June 2015 Tarot Scopes by Melodie

ARIES: Justice

This month you may find it necessary to make decisions that are fair and just — without regard your personal leanings. The Justice card refers to a conscious awareness of cause and effect, action and consequence, right and wrong.

It may be a situation that you’re personally involved in, such as a relationship that tugs at your heartstrings but is not in alignment with your principles. Or you may be asked to mediate a disagreement among friends. It’s not about choosing sides. It’s about being able to tap into the “truth” objectively and impartially.

In this version of the card — from the Sun & Moon Tarot — a butterfly girl hovers in the sky behind a scale. She strives to maintain her balance using the blade of her giant sword. A flaming heart is weighed against a single white feather in the scales.

A yin / yang symbol is at the top of the scales and the Hebrew letter “tet” is at the base. Among other things, the tet  symbol refers to wisdom and truth.

The Justice card speaks of balancing head against heart and desire against logic. While we all strive to keep these areas in sync, it’s a constant and precarious battle.

Sometimes the heart rules and sometimes it’s the head. But if you rise above the situation (like the girl in the card) you’ll be better equipped to achieve perspective. Sometimes we have to get some altitude in order to see things from outside of our earthly attachments.

The Justice card encourages you to seek the answers to your most pressing concerns through objectivity and conscious awareness. If you rely too much on head, heart will suffers and vice versa. But if you can find a way to balance the two, the truth will reveal itself in the end.

Four of Wands

TAURUS: Four of Wands

If you look back over the past several months, what would you say your greatest achievements have been?

This image — from the Fantastical Tarot — shows your imagination running away with you, and perhaps there’s something that was neglected in the past that you wish to carry forward in the months to come.

Do not be concerned that you’ve failed in any way, as it may have just been a matter of timing. You’ve laid the groundwork over the last few months so that now you can begin to realize your dreams.

The garden (your plan) is well tended. You’ve laid out some very impressive groundwork in getting started. The four pillars are lined with symbols of growth alongside the green beacons which shine and provide inspiration.

The hill in the background is vividly green even under the light of a full moon at night and this implies that you will find the answers you seek for you plan without much need for more searching.

Help will come to you and that help will be both inspirational and practical. If nothing else, you should enjoy yourself and let your imagination soar. You may have put down the practicalities of the groundwork you need for your goals but what you seek for your next step is not so practical.

Like the Unicorn in this image it may require a little magical thinking alongside a wish or two. Keep this in mind if you are tempted to rush into action, as sitting back and daydreaming may get your further than anything else you could possibly do.

Three of Cups

GEMINI: Three of Cups

This month you want to take a break from work and responsibilities to focus on social activities with friends and loved ones.

The Three of Cups — this version from the Hezicos Tarot — represents people gathering together to connect, interact and celebrate. It’s a happy, joyful energy that can manifest as a party or celebration, or it could be as simple as a girls night out.

Either way it’s a time of merriment and gaiety. Hanging out with like-minded people and expressing hospitality and goodwill. There’s no room for fretting about work, and none of this sitting around ironing out political or ideological differences.

This month’s New Moon (in your sign) on the 16th fits perfectly with the sense of playfulness seen in this version of the card. The three figures are virtually identical: Whether they’re best friends or siblings (triplets!), the sense of sisterhood and camaraderie are emphasized.

In terms of romance the Three of Cups can refer to reconnecting with an old flame or reuniting with an ex. It can also manifest as a natural progression from the Ace of Cups (an attraction) and the Two of Cups (a mutual attraction) to the Three of Cups (taking that attraction to the next level).

Whether you’re celebrating your own good fortune or raising your glass to toast another’s, the Three of Cups serves as a reminder that there’s always something to be grateful for, and always someone to share your gratitude with.

Wheel of FortuneCANCER: Wheel of Fortune

Be conscious of the decisions you make this month, as well as the words you use to communicate your needs. Remember that all you put out there has far reaching consequences particularly in the way you express yourself to others.

The Wheel of Fortune, refers to karma, fate and destiny. Reaping and sewing. The Law of Attraction. The winds of change. It’s a reminder that all we send out comes back to us in some form or another. It may not be now; it may be months or years or even lifetimes away.

You may also need to let go of painful associations. This can be an important step toward clearing up the negativity in your life, especially if you’re holding onto something (or someone) that no longer serves you.

The Wheel of Fortune — this version from the Tarot of Trees deck is all about life’s natural cycles and rhythms. It can bring exciting new opportunities or challenges you have to face. There are as many ups and downs as there are highs and lows. One day you’re “on top of the world” and the next you’re clawing your way back up from the bottom.

Remember that as one one door closes, another one opens — just as the wheel turns and the seasons change.

This month you want to find ways to voice your intentions while at the same time putting disappointments and heartaches behind you. You’ll have to look at where the actions you’ve taken and the decisions you’ve made have led you to the here and now. In doing so, and in choosing to participate in your own destiny, you can determine where this next chapter leads.

Five of SwordsLEO: Five of Swords

Your card this month is the Five of Swords, which is a card that usually denotes friction, sharp words with others or even legal disputes.

However, the imagery on this version — from the Yoga Tarot deck — looks as if the friction, negative thoughts or any disputes you are having are within your “self” and it is time to look within for the answers and seek inner clarity.

There is something very “night and day” about this card. It is as if you can just extend your hand through an invisible shield and there you have the opposite thought, feeling or circumstance to what you are experiencing now in the present.

You are poised, you are in alignment, you are concentrating and yet what you see is a mirror image with perhaps no answers just yet in what you are trying to achieve and indeed what you may be trying to achieve is calmness and contemplation itself without the need to act or speak out.

To just let all around you take its course while you remain calm and untouched yet always with the awareness of what is going on without and within you.

Be aware of your thoughts changing, your inner dialogue expanding and what these differences mean to you at that time. With both Jupiter and Venus moving through your sign this month, you will have plenty of opportunities to express yourself creatively. But it’s going to be important to balance out the activity swirling around you with quiet time and time for reflection.

Do not try to hold onto emotions that come up for you… let them go… remain in the present and enjoy the experience of looking at yourself reflected perfectly as you are in the present moment.

FS-MagicianVIRGO: The Magician

This month should see you tapping into your own creative energy and harnessing “powers” that you didn’t even know you had. The Magician card refers to making something happen through your own skill, cunning and initiative.

Think about areas in your own life where you’ve felt you didn’t have what it takes to accomplish your goals.It could be a career move or a relationship decision or even a personal change such as dieting, quitting smoking, tackling self-defeating thought processes, etc.

The Magician card tells you that you not only do have the powers to make these things happen, but you’ve had them all along. In this version of the card — from the Feng Shui Tarot — the  Magician is high up in the mountains amidst the clouds and open air.

The four cardinal points of the compass — the Black Tortoise, Red Phoenix, White Tiger and Green Dragon — are all here. They correlate archetypally to the four elements (fire/wands, water/cups, air/swords and earth/pentacles respectively.

The Magician himself is poised gracefully in their midst. This is a common theme among the different versions: having all of the necessary resources within reach.

Fire = action, initiative and drive. Water = emotions, feelings and intuition. Air = intellect, ideas and decisions. Earth = Structure, boundaries and material concerns. Together these assets make for some powerful “magic” that you can tap into and harness at will.

Ask yourself: “What is it I need to learn today?” or “What is it I have to teach?” The Magician encourages you to tap into your highest personal reservoirs and to access skills you may not even realize you have. Whether you are the teacher today or the student, tap into that Sun / Uranus energy as well: it may just be the spark that’s needed to get you moving in the right direction.

The StarLibra: The Star

This month should bring comfort to you as well as peace and inspiration. The Star card comes as a reminder that even in our darkest hours there is still room for hope. There’s still compassion, redemption and the promise of salvation.

The Star card — from Marie White’s stunning Mary-el Tarot — brings this reminder to life, with the Star taking on an angelic form and spreading her love out over a sea of humanity.

The angel figure in this card glides through, above and among an infinite crowd of nameless / faceless beings. She is above them and at one with them at the same time. A unicursal hexigram is imprinted on her gown and the stigmata markings of Christ are imprinted on her skin.

The human figures in this card spread out as far as the eyes can see, becoming one with the landscape and the angel herself. You can see their forms becoming less and less distinct as they blend into the hills and valleys that stretch back toward the horizon.

The Star card is associated with communion, compassion and unconditional love. It’s associated with dreams and visions, beauty, harmony, kindness and grace. It’s also associated with sacrifice, a theme referenced here in the markings on the angel’s palms, feet and forehead.

The unicursal star is a symbol of continuity. It’s also said to reference man reaching up to God and God reaching down to man. This is the message behind the Star card : that we’re not only all “one” but are also all a part of God, however we may experience him (or her).

The Star card reminds us of the need to rise above our petty grievances and to hold onto one another, especially when the going gets tough. The messages of love and redemption contained in this card can only serve us well.

Three of WandsSCORPIO: Three of Wands

This month you may feel like you’re bursting at the seams with the passion and confidence needed to put some of your biggest long-term goals in place.

The Three of Wands speaks of a renewed sense of purpose, clarity and motivation – the desire and willingness to “make something happen!”

You may already have a new project in the works, in which case you’re probably already beginning to see the fruits of your labors pay off. Or you may be on the verge of launching something new, and if that’s the case, there’s no better time than the present.

The Three of Wands embodies such a powerful life-force energy that it never permits itself to be “still.” It’s always growing, evolving and improving. Notice how the Pegasus — this version from the Archeon Tarot —  is both watching over his shoulder (toward what has already been accomplished) and preparing to take flight.

There’s a nobility also associated with this card, which is befitting the majestic stance of our winged friend.

You may have recently discovered that you’ve found your life’s purpose. Or you may be just now acting on aspirations that you were too afraid to reach for in the past. Either way, this card speaks of a new burst of inspiration, a second wind, and the confidence with which to see it through.

If you’re starting something new try to inject yourself fully into it starting now, as from this point forward, you’re going to have opportunities to expand your horizons. Whether that means through travel, enterprise, education or career, the Three of Wands tells you that now is the time to spread your wings and fly!

Seven of CupsSAGITTARIUS: Seven of Cups

This month may shape up to bring you many different choices and none of them too clear! You may be experiencing a bit of confusion when it comes to straight thinking.

Your relationship ruler (Mercury) is retrograde in the beginning of the month and will be in its shadow period until almost the end. This can turn everything on its head for you in the romance department, but as you can see in the imagery of this card there are other choices as well.

If you have important decisions to make this may not be the time to make them. And you don’t want to feel pressured into giving answers that you do not have or pushed into a course of action you’ll later regret.

The image on this card — from the Morgan Greer Tarot — conjures up many different avenues you can take. Do you choose wealth, power or fame? What about beauty, adventure, talent or luck? All of these things are shown in the cups, each more enticing than the last.

Notice the cups are all rising up from the clouds. There is no clear answer here. You’re given all these choices with no real logic to help you decide.

The Seven of Cups is a card of confusion. This may very well be brought about by someone else. Someone who’s close to you and causing problems through their own indecision or lack of conviction.

If this is the case your best course of action may be to go your own merry way and not wait around for them to decide. Give yourself some time to see your way clear on what you wish to do next and remember don’t wait for someone who is causing you confusion and messing you around to come up with the answers you are searching for.

shadowscapes-APCAPRICORN: Ace of Cups

Now is a time of getting closer to your emotions and perhaps a little more compassionate, receptive and intuitive.

The Ace of Cups — from the Shadowscapes Tarot — depicts this energy beautifully. You can see ripples emanating from the base of the chalice that rests at the bottom of the card. Waves of movement and energy flow from the mouth of the chalice as well, as small schools of fish and fairies swim along in the currents.

The Ace of Cups is a card of emotional abundance and fulfillment. It’s “love” in its purest form: the compassionate, unconditional, all-encompassing form of love that is the essence of the Pisces archetype.

You may be making bold strides toward immersing yourself into these realms. There’s a pull toward increased creativity, inspiration and intuition as well.

If there’s a downside to this energy, it’s the tendency to lack motivation and purpose. Too much “going with the flow” can see you being carried aimlessly along with life’s currents. You want to keep this is mind when it comes to making decisions and asserting your needs to others. This is a time of giving and receiving: and you can derive as much pleasure through giving as you can through expressing gratitude for all that you receive.

The Ace of Cups represents a bottomless and reflective pool of love, compassion and emotional expression. You want to open your heart and let that love flow both from you and to you — while at the same time keeping your boundaries clearly defined.

Eight of WandsAQUARIUS: Eight of Wands

June may very well start out with a bang for you! As you find yourself immersed in numerous different projects, each as important as the other.

You may have so much going on that it becomes difficult to figure out where to direct your attention. And you may have so much on your plate that you feel the need to rush as you scramble to get things accomplished.

The Eight of Wands — this version from the 78 Tarot — is all about action, progress and momentum. It’s about getting things done and making things happen.

It may be as simple as ticking off all the little things on your to-do list. It may be as significant as making great headway on an important project. And it may be the monumental task of setting your long term plans in motion.

Although you may have thought you’d have a chance to lay back and relax this month, you’re more likely to be busier than ever. While it might feel to you like there just aren’t enough hours in the days, you could be surprised when they’re all over at how much you really accomplished.

The Eight of Wands can also refer to travel. In that respect it relates to being literally and physically on the go. Are you planning a trip? Use this extra energy to make preparations.

Keep in mind that you may have some problems establishing priorities. The Eight of Wands tends to throw a lot of “stuff” at you all at once and you may think that all of it is important. But you’re going to have to sift through your responsibilities, separate them for your desires, and figure out what needs to be done first.

DW-2PPISCES: Two of Pentacles

You may find yourself having to weigh the pros and cons of an important decision this month. Whether this is related to business, relationships, money, or even a new way of approaching existing problems, it’s bound to be weighing heavily on you.

Pentacles relate to tangible or material concerns. In this respect it could be as simple as juggling funds — as in trying to keep afloat financially. You may have to figure out what needs to be attended to right this very minute, and what can safely be put aside until later.

There’s a certain agility that’s required here. Even though in this version of the card — from the Dreaming Way Tarot — the Pentacles are encircled by a cord (fashioned into a lemniscate or infinity symbol) it’s still necessary to hold onto both of them so that you don’t drop the ball.

Patience and dexterity are also necessary, to not only maneuver around the obstacles that may be preventing you from managing your priorities, but also for getting in sync with your own intuition.

The infinity symbol itself is important: even though the figure in this card may appear to be in a hypnotic trance, he’s more likely just aligning himself with the natural rhythms of day to day life. It takes as much concentration as it does skill to be able to pull that off.

Think about what you need to balance this month as opposed to what deserves your undivided attention. It may require levels of dexterity that you didn’t even know you had. If you can pull it off though and find ways to satisfy one area without neglecting the other, it should be tremendously rewarding for you in the end


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