March 2017 Tarot Scopes by Melodie

the Lovers -- Mary El Tarot

ARIES: The Lovers

Mars and Venus are moving through your sign this month, bringing the traditional “love” planets together, forcing you to deal with relationship conflicts and considerations. The Lovers card is all about relationships and choices that need to be made regarding relationships. These are often complicated by temptations that emerge, forcing you to have to choose between dual principles or desires.

Are you seeing in your own life where an attraction has turned into a fixation or obsession? Or where perhaps you’re relaxing your own set of standards to allow for indiscretions you’ve already made?

The Lovers card says that the stakes are high and that there may be a price to pay for giving into your passions without considering the long term repercussions.

A third party (leading to infidelity on someone’s part) is one strong possibility. But so is a relationship that’s likely to create tensions with family members or society. A same-sex union. A May-December romance. An inter-racial affair. A relationship that is sure to be frowned upon by your religion. A love affair with your co-worker or boss. The possibilities are endless. It can also refer to the union of polarities, as seen in the Mary-el version of the card.

The figures here are about as opposite as they can get: male and female, young and old, black and white.This is said to represent the alchemical marriage. The female figure is strong and aloof, the male passive and vulnerable, She is naked, save for a nautilus shell headdress, while he is draped in purity and light. Yet they flow together in an intimate embrace. Even so, there’s an apparent emotional disconnect in this rendition. The female figure stares off into the distance while the males gazes downward.

The angel watching over them in the background is barely noticeable. She doesn’t assist and she doesn’t interfere. This is something to keep in mind this month as you find yourself struggling with temptation. You do have free will, the choice is ultimately yours, and whatever decision you make will have consequences that you’ll be expected to answer for.

TAURUS: The Hermit

With your ruler (Venus) turning retrograde and moving through your 12th house this month, you may find yourself doing a lot of soul searching. It’s going to be a time for seeking answers to life’s most pressing questions by meditating and reflecting on your goals.

The Hermit card represents a retreat from all the noise and distractions that surround you in order to access your inner reserves of knowledge and wisdom.

In this version of the card — from Vanessa Decort’s gorgeous Sun and Moon Tarot — the Hermit stands before a faded parchment marked with esoteric teachings. She holds an hourglass in one hand and the trident of Shiva (Trishula) in the other.

The symbols on the parchment are in ancient Sanskrit with the Om symbol at the top and the Hebrew letter Yod (representing the omnipresence of God) at the bottom.

As the Hermit card also refers to turning inward, there is an entire spectrum of information — from the depths of the psyche to the heights of conscious awareness that can be accessed through this process.

The Hermit card is not about avoidance, it’s about finding your inner light and choosing to follow it. Or like the woman in this card, choosing to understand it and share it with others.

This month you get to choose whether you’re lighting your own way or acting as a guidepost for those who have wandered away from theirs. Both are valid endeavors ,and only you will know which is the right path for you.


GEMINI: Three of Wands

This month is going to be a time for looking all around you and seeing how the world offers infinite possibilities.

It’s a time for painting your own canvass and creating your own destiny, as seen in the Three of Wands from the fabulous Tarot of Trees.

Moving ahead means you may be leaving something behind. Something like a dull dreary existence or a reality that no longer suits you.

It may mean taking a risk, striking out toward unchartered territories and expanding your horizons so far and wide that you not only don’t know where the road you’re on leads, but are ready to make your imprint on it wherever you go.

The Three of Wands is a card of expectation and anticipation. It’s says that you’ve already started to hit your stride. It says you’ve already done the groundwork and are now ready to strike out and make all that you’ve dreamed of a reality.

It’s about opening the door to possibility and setting your sites on distant horizons. What can I do with what I already have to make a difference in the world? What do I have to offer that will bring the greatest reward? These are the questions you want to be asking yourself right now.

The Three of Wands encourages you to push past your limitations and expand your worldview. It will mean stepping outside of your comfort zone and exploring uncharted territories. And while you may run into pitfalls or have to take detours along the way, know that these are often blessings in disguise that can open you up a whole new world of opportunities.

Seven of CupsCANCER: Seven of Cups

This month you may find yourself with a tendency to overdo things or engage in “excess.” This excess could be in your thinking, words, emotions or just generally feeling as if you can’t reign anything in and get a good grip on what is around you.

Look at the cups floating in the air. What do they mean to you? Each cup is a different colour which correlates to a different chakra.

Take your time and choose which cup you are most drawn to and ask yourself what this colour means to you… I dare you to try this and when you do take note to any resistance you feel within yourself in actually choosing a cup/colour and being able to hold onto your thoughts surrounding it.

That is the feeling of the Seven of cups — this version from Robin Ator’s Prairie Tarot. It represents the inability to truly grasp a situation and the capacity to make a mess of things if you go off on a tangent.

If you need further proof of this look at the bottle of alcohol by the foot of the chair for this is also the card of drink, drugs and the confusion associated with these substances. So the real question is what do you have to work with? You might be best to sit this day out and not take any actions that would land you in a mess.

You can also try this. The one cup on this card that is facing you is the green cup. It is aiming right at you and is very close to your chest area. This cup is the cup for the heart chakra as it is coloured green (the colour associated with this chakra). You may wish to try some colour breathing whilst focusing on this chakra. You may also wish to try abstaining from any substances that would set you off into a conflicted argument with those around you because the cups which are looking as if they are the two with the most likelihood of smashing together are the blue and yellow cup.

Blue standing for the throat chakra and communication and yellow standing for the solar plexus chakra and power. In other words… if you open your mouth and say what’s on your mind it may all just blow up in your face. Best focus on yourself and show yourself a bit of kindness and self love.

LEO: Horse

This month you should be feeling a sense of freedom and liberation — as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders and been replaced with wings to fly.

The Horse — Spirit of Freedom in the Animal Wisdom Tarot — is associated with Chariot in traditional tarot. In this version of the card we see the Horse has taken flight and is balanced between Sun and Moon — which is associated with day and night, or will and intuition.

The Chariot is traditionally associated with harnessing your inner reserves of strength and power. But here there’s more emphasis on liberation and emancipation, a reference to being freed from the chains that bind you.

Jupiter is now retrograde and moving through your 3rd house — the area related to close connections with others.  As the Horse is also traditionally associated with Jupiter it’s fitting that for you this planet is “flying high.”

The polyhedron star branded onto the Horse’s flank is known as a Merkabah, which is a reference to the Universal life force that is a part of each of us. It’s a reminder of the magic and mystery that is such a part of this archetype.

Notice the intricate designs that are imprinted on the Horse’s wings and which link him to both the Sun and Moon. His connection to both the inner and outer worlds are an important feature for gaining control of his destiny.

You are on the verge of a brand new cycle, during which time you should feel your spirits are lifting as you ascend to higher realms. You’ll still have to work on harnessing your baser instincts, but know that in doing so your ultimate goals are much closer to your reach.

Eight of SwordsVIRGO: Eight of Swords

With your ruler (Mercury) debilitated and squaring Saturn this month, you may be thinking about the obstacles in your life and how you may have contributed to them.

The Eight of Swords speaks of self-imposed limitations. You may feel powerless in your current circumstances and may be so caught up in blaming the people or events that have brought you to this that you’re unable to see a way out.

In this version of the card — from the gorgeous Shadowscapes Tarot — we see a graceful swan rendered almost entirely immobile by a the thorny branches of a blackberry bush. Eight Swords are placed strategically around her, amongst the decaying carcasses of earlier captives.

She longs to break free, but her struggles against the confines of her “cage” cause her to get even more tangled in the bush. A tiny hummingbird flits above her taunting her with its agility.

But look closely at the hummingbird and you can see that it’s not taunting at all. It’s actually showing the swan the way out. It flutters its tiny wings and coaxes her toward the light.

If it can just get the swan to stop panicking and calm down, it can navigate its way through the brambles and disentangle her from the brush. The Mercury / Saturn aspect can be a tough one. It tends to make things seem much worse than they are. Saturn represents limitations and restrictions, and its opposition to the planet that rules thoughts and ideas (Mercury) can make your situation seem more bleak.

But as always with the Eight of Swords there is a way out. It may require a bit of ingenuity — much like is seen in this card. But it mainly involves simply opening your eyes, changing your perspective and finding a workable solution.

Libra: Six of Vessels

Your card this month is the Six of Vessels from the Wildwood Tarot — this deck’s version of the Six of Cups.

It’s a card of innocence and purity, pristine beauty and a joyful, lighthearted playfulness that is seen in the pair of otters who are just getting ready to test the waters.

This is clearly a sacred space which picture postcard beauty made up of lush foliage, a trickling waterfall, and six glowing bowls that float on the surface of a tranquil pool like a scattering of lotus blossoms.

A grove of trees springs up from a hill in the background, shielding this scene from the rest of the world. And this in many ways is the essence of the Six of Vessels.

This card is called “Reunion” in this deck, a reference perhaps to reuniting with your true purpose. Getting in touch with your childhood, your roots and yourself.

With your ruler (Venus) turning retrograde this month, and with Jupiter retrograding through your sign, the chances of  meeting up and reconnecting with someone from your past is strong.

The Six of Cups is also about finding pleasure in the simpler things in life. It says it’s time to kick your shoes off and have fun rather than getting bogged down with responsibilities. All those will be exactly where you left them when you come back to them later on, so for now put them all aside and try to recapture the spirit of those carefree days gone by.

Take some time to find your own sacred space; and reflect on the things that have brought you to where you are today. If you can’t get away you can still recapture some of the magic of those simpler times, and use it to restore your sense of peace.

Five of Pentacles - DurerScorpio: Five of Coins

Your card this month — the Five of Coins — indicates a need to rethink what you value, especially when it comes to your own sense of worth or self-esteem.

In this version of the card, from the beautiful Tarot of Dürer, we see an old man standing in the snow outside a closed wooden door. His clothes are shabby and worn, inadequate against the cold. His wife shivers on their mule behind him.

There are five gold coins scattered on the ground beside them. They don’t even seem to notice the coins. The woman seems dejected and uncertain, and her husband seems hesitant to knock. Perhaps they’ve been turned away before and have come to expect the same this time.

This card is tied to Saturn in Taurus or the second house. Astrologically this relates to hardship and turmoil, business failings, loss of revenue, and financial decline. But it also says a lot about personal values and self-esteem. We don’t always realize how connected these are to one another.

In this respect the Five of Coins can also refer to feelings of loneliness or rejection. But like the couple in this card, you don’t want to make that assumption before you discover it to be true. They could just as easily find comfort, community and warmth on the other side of that door.

Ask yourself whether your own sense of worth has become fragile to the extent that it’s caused you to miss out on opportunities. Perhaps there are underlying feelings of of inadequacy, or maybe it’s pride that keeps you from reaching out.

The Five of Coins reminds us that sometimes we all need a little help and that help is always nearby. Don’t let your worries turn into self-fulfilling prophecies; turn them instead into the motivation that gets you moving forward again, and gets you back on the right path.

The WorldSAGITTARIUS: The World

Your card this month  — The World from the beautiful Feng Shui Tarot — is all about looking at the big picture and being able to trace the steps that have brought you to where you are today.

It’s a card of fulfillment and completion; recognizing milestones that have passed and goals that have been achieved as you prepare to close the door on one chapter in your life and open another.

You may be setting new goals in place or you may be taking some time to celebrate how far you’ve come.

As the last card in the tarot, the World complete’s the Fool’s journey, with the understanding that he’s grown, evolved and matured along the way.

This card can also have you thinking about where you fit in in the world and about your contributions to humanity. It speaks of not only realizing your dreams and achieving your goals, but also becoming one with the Universe, becoming fulfilled and whole.

Saturn is in your sign now and moving toward the galactic center. But it’s also on the verge of turning retrograde. This means you may need to go back and take care of some unfinished business before you can move forward.

You may be tying up one cycle this month and preparing to embark on a new one. Whether you’re taking some time to relish the satisfaction of having achieved something, or are ready to dive back in and start again, the message behind the world card is best received with insight and awareness.

Ask yourself: “What is is I’ve learned through all that I’ve experienced in this chapter of my life?” and “What must I now give up in order to start anew?” If you can answer those two questions with honesty and humility, you’ll be able to carry those lessons into the next chapter.

King of Wands

CAPRICORN: King of Wands

How comfortable are you feeling with your own power? The Kind of Wands is a powerful man. He is forceful and kind and likes to have his own way in all things he surveys… and who would not wish to give him otherwise for he is quite adept at whatever he sets his hand and mind to.

In this version of the King of Wands — from the gorgeous Crystal Tarot — we see a figure who is quite relaxed whilst all around him everything seems to bend to his will. There’s prosperity and growth that looks as if it requires little, if any, effort by him and perhaps this is because he has others doing the hard work for him whilst he comes up with other plans.

He is a man of action but that doesn’t necessarily mean he is the one undertaking the actions for he is also a leader and may have very little patience for those who don’t do as they are told. He doesn’t need to explain himself as he knows what he wants and how to get it.

If you are on the receiving end of this type of behaviour though it may be quite frustrating, to say the least, in knowing how to perceive what his real intentions are. The King of Wands requires a strong woman to stand up to him and you don’t necessarily need to stand up to him head on.

As can be seen from the lion, seemingly tamed, beneath his foot you can purr along in the shadow of his exuberance whilst he takes the lead in arranging all that needs done. Take note though that the lion does not look as if it will for one minute put up with any bullying.

It is content in its place whilst being treated well but could just as easily turn around and bite him on the foot if he gets too bossy and overbearing. And that foot could well be his Achilles heel as it is without proper protective footwear. If you are in a situation where you perceive yourself to have no escape look for the Achilles heel… it will be there and sometimes closer than you think.

Nine of CupsAQUARIUS: Nine of Cups:

Who says you can’t have it all? Who says that every single thing that you could possibly wish for isn’t right there within your reach?

Think about what makes you truly happy and chances are good it’s the simple things in life. Home, family, friends, health, material comforts and peace of mind. This is what the Nine of Cups is all about and if you’re not where you want to be just yet, think of ways to change that.

The Nine of Cups — this version from the beautiful Cosmic Tarot — is about manifesting your heart’s desires. Nothing is taken for granted and nothing is left to chance. It’s about aligning yourself with the universal laws of attraction and getting what you deserve.

The Nine Cups in this card are always full. They’re filled with love, gratitude and abundance, which are endlessly intertwined. They’re filled with hopes and dreams and miracles which are yours for the taking.

The Nine of Cups is a card of satisfaction, fulfillment and contentment. It speaks of being more than just satisfied with your lot in life, but also feeling truly blessed and grateful with where you are.

This card is called “Happiness” in some decks and the “Wish card” in others. But those aren’t always the same thing. So be careful what you wish for as it may or may not bring you happiness.

The Cups in this card are all overflowing. They’re filled with love, gratitude and abundance, which are endlessly intertwined. They’re filled with hopes, dreams and miracles which are yours for the taking.

Take some time to think about what you really want this month — and don’t forget to be grateful for what you already have. There’s an intricate balance between gratitude and personal fulfillment, so make sure you’re putting enough energy and effort into both.

Two of Pentacles

Pisces: Two of Pentacles

This month you may find yourself juggling all of the different areas in your life and trying to find ways to maintain balance.

With all of the activity going on around you may feel like you’re being spread too thin, or pull in too many different directions. You’ll have to be flexible and observant. Giving into the call of one desire without neglecting the call of another should be foremost on your list.

The idea is to be alert enough to remain aware of your surroundings and agile enough to immerse yourself in them fully. Much like the little faerie — from Nathalie Hertz’ gorgeous Faerie Tarot — in this card.

Although there are bound to be distractions and demands on your time, this card says you have it in you to stay centered and attend to your obligations by pulling those opposing forces together and striking a balance between them.

In the context of this card Pentacles refers to more than just money. While it can mean juggling funds — robbing Peter to pay Paul and seeing money go out as soon as if comes in.

The Two of Pentacles sees this as a precarious balancing act, where you have to be careful not to let one set of priorities outweigh the other, even if you find yourself pulled in several different directions.

While these are certainly possibilities you want to be aware of, they can also refer to tasks, commitments and external obligations. Think about what you need to balance in your own life as opposed to what deserves your undivided attention. It may require levels of skill and dexterity that you didn’t even know you had. If you can pull it off though and find ways to satisfy one area without neglecting the other, it should be tremendously rewarding for you in the end.




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