July 2019 Tarot Scopes by Melodie

Eight of Wands

Aries: Eight of Wands

This month — with your ruler leaving Cancer and moving into Leo, you might be feeling that it’s time to step out from under your safety net and start thinking about putting your plans into action.

The Eight of Wands is traditionally associated with movement and momentum, and there is some of that going on here. But the central themes in this version — from the Mary-El Tarot — are more about protection and trust, as seen in the tiny figure nestled in the Lion’s arms.

The lion appears as a guardian angel, with a fiery mane and golden-orange wings. Notice the serpent — in the form of a lemniscate or infinity symbol — that encircles the sleeping child.

Also notice the one lion’s paw and one angel’s hand that cradle her sleeping form. A blanket of stars keeps her safe and warm. The symbols of protection and safety are repeated here, as are the themes of divergent forces residing harmoniously in the same space.

In many decks, the Eight of Wands signifies energy, motion and action. And we can surmise that the figure in this card will awaken from her sleep more rested and prepared to move ahead. But her rest is an integral part of her preparation and is just as meaningful.

You may be biding your time this month or preserving your energy in preparation for something ahead. Or you could be trying to find your center in the midst of whatever turbulence surrounds you.


The StarTAURUS: The Star

Now is the time to acknowledge your dreams and aspirations. The Star card — this version from the beautiful Ostara Tarot — is a card of Hope and faith in the Universe. It tells you that in spite of all your trials and tribulations,everything is as it should be, and in the end everything is going to be alright.

You could be feeling a renewed sense of hope about a goal that is now starting to feel more reachable. Or you may be feeling inspired to explore your intuition and psychic impressions.

The Star is all about Universal harmony and synchronicity. It’s about being one with the Universe and feeling connected to every single other living thing.

The Star card is associated with Aquarius as the Water Bearer archetype. It is a card of compassion, inspiration, intuition and faith. It also represents a sense of rebirth and renewal. As it follows the Tower card — which is associated with disaster and destruction — it can serve as a welcome refuge or a beacon of hope.

It’s the sense we have that everything will be alright — even if we have to push past our own doubts and fears. It’s also about transmuting those fears and finding a productive outlet for them. Art, music, poetry, dance, creative self-expression are all very meaningful manifestations of the Star card’s energy.

You want to steer clear of negativity this month — yours and anyone else’s. Focus on what is right in your world rather than what could possibly go wrong. if you can do that you’re bound to come out on top.


GEMINI: Eight of Swords

This month, your ruler (Mercury) goes retrograde and moves back to oppose Saturn and Pluto. As a result, you’ll want to think about your own limitations, and how you’ve contributed those that stand between you and your goals.

The Eight of Swords — this version from the World Spirit Tarot — speaks of self-imposed obstacles and restrictions. You may feel powerless in your current circumstances and may be so caught up in blaming the people or events that have brought you to this that you’re unable to see a way out.

You may feel like you’re beating your head against a wall or like all of your efforts are being met with resistance. You may question whether the Universe is telling you to fight or to accept defeat — although neither of these is going to be the right course of action.

Although the woman in this card is bound and blindfolded, and although it may seem like there’s no way out, if you look around you can see that things are not nearly as bad as they seem. She’s got the light of the full moon to guide her and a path laid out before her with a clear way out. Of course she’d have to untie herself and remove her blindfold to see it too.

At this point, she has two choices: she can give in to her fears (represented by the Snake in the upper corner of the card) and remain paralyzed and immobile. Or she could reach deep within herself and access her own inner wisdom and guidance (represented by the Owl) and put those fears to rest.

The Eight of Swords calls for awareness, perspective and acceptance or responsibility. Only once you have achieved all three can you truly break free from the ties that bind you.


Cancer: The Chariot

This month, there’s a New Moon / total Solar Eclipse in your sign. It marks a good time to work on harnessing your own power, and to resolve whatever inner conflicts you’ve been dealing with in recent weeks.

As the Sun rules your WILL and the Moon rules your INSTINCTS, bringing them together in the sign associated with progress and evolution can open a positive dialogue between the two.

And while the Sun is prominent in this card, don’t think the lunar influence is absent. Notice the crescent Moon on the charioteer’s arm and the hawk (associated as an animal totem with vision and intuition) on his shoulder.

The Chariot card — this version from the gorgeous Wild Unknown Tarot –is also associated astrologically with the sign Cancer, which the Moon rules. In that respect it’s a reminder of how divergent forces in all of our lives — light vs. dark, positive vs. negative, instinct vs. action, etc. — compete with one another for control.

This month’s New Moon in your sign invites you to draw upon your inner resources (New Moon) and channel them into external expressions of nurturing and caring (Cancer). It invites you to look at where you fit in in the world and what contributions you can make for the greater good.

The Chariot card says that you can achieve your goals by pulling you own opposing forces together with purpose and focus. You have to take hold of the reins and gather all of your resources together, but your willingness to do so all but guarantees your success in the end.


Four of Wands

LEO: Four of Wands

With the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus all making an appearance in your sign this month, it should be a time for rejoicing and for counting all the blessings in your life.

The Four of Wands is often portrayed as a joyous celebration, a gathering, a reward or surprise — the affirmation that all of your hard work has paid off and is now worthy of being celebrated.

In this version of the card — from the Gypsy Palace Tarot — there are definite symbols of merriment and wonder: the singing birds, the ringing bells, the vibrant colors,and the glowing aura that envelopes the woman as she lifts her face to the sun.

The Four of Wands takes the “dream big” energy that came with the Three of Wands and turns it into something solid and tangible. It’s a joyous celebration: a marriage, a promotion, the birth of a child. It’s seeing the glass as more than half full and knowing that there’s much more to come.

But there’s also emphasis here on gratitude and contentment; the satisfaction that comes from being at one with the Universe, in harmony with yourself and your surroundings.

You may have been so caught up in accomplishing your goals that you haven’t had time to appreciate the progress you’ve made. If that’s the case, now is the time to do just that, even as you plan your next move.

The Four of Wands says it’s ok to give yourself a chance to take a breather. It’s ok to stop and smell the flowers. It’s ok to step back and admire all of your efforts, knowing that they continue to gather momentum and will keep on keeping on even if you decide to take a break.


VIRGO: Three of CupsThree of Cups

This month — with several planets moving through your social sectors, you’re hopefully going to be feeling more fully in your element. This should be a time of renewed opportunities to connect (or reconnect) with loved ones.

The Three of Cups — this version from the wonderful Ceccoli Tarot — is a joyful and festive card that emphasizes partying and celebrating over work and responsibilities. It also emphasizes friends and casual relationships over serious romantic entanglements.

It refers to being surrounded by like-minded people and putting your differences aside. It’s about coming together and joining forces with those who have your best interests at heart.

The focus is on merriment and gaiety rather than monotony and drudgery. It’s on interacting and networking with others, allowing you to push aside some of your more serious concerns — at least for the time being.

It represents people gathering together to connect, interact and socialize. It’s a happy, joyful energy that can manifest as a party or celebration, or it could be as simple as a girls’ night out.

Pay attention to new people coming into your life too. You could find yourself developing friendships with people that seem random at first but can turn into important connections over time.

No matter where the people in your life have come from this month — no matter what your connection or history or relationship with them is — the Three of Cups is a card of companionship and camaraderie. It serves as a reminder that there’s always something to be grateful for, and always someone to share your gratitude with.


Queen of SwordsLibra: Queen of Swords

You may have to adopt a bit of an “ice queen” persona this month, much like the Queen of Swords — from the Anna K Tarot — depicted in this card.

Sometimes it’s necessary to detach yourself from emotional responses in order to get a job done. You may find yourself in a position of authority, having to “lay down the law” rather than listening to excuses or rationales.

That doesn’t mean you have to be “cold” — even though this Queen is seen here in the midst of an icy landscape. What it does mean though is that you’ll have to make decisions based on logic and principle rather than being swayed by emotional attachments.

The Queen of Swords is more about cutting through the confusion and uncertainty that separates wants from needs. It may be a matter of putting something you’ve wanted to rest — in the spirit of accepting that it’s just not good for you.

Or it could be as simple as speaking the truth, knowing that you’d only be hurting yourself otherwise.

This card signals a need for discipline. Whether you’re acting in this capacity or dealing with someone who embodies these qualities — like authority, self-reliance and impartiality — this month you will need to rise to the occasion.

The Queen of Swords may seem cold, but underneath her icy exterior lies a heart of gold. Notice the hilt of her sword placed directly over her heart. While you will be required to use intellect and logic in making your decisions, this Queen of Swords invites you align your head with your heart.


Scorpio: Six of Swords

This month you will want to be thinking about where you want to be heading in the coming weeks — mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally.

The Six of Swords (called Arrows in the Wildwood Tarot), is a card of transition. Moving from one chapter in your life to another, which does require leaving something behind.

You may be moving, changing jobs, ending a relationship, or releasing some baggage that’s been holding you back. Although this card refers to change more than it does to endings, there are elements of “clearing the slate” that are a necessary part of this process.

In this version of the card, we see a lone sailor navigating his tiny craft through uncharted territories. His sailboat is fashioned in the shape of a swan, and sails effortlessly toward its new destination. He’s leaving behind the life he’s known and moving toward a new existence.

In some versions of this card, a figure is being ferried across an expanse of water, hunched over and hidden from view. But in this rendition the sailor stands at the helm himself. He’s steering his own vessel, and thus taking charge of his own destiny.

Think about what has been holding you back (and what you now must leave behind) in order to move forward. This is the message behind the Six of Arrows. It may feel unsettling at first but is ultimately liberating.

You may notice the Sun (consciousness, what is known) setting behind the sailor in our card. He’s moving away from it and toward the unknown, guided by only his intuition (the Moon). Take this with you on your own journey — knowing that there are new adventures in store that can take you out of your comfort zone and lead you to a whole new world.


Sagittarius: Four of Earth

This month, you want to be thinking about aligning yourself with a prosperity consciousness and making your money work for you.

The Four of Pentacles (Four of Earth in this Deck) is sometimes just the opposite — holding too tightly to what you have or being too resistant to change.

This card — from the Vision Quest Tarot — can refer to a poverty consciousness or a hoarding mentality that creates blockages in your life and prevents new things from coming in. But it’s called “Security” in this deck, reminding us that there’s a fine line between the two.

In this regard it’s also about trust — or a lack of trust more specifically. The implication is that someone could take something from you (something you’ve ascribed a false sense of value to), which prompts you to hold on even more tightly (or hide it away).

Ask yourself, what are you holding onto too tightly and what potential opportunities are you missing out on as a result? It could be money or material possessions; or it could be loved ones or ideals. Whatever it is, remember that in protecting your own assets and keeping peril at bay, you’re also preventing new experiences from getting in.

The fear that something could be taken away from you can prevent you from allowing something new to come in. But loosening up the strings a bit — like the figure in this card — can shatter that concept and turn it on its head.

Remember that the Universe doesn’t appreciate a vacuum. Letting go of your fears and aligning yourself with this consciousness can let the darkness (avarice, hoarding) out and the light (enlightenment, prosperity) in. Think about sharing what you have with others, and giving something back.


Joie de Vivre tarot -- Seven of Pentacles

CAPRICORN: Seven of Coins

This month may see you feeling restless about a project that’s in the works but not quite finished. The Seven of Pentacles (Coins, in this deck) refers to the beginning of an idea or a partially finished project that still needs time to mature.

This is the Joie de Vivre Tarot’s version of the Seven of Coins. Here we see two little fairy deer, standing on either side of a tree. A seed has been planted (and nourished with love, as seen in the heart that encapsulates it just below the surface of the earth).

They gaze up at their work and coins turning into blooms, a look of sheer wonder on each of their adorable little faces.

But the fruit is not quite ready to be picked. It’s not quite “ripe” yet. There may still be work to be done or they may still need to figure out what they’re going to do with the fruits of their labor once it is harvested.

If you’ve put the right amount of time, energy and effort into whatever it is you’re hoping to achieve, then pausing to get an overview won’t slow you down now. If you need to make changes, this is the time to do so.

Take some time to reflect on how far you’ve come and give yourself a pat on the back while you’re at it. You can get a sense of not only how much has been done but what’s still left to do to reach your goal.

The Seven of Coins is all about taking stock of how far you’ve come and then either making the necessary adjustments or jumping back in with a renewed sense of confidence and enthusiasm. While you still need to think about your next step, you can take pride in how much you’ve accomplished so far.


AQUARIUS: Five of Wands

You may need to choose your battles wisely this month, especially regarding loved ones and family members. With Mars moving through your 7th (relationship) house and Uranus moving through your 4th (family) house, you may feel at times that you’re under attack or dealing with psychological warfare.

The Five of Wands — this version from Timothy Lantz’ Archeon Tarot — is traditionally associated with conflict, opposition and strife. It speaks of rivalry and discord; arguments and aggression; duking it out with others; fighting for the sake of fighting.

In this version of the card only the protagonist is visible. The enemy may be directly in front of him or off the side. But he stands there ready — warpaint and all — prepared to take on the fight.

Notice the prominent hand-print directly over this heart. This is not a weak or hesitant warrior. He’s competent and strong. He knows how to lead with his heart and not back down from something he believes in. The Five Wands are all standing behind him: he doesn’t need weapons to get his point across and neither should you.

The Five of Wands calls upon you to choose your battles wisely and to fight them with fairness and integrity. It reminds you to lead with your heart and to not allow yourself to be defeated by those who don’t.

You may similarly have to stand up for your principles this month. You may find yourself confronted by a bully who expects you to cower in fear. Your goal should be to hold your ground, not back down and not compromise what you believe in just to preserve the peace.


Pisces: Page of CupsPage of Cups

Venus enters Cancer this month and moves into your 5th house of romance and love affairs. . Venus in Cancer is sensitive, loving, gentle and kind. It’s also nurturing and very compassionate — and more than willing to express its feelings of love and affection for others.

The Page of Cups refers to a sense of childlike wonder and enthusiasm that prompts you to throw caution to the wind and follow your dreams. It’s an exuberant, unrestrained and joyful energy that stems from the expectation that you’ll succeed, rather than worrying that you might fail.

The Page of Cups captures this wellspring of emotions with a childlike, youthful exuberance. There is no fear or hesitation. There’s only a willingness to feel and to share those feelings with whatever lucky recipient comes your way.

This version of the card, from the beautiful Sun and Moon tarot, features a young woman and a dolphin at plat in a tranquil sea. Each has an offering for the other: she holds a turtle on a clam shell and he holds a lotus blossom in his snout. The elements of joyfulness and play are also fully displayed on this card.

Pay attention to the messages your receive this month — it could be a letter or a phone call, or it could be words of encouragement or appreciation from others. Whatever it is, know that it’s spoken from the heart with no expectations or agendas.

Don’t underestimate the power of your own words either. As the Page of Cups can be unfiltered, you want to make sure that you mean what you say today, and that you’ll still mean it down the road.



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