Free Daily Tarotscope — Dec 21, 2015 — The Sun

The Sun

The Sun

Today you want to focus on what’s right in your world rather than what might be wrong. The Sun card is all about happiness, optimism and vitality: it’s about being present in the moment and celebrating being alive.

Look around you and take notice of the blessings that surround you. Step away — at least mentally — and turn your attention away from work and mundane affairs long enough to soak in the energizing rays of the Sun.

The Sun card — this version from the Crystal Visions Tarot — represents energy and vitality. Feeling happy to be alive. Getting in touch with your inner child, your true authentic spirit, the part of you that longs to embrace life with ever fiber of your being.

When we think of the Sun, we think of warmth, light and life. It warms our spirits as well as our bodies; it brightens our moods as well as the outside world, and it brings life to our dreams and goals as well as to every living thing on the planet.

The Sun card in the Tarot is much the same way. It refers to the wonder and glory of being alive. Of feeling warm, confident, radiant and spirited. Its attitude is that “everything is as it should be” today, for you and all around you.

The Sun reflects your own inner light and inspires you to let it shine. It encourages you to say yes to life rather than letting your troubles hold you back. It tells you to turn your face to the Sun rather rather than looking back over your shoulder toward whatever caused you to dim your light in the first place.

The Sun card is all about optimism, enthusiasm and personal radiance. It’s about being yourself and allowing yourself to “shine,” without any pretense or constraint. Today may be the shortest day in the year (for those in the Northern Hemisphere) but the Sun is still shines. We may not always see it but it’s always there — and serves as a reminder of the warmth and vitality that each of us possess

Free Daily Tarotscope — Oct 21, 2015 — Six of Pentacles

Six of Pentacles

Six of Pentacles

Today you may be called upon to open your heart and loosen your purse strings, as a measure of generosity and goodwill.

The Six of Pentacles is a card of abundance and good-will. It’s about aligning yourself with the concept of money as energy that both flows to you and from you with ease. You neither hold onto it too tightly (as with the fours) or worry that you don’t deserve it (as with the fives).

The Six of Pentacles is all about benevolence — giving what you can afford to give: whether it’s of your time, your money or your energy — to someone who needs it more than you do.

This card speaks of understanding the pathways between giving and receiving, to the extent that there are no expectations for being repaid. You give because you can and because the gratitude you receive in exchange is more than enough reward.

The woman in this card — from the Crystal Visions Tarotcollects ripe fruits and berries from the trees in a forest clearing. She shares them with the birds that flock around her, or are they sharing them with her?  This is a reference to the give and take that is a theme in the Six of Pentacles, and a reminder that what you put out there comes back to you in one way or another. In this respect the Six of Pentacles invites you to pay attention and be grateful for the blessings you receive.

It represents prosperity, generosity and benevolence. So while you may be called upon to lend a helping hand, you may also be the benefactor of someone else’s generosity.  Either way this card speaks of both “spreading the wealth” and “paying it forward,” each of which requires a measure of gratitude.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Jul 5, 2015 — Six of Cups

Six of Cups

Six of Cups

Today is a day for pleasant thoughts and communications, courtesy of a harmonious aspect between Mercury and Venus.

The Mercury / Venus sextile — in curious, inquisitive Gemini and warm, gregarious Leo — is all about cooperation and compromise.

And the Six of Cups — this version comes from Jennifer Galasso’s gorgeous Crystal Visions Tarot — speaks of innocence, sentimentality and memories from days gone by. You may be missing someone, longing for the comforts and companions that have gone by the wayside over time.

You could also hear from an old friend unexpectedly today. Someone who’s been on your mind and who reaches out across the miles, reminding you of long-forgotten events that come rushing back in a wave of nostalgia.

You may also feel the urge to reach out to those who remind you of life’s simpler pleasures, such as a family member or a childhood friend. And if you’re lucky enough to be surrounded by loved ones today, you should have no problem recapturing those memories.

It’s also a good time to surround yourself with children — your own or someone else’s. Seeing the world through their eyes can help you to recapture the innocence and wonder that comes from seeing things in a different light, and not allowing yourself to become jaded by life’s small disappointments and letdowns.

This is not the time to bring old grievances back to the forefront. It’s time to focus on pleasure, playfulness and joy, and working on creating new memories with those you love.

You may have been taking life too seriously and find yourself needing to get in touch with your inner child. Or you now may have to let your guard down and allow yourself to trust again — especially if you’ve been trying to guard your heart from pain. The Six of Cups is about sharing and bringing the happier memories from your past forward to today.

Free Daily Tarotscope — May 29, 2015 — Seven of Cups

Seven of Cups

Seven of Cups

Mercury squares Neptune today, bringing with it the desire to escape into romantic fantasy and illusions.

You may feel like torn by competing interests and pulled in different directions — either away from the things you really want to do, or towards the kind of mindless diversions that cause you lose sight of your priorities.

The Seven of Cups is a card of temptations, often fueled by irrational thoughts or fantasies. There can be too many options available, which makes it hard to decide. But it’s often a case of wishful thinking and foolish day-dreaming that can interfere with actual progress.

This card is loaded in mystical imagery. There’s a woman riding a flying dragon over a pond filled with lotus blossoms. Three cups rest in the pond — one with a rainbow rising from it — the dragon holds another three, and the last one — the Seventh — is lifted up towards the woman by a tiny glowing fairy.

She may be leaning toward that Seventh magical cup but she hasn’t decided yet, and this is one of the main dilemmas with the Seven of Cups. There are so many choices to be made and some of them more appealing than others.

What you long for may look so much more appealing than what you already have, but it’s also quite possibly an illusion. And even if it isn’t you have to remind yourself that it’s not going to come about by sitting around daydreaming about it.

There are elements of seduction also inherent in this card. Being seduced by something intangible or just out of reach, or being lured in by a fantasy that falls short in the harsh light of day.

While you may think that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, chances are good that once you got there you’d want nothing more than to return back home. The message behind this card is to aim for reachable goals and to participate in attaining them rather than allowing yourself to fall into the trap of wishful thinking.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Mar 22, 2015 — Page of Pentacles

Page of Pentacles

Page of Pentacles

Today’s Mercury / Pluto sextile may see you taking a more serious approach to pursuing your interests as well as honing the skills that you already possess.

The sextile aspect is creative and harmonious — perfect for music, poetry, art, or any creative endeavor. Similar to the Page of Pentacles — this version from Jennifer Galasso’s Crystal Visions Tarot — which refers to the desire to develop skills that can be applied to material enterprises.

The Page of Pentacles may be someone in your life; if so he or she is here to teach you something. This person may be immersed in a hobby or trade; He or she may be a student or apprentice; and he or she may just starting a new job and filled with all the inspiration and anticipation that comes with taking on a brand new project.

This version sees a young woman seated high up in the branches of a tree. This may be a sacred space for her: if you look around her you can see where she’s carved figures of woodland nymphs into the surrounding branches.

Lush green vines wend their way up the trunk and over her dress, suggesting that she’s been there quite a long time.

A single jewel-encrusted Pentacle is placed prominently in the tree, with smaller faceted crystals below it. She closes her eyes and strums the lute she caresses in her hands, fully immersing herself in the music.

You may be thinking of going back to school or learning a whole new trade. You may be immersing yourself in your own studies — either formally or informally, as in teaching yourself a new skill or perfecting one you’ve already begun to develop.

The Page of Pentacles invites you to recapture that youthful exuberance and thirst for learning that may have gotten lost somewhere along the way. It encourages you to dust of the books or pick up a creative instrument of your own and try your hand at refining, improving and ultimately mastering it.

Free Daily Tarotscope –Feb 22, 2015 — Two of Cups

Two of Cups

Two of Cups

Today’s Venus / Mars conjunction may see you bonding intimately with another.

The Two of Cups speaks of falling in love, finding your other half, and connecting with another on such a powerful level that the two become one.

It’s not always a love connection. It can refer to a close friendship, business partnership, or some other deep bond. It refers to the “sum of the parts being greater than the whole,” which reminds us that two heads (and hearts) are better than one.

In the context of romance though, this is a very loving and romantic card. This version — from Jennifer Galasso’s ethereal Crystal Visions Tarot — is about as romantic as you can get. In it, a pair of star-struck lovers bathe in a shimmering lotus pool under the light of a full moon.

There’s a sacred connection here, a blending of energies with the pouring of an essence from one cup to another and the tiny faerie that rises in the mist and bestows her blessings on the couple below.

This is the essence of the Two of Cups. It’s not just relating to another romantically, but also sharing, merging and uniting in love. The Venus / Mars conjunction in Aries increases your libido, sexual magnetism and physical chemistry.

It can also relate to finding your “soul-mate” or your other half. It brings with it the ability to see yourself through someone else’s eyes (and heart). In this respect it’s about falling in love with yourself — at your very best.

If you’re already involved in an established relationship, this card can relate to reinvigorating the love you felt upon first meeting. And if you’re not involved and just looking, it may very well be the time you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Like these two figures, you may find yourself on the verge of a passionate, all-consuming affair. It can be riveting and it can be intoxicating, and as long as you keep your wits about you, it can also be a life-altering experience.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Jan 18, 2015 — Ace of Pentacles

Ace of Pentacles

Ace of Pentacles

There’s no time like the present for putting your plans into action and working toward manifesting your goals

The Ace of Pentacles represents the start of something new, in this case new financial opportunities. It encourages you to plant seeds that you can tend to, nurture and grow.

You may be in line for a raise or promotion, or you could learn of job opportunity that involves a bigger salary. You could also be the benefactor of someone else’s generosity. Either way, you should have more opportunities and more financial resources at your disposal than you’ve had in recent days.

You may not see a windfall, but it’s still a positive affirmation that you’re putting your energy into the right areas. With that in mind, it also serves to remind you of the importance of staying grounded and focused while you put your plans in motion.

This is such a beautiful version of the card. In this deck the Ace of Pentacles is not only framed by a pair of majestic, fertile trees, it’s a part of them. It’s a living breathing pentacle — a symbol of luck, fortune and magic.

Notice the two goddess figures carved into the branches of the trees. Or perhaps they too are alive. They’re as much a part of the Pentacle’s narrative as you are a part of your own.

The golds and corals in the sky paint a glowing backdrop that’s made even more dazzling by the crystals at the base of the card. These are repeated symbols of abundance, fertility and growth.

The Ace of Pentacles is a card of inspiration and celebration. It tells you that the seeds you’re planting today can prosper and flourish. As it’s also associated with a positive change in fortune, it’s telling you to keep up the good work, to go after your dreams, and to be open to all that the Universe has to offer.