November 2017 Tarot Scopes by Melodie

Two of Swords

ARIES: Two of Swords

With your ruler (Mars) moving through its polarity sign (Libra) this month, you may need to look at things from a different perspective. You might feel like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, or you could be struggling with a decision that’s not going to be easy to make.

Perhaps this is why you’ve held off in the first place, as the the Two of Swords refers to not just feeling torn between two options but wanting to avoid making a choice between them as well.

The figure in this card — from Rome Choi’s Dreaming Way Tarot — is blind-folded and holding up two sharp swords. She may be leaning towards one but she’s not taking any steps to act on it.

In this respect the Two of Swords can refer to inaction and immobility. Sometimes this is due to fear: “What if I make the wrong decision?” But it’s just often related to a desire to not have to choose at all.

Alternately you may have come to an impasse with someone and are actualizing this energy through passive resistance. This isn’t a better solution and it won’t solve anything:  while you may need some time to pause and reflect, you’re going to have to take a stand whether you like it or not.

The inertia that comes from choosing not to choose can prevent you from moving forward. It’s going to be critical to weigh your options, make your decision and then stand by it in the end.


the lovers

TAURUS: The Lovers

Love takes center stage for you this month, with a lineup of planets (including your ruler — Venus) in your relationship sector and the Full Moon in your sign early in the month.

The Lovers card — this version from the Golden Tarot of Klimt — reinforces that energy with the added emphasis on decisions that need to be made about where you stand and where you hope to go.

In addition to feelings of love and romance that go hand in hand with the Lovers card, there’s also the added complication of being torn or pulled in two different directions, courtesy of Gemini’s natural rulership of this card.

This aspect refers to the need to make decisions — between two lovers potentially, or between love and something else, such as friendship, work, family commitments or even personal freedom.

By the same token, you could find yourself developing romantic feelings for someone you’d previously thought of as only a friend. But be careful that you’re seeing things clearly and not just projecting romantic ideals onto someone who’s not what they seem.

Neptune turns direct in your 11th house this month, leaving you susceptible to flights of fancy where friends are concerned. Infatuations can develop but may also be fleeting, leaving you to clean up a mess later on.

You want to focus on what is real and present in your life right now rather than outside distractions and temptations. While you may have important decisions to make, it will be in your best interests to make them with a clear head.

The High PriestessGEMINI: High Priestess

This month may see you feeling a greater urge to turn inward and explore the deeper, darker, more mysterious regions of your psyche.

The High Priestess — this version from the beautiful Cosmic Tarot — represents a call to listen to your intuition and heed your inner voice.

It challenges you to look beneath the surface and find hidden nuggets of information that can help you round out the vast reservoirs of knowledge you already possess.

She is the feminine counterpoint to her predecessor, the Magician. Where the Magician is all about accessing mastering your skills and abilities, the High Priestess masters the rich inner world.

It seeks to understand what feelings, intuitions and perceptions. What we don’t necessarily show to the outer world. What makes us “tick.” She’s associated with wisdom and insight, intuition, psychic awareness, and a sense of “knowing” even when there is not a factual basis for it.

The High Priestess is at home in the world of arcane knowledge and esoterica. She’s both young and old, masculine and feminine, innocent and wise. She is the keeper of secrets, knowledge and mystery.

You may be getting more in touch with your own intuition or experiencing profound instances or deja vu or synchronicity. It’s important to embrace these visions and try to understand them, rather than shying away from them. They can bring insights into not only your own personal choices, but the direction you need to be heading in the coming days.

Queen of SwordsCANCER: Queen of Swords

How often have you been guilty of opening your mouth and saying the first thing that comes to mind, undaunted by the potential for repercussions?

This isn’t an entirely inadmirable quality: after all, you do have much wisdom to impart. But the Queen of Swords — this version from Marie White’s beautiful Mary-el Tarot — appears to you as a harbinger, heralding a better approach toward meeting your objectives.

It’s a call for you to listen, use your head, think strategically, and make sure that what you say doesn’t get drowned out by all the static reverberating around you.

Look at the imagery in this card. The Queen of Swords is barely visible, half-hidden behind the ravens that are perched on barren branches. Only her eye, peering through the raven’s wing, is clear. The ravens — Norse mythology’s Huginn and Muninn — are shamanic shape-shifters. They represent Thought (Huginn) and Memory (Muninn) that send Odin to a trance-like state.

The Queen of Swords, in this context, speaks of using your intellect, your observation skills and your thoughts to maintain control. While you do have much to say, pausing to think and gather your wits about you will help you to process your ideas.

Your goal this month should be to streamline your ideas and express yourself with clarity and purpose. You may have to cut through some noise. But you’ll be a lot more effective in getting your point across by looking before you leap and thinking before you speak.

Knight of VesselsLEO: Knight of Vessels

This is a time for going after your heart’s desires with the kind of purpose and agility that can take you as far as you’re willing to go.

This is the Wildwood Tarot’s version of the Knight of Cups, the card that is generally associated with a man who’s ready to fall in love and who’s not afraid to wears his heart on his sleeve.

In this version it’s the Knight of Vessels, portrayed by an eel, weaving in and out of danger as he glides toward his objective.

As a water spirit animal totem, the Eel is representative of the Kundalini life force energy. It’s associated with focused energy, creativity, sexuality, passion and transformation.

The Eel is a mutable and “electrifying” shapeshifter. He’s purposeful and swift, yet he glides through the water (emotions) with such ease and agility that he’s able to adapt his physical form to accommodate the ever-changing tides.

The Knight of Vessels invites you to adopt this same sort of adaptability as you go off chasing your own goals. It invites you to weave in and out of the opportunities to present themselves, steering clear of “danger” while moving effortlessly toward your own objectives.

You may be thinking about going off on an adventure; if so don’t be surprised if it includes romance. Alternately you may be planning a trip on your own, getting away from it all, or heading off into the unchartered territories. Whatever you decide, this card calls for you to unleash your power and go after your goals with the same kind of purpose and passion that is demonstrated here.

Three of WandsVIRGO: Three of Wands

This is a time for looking all around you and seeing how the world offers infinite possibilities. It’s a time for painting your own canvass and creating your own destiny, courtesy of the Three of Wands from Dana Driscoll’s fabulous Tarot of Trees.

Moving ahead means you may be leaving something behind. Something like a dull dreary existence or a reality that no longer suits you. It may mean taking a risk, striking out toward unchartered territories and expanding your horizons so far and wide that you not only don’t know where the road you’re on leads, but are ready to make your imprint on it wherever you go.

The Three of Wands is a card of expectation and anticipation. It’s says that you’ve already started to hit your stride. It says you’ve already done the groundwork and are now ready to strike out and make all that you’ve dreamed of a reality.

It’s about opening the door to possibility and setting your sites on distant horizons. What can I do to make a difference in the world? What do I have to offer that will bring the greatest reward? These are the questions you want to ask yourself right now.

The Three of Wands encourages you to push past your limitations and expand your worldview. It will mean stepping outside of your comfort zone and exploring uncharted territories. And while you may run into pitfalls or have to take detours along the way, know that these are often blessings in disguise that can open you up a whole new world of opportunities.


Four of WandsLibra: Four of Wands

If you look back over the past several months, what would you say your greatest accomplishments would be?

This image — from the Fantastical Tarot’s Four of Wands — shows your imagination running away with you and perhaps there is something that was left out for you that you wish to carry over into the coming months.

Do not be concerned that you have failed in any way as the timing may have been that you laid down the groundwork for your dream and are now coming up to a point where you can release it.

The garden (your plan) is well tended. You have laid out some very impressive groundwork in getting yourself started.

The four pillars are lined with symbols of growth alongside the green beacons which further shine for you and give you inspiration. The Four of Wands represents the completion of a goal: something you set your mind to and saw to fruition.

The hill in the background is vividly green even under the light of a full moon at night and this implies that you will find the answers you seek for you plan without much need for more searching.

Help will come to you and that help will be both inspirational and practical. If nothing else, you should enjoy yourself and let your imagination soar. You may have put down the practicalities of the groundwork you need for your goals but what you seek for your next step is not so practical.

Like the Unicorn in this image it may require a little magical thinking alongside a wish or two. Keep this in mind if you are tempted to rush into action this month, as sitting back and daydreaming may get your further than anything else you could possibly do.


Wheel of FortuneScorpio: Wheel of Fortune

This month you may be looking at the ups and downs in your life and thinking about how they’ve led you to where you are today.  With the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury all moving throuh your sign, you may be more aware of instances of karma and synchronicity  than ever.

The Wheel of Fortune card is associated with fate, destiny, “karma,” life cycles and both good and bad luck. Sometimes we blame ourselves for the down times (assuming we’ve “brought it all on ourselves”) while viewing the up times as outside of our control.

We all experience these up and down cycles — and we all try to maximize the former while minimizing the latter. But the Wheel of Fortune — this version from the beautiful Feng Shui Tarot — tells us that both are necessary and that the good times wouldn’t be good without the frame of reference of the not-so-good times.

The Wheel in this version is balanced between solid ground and turbulent waters. Four colored lanterns — representing the four elements (fire, earth, wind and water) — keep it suspended in midair.

The Wheel of Fortune refers as much to creating your own destiny — and mastering your own fate — as it does to dealing with karmic repercussions.

It’s a reminder that all we send out comes back to us in some form or another. It may not be today; it may be months or years or even lifetimes away. The Jupiter / Uranus aspect can bring in unique opportunities to clear up past-life karma and rewrite your destiny.

Remember that as one one door closes, another one opens — just as the wheel turns and the seasons change. Now is the time to put your intentions out there, while putting the disappointments you’ve suffered to rest.


Seven of PentaclesSAGITTARIUS: Seven of Pentacles

You may find yourself at a professional crossroads tthis month. Or you may be feeling torn between following your dreams and doing what’s already proven itself to be safe and secure.

The Seven of Pentacles — like all Sevens — represents choices and dilemmas. With respect to your work or business, it can translate to feeling like you’re missing our on something by doing what you do really well but that your heart just isn’t into.

With Saturn moving through the final degrees of your sign, you may fin yourself wondering whether you want to stay your course or change direction entirely.

Sometimes we have to make sacrifices (also a hallmark of the tarot’s Seven cards). We can give up our job security in order to pursue our dreams; or we can give up our dreams in order to maintain our job security. It’s a catch-22.

The woman in this card — from Cathy McClelland’s fantastic Star Tarot — is faced just such a dilemma. She can’t decide whether she wants to throw herself fully into her work — which she’s already invested energy in and which is also already clearly producing results — or whether she wants to move in a completely different direction.

The colorful horses galloping across the sky seem to be calling out to her to follow. These are her dreams and aspirations, none yet fully formed. There are Seven of them — just as there are Seven Pentacles and Seven butterflies, all representing different choices and opportunities.

You’ll have to think about what is most important to you this month as the Seven of Pentacles is a card of priorities as well as choices. Ideally you’ll find a way to turn what you dream of doing and what you are doing into one and the same. This is all any of us can hope for in the end.

CAPRICORN: Ace of Scrolls

This is a time of new learning and what better way to learn than by throwing out everything that has gone before and learning something completely new.

This card — the Ace of Scrolls from Holly Sierra and Toney Brook’s gorgeous Chrysalis Tarot — is called “Triumph” in this deck. The language on the scroll implies that you will be doing something you’ve never done before… something foreign to you. The black bird shows you that what you do learn will take you far.

If you have a plan to change something in your life ie your job then the answers to how you can best do that will open up to you. Use the keys in the bottom of the card to unravel what it is you are wishing to change and then use all your willpower to make it happen.

The sky in this card neither implies it is dawn or evening. The moon may be new or at the end of its 28 day cycle. What you are wishing to change in your life may come about from years of accumulated knowledge you have which you launch into something new or it may be that you try something totally new to you that you have never considered before.

There is also the implication here that you leave the door open to return to your current safe life but if you do so you may be missing out on a very exciting opportunity.

You want to be conscious about what you “put out there” this month — through your words and through your actions. The Ace of Swords encourages you to speak truthfully, but to do so from the heart. Be considerate of the feelings of others: remember that words can be both helpful and hurtful, so use yours wisely.

Three of CupsAQUARIUS: Three of Cups

As we move into the Holiday season you may be thinking more about partying. This month is going to be a good time for you to socialize and celebrate with those you hold near and dear.

The Three of Cups — this version from the Deviant Moon Tarot — represents people gathering together to connect, interact and celebrate. It’s a happy, joyful energy that can manifest as a party or celebration, or it could be as simple as a girls night out.

Look at the figures in this card. They’re all so different, yet they’ve found a common ground and embrace one another with a the kind of joyful camaraderie that says they know how to have fun.

They rise up from the belly of a monster fish. Are they celebrating their impending release? Or are they resigned to a more sinister fate and engaging in one last last hurrah?

Either way this card is all about socializing and participating in group activities. Hanging out with like-minded people and expressing feelings of affection and good-will.

This month, you want to leave your troubles at the door and go out and have yourself some fun. This is a time for laughter and merriment. There’s no room for fretting about work or other mundane concerns.

No matter where the people in your life have come from tthis month — no matter what your connection or history or relationship with them is — the Three of Cups is a card of companionship and camaraderie. It serves as a reminder that there’s always something to be grateful for, and always someone to share your gratitude with.


Pisces: Two of WandsTwo of Wands

Be on the lookout tthis month for opportunities that are available to you which might not be so readily apparent from your current vantage point.

The Two of Wands — this version from the Phantomwise Tarot — speaks of having put an initial plan into action (with the Ace of Wands) and seeing it starting to gather momentum.

It means that something has started to happen — something big enough to assure you that you’re on the right track, but not well-thought out enough yet to ensure that it’s a go.

You may be feeling energetic and optimistic, but still need to get some altitude.  Like the cat perched on the highest limb of this tree, you may need to rise above some of your petty grievances \in order to get the clearest overview.

We can see that the cat is both patient and alert — two of the most important (and necessary) features of the Two of Wands, which are both captured here in the simple imagery of this card. It’s the ability to balance these two qualities that makes getting to the finish line possible.

Notice that the lower branch is forked, indicating earlier missteps or changes in plans. The cat has wisely lept up to a higher perch where he can get a better view of the road ahead of him.

The Two of Wands encourages you to expand your horizons and reach for broader vistas. It speaks of taking a look at your long-term goals and acting on them with courage and conviction. You’re already seeing how some moves are paying off, and are now in a position to take things to the next level.




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