Weekly Astrology Forecast — Dec 4, 2017 – Dec 10, 2017:


Here is the Ask the Astrologers Weekly Astro Forecast for the week of Dec 4, 2017 – Dec 10, 2017:

There’s a lot going on with Mercury as we start this week (on Monday). First of all it’s stationary retrograde (having just turned on Sunday). It’s in detriment and at an anaretic degree. It’s closely conjunct to Saturn (and the Galactic Center. And it’s officially out of bounds. 

It’s hard to fathom such a small planet wreaking so much havoc, but if there’s ever a time for that to happen — and for plans and expectations to go awry — this will likely be it. That includes Mercury-ruled things like technology and transportation, as well as anything tied to communications (written or spoken.)

The Moon in Gemini opposes this configuration, and squares Chiron, which is also stationary and turning direct. These lunar transits have the potential for raining on everyone’s parade. They can turn the most casual conversation into a group tragedy. They can amplify the Mercury retrograde tendency toward relying on misinformation, and the Saturn tendency toward depression and melancholy.

With respect to Chiron turning direct on Tuesday (after 5 months in retrograde motion): this marks the onset of a period where you use what you’ve learned through processing your own perceived failures and disappointments to guide others along similar paths. This can be accomplished on a large or small scale, but will come to you naturally through your own capacity for understanding, compassion and forgiveness.

Chiron will remain in direct motion for another seven months, moving through Pisces and into Aries (in April), and then retrograding back into Pisces next Fall. You can use this cycle to work on your own soul growth as you learn from your mistakes and heal yourself through the process of healing others.

On Wednesday Mercury retrogrades back to conjunct Saturn and together they sextile Mars. This is an excellent transit for planning and ironing out important details. But remember, Mercury is retrograde so it’s probably not the best time to put those plans into action. It’s good for going back over things with a fine toothed comb, but put off making major decisions until after Mercury goes direct.

While the Mercury / Mars portion brings action and energy to the table, and the Mars / Saturn portion can see you driven to succeed, it’s the Mercury / Saturn portion that pulls it all together, by forcing you to stay focused and disciplined.

The Moon moves into Leo on Thursday and bolsters your confidence, as it sextiles Mars and trines Mercury / Saturn. These transits all work in concert with one another, but the Moon moves so quickly it’s unlikely to have much of an impact. Even so, it can help to dispel any fears or self-doubts, which will go a long ways toward reaching for your goals.

Moving forward to Saturday,  with Mars moving into Scorpio.  Mars is dignified in Scorpio, which it co-rules with Aries. This transit can see you delving more deeply into the inner workings of your own psyche. It brings a powerful, driven — and potentially even obsessive — desire to understand your own motivations and to uncover the same in others. It’s all about unraveling secrets and exploring that which is hidden.

This archetype is passionate and intense, but can become outraged or vindictive if it feels it’s been wronged in any way. It often feels persecuted or misunderstood. It’s driven to make things right and that may be uncomfortable for those on the receiving end of the Mars in Scorpio backlash. But it’s a deep, soulful, compelling energy that can see you getting in touch with your personal power.

The Sun also trines the North Node (and sextiles the South Node) on Saturday. This aspect is all about coming to terms with who you are and being more than ok with it. Bringing the lessons of the past (South Node) into harmony with where you are today. As this is a Fire sign trine it will have more to do with creativity, self-expression and personal expansion than anything else.

We finish off the week on Sunday with Mercury squaring Chiron and trining Uranus: a recurrence of the exact same combination of transits that we saw last week before Mercury went retrograde. The message though is still the same. As Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury the trine indicates an ability to get in touch with your higher consciousness while the square to Chiron is more about an internal crisis. It can see you questioning your self worth even in the midst of flashes of insight and awareness.

Also on Sunday, Venus squares Neptune. This aspect \can translate as unrealistic expectations and wishful thinking — especially regarding romantic interests. You may have to check yourself if you find yourself spending too much time daydreaming or wondering “what if.” This transit is prone to flights of fantasy and can be downright delusional. It’s not the time to put your stock in people who’ haven’t proven themselves or who have engaged in dubious practices in the past.





That’s all for now; see you next week!


Here is this week’s astro calendar; click on it to view it full-sized.


Weekly Astro Forecast —

Dec 4, 2017 – Dec 10, 2017







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