August 2013 Tarot Scopes featuring the Revelations Tarot


Is there something you have been wishing, praying and hoping for?

The card of the Star shows that you can have what you want and possibly without putting too much effort into it as long as you don’t start worrying, striving and generally putting your thoughts and emotions into a state of unbalance.

The Star is a card of happiness… of wishes coming true. Think of the saying “wish upon a star” and keep it in your mind as you go after your dreams.

The halo of doves and stars surrounding the woman in the card as she simultaneously fills one water urn and lets the other urn flow out depicts a balance in not holding on too tightly to something and trusting that what you want shall be fulfilled.

The reflection within the water shows what happens if you go against this balance with the red, amber tones standing for anger, frustration and a general blockage to getting what you want.



Are you caught in a battle of words with another person? A quarrel that has gone too far and neither of you want to be the first to admit they are wrong.

If you are not careful you may lose the other person from your life. If you are involved in any legal matters then be sure you have all your facts correct and indeed have all the relevant facts of the matter to hand.

The sword positioned in the man’s upraised hands shows that he is ready to cut off from the matter and take his losses and leave. This is a card about words and intellect (as shown by the swords).

Often our words can wound another person emotionally and we do not realize we have done so. Yet even as the words leave our mouth we are also hurting ourselves as can be seen from the placement of the sword about to cut the center of both bodies in this image.

If you find yourself at odds with another person think carefully before you lash out with words towards them as you may be causing yourself as much pain as you are inflicting upon them.



This is the card of love so it is a nice card to get. Love comes in many forms and the deep purples and blues certainly depict a spiritual love surrounding this card.

However, if you look at the bottom of the cup (above the base) you will see the figure of the top half of a man if you look at the bottom of the card (underneath the cup’s base) you will glimpse an outline of a woman’s arm and breast.

It is almost as if the reflection of the man and woman are mirroring each other and so it is with the emotion of love.The Ace of Cups shows that the cup runs over with water (emotions).

Rather than the man and woman standing side by side showing their love to each other they are caught up in such a whirlwind of emotions that neither knows where one begins and the other ends.

As I said before… this is the card of love. The type of love that everyone is looking for.



Look at all the movement going on for you just now and yet you are not sure where you are meant to be or what to think. Is there a situation you feel you should be leaving but keep getting pulled back into? Do you think you have left it behind you only to find it pops back up again?

It may be you are going through a breakup in a relationship and yet the other person keeps coming back into your life but nothing is resolved. The rustic colors to this card give a feel of energy and as it is swords then it is mental energy.

Neither person in the card seems to know what they are doing or what they really want and nothing will be accomplished until one of them breaks out of the negative cycle of only fixing a situation on the “surface” without looking deeper to see and talk through what is really wrong.

Have a think on how you can break this cycle even if it is not you who is triggering the events that seem to play out around you continuously.



You may need to go inwards to look at a situation in a different way. The Queen of Cups is intuitive, caring and kind and she may also be giving too much of her energy away in helping others.

There is only so much you can do for someone else and then they are on their own in working through their problems. If you keep giving and giving you will have no energy left to give to yourself.

Perhaps it is time to practice a little bit of self caring to your own self. There are 8 tentacles in this card similar to that of an octopus. Did you know that if an octopus severs a tentacle it will grow back.

This is an interesting analogy to think of with your emotions because even when you lose someone from your life someone else will come into your life to take that person’s place.

Be careful that you do not keep repeating the same emotional mistakes because although you have numerous chances to start over again your best course of action is to take care of yourself first and not lose part of yourself in the first place.



Do you feel as if you have just “won” something in your life?

Perhaps it was you getting your point of view across or you feel as if you are ready to take on what life has to throw at you.

This card also shows that you have support for your efforts and will be victorious in what you wish to achieve.

If there is a situation that you have going on right now that this pertains to you may wish to also double-check that everything is in order for you to achieve your victory because if you turn this card upside down the reverse is true.

You will see yourself with no support, no direction in which to win and perhaps some opposition to your plans.

For this reason do not be too confident in what you think you have won because success can be a fleeting thing especially if you have hurt someone else in the process.



What do you do when you are trying to make your mind up about something and both sides of an argument you have going on in your head are weighing precariously close to each other so neither comes up as the right course of action you wish to take?

Do you ask for someone else’s advice or do you just keep the decision, choice you need to make to yourself and therefore put it off?

There is a situation around you that you need to make a decision on.

If you are putting that decision off because you feel you do not have all the facts then get all the facts because if you don’t this state of inertia will go on and on.

You may feel comfortable not deciding what to do but what of those around you who may be relying on a decision from you… weigh up your facts, ask the advice of someone if you need to and make your decision.



Does your mind seem to be in a bit of a muddle just now? Are you not able to hold onto what you thought you had whilst nothing around you is making much sense and you feel as if you have no power to act?

Take a good look at this card as things are not what they first appear. The Hanged Man is usually depicted hanging upside down and as you can see there is also a figure upright in this card however to his right there are 2 other figures upside down.

People may find you, on the outside, to be handling your life perfectly fine just now but that is on the surface. Inside there is inner conflict going on.

The type of conflict that has you showing one face to others and on the inside a different face to yourself.

You need to correlate between these two aspects of yourself what is true for you because if you are not feeling as positive on the inside as you are showing on the outside something’s going to give and by the look of this card it may be you losing a part of yourself because you are trying so hard to be seen by others as ok within yourself.



Is there something you are not facing in your life? Not seeing the whole picture on and just closing your eyes so you don’t have to look at what is really going on?

You will notice with this card that the person is “bound”… tied up in ropes the ends of which are not knotted together. What does that tell you?

It says that the thing that you are not wishing to face is possibly not as bad as you think it may be and that you can easily extricate yourself if you would only throw off the ropes that bind you and take the blindfold off your eyes.

In other words by braving to take a good look at what is going on around or within yourself and taking action to not be a victim you will find yourself free from whatever it is that is holding you back.



It’s time to put the wisdom you have within yourself and use it to make your world and your life a better place. Do not dwell on what has gone wrong for you in the past as this will hold you back.

The card of the Hermit is about going deep within yourself and finding your own inner light and bringing it back into your life with wisdom. You may need patience for this but don’t linger too long thinking about all the “what if’s”.

You have a chance to heal something within your life just now as can be seen from the snake on the stave held in the left hand.

A snake sheds its own skin for regeneration and regrowth. The left hand is also the hand that receives energy and the right hand sends it out. Perhaps what is holding you back is that you are not ready to send out the energy you are accumulating within the knowledge you are learning.

If this is the case you may need to ask yourself this question “if you are not ready now… when will you be ready”?



This card shows you trying to hold onto what you have and what the outcome may be if you lose what you are trying to hold onto. Is there something in your life just now that you are not wanting to share.

It may be something physical, emotional or mental but you are feeling as if you are not quite ready to let go of your thoughts on it yet while you get things clearer in your own mind before you open up to someone else.

You may find you are experiencing this from someone else where no matter how much you try to get the other person to share with you what is going on for them you are left in the dark and don’t know how to handle the situation or see a way forward.

If this is the case for you then take a step back. You may be needing more time to bring together the strands of thoughts, emotions you are working through and if it is someone else who is pushing you away because they have something to work through then it is always a good idea to give space to the other person and know they will reach out to you when they are ready.



Cups stand for emotions and as can be seen in this card there are some emotions you are better off without. A situation that has been lingering around you for too long and dragging you down needs to be let go of.

Focus on what you want the outcome to be for yourself rather than be dragged back down into thoughts that bring up emotional reactions within yourself that may be keeping the status quo but they are also keeping you stagnant, in limbo, waiting for something to change.

The image on this card beautifully depicts a breakthrough you will have and as that happens you gain a deeper understanding of what you need to do.

If you have been feeling as if you are going through something like this look at the number 8 on this card and imagine yourself pushing upward in one stroke to break through the surface of the water that surrounds you.




Special thanks to Zach Wong, the creator of Revelations Tarot, for his kind permission to use the images of his cards. 

This is a Lo Scarabeo deck, published by Llewellyn.


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