Weekly Astrology Forecast — Feb 26, 2017 – Mar 4, 2017


Here is the Ask the Astrologers Weekly Astro Forecast for the week of Feb 26, 2017 – Mar 4, 2017:

We’ve got a big week ahead, starting with a a New Moon / Annular Solar Eclipse at 8° Pisces 28. This is a “ring of fire” Solar Eclipse, which occurs at 14:58 UT (or 9:58 pm EST) on Sunday.

This New Moon / Eclipse is also closely conjunct Neptune, currently at 11 ° Pisces. This places five planets — the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Neptune and Chiron, as well as the South Node — all in mysterious, ethereal. ambiguous Pisces.

As Eclipses are known to expose things that have previously been hidden, this can represent a time where duplicity and deception are revealed. We’re likely to have our belief systems tested and to find ourselves challenging the same in others.

Those that we’ve idolized or placed on pedestals may come crashing down as we find ourselves questioning what we may have blindly believed in in the past.

We may feel the need to challenge authority and question those who we feel have misled us or duped us into believing something that turns out to be little more than smoke and mirrors.

As Eclipses always occur close to the Moon’s Nodes, this one is on the South Node (in Pisces) and opposing the North Node (in Virgo). It suggests that people you encounter during this time will challenge you to grow karmically, either because of past life ties or because they are facilitators this time around for whatever karmic lessons you’re facing.

The Pisces / Virgo polarity is all about the difference between illusion and fact. It’s about finding that middle ground between what we so desperately want to believe in (Pisces) and what has proven itself to be real (Virgo).

Mercury comes in and conjuncts the South Node on Monday, thus automatically opposing the North Node. This can manifest as a chance encounter that turns out to be anything but in the end. Whether it’s a past-life connection or just someone you meet unexpectedly that turns into a significant connection, you want to pay attention.

You want to be be mindful of what you say and how you say it. Mercury represents communications and the Nodes are said to be karmic in nature. So pay attention to what you put out there as it could have long term repercussions.

Also on Monday, Mars conjuncts Uranus and opposes Jupiter. This is a highly volatile and potentially explosive transit that can see you drawing battle lines with those who don’t share your same political or ideological views. The Mars / Uranus conjunction intensifies the Jupiter / Uranus opposition, which will be partile on Friday.

The Sun conjuncts Neptune on Thursday. This aspect can see you feeling inspired to make your dreams a reality or it can see you escaping into a world of fantasy and delusion. It’s a highly receptive aspect that may see you lacking in boundaries but full of creative potential and Utopian ideals.

This aspect can threaten to deplete your energy levels and may see you spending the day dreaming about your long-term goals rather than making any headway toward accomplishing them. But it’s good for fantasizing about the future and envisioning the changes you’d need to make in order to make your dreams a reality, especially as the Moon in Aries chimes in and conjuncts the Mars / Uranus conjunction also on that day.

On Friday the Jupiter / Uranus opposition is exact. This is a recurrence of this ongoing aspect that has been in play for some time (and was first exact this time around on December 26th). It pits the planet associated with growth, expansion and evolution (Jupiter) against the planet associated with sudden change and unexpected events and opportunities Uranus) and is likely to so in aggressive and potentially combative ways.

The Jupiter opposition can exaggerate and magnify the erratic Uranus energy, but remember that oppositions are meant to be integrated. Your goal with this transit  is to find a way to bring those conflicting energies into focus.

Mercury conjuncts Neptune on Saturday, just as Venus goes stationary retrograde. The Mercury / Neptune conjunction is excellent for meditating, journaling, or any type of creative communications (songwriting, poetry, composing love letters, etc.) It’s also a highly sensitive aspect that favors getting in touch with your intuition and paying attention to your dreams.

The Venus retrograde occurs at 13 ° Aries 08′. From an astrological perspective, retrogrades motivate us to review, revisit, refine and resolve challenges that are holding us back from progressing in the area related to the planet involved. In this case, it’s the planet related to love, romance, beauty, money, material possessions and personal values.

Venus is said to be in detriment in Aries, as it is the sign that opposes Venus’ natural ruler, Libra. Traditional or Classical astrology places a lot more emphasis on planetary detriments as they are seen as significant in Classical practices.

Venus will continue in retrograde motion — moving between Aries and Pisces as it moves backward through the zodiac, until April 15th. It could see you reconnecting with long-lost loves and resolving past-life relationship karma. Use this time to reassess your relationships and get a better handle on your personal value systems.



That’s it for this week, see you next week!



Here is this week’s astro calendar; click on it to view it full-sized.


Weekly Astro Forecast —

Feb 26, 2017 – Mar 4, 2017







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