May 2016 Tarot Scopes by Melodie

ARIES: Five of Cups

You may be dealing with relationship issues this month that force you to face some difficult realities. You could be struck by a sense of discontent and disillusionment over what once seemed like a “magical” union but is now developing cracks. Misunderstandings or miscommunications can abound, sending you hurdling back to earth and back to the reality of your situation.

Look at the imagery in this card. We see a mythical Unicorn seated atop an old-fashioned wishing well. At first glance it looks like something you’d expect to come across in a fairy-tale. But if you look closer, you can see that the Unicorn is not seated at all. He’s trapped in the well and has been hobbled, immobilized by his unfortunate circumstances.

The water flowing from the sides of the well has slowed down to a trickle. He looks away from the set of withering vines on the left and toward those that are lush and plentiful on the right. The skeleton key symbol over his heart is reminiscent of the astrological glyph used for Greek Mythology’s wounded healer, Chiron.

How might this imagery apply to you? And what can you learn from the circumstances that make this card now relevant in your life?

The Five of Cups — this version from the Mary-el Tarot — can refer to heartache, disillusionment and lost love. You could be stuck in rut, reeling from a rejection or coming to terms with a relationship that was never meant to be. You may also—just like the Unicorn in this card—be refusing to see what no longer sustains you. There is as much danger in not learning from your mistakes as there is in focusing only on what might be.

But there are positive aspects of this card as well. There are messages to be unraveled and lessons to be learned. Perhaps the “wounded healer” aspect provides you with an insider’s understanding of what it’s like to hurt, to be alone, and to be denied the very thing you’ve so desperately wanted.

Your heartache becomes a powerful conduit for healing. It can also become a gift that you pass onto others: the gift of empathy. Your own experiences lead to a deeper understanding of what others may be dealing with, and can translate into compassion, understanding, forgiveness and unconditional love.


Ten of Pentacles

TAURUS: Ten of Pentacles

You have the knowledge and power to do as you wish this month. The Ten of Pentacles — this version from Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and Barbara Moore’s beautiful Shadowscapes Tarot — is about money, success and acquiring that which you desire.

Look at the imagery in this card. The lovely flowing rhythm to this Ten of Pentacles implies that all is well for you in this regard and finances are flowing in an abundant direction.

You ride on the tail of the dragon and where you sit looks pretty comfortable and nothing is going to topple you off. All is around you for the taking.

As you relax and survey your surroundings from this viewpoint you also have in your lap an orange ball. The colour orange is linked to the second chakra from which creativity springs.

As you hold it in your left hand you are drawing towards yourself the very talents you need to let loose to enjoy success.

Your right hand is open wide as if you are reaching for the pentacle in the centre of the card yet you do not need to overexert yourself as you know the pentacle shall come to you as success is assured.

The dragon that you sit on also gives a sense of kundalini energy coursing through you and as it reaches its zenith all that you need to know is revealed.

The castle in the background denotes that for the time being you are not too attached to earthly possessions and that your way forward in acquiring more wealth comes to you through your artistic or creative endeavours.

The New Moon is in your sign this month, forming a grand trine to Pluto and the North Node. You can use this to your advantage by focusing on comfort and pleasure rather than blood, sweat and tears.Use this time to get into your zone and strive to do less work while at the same time making more money.


Chrysalis Tarot Nine of Swords

GEMINI: Nine of Scrolls

All may seem as if it is the dark of night for you this month, but there is hope in this card as can be perceived by the hues of pink (love) and mauve and purple (spirituality) layered throughout the image.

This is the Chrysalis Tarot’s version of the Nine of Swords. Here it’s called the Nine of Scrolls.

As you can see in this image, eight scrolls lay as if lost and never to be seen again. Yet it is the last scroll you hold in your hand that you may have given up on may actually pave the way for you to see your way clear.

A situation you are involved in may be causing you to lose sleep whilst also giving you all sorts of nightmares about “what if’s.”

But if you looked more closely at what you were worrying about does it seem that it is the negative thoughts that have power over you or is the threat you feel to your emotions “real?”

Saturn and Mars are both not only retrograde for the entire month of May, but they are also both opposing your sign.

Because of this, you may not be seeing things around you clearly as you immerse yourself in the situation as you perceive it and that may not be how others perceive things.

You are surrounded in love (pink dress) and you have golden wings which are already set in a position for you to fly out and rise above what is troubling you. Sometimes all seems darkest before the dawn and the only way is up.


lizardCANCER: Lizard

This month you may find yourself having to defend your belief systems to others. Or you may be called upon to express your opinions aggressively and with conviction.

This is not going to be the time to waiver or back down. It’s all about standing up for what you believe in, even if you find yourself at odds with the masses.

The Lizard — or Seven of Branches in the Animal Wisdom Tarot — is associated with the Seven of Wands in traditional tarot. It’s all about holding your ground and not allowing yourself to be backed into a corner. It’s about refusing to take the easy way out or to concede defeat.

Look at how vibrant and colorful this lizard is. He’s not about to be toned down or forced into complacency. His confidence may be bolstered by the branches that frame him on either side, but you can see that they offer little protection.

The rainbow behind him though says that he’s standing up for something he truly believes in. His ideals are noble and his intentions are grand — even as he loudly proclaims them.

The downside of this energy is the forcefulness with which he depends his territory. He may feel threatened which is why he’s puffed himself out there in an attempt to make himself look bigger than he is.

Keep this in mind this month as you find yourself clamoring to make your own voice be heard. Make sure you’re aligned with the principles that you defend and are not just squawking about something you don’t even believe in.


DM-KPLEO: King of Pentacles

You find yourself in a position of power or authority this month, overseeing something that’s become near and dear to your heart.

Perhaps you’ve invested your energy into a business that’s paying off financially. Or maybe you’re seeing results in another area — as in a relationship that’s showing signs of renewal, or a child that’s blossoming under your careful guidance.

Whatever it is, you can be sure that it’s your skill and acumen that’s steering the course of success.

The King of Pentacles — this version from Patrick Valenza’s Deviant Moon Tarot —  is a shrewd and cunning businessman who applies these qualities to all areas of his life.

Notice his “crown” made up of an industrial type building and the factories — up and running even under the dark of night — directly behind him. This ties in well with the New Moon taking place in your career sector this month, reminding you of the need to keep a watchful eye over everything you’re on charge of.

You may be reluctant to delegate responsibility to others. The phrase “if you want something done you may as well do it yourself” speaks directly to you, but may not always be in your best interests.

If you struggle with trusting that things will get done without your input, keep in mind that giving up control and allowing others to show you what they’re made of can benefit you more in the end.

There’s a feminine aspect to this King: note the red lipstick, painted nails, raised pinky and high heeled shoes. He’s not all blustering masculine bravado. The message here seems to be a need to incorporate nurturing and protection if you want to reap the full benefits of your enterprise.

Ace of SwordsVIRGO:
Ace of Swords

This month all of the planets that rule all your primary astrological axes are retrograde. As a result you may find yourself struggling to maintain balance and struggling to find ways to move forward rather than reverting to old patterns.

The Ace of Swords — this version from the gorgeous Crystal Tarot — speaks of accessing your problem-solving skills and finding ways to clear up communications missteps and misunderstandings.

This card calls for discretion, diplomacy and harmony, and encourages you to be more objective in your thinking. It invites you to cut through the confusion and uncertainty, and adopt a clearer perspective.

Notice the images of the crescent moons that frame this card, They represent the Crescent and Balsamic Moons, which fall on either side are the new Moon. These crescent Moon symbols are repeated on the Sword’s hilt.

The Sword plunging into the depth’s of the ocean (emotions) and piercing the crab on its floor, speaks of getting to the heart of the matter, pushing past confusion and subjective emotions to arrive as a workable solution.

It’s up to you to decide how you want to wield your sword. Are you ready to stand up for what you believe in, even if it goes against status quo expectations? Are you ready to make a decision about something you were unsure about in the past? Are you ready to take back your power?

You want to be conscious about what you “put out there” this month — through your words and through your actions. The Ace of Swords encourages you to speak truthfully, but to do so from the heart. Be considerate of the feelings of others: remember that words can be both helpful and hurtful, so use yours wisely.


the ChariotLibra: The Chariot

This month you’re going to be thinking about taking greater control of your life and being a more active participant in your destiny.

The Chariot card — this version from the Jaen Tarot — speaks of getting into the driver’s seat and taking charge of where you’re heading — and that means you must also be willing to take responsibility for any missteps along the way.

In the past it may have been easier to blame outside forces for setbacks in your life. Or it may have felt safer to remain passive and allow others to take control.

But the Chariot card says it’s time to step up, stop making excuses and start living your own life.

Traditional versions of this card are often more aggressive and chaotic, with the charioteer struggling to harness and rein in opposing forces. The emphasis is on concentration, restraint, determination and drive.

But this is a softer more zen-like version. The figure in the card with her long wild tresses streaming behind her is at “one” with the creatures on whose backs she glides.

Her stance is placid and her command is gentle as she holds the reins in one hand and uses her other to remind them of just who is in charge. All three have their eyes closed and appear to be completely in sync as they move toward their destination.

This is the essence of the Chariot card. It’s the understanding that all parts of any “machine” have to operate in harmony in order to attain be effective.  If you’re willing to embrace that philosophy — and if you can stand up and take hold of the reins in your own life — you can accomplish anything.


The EmpressSCORPIO: The Empress

It’s time to take things easy, sit back and not react to what is going on around you. Why should you when you are feeling so emotionally relaxed?

With several earth sign planets making favorable aspects to your ruler this month, you should be experiencing a sense of peace and well-being. You’ll also have the capacity to clear up any emotional problems you have been experiencing or trying to get to the bottom of.

You may be feeling so content that you don’t expect anything to go wrong for you. It’s a great time to become clear in your own mind where you want to go next.

It is as if you are sitting back and enjoying the easy way this day is panning out for you. You may have things to do but there is no urgency in accomplishing them especially if they are related to emotions or relationships.

In fact, any relationships around you just now will be feeling the beneficial effects of the grand trine so don’t go rocking any boats by trying to cause an argument or open something up for discussion if you know for a fact it will lead to choppy waters and not a calm sea.

You are striving for calmness this month so you are ready to face “come what may” another time. This is the time to rearrange your thoughts and emotions so they are in tune with you and what you want from a situation.

Look at the Empress in this card — from Nigel Jackson’s Fortuna’s Wheel Tarot. Notice how her foot is just peeking out from under her gown.

When you are ready to act and have consolidated your thoughts in line with your inner calmness you will simply get up and put your best foot forward and all will fall into place. Much like the pretty pink sky that you find yourself basking under here.


Page of SwordsSAGITTARIUS: Page of Swords

Pay attention to messages you receive this month as they may be veiled or cloaked in double meanings.

The Page of Swords — this version from Yoshitaka Amano’s Amano Tarot — is a messenger card and is known for ferreting out the truth. But this “two-faced” version implies that things are not always as they seem and may come about through deception or duplicity.

You may uncover a deception or meet with someone whose motives prove to be disingenuous. Or you may have the be the bearer of uncomfortable news yourself, in which case you find yourself needing to deliver it carefully and diplomatically.

The Page of Swords is all about communications, ideas, information and news. He (or she) is generally very curious, a good judge of character, quick to size up others and able to see through ulterior motives and agendas.

In this respect it’s very difficult to hide anything from the Page of Swords. Yet this Page appears to be good at hiding his own true motives: presenting one face to the outer world while hiding his true identity in the background.

Communications are going to be important for you this month, with Mercury retrograde and both Mars and Saturn (also retrograde) in your sign.

Because of this you’ll want to be particularly careful at how you communicate your ideas to others. These aspects arenot known for tact or diplomacy. The potential for being at odds with others or getting into a disagreement with someone is high.

But be careful too that you don’t make assumptions about someone’s motives that turn out to be colored by your own paranoia. The downside of this card is the potential for distorting information or reading into it something that is simply not there.

The challenge for you this month is to figure out a way to look at the whole picture without accepting things at face value. While there’s likely to be more than meets the eye with respect to any communications, your goal should be to work on getting at the truth and disregarding anything that detracts you from that goal.

Seven of RingsCAPRICORN: Seven of Rings

This month you may want to take a step back from something you’ve been investing your time and energy into, to get a feel for where things stand. It could be a career move, a relationship, a spiritual journey, a set of personal goals — whatever it is you’ve set your sights on in the hopes of producing long-term results.

The Seven of Pentacles (“Rings” in the Tarot of the Zirkus Magi deck) is all about taking stock of how far you’ve come and then either making the necessary adjustments or jumping back in with a renewed sense of confidence and enthusiasm.

In this version of the card, a colorful carousel spins around the midway, lighted from the horizon by an enormous full Moon. This nighttime scene reminds us that what we set in motion keeps on moving, relative to the amount of effort we put into it. If we’ve done the work, it’s going to keep on producing results long after we’re tucked in for the night.

The Seven of Rings is a card of momentum. It tells us that there really is no finite beginning or end. You can step on or off at any point, knowing that taking the time to assess and re-evaluate your goals is an important part of the process.

If you’ve put the right amount of time, energy and effort into whatever it is you’re hoping to achieve, then pausing to get an overview won’t slow you down now. If you need to make changes, this is the time to do so.

You’re probably not where you want to be just yet, but that’s part of the message behind this card. It’s a work in progress and is always more about the journey than it is the destination. As long as you can see that you’re making headway each time you get back on the horse, you’re going to be happy with the outcome no matter where you choose to get off.


Princess of WandsAQUARIUS: Princess of Wands

This month you’re going to be feeling more upbeat and optimistic about the future and just happy to be alive. This is a time for trusting your instincts, pursuing your passions and reveling in the spirit of adventure.

The Princess of Wands (the Druid Craft Tarot’s version of the Page of Wands) — is all about seizing the moment and embracing your experiences with every fiber of your being.

The Princess of Wands is passionate, confident and adventurous. She’s not afraid to put herself out there and show the rest of the world what she’s made of.

She’s enthusiastic and eager to make things happen. She may not always think things through though; she’s more interested in getting things moving than seeing them through to fruition.

Like all of the Pages in the tarot, there’s the promise of a wide open road ahead of you. A world of possibilities that have yet to be discovered. And unlimited resources for you to tap into.

There’s a fiery, impassioned energy about this Princess of Wands. She stands poised and ready to go, with her vibrant garb, tossled hair and imposing staff all testaments to her dynamic presence. There’s a sense of being on the verge of starting something new and exciting today— even if you don’t know yet exactly what that is.

Keep in mind though that there’s a sort of reckless abandon associated with the Princess of Wands, and as such it’s probably not the best time to commit to long-term projects or goals. It’s a great time for brainstorming, inventing and creating — and not so great for launching a project that is not yet fully formed. Use this time to tap into your creative potential and save the business of accomplishing something big for another day.


King of CupsPISCES: King of Cups

The King of Cups is intuitive, sensitive and wise. And in this version — from Nicoletta Ceccoli’s beautiful Ceccoli Tarot — he is a she.

And what, pray tell, do you think she is doing looking like a little girl in a nursery playing with her toys? If you look closely though you will see that the gown she is wearing actually mimics that of a sea.

The boat, with the young man… whose hands are held out to her, is actually sailing towards her and the sea dragons who surround him in an effort to hold him back are also creatures within the “sea” of her dress.

This image of the King of Cups says it’s ok to play around a little with what you are feeling, nothing is going to come up and grab you as long as you keep the “nightmares” away from you.

These nightmares may encompass a relationship where you are keeping the other person at arm’s length in a bid to keep yourself safe because your feelings have been hurt in the past and you are not willing to open your heart again and let them in.

If you find this is the case and the other person is willing to go through thick and thin to break down your barriers even at great risk to themselves, then you may wish to cut them some slack.

You can shake out those demons, which are not only holding you back but holding the whole situation back as they stop anyone getting close to you.

Sit yourself down, brush yourself off, find the inner child within yourself and set forth again under your own terms knowing your heart is safe this month. There are several positive Neptune transits throughout the month, and as Neptune is your ruler and represents the stuff that dreams are made of, it’s time to think about making yours come true.


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