January 2018 Tarot Scopes by Melodie

ARIES: Transformation

With Mars and Jupiter moving through your 8th house this month, you may be thinking about closing the door on one chapter in your life and opening another.

The Transformation card is the Vision Quest Tarot’s version of the traditional tarot’s Death card.

It speaks of putting certain things to rest — whether that be a relationship that you’ve been holding onto for far too long, a belief system that no longer serves you, or material possessions that you’ve accumulated but no longer have any use for.

The Death card is scary for some. Because it represents having something we’ve grown accustomed to taken away. But this card focuses on the transformative effects of “Death” in that all that you release will not only be replenished, but will get you one step closer to your own evolutionary potential.

It reminds us that energy never dies and that nothing we’ve lost is ever really gone. It’s simply transformed and renewed, like the spirit of the owl overseeing the remnants of a tribal monument on this card. The animal’s carcass may be old and weathered, but the Moon in the sky is new, reminding us that endings always lead to new beginnings.

Sometimes the Universe shows us just what we don’t need by removing it from us forcefully from our grip. In this sense the “death” can be a painful undertaking. But if you choose instead to cooperate, it can be an incredibly liberating experience.

You may have to accept that the very thing you so desperately cling to is the one that’s holding you back. In this respect, it’s more about leaving behind something that probably wasn’t working for you anyway and moving toward something that you’re naturally more aligned with in the end.

Two of Cups

TAURUS: Two of Cups

Love, romance, closeness and intimacy are all highlighted for you this month with Mars and Jupiter both moving through your relationship sector. This card — the Two of Cups — is all about bonding intimately and passionately with another.

The Two of Cups speaks of falling in love, finding your other half, and connecting with another on such a powerful level that you become one.

It’s not always a love connection. It can refer to a close friendship, business partnership, or some other deep bond. It refers to the “sum of the parts being greater than the whole,” which reminds us that two heads (and hearts) are better than one.

In the context of romance though, this is a very loving and romantic card. This version — from Jennifer Galasso’s ethereal Crystal Visions Tarot — is about as romantic as you can get. In it, a pair of star-struck lovers bathe in a shimmering lotus pool under the light of a full moon.

There’s a sacred connection here, a blending of energies with the pouring of an essence from one cup to another and the tiny faerie that rises in the mist and bestows her blessings on the couple below.

This is the essence of the Two of Cups. It’s not just relating to another romantically, but also sharing, merging and uniting in love. The Venus / Mars conjunction in Aries increases your libido, sexual magnetism and physical chemistry.

It can also relate to finding your “soul-mate” or your other half. It brings with it the ability to see yourself through someone else’s eyes (and heart). In this respect it’s about falling in love with yourself — at your very best.

If you’re already involved in an established relationship, this card can relate to reinvigorating the love you felt upon first meeting. And if you’re not involved and just looking, it may very well be the time you find exactly what you’re looking for. Like these two figures, you may find yourself on the verge of a passionate, all-consuming affair. It can be riveting and it can be intoxicating, and as long as you keep your wits about you, it can also be a life-altering experience.

Knight of PentaclesGEMINI: Knight of Pentacles

This month, with seven planets moving through your work and money houses, you may be thinking of ways to increase your income or to conserve the income you already have.

This is the Knight of Pentacles from the gorgeous Prisma Visions Tarot deck. And like all the cards in this suit, the focus is on business and financial matters.

But it’s not just about about making money. It’s about preserving your resources while maximizing your potential, so that you’re always at least one step ahead of the game.

This is the essence of the Knight of Pentacles. Taking advantage of opportunities as they present themselves so that you’re always working toward your goals. It’s that unique combination of instinct and strategy that guarantees your success.

The Knight of Pentacles wants to think about where he’s going before he sets off toward his destination. He wants to consider his options before he expends any unnecessary energy. And once he gets going he knows how to conserve his resources so he can get to the finish line without having used them up.

There’s no question that he’ll meet his goals, and if this is someone in your life you can bet he’s here to teach you to do the same. There may be “mysterious forces” at work here too. Notice the Knight’s stallion in this card is not a stallion at all, but a magical unicorn, feasting on the giant berries at its feet. And the tree is etched with colorful esoteric symbols. Call it luck or call it fate, there are indications here that you’re able to align yourself with unseen cycles and trends.

Whether you’re working on generating more income, saving for the future or paying down debts, you can make a lot of headway toward securing your financial independence. The spirit of adventure is not lost here: it’s still a big part of this process. But it’s the foresight and efficiency with which you go about achieving your goals that makes them so achievable in the end.

Sun and Moon Tarot - Queen of CupsCANCER: Queen of Cups

You start the month (and the New Year) a Full Moon in your sign and several planets moving through your romance and relationship sectors.

These transits can open doors for you with respect to relationships with others; with friends, family, loved ones and romantic interests.

This is the Queen of Cups from the Sun and Moon Tarot. She stands in a shimmering pool of lotus blossoms, an ibis at her feet. The Full Moon behind her illuminates her presence and reflects her image in the water that surrounds her.

The Queen of Cups is sensitive, compassionate and nurturing. She’s also incredibly loving and giving; she’s known to forfeit her own needs as she focuses her attention on others.

She sometimes has to work on reining her emotions in, and you will have to do the same — especially if they threaten to jeopardize your relationships with loved ones.

The Sun, Moon, Venus Saturn and Pluto are all moving through your relationship sector this month. At the same time, Mars and Jupiter are moving through your romance sector. This combination can bring new people into your life, and can ramp up your connections with those who are already there. It can also turn out to be more than you bargained for in the end.

Relationships are emphasized, but so are relationship problems. Conflicts with others are put under the spotlight as the Full Moon takes place in your sign and the New Moon takes place in your relationship sector. Home, family and children will all feature prominently, but you’ll want to take some time to tend to your own needs as well.

The Queen of Cups reminds you that connecting with others — and more importantly caring for them — is rewarding on many different levels. While you may have neglected yourself while caring for others, now is the time for treating yourself, pampering yourself and restoring your own inner peace.

LEO: Four of Wands4 of Spirals

This is the month for honoring the relationships you have developed with loved ones and family members.

It’s a month for rejoicing and celebrating — whether this means planning for a party or special event, or getting yourself out of the doldrums and washing away the blues.

The Four of Wands — this version from the beautiful Chrysalis Tarot — takes the “dream big” energy that came with the Three of Wands and turns it into something tangible, solid and lasting. It represents a joyous celebration, such as a marriage, a promotion, the birth of a child.

It tells you that “this is only the beginning” of something you’ve already established and that it’s bound to just keep getting better.

You may be planning a special event — one which will be way more fun than you are anticipating. You are likely to meet people, have fun, put your worries aside and focus instead on the promise of friendship, companionship and socializing.

With Mars and Jupiter moving through your 4th house, you’ll be keeping the home fires burning. You may also be doing more entertaining or inviting new people into your inner circle.

This month is about expressing love and affection for those who are there for you even when the going gets tough. It’s about basking in the power of love — like the two bunnies in this card.

No matter what else you’re up against remember to be grateful for what you have. It’s not the time to isolate or withdraw from social opportunities. Look around you and take note of all you’ve accomplished thus far. Chances are good there’s a lot to be grateful for and a cause for celebration right there in front of you.

Queen of WandsVIRGO: Queen of Wands

This month you may be feeling more inspired to put yourself out there and express the skills and ideas you’re most passionate about.

This is time for feeling inspired. It’s a time to participate and experience life in its most vibrant, colorful form.  It’s a time to grow, evolve and learn. And to pass what you’ve learned onto others.

Whether you’re trying to make an impression at work or are hoping to leave your mark on the world in other ways, you should have no problem making your presence known.

The Queen of Wands — this version from Dana Driscoll’s Tarot of Trees — is warm, vibrant, confident and creative. She knows how to lead with her heart and to garner the respect of others.

She embodies the feminine or yin aspects of Fire (wands) energy: warmth, enthusiasm, energy and drive. She’s regal and majestic; dynamic and refined; confident and authoritative. She’s creative, expressive and passionate. She’s also very worldly and knowledgeable.

She may be someone in your life, an event or a part of yourself. She may be a supervisor, a parent, a friend or even some facet of yourself that has long been dormant. You will know her by her warmth, passion, creativity and confidence. There’s a fiery, impassioned energy about her, as well as a sort of reckless abandon. She may not always think things through; she’s more interested in getting things moving than seeing them through to fruition. Because of this, it may not be the best time to commit to long-term projects or goals.

It’s a great time for brainstorming, inventing and creating — and not so great for launching a project that is not yet fully formed. This is the essence of the Page (or Princess) of Wands. She can motivate and inspire you in your own life too. Ask yourself in what areas have you been too timid or uncertain, and how might incorporating some of her passion and bravery into your own life work to your advantage? Use this time to tap into your creative potential and save the business of accomplishing something big for another day.


White Tiger SevenLibra: Seven of Swords

The question you’re going to have to ask yourself this month is how much are you willing to give up to attain what you desire?

The Seven of Swords — like all Sevens — requires you to evaluate all the different sides of a complicated situation, and arrive at a solution that causes the least amount of distress.

It can refer to a moral dilemma or one with no easy answer, such as a decision that favors head over heart. It can also refer to the need for strategy and scrutiny as you plan every move.

You can see the predicament this Tiger finds himself in — from the Feng Shui Tarot — but you can also see how his quick thinking has gotten him out of it. At least for the time being. He still needs to figure out where he’ll go from here, but for now he’s made the right call.

That’s the hallmark of the Seven of Swords. It’s a tricky card that relates to an equally tricky dilemma. Do you risk letting go of what you treasure most just to save your neck? Or do you hold on for dear life, knowing that what you lose may be a far greater sacrifice in the end? Or like the Tiger in this card, you might have to decide between climbing higher (and putting more distance between you and the threat– but only temporarily) or risking your life to swim to safety.

There are elements of mischief, trickery and even thievery in this card. You may be tempted to engage in practices that are not aligned with your principles. Or you may be the recipient of someone else’s duplicity. But these same elements can be used to your benefit.

The Seven of Swords represents skill and ingenuity as well. You must have a sharp mind and a vigilant approach if you’re to navigate through some of the obstacles before you. Opportunities come your way, but there’s always a catch. Just like the Tiger perched precariously above the flood waters surrounding him, you’ll have to stay on your toes and be willing to improvise.


Scorpio: The LoversYoga Tarot - the Lovers

Mars and Jupiter now moving through your sign may put you in the mood for love this month. This is a highly seductive configuration, as Scorpio is the sign associated with intimacy and passionate romantic interludes.

The Lovers card — this version from the beautiful Yoga Tarot — is all about uniting with another, and falling in love. But it’s not always an easy or definitive love. Sometimes there are feelings of ambivalence or uncertainty, and sometimes there are choices to be made that can complicate things even more.

The figures in this card are clearly mesmerized by one another. They hold each other in a loving embrace, oblivious to the world around them. But life — and love — is not always so simple. You might notice the pair of serpents wending their way around the couple and locking in their fate.

This card can also indicate uncertainty in relationship or a decision that needs to be made. You may be wondering where you stand or whether someone you care about feels the same.

You may also be ready to fall head over heels in love and wondering when someone new is coming in. If you’re in love today and happy with your choices, remember to celebrate that love with the object of your affection. And if you’re not — if you’re out there like so many of the rest of us still looking: don’t give up.

This doesn’t mean the month will be without challenges.You’ll have to figure out ways to make your own unique relationship paradigm satisfying for you. When things are in sync in our relationships, everything else just seems to falls into place. And when they’re not, it’s hard to think about anything else.

The Lovers card — and this one in particular — can serve as a reminder that there’s someone out there for all of us, and that what is most important is having an open heart that you’re ready, willing and able to share with another.


Four of CoinsSAGITTARIUS: Four of Coins

This month you want to be thinking about aligning yourself with a prosperity consciousness and making your money work for you.

The Four of Coins is sometimes just the opposite — holding too tightly to what you have or being too resistant to change. But as you can see from the joyful figure in this card, it doesn’t have to be. It’s the difference between allowing yourself to be trapped by the reality you’ve created for yourself, and seeing it as a living, breathing and growing extension of you.

The Four of Coins — this version from the gorgeous Chinese Tarot by Jui Guoliang — can refer to a poverty consciousness or a hoarding mentality that creates blockages in your life and prevents new things from coming in.

In this regard it’s also about trust — or a lack of trust more specifically. The implication is that someone could take something from you (something you’ve ascribed a false sense of value to), which prompts you to hold on even more tightly (or hide it away).

With Saturn moving through your money house, and Mars and Jupiter moving through your house of “self-undoing,” make sure you’re not letting your fears get the best of you. The fear that something could be taken away can prevent you from allowing something new to come in. But loosening up the strings — like the figure in this card — can shatter that concept and turn it on its head.

Ask yourself, what are you holding onto too tightly and what potential opportunities are you missing out on as a result? It could be money or material possessions; or it could be loved ones or ideals. Whatever it is, remember that in protecting your own assets and keeping peril at bay, you’re also preventing new experiences from getting in.

Remember that the Universe doesn’t appreciate a vacuum. Letting go of your fears and aligning yourself with this consciousness can let the darkness (avarice, hoarding) out and the light (enlightenment, prosperity) in. Think about sharing what you have with others today, and giving something back.


Hanged man

CAPRICORN: The Hanged Man

Now that Saturn is finally back in your sign — the sign it rules and is therefore most “at home” — you may have to reconcile yourself to the fact that good things come to those who wait.

While you may be frustrated over something that’s taken longer than expected to materialize — such as a job, promotion, relationship, financial security, etc. — you can also rest assured that there

The Hanged Man refers to delays and obstacles, but often these are necessary — even if you don’t yet understand why.

In this version of the card — from Monica Knighton’s fabulous Stolen Child Tarot — we see an old tree with a human face and twisted branches that appear to be taking on a human form. Moss grows on the tree’s roots and acorns grow from its limbs. Vines are also wending their way up the trunk from one of the tree’s “hands,” while a bird’s nest rests in the other.

This tree has become “home” to a number of woodland creatures. In addition to the family of birds, there’s a squirrel scampering down one side and a spider and web on the other.

The Hanged Man refers to sacrifices as well as delays. Most often this is necessary and is for the greater good. We can see that this is the case with our tree. If it’s a tree taking on human form, it’s doing so over many many years, providing a safe haven for animals in the interim. And if it’s a human who’s forfeited his physical body to become one with the forest, then he’s made the ultimate sacrifice.

Think about the areas in your own life that have taken longer than expected to manifest. There may be a perfectly reasonable explanation, or it may be that there’s still work to be done. Either way you can rest assured that the reasons will become clear to you in time.


AQUARIUS: Page of CupsPage of Cups

This month you may find yourself contemplating important decisions and thinking about which direction you want to take moving forward. You may also be thinking about ways to bridge your inner and outer worlds and bring them to consensus.

Look at the imagery in this card — the Page of Cups from the Morgan Greer Tarot. There’s no pushing or pulling here: everything is flowing. It is a great opportunity to accept yourself and the many facets with your character without judgement just letting things flow in and out and around you.

Notice the little dots surrounding the upper part of the card where it is blue almost as if they are thoughts captured in the air and there are a lot of them to choose from. Yet there is no tension in this figure… thoughts come and thoughts go and still there is serenity and peace within you.

The fish jumping out of the cup gives the impression there is something you do need to be listening to though and the roses wrapped in front of the heart show that what you do learn will be emotional and not as difficult or painful as you think… notice there are no thorns on those rose stems.

The Page of Cups may be a person in your life: someone youthful and naive, with a child-like curiosity and trust in the Universe. If so, know that she’s here to teach you to embrace these qualities within yourself.

As we begin the New Year you should find that your mind is full of new ideas and thoughts and your heart is full of new emotions. Creativity is flowing around you and the world looks like a brighter place than it may have for a while.


Pisces: TemperanceTemperance

This month may see you feeling like getting away from it all, or escaping into a world of fantasy and illusion.

With your ruling planets (Jupiter and Neptune) both in water signs, and forming a harmonious (trine) aspect at different points during the month, you are likely to want to tap into your inner workings and seek out a peaceful refuge.

There’s a nebulous quality associated with this transit that can manifest as feeling overly dreamy, romantic and idealistic. But it can also translate as a desire to escape — from your responsibilities, uncomfortable situations, or the cold harsh glare of reality.

The Temperance card — this version from the beautiful Ceccoli Tarot —refers to bringing the opposing facets of your personality (or your relationships, or your desires) into alignment by finding the perfect middle ground. It represents peace and harmony, synthesis and equilibrium, moderation and restraint.

As you can see from the imagery in this card, nothing needs be sacrificed in attaining that balance. Just remember to rise above whatever situations in your life that are pulling you down, without rising so high that you neglect them or fail to take advantage of opportunities to learn from or grow from them.

The Temperance card is associated with finding balance in your life and bringing the disparate areas back into harmony. And the Neptune / Sun square is tied to the dissolution of ego and boundaries. Both of these things are depicted in this card.

You may feel lacking in energy or motivation today, and if you can take some time to rest, then by all means do so. There’s a lot to be said for putting all your worries aside and floating off somewhere on a cloud of contentment.



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January 2018 Tarot Scopes



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