreements are based on misunderstandings in the first place. The inability to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes –- coupled with the need to be heard — is behind almost every argument out there. And this combination can be a recipe for disaster.

If you’re involved in a power struggle, you can bet there’ll be no winners or losers, only the tattered remains of what once was a unified front. The Five of Wands encourages you to move past the chaos and calamity, and work on restoring the peace. If you can see past your pride to work with others rather than against them, it will be much smoother sailing for you from here on out.

Ace of PentaclesAQUARIUS:Ace of Pentacles

Your focus this month is going to be on manifesting more abundance and prosperity into your life. The Ace of Pentacles — like all Aces — represents the start of something new, and in this case it happens to relate to money. As in new financial opportunities coming your way.

While you probably won’t see a windfall, it’s a positive affirmation that you’re putting your energy into the right areas. If it’s money you want (or security, stability, comfort, etc.) now is the time to work on attracting more of it into your life.

You may have recently gotten a raise, started a new job or become the benefactor of someone else’s generosity. You could also be starting to see returns on your earlier investments. Either way, you should have more opportunities and more financial resources at your disposal than you’ve had in recent months.

You may also feel that your luck is changing. As the Ace of Pentacles is associated with a change in fortune — a positive change.

There are scattered symbols of success and good fortune in this version of the card — from the Archeon Tarot. There are old coins, an ancient manuscript, an astrology chart, old time pieces, and other esoteric symbols. Think about what these things mean to you, and how you can turn them into something tangible.

The Ace of Pentacles represents a positive affirmation, a sign that you’re on the right track. It tells you to keep up the good work, to go after your dreams, and to see the bounty that’s coming your way as confirmation from the Universe.

You can be confident in the knowledge that fortune is smiling upon you with this month, and while that doesn’t mean you should be foolish with your money, you should have more of it than usual to work with.

Four of PentaclesPISCES: Four of Pentacles

This may be a month of hard work for you but does it really need to be that way? If you look at the scene bathed in sunlight through the stone slab what do you see and what does it represent for you?

The stone pillars in this card — the Four of Pentacles from Cathy McClelland’s Star Tarot — show that there is hard work that is needed, laying the foundations down to get what you want and also perhaps putting in a little of your imagination into things to get what you want in the process.

In the pillars of stone surrounding the image you will see a crescent moon on top of the stone pillars which looks to sit on top of two stone hands clasped together.

Such is the effort you are willing to put into your current project to reach your dreams… it is as if you rule yourself with an iron fist and will not take any setbacks sitting down.

So what is it you have been forging to build and how much effort have you been putting into it possibly at the expense of other areas of your life and people being neglected?

The dream you are searching for is already in front of you and what a glorious sight it already is. A beautiful clear summer’s day, a calm sea and the sun shining without interruption. There are no ifs, ands or buts to your outcome there is only the question of “when will it happen?”

Perhaps this question can only be answered by you and if you are looking for something else to do this month you may wish to open your eyes to how much you have already accomplished for that which you have been striving to create is already in your life. You just need to see it and in doing so decide within yourself that you are going to enjoy the fruits of your labour and give yourself a well earned rest.


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