Weekly Astrology Forecast — Nov 6, 2017 – Nov 12, 2017:


Here is the Ask the Astrologers Weekly Astro Forecast for the week of Nov 6, 2017 – Nov 12, 2017:

We start this week with the Moon in Gemini — still full — in trine to Mars in Libra. We also have the three personal planets in detriment. First there’s Mercury, which just moved into Sagittarius on Sunday (or Monday in some parts of the world). Then there’s Venus getting ready to leave Libra (where it feels most at home) and move into Scorpio (where it feels least welcome). And finally we have Mars about 1/3 of the way through Libra, the sign of its detriment. 

The Moon / Mars trine is filled with energy, enthusiasm and motivation, and because it takes place in social signs can be good for interacting with others. But the planets in detriment can be problematic. Even though all of them are relatively well aspected, none are comfortable in their current signs. You may find that the people around you are struggling to say what they mean or do what they say they are going to do during this time.

Venus moves into Scorpio on Tuesday. As noted above, this is the sign of detriment for Venus. This placement is often misunderstood due to preconceived notions about how Venus (the planet of love, romance, affection and beauty) is supposed to behave.

There are many positive aspects with this placement, but because the dark side of Scorpio is prone to trust issues, jealousy, possessiveness and control, it can manifest as less than favorable. Still there’s more passion, depth, intensity and intimacy in this archetype than any other Venus placement, so don’t give into your fears. Let your guard down, open your heart, and be willing to take a walk on the wild side.

The Moon in Cancer trines this placement, and by Wednesday it’s squaring Mars, then opposing Pluto. While lunar aspects are always fleeting, this is an intensely emotional and potentially volatile powerhouse that can see people misinterpreting, over-reacting and distorting emotional perceptions.

While the Moon is at home in Cancer, it’s also overwhelmingly sensitive to nuance and innuendo. Line it up by hard aspect (square and opposition) to Mars and Pluto and conflict is likely to erupt. If you find yourself dealing with combative people during this time your best bet is to completely disengage.

On Thursday, the Sun sextiles Pluto. This aspect emphasizes personal power and charisma. It’s a collaborative aspect that represents a time of increased confidence and comfort. It’s good for defining your goals and going after them without feeling the urge to resort to aggression or force.

The sextile is all about joining hands and working with others rather than fighting against them. It speaks of cooperation and accommodation. With respect to the Sun and Pluto, it’s good for empowering others to stand up for themselves and let their voices be heard.

Mercury semi-sextiles Jupiter on Friday. This transit is is significant as Mercury and Jupiter make up a planetary pair. They are natural polarities, as the natural rulers of the 3rd and 9th houses. Here we have Mercury — the planet associated with communications and ideas — in semi-sextile to Jupiter — the planet associated with benevolence, good will and generosity. This can manifest as an opportunity to merge these complementary energies, but only if you work toward it.

We also have the 3rd quarter Moon on Friday at 18 Leo 38. The 3rd quarter moon is linked to career, reputation and outward appearances, among other things. With it moving through the warm, generous and benevolent sign of Leo, you might feel like spending time with those who make you feel good about yourself, rather than those who drag you down. The Moon in Leo is dignified, regal and proud, with a strong focus on creativity and self-expression.

On Saturday, the Sun squares the North and South Nodes and Saturn trines Uranus. Starting with the square to the Nodes — also referred to in classical astrology as “at the bendings” —  you want to pay attention to what you put out there — what face you show to the outer world, and how you represent yourself.

The Sun at the Node’s bendings — in particular at the North bending which is a highly visible — placement.sets up a natural t-square which can manifest as a sense of frustration over discrepancies between what you’re experiencing internally and the image you feel the need to portray.

Saturn trine Uranus is a much easier (and much more productive) transit. It brings the concepts of new and exciting adventures together with structure and personal responsibility. With the Moon joining in and turning this configuration into a grand trine, it’s an excellent transit for thinking ahead — as in where you want to see yourself this time next year — and brings with it the discipline to set about making that happen.



That’s all for now; see you next week!

Here is this week’s astro calendar; click on it to view it full-sized.


Weekly Astro Forecast —

Nov 6, 2017 – Nov 12, 2017







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