Weekly Astrology Forecast — Feb 11, 2019 – Feb 17, 2019:


Here is the Ask the Astrologers Weekly Astro Forecast for the week of Feb 11, 2019 – Feb 17, 2019:

This week starts with a Moon / Uranus conjunction at 29º Aries on Monday. This is a bit of a tricky aspect, since it’s at the final (anaretic) degree of a sign, which is generally perceived as fated in some ways. However since it’s the Moon, which moves quickly and therefore is at this fated degree for an hour or so every few days, its impact may be almost imperceptible.

There is, however, an air of rebellion and nonconformity present in this aspect. Remember it takes place in Aries the sign associated with action, energy, drive and aggression. But it’s not about fighting for fighting’s sake. It’s about fighting for something worth fighting for, rather than cowering in fear.

The asteroid Juno moves into Gemini, also on Monday. Juno in Gemini is versatile and adaptable when it comes to matters of the heart. It craves stimulation and change. It can see you getting restless and wanting to shake things up a bit.

Juno in Gemini is less about deep meaningful connections and more about playfulness and synergy. As Juno is said to be the key that unlocks the secret to finding lasting happiness (in relationship) consider that it doesn’t to always be about structure and disciplined. It can be lively, interactive and fun. These things are just as important in developing strong connections, and equally as valid.

With the Moon at that degree of Aries on Monday, we know it will have moved into the next sign (Taurus) within a matter of hours. It remains in Taurus for all of Tuesday, trining Venus, Saturn and Pluto — and sextiling Neptune — before the day is through.

While lunar aspects are fleeting, this should make for a relatively pleasant day, as the Moon is exalted in Taurus and all of the aforementioned aspects are harmonious. At this point too, the Moon joins in with Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune, to bring the number of dignified planets to five, with only the Sun and Mercury debilitated.

Mars conjuncts Uranus on Wednesday, with both of them at 29º Aries — the anaretic degree. This is a high-energy aspect that can have you feeling like you can succeed in anything you set your sites on. There’s not a lot of forethought there; it’s all action, energy and innovation. It’s moving forward in leaps and bounds, breaking through whatever has held you back in the past and pushing past limitations.

It’s also a highly volatile and potentially explosive transit that can see you drawing battle lines with those who don’t share your same political or ideological views. Mars is at home in Aries, but at an anaretic degree (not to mention conjuncting Uranus), it may behave a bit like a wild card: increasing the impulsive and erratic energy that it’s already associated with.

Mars leaves Aries behind and moves into Taurus on Thursday. Mars is said to be in detriment in Taurus, as the polarity point of one of the signs it naturally rules, Scorpio. What this means is that it’s not comfortable in Taurus, as the calm, peaceful, sensuous and slow-moving Taurean archetype is strained when filtered through the Martian natural aggressive, dynamic energy.

If Mars represents what we’re compelled to “do” — what we are willing to fight for — Mars in Taurus can frustrate that energy as any Mars in Taurus individual will tell you that they’d much rather make love than war. But with that said, this marks the onset of a six-week period where we’re likely to want to slow down a bit, stop and smell the flowers (or better yet, plant some — as this is one of the things Mars in Taurus people do best!) rather than rushing headlong into the next big thing.

Also on Thursday, the Moon moves into 1st quarter phase and Gemini. where it will remain for all of Thursday and most of Friday. The first-quarter Moon is tied to home, family, security, emotions and needs (among other things).

While Gemini isn’t particularly comfortable in any of these areas, there are plenty of positive attributes associated with the Gemini Moon. Insatiable curiosity for one thing. Playfulness for another. Wit, charm and charisma for a few more. It’s also good for socializing and interacting with others.

The weekend winds down on a much more pleasant note. This transit is always nice since Neptune is the higher octave of Venus and these two planets “holding hands (sextiling) one another emphasizes their respective influences. The sextile aspect relates to assistance and cooperation. The Venus / Neptune combination is often present in relationships that are based on spiritual, creative or altruistic notions.

This transit is excellent for tapping into your psychic abilities and can also be instrumental in creating soul connections with romantic interests. There are unconditional love aspects to the Venus / Neptune sextile but be careful: it’s also associated with escapism and self-deception, such as relationships where neither party sees the other one clearly. This transit can also manifest as co-dependency or escapism.



That’s it for this week. See you next week!

Here is this week’s astro calendar; click on it to view it full-sized.

Weekly Astro Forecast —

Feb 11, 2019 – Feb 17, 2019



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