April 2018 Tarot Scopes by Melodie

Wild Unknown Emperor

ARIES: The Emperor

With your ruler (Mars) exalted in Capricorn and conjuncting Saturn this month. You should be thinking more about taking charge of your life and achieving your goals and ambitions.

This is the Wild Unknown Tarot’s version of the Emperor card, in this case a stark and mighty tree stretching high into the heavens.

Notice the New Moon in this card too: it’s in your sign this month (on the 16th) conjunct Uranus, the planet known as the great awakener.

This card symbolizes worldly acclaim and ambition. No matter how high you want to climb, you can know that there are possibilities available to you if you only you set your sights on pursuing them.

You may be asking yourself whether you want to be a small fish in a big pond or a big fish in a small pond. It’s all about gaining perspective and establishing priorities.

As the Emperor also relates to the “Laws of the Land,” some of the less pleasant manifestations of this card include things like being on the receiving end of legal or professional disciplinary actions, dealings with the IRS or government, or having to deal with an oppressive boss or coworker.

The message behind this card is one of taking care of business. Hard work, perseverance and determination are all required: nothing will come to you through sheer luck or wishful thinking. It’s not the time to be passive or wishy-washy. It’s all about stepping up and taking control of a situation that requires a firm hand and authoritative presence.


Two of Feathers

TAURUS: Two of Swords

This month you may find yourself being torn between two competing interests or desires. You may be at a loss as to which one needs your attention or which one you want to follow.

You may also be thinking about where you fit in in the world and the contributions you’ve made. Or like the Heron in this card, you may be reflecting on what you want for yourself.

As difficult as it is to balance these dual desires, you may find yourself at an impasse. It’s hard to feed one set of urges without feeling like you’re neglecting the other.

You may need to take the time to reflect, much like the Heron in this card. This is the Animal Wisdom Tarot’s version of the Two of Swords — called the Two of Feathers in this deck.

Here we see him gazing down at his reflection in a tranquil pool. A crescent moon shines in the night sky, illuminating the pair of feathers that are crisscrossed on the water’s surface.

As the Two of Swords often refers to inaction and immobility, you might take a page from the Heron’s book and use that inertia to reflect on your options before you make a move.

While you may normally be prone to “act first and think later,” it’s probably going to be best for you to hold back and weigh your options instead. In doing so you may just be able to find a way to satisfy both sets of urges.


Three of CupsGEMINI: Three of Cups

With six planets moving through your social houses this month, it’s going to be a good time to think about taking a break from work and responsibilities and focusing on socializing with friends and loved ones.

The Three of Cups represents people gathering together to connect, interact and celebrate. It’s a happy, joyful energy that can manifest as a party or celebration, or it could be as simple as a girls night out.

Either way it’s a time of merriment and gaiety. Hanging out with like-minded people and expressing feelings of affection and good-will. There’s no room for fretting about work, and none of this sitting around ironing out political or ideological differences.

This Month’s New Moon (on the 16th) will take place in your friends and acquaintances sector, conjuncting the friendliest planet of all: Uranus. This fits in perfectly with the sense of joy and playfulness seen in this version of the card — from the gorgeous Nusantara Tarot. The three figures raise glasses in a celebratory toast as they frolic in a field of wildflowers. There’s a sense of sisterhood and camaraderie that is emphasized here.

In terms of romance the Three of Cups can refer to reconnecting with an old flame or reuniting with an ex. It can also manifest as a natural progression from the Ace of Cups (an attraction) and the Two of Cups (a mutual attraction) to the Three of Cups (taking that attraction to the next level).

Whether you’re celebrating your own good fortune or raising your glass to toast another’s, the Three of Cups serves as a reminder that there’s always something to be grateful for, and always someone to share your gratitude with.

Five of WandsCANCER: Five of Wands

With three planets — Mars, Saturn and Pluto, all heavy astrological energies — moving through your relationship sector this month, you may find yourself at odds with others.

This is the Five of Wands from the Mary-El Tarot.  Usually when it comes to this card, it’s clear that someone’s fighting, but no-one really knows what they’re fighting about. There’s just this competitive urge to “win” at any cost, which means that in the end nobody wins.

The Five of Wands refers to conflict, strife and competition: forcing your will on others, trying to be heard above the “roar” of opposing viewpoints and struggling against cross-purposes.

Here we see a lion charging through the thicket, undaunted by the obstacles (trees) before him. He’s enveloped in a protective aura of light as he moves toward his objective. Does that aura insulate him from danger? Or does it obscure his own motivations and the repercussions of his actions?

Like the Lion in this card you may have to look at where you may have been pushing your views forcefully onto others. Petty squabbles can erupt into major arguments because no one’s actually listening to what anyone else has to say.

The important thing to remember is that most disagreements are based on misunderstandings in the first place. The inability to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes –- coupled with the need to be heard — is behind almost every argument out there. And this combination can be a recipe for disaster.

If you’re involved in a power struggle, you can bet there’ll be no winners or losers, only the tattered remains of what once was a unified front. The Five of Wands encourages you to move past the chaos and calamity, and work on restoring the peace. If you can see past your pride to work with others rather than against them, it will be much smoother sailing for you from here on out.


LEO: Page of StonesPage of Stones

With several planets moving through your 6th house — the area associated with work and self-improvement — this month, it’s going to be a good time for you to gather information that may be useful for you down the road.

The Page of Stones — the Wildwood Tarot’s version on the Page of Pentacles — is known for being patient and diligent, much like the Lynx in this card.

He’s watchful and attentive but not quite ready to pounce. He relies on his instincts — and all five senses — to alert him to danger before it has a chance to strike. He’s conscious of every sight, sound, smell and movement in the wilderness around him, from the safety of his perch.

The Page of Stones is more intent on focusing and observing than he is on acting or doing: he’s not about to expend any excess energy unless it becomes absolutely necessary. Of all the Pages in the Tarot, this one is most capable of biding his time and exercising restraint.

He’s still got some growing to do. He still isn’t where he hopes to one day be. But he knows that good things come to those who wait and that he may have to conserve his energy in case he needs it later on.

He also knows that if he needs to act he can because he’s secured his position and made the appropriate preparations. He doesn’t quite blend into his surroundings but he’s compensated for that by placing himself out of harm’s way.

These 6th house Capricorn planets are similar in that they emphasize forethought and preparation. They are especially good at planning and information-gathering, which could serve you well — especially if you can see yourself putting those plans into motion and acting on them down the road.

King of SwordsVIRGO: King of Swords

This month, you may be called upon to make a decision that’s based on fairness, ingenuity and impartiality.

The King of Swords — this version represented by Greek Mythology;s Odysseus from the original Mythic Tarot — is a wise and strategic leader who relies on intellect and objectivity rather than compassion and emotion.

He may be a person in your life — a boss, mentor, parent or authority figure — and if so he’s here to show you how to lead with wisdom and grace. He may also represent qualities within yourself that are necessary for you to bring forth. Qualities like discipline and neutrality.

It may be a situation that requires you to act with authority, even if you’re not comfortable in that role. It may require you to “lay down the law” or pass down judgment where there is no easy answer. The King of Swords is able to cut through the nuances and extenuating circumstances to arrive at an impartial decision.

Odysseus was a shrewd and inventive leader. He not only thought up the idea for the Trojan Horse (thus securing victory for the Greeks), he led his people with a firm and lawful hand, never wavering from his solid principles.

This card can refer to a need for justice and symmetry in your life. Or it can mark the presence of someone whose sense of authority and justice overrides personal investments. Is this you or someone you’re dealing with currently who’s encouraging you to embrace these qualities?

The King of Swords is honorable and just. He has noble ideals which he applies to himself as well as others. He insists on fairness and equality for all. Whether this refers to you or to another, the underlying message is the same. Step away from emotional attachments and make your decisions based on what is right, fair, and most importantly best for you in the long run.


Four of WandsLibra: Four of Wands

This month should see you taking some time to relax, rejoice and count the blessings that surround you.

The Four of Wands is often portrayed as a joyous celebration, a gathering, a reward or surprise — the affirmation that all of your hard work has paid off and is now worthy of being celebrated.

In this version of the card — from the beautiful Gypsy Palace Tarot — there are definite symbols of merriment and wonder: the singing birds, the ringing bells, the vibrant colors,and the glowing aura that envelopes the woman as she lifts her face to the sun.

But there’s also emphasis here on gratitude and contentment; the satisfaction that comes from being at one with the Universe, in harmony with yourself and your surroundings.

You may have been so caught up in accomplishing your goals that you haven’t had time to appreciate the progress you’ve made.

The Four of Wands says it’s okay to take a breather. It’s okay to stop and smell the flowers. It’s okay to step back and admire your efforts, knowing that they continue to gather momentum and will keep on keeping on even if you take a break.

With the Full Moon in your sign this month and your ruler (Venus) exalted in Taurus, this is going to be a time for surrounding yourself with peace, beauty, comfort and tranquility. The Four of Wands is about being at the right place at the right time and taking advantage of all life has to offer.


Scorpio: FoolFeng Shui Tarot -- Fool

With both of your ruling planets (Mars and Pluto) coming together this month — and a full Moon in your sign at month’s end — this should be a time for thinking about where you are heading and what you are leaving behind.

The Fool card — this version from the fabulous Feng Shui Tarot — begs this question, as it brings the past, present and future together into one fleeting moment in time. It asks you to suspend your beliefs and rely on your instincts as you take a leap into the unknown.

It is the first card in the tarot, numbered Zero. It represents the onset of the Fool’s journey and refers to new beginnings, fresh starts, a period of awakening and unlimited potential.

This is the ultimate “leap of faith” card. It’s about jumping into the unknown and trusting the Universe will provide a net. Think about what new adventures are in store for you, and how suspending all beliefs and concerns can get you in the necessary mindset.

It could be a new career path or relationship opportunity, or it could be a dream you’ve talked yourself out of pursuing because you convinced yourself it was impractical. Whatever it is, now is the time to put those resistances aside and allow yourself to just go for it.

You want to think about these concepts, especially as they apply to opportunities that present themselves to you this month. It’s not the time to fret about details or focus on what could possibly go wrong.

You want to think about where you may be focusing too much on the destination (outcome) and not enough on the journey. It may not be easy to trust in this process, but the magic that can happen as a result is well worth the effort.


the StarsSagittarius: The Stars

This month you want to be thinking about renewing your faith in the Universe, and seeing how (and where) you fit in to the greater scheme of things.

The Star card is a card of hope. It tells you that in spite of all your trials and tribulations,everything is as it should be, and in the end everything is going to be alright.

Look at the figure in this card — from the stunning Samurai Tarot. He kneels down in a shallow tide pool and gazes up at the night sky, only to be rewarded by its panoramic splendor.

This card is about getting perspective. Putting your faith in the Universe. Seeing where you fit in in the Cosmos. Getting in touch with your own capacity for awe and reverence. And feeling inspired by nature and the beauty that surrounds you.

Notice how ocean spray seems to come to life in this image, brought on by the glow of the Full Moon and stars. Animal and human figures take shape, only to shift and change before your eyes. (For me what started out as a ceremonial dragon turned into Samurai warrior and oriental lion).

This card is all about synchronicity and serendipity. It’s a card of Hope and Faith in the Universe. It tells you that in spite of all your trials and tribulations, everything is as it should be, and in the end everything is going to be alright.

It invites you to open your eyes and see the vastness of the world around you, the billions of stars in the night sky and the billions of people that make up humanity. It comes as a reminder that even in in the midst of all the chaos that surrounds you, there is still room for growth. There’s still love, peace, beauty, harmony and compassion. There’s still the promise of forgiveness, redemption and salvation.


Eight of Nature

CAPRICORN: Eight of Nature

This month, with Mars Saturn and Pluto all in your sign (and Saturn and Pluto both turning retrograde there too)  is going to be more about reconnecting with your roots, your heritage and the mysteries of your past than anything else.

The Eight of Nature card is the Tarot of Origins version of the Eight of Wands. This version focuses less (way less) on the movement and activity usually seen in the Eight of Wands and more on introspection and soul searching.

You may find yourself motivated to get more in touch with nature during this time. You may be feeling less sociable and more interested in delving into the mysterious workings of your own psyche.

There are also elements here of history, progress and evolution. Notice the man’s face which has been carved into the driftwood.

One side has a primate-like appearance and the other depicts the visage of an ancient man. The driftwood curves upwards and branches off in two different directions, one side circling the rising sun and the other off into unknown regions.

The Eight of Wands is known as a messenger card, and notice the tiny blackbird perched on the branch. Is he bringing a message to you or ready to deliver one of your own? The blackbird as an animal totem is tied to consciousness, the higher mind, mystery and magic.

This month is going to be ripe with opportunities for you to unravel secrets of your own. Looking back over your past, retracing your heritage, and thinking about the steps that have been taken to lead you to where you are now. Pay attention to messages you receive during this time, and be mindful of those you send out to others.


AQUARIUS: The DevilThe Devil

This month, with Mars, Saturn and Pluto all moving through your 12th house, you’ll likely be thinking about finding ways to escape from the limitations in your life that have been holding you back.

The Devil card — this version from the gorgeous Dreaming Way Tarot — encourages you to move past some of the restrictions you’ve imposed on yourself, particularly with respect to the more unsavory emotions — jealousy, anger, paranoia, fear, etc.

If you look at the figures in this card, the Devil herself is bound up in some sort of straight-jacket configuration. She has two smaller beings chained to her, but the chains are loose and her manner of holding them is almost apathetic.

She’s either indifferent to their plight or is so sure of her hold over them that she doesn’t think there’s anything to worry about.

But these two figures could easily unchain themselves and slip away. So what is preventing them from doing that? Back to the self-imposed restrictions — namely negative thoughts and fears.

Your challenge is to figure out what’s been holding you back — what chains you’ve bound yourself up in — and release yourself from them.

If you have a bigger monkey on your back — such as addiction or another unhealthy form of debauchery — now is also the time to come clean with yourself about it and get clean. Whatever it is, know that the Devil card is here to remind you that only you can reclaim your power. You can liberate yourself from the chains that bind you only if you’re brave enough to face them first.


Pisces: Eight of CupsEight of Cups

This month may see you taking steps toward leaving behind something that no longer sustains you.

The Eight of Cups — this version from Dana Driscoll’s fabulous Tarot of Trees — refers to getting in touch with your values, which can be a painful process. It involves forcing yourself to face certain realities and walk away from something (or from someone) that doesn’t live up to them.

On the upside it means taking the high road and making a transition. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. The Eight of Cups requires you to let go of something — a dream, a relationship, a set of goals, etc. — in order to move to that higher ground.

This is a card of transition, but unlike most, this one comes from conscious choice. It’s not a matter of the Universe throwing a curve-ball at you: it’s a decision arrived at though the realization that what once fulfilled you no longer does.

You may feel alone or abandoned during this time — rejected by a loved one or peers. Yet it’s your own discontent that prompts you to “walk away,” rather than trying to keep up the pretense that those who let you down were ever truly on your side.

This doesn’t refer to loss so much as it does to seeing things more clearly and then using that new-found clarity to head toward higher ground. Like the brightly shining crescent moon in this card, it’s about new beginnings rather than endings. You can see this card as an invitation to strike out on your own, follow your own path and pave your own way.



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