October 2018 Tarot Scopes by Melodie


ARIES: The Swan

Your card this month — the Swan (Temperance card) from the Animal Wisdom Tarot, describes a need to go with the flow and to bring the conflicting desires of your being back toward the center.

With your ruler (Mars) getting ready to cross its shadow point, you can put some of your recent setbacks to rest, and focus on bringing balance and harmony back into your life.

This card is called the Angel of Alchemy in this deck. And it certainly looks like an angel. Its beautiful wings are spread wide and welcoming and it’s snow white feathers glisten above the surface of the lake. It glides just inches above the water (feelings, emotions, the unconscious, etc.) — not so far removed that is detaches completely, but not so close that it allows itself to become immersed.

We could all take a page from the Swan’s book in our dealings with others as well as the ways we treat ourselves. Getting just enough altitude to see things from a clearer perspective without neglecting what lies beneath.

The Temperance card refers to bringing the opposing facets of your personality (or your relationships, or your desires) into alignment by finding the perfect middle ground. It represents peace and harmony, synthesis and equilibrium, moderation and restraint.

As you can see from the glorious Swan in this card, nothing needs be sacrificed in attaining that balance. Just remember to rise above whatever situations in your life that are pulling you down, without rising so high that you neglect them or fail to take advantage of opportunities to learn from or grow from them.


six of cupsTAURUS: Six of Cups

This month, with Venus (your ruler) turning retrograde in your relationship house, you may feel as if you are being pulled back in time. You may be reminiscing about the past, or longing for the comforts and companionships that have gone by the wayside over time.

This is the Six of Cups from Paulina Cassidy’s gorgeous Joie de Vivre Tarot. It refers to nostalgia, reminiscing and revisiting happier memories from days gone by.

You could hear from an old friend unexpectedly. Someone who’s been on your mind and who takes you on a trip down memory lane, reminding you of long-forgotten times.

This card is also about finding pleasure in the simpler things in life. It says it’s time to kick your shoes off and have fun rather than getting bogged down with responsibilities. All those will be exactly where you left them later on, so for now put them all aside and try to recapture the spirit of those carefree days gone by.

Take some time to find your own sacred space; and reflect on the things that have brought you to where you are now. If you can’t get away you can still recapture some of the magic of those simpler times, and use it to restore your sense of peace.

You may be missing someone this month, or looking forward to a reunion with someone from your past. Old memories may come flooding in. And while it may not be useful for you to dwell too long on them, the overall feelings are those of genuine contentment and goodwill.


Seven of PentaclesGEMINI: Seven of Pentacles

This month you may be feeling frustrated over something that’s taken longer to manifest than you’d hoped for. While the urge to push ahead and move things at a faster pace will be strong, the Seven of Pentacles encourages you to do otherwise.

It says it’s time to step back, test the waters, and assess the progress you’ve already made before you plan your next move. It’s about getting your ducks in a row and taking the time to finesse your plans before you act on them — even if you’re tempted to push forward prematurely.

In this version of the card — from the Deviant Moon Tarot — a little witch figure stands before a tree under the light of a New Moon. Perhaps she needs some of the tree’s life essence to cast a spell. But she pokes at it with her wand and draws blood.

We can see all seven pentacles growing on the limbs of the tree, but there are no leaves and no flowers: they too are not quite ripe for the picking. There’s a sense that it’s just not time; she’s just not ready; and there are still preparations to be made.

Think about the things in your own life that need still need time to develop and mature. It could be a promotion that feels like it’s taking too long to materialize. It could be a relationship that’s not moving forward as quickly as you’d like. Or you may be just feeling frustrated with the pace things are moving in your day to day life.

The Seven of Pentacles refers to a need for patience, planning and perseverance, especially in areas you’ve already invested your time and energy. It speaks of the need to allow things to unfold on their own, rather than trying to force them along prematurely.

You already know that when you try to rush something to completion before its time you run the risk of losing all the momentum you’ve already gained. So for now, step back and focus on how far you’ve come rather than allowing yourself to wallow in frustration over how much is left to be done.

Seven of CupsCANCER: Seven of Cups

This month there are two planers changing direction, and both of them in your relationship sectors. Venus turns retrograd in your romance house, while Pluto turns direct in your relationship house.

As a result you may find yourself at a crossroads; weighing different options and evaluating different opportunities. You may feel like torn by competing interests and desires. You may find yourself pulled in different directions — either away from the things you really want to do, or towards the kind of mindless diversions that cause you lose sight of your priorities.

The Seven of Cups is a card of temptations, often fueled by irrational thoughts or fantasies. There can be too many options available, which makes it hard to decide. But it’s often a case of wishful thinking and foolish day-dreaming that can interfere with actual progress.

The woman in this card — from the Llewellyn Tarot — gazes up at Seven goblets, each more tempting than the last. There’s a snake, dragon, wreath, dove, castle, treasure trove of jewels and a winged heart. These are tied to the Seven deadly sins and in fact this card is called “Debauchery” in some decks, referring to the superficial appeal of things that most of us only think will make us happy.

There are elements of seduction also inherent in this card. Being seduced by something intangible or just out of reach, or being lured in by a fantasy that falls short in the harsh light of day. Notice the butterflies luring the woman toward all of the enticing representations of fame, glory, power, wealth and acclaim, which are just hollow victories in the end.

While you may think that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, chances are good that when you got there you’d want nothing more than to return back home. The message behind this card is to aim for reachable goals and to participate in attaining them, rather than allowing yourself to fall into the trap of wishful thinking.


LEO: Four of CoinsTarot of Delphi -- Four of Coins

This month you want to be thinking about what you’’ve been holding onto that’s been keeping you from moving forward.

“Coins” is often automatically presumed to mean money, but it can extend to other areas as well, such as personal values, principles and belief systems.

The concepts of hoarding and squandering are depicted in this version of the Four of Coins (from the gorgeous Tarot of Delphi) by the Greek god Narcissus, who became so enamored with his own reflection that he was unable to turn away, causing him to miss on opportunities to experience the love of another.

Ask yourself, what are you holding onto too tightly and what potential opportunities are you missing out on as a result? It could be money or material possessions; or it could be loved ones or ideals. Whatever it is, remember that in protecting your own assets and keeping peril at bay, you’re also preventing new experiences from getting in.

One of the more positive aspects of this card is the idea of falling in love with yourself. We all know that this is the first step toward establishing healthy relationships with others. But taken too far it can lead to the degradation of love’s purest essence.

Remember that fear — along with greed, stinginess, avarice, etc. — is a symptom of a much greater problem. It can stop you in your tracks and prevent you from acquiring the very things you want. The fear or not having enough — or of losing what you already have — can reverberate endlessly like the ripples in Narcissus’ stream.

Embracing this philosophy can act as a springboard for you to make some important changes. The Four of Coins encourages you to let go of your fears and open your heart.

White Tiger FourVIRGO: White Tiger Four

Patience and perseverance are going to be on the menu for you this month, at least until the 10th, when your ruler (Mars) moves past its shadow point.

The White Tiger Four is the Feng Shui Tarot’s version of the Four of Swords. This card generally refers to a need for quiet, stillness, meditation and rest.

It can refer to a desire to retreat from all of the distractions in your life and reflect rather than “act.” It speaks of detaching from the whirlwind of activity around you and choosing to observe rather than participate.

But the emphasis here is more on restraint and self control… How easy would it be for that Tiger to leap over the bamboo fence and pounce on those sweet little songbirds? Or reach one of his mighty paws through the opening before they even knew he was there?

He may be just biding his time and waiting for the right moment. Perhaps he senses that the little birds could just as easily take flight and leave him there empty handed.

The bamboo fence is flimsy and falling apart. A portion of it is already missing. But even if it weren’t, it’s clear that it’s not strong enough to keep the Tiger at bay. Yet he watches and waits. He observes rather than reacts.

You may find yourself in a similar position this month — with your ruler (Mercury) moving into Scorpio and joining Venus, Jupiter the Sun and Moon. It’s going to be more about biding your time and striking while the iron is hot, rather than giving into impulse, which could cause you to risk everything.  If you’re willing to wait for the right moment, exercising discipline and restraint can pay off for you in the end.


Two of BatonsLibra: Two of Batons

When you look in the mirror what do you see? Self love is high on the agenda for you this month, as is looking deep within and making adjustment to whatever you aren’t exactly happy with.

This is the Ceccoli Tarot’s version of the Two of Wands. There are elements of  both self-love and self-reflection in this card. with the woman gazing directly at her “reflection” in the mirror — although that’s not what’s happening here at all. You can see that not only are her eyes closed but there is no glass in the mirror and she’s clearly connecting with her “Self.’

Your ruler (Venus) turns retrograde this month, and then gradually moves back into your sign. it goes from being debilitated (in Scorpio) to dignified (in Libra), and you will take the good with the bad and plain ugly.

This transit can act to diffuse the barriers between your conscious and subconscious mind and open you up to more creative and inspirational thinking. But it can also have you seeing things that others cannot see or seeing them in completely different ways.

If you have something that you really need to look at properly without putting rose coloured glasses on to assess the facts, you will get down to the nitty gritty of deciphering that situation without sentimentality clouding your judgement.

If this is about you and how you are seeing yourself, your life and what you are doing with it then you will see that the past can carry you towards the future along with all the knowledge you have accumulated along the way.

Don’t be too harsh on yourself. There’s no use looking for flaws where they do not exist and it is far better to embrace your “whole” self… imperfections and all. While others may find you a bit too self-reflective, it’s a time that you to turn inward and pull is needed to carry you forward.


Scorpio: Two of Cups

Love may sneak up on you when you least expect it this month, especially with Venus turning retrograde in your sign, and potentially bringing someone back in from your past.

This is the Two of Cups from the original Mythic Tarot. It tells the story of Eros and Psyche at the moment fate intervened and set in motion a powerful and unbreakable love spell.

This card represents more than just attraction, affection and romance. It also speaks of the need for balance and harmony, for give and take, and for meeting others half way. This can take on many forms: from a brand new romance to reconnecting with a lover from the past to a renewed passion in an existing relationship.

Questions to ask yourself this month include whether you’re seeing the person you’ve set your sights on clearly or if you’re just so in love with “love” that you ignore important signs. Also be aware that lovers returning from the past may not stay. Once Venus turns direct again, you may find that your connection to your other is complete.

There’s also an “unrequited love” potential with this card, as in being the recipient of another’s unwanted affections, or of having your heart set on someone who doesn’t even know you exist. But the upside is that love is right there behind you, ready to tap you on your shoulder.

The Two of Cups can be seen as a Soul Mate card, or finding your other half. You don’t want to underestimate the powerful magnetism that is associated with this card, especially when it hits you out of the blue.

The overall message here is one of union and partnership. Your relationships provide you with an opportunity to join forces with another, and in doing so learn more about yourself.


King of WandsSagittarius: King of Wands

How comfortable are you feeling with your own power? The Kind of Wands is a powerful man. He is forceful and kind and likes to have his own way in all things he surveys… and who would not wish to give him otherwise for he is quite adept at whatever he sets his hand and mind to.

In this version of the card — from the beautiful Crystal Tarot —  we see a figure who is quite relaxed whilst all around him everything seems to bend to his will. There’s prosperity and growth that looks as if it requires little, if any, effort by him and perhaps this is because he has others doing the hard work for him whilst he comes up with other plans.

He is a man of action but that doesn’t necessarily mean he is the one undertaking the actions for he is also a leader and may have very little patience for those who don’t do as they are told. He doesn’t need to explain himself as he knows what he wants and how to get it.

The King of Wands may appear as a person in your life. If so, you’ll know him by his dynamic presence and his fearless attitudes. He may be a parent, boss, mentor, lover or companion. Whatever form he takes, know that he’s here to show you how it’s done.

He can also represent a state of mind, as in displaying confidence and problem solving skills that draw people to you and elevate you in their eyes. And he can represent an event, such as a promotion or recognition from your peers.

However he appears for you this month see it as an indication that it’s time to step and start exerting your own influence. It may be time for you to pick up your own mighty staff and show the rest of the world what you’re made of.



Sometimes we have to go deep within ourselves to find our real strength and not act with what we or others think is strength.

If you are telling yourself you should act in a certain way, yet find that it’s doing you no good, then you may wish to take off the mask which is fogging your thoughts and work on showing your authentic self to others

This is the Strength Card from the Golden Tarot of Klimt. And with Pluto turning direct in your sign this month, you’re more than likely going to need some of that ‘strength” in spades. You may be wanting to reinvent yourself or to rid yourself of false notions that have been holding you back.

As the mask you’ve been wearing drops away, you may find more behind it than you ever imagined was there. This card is about taming your inner beast and inding a way to to reclaim your own power.

Be on the lookout for anyone trying to push your buttons or seek a reaction from you. This may be of paramount concern to you this month with the Strength card  as your talisman.

If you have been having trouble with someone and they know how to rile you then you need to be extra vigilant that you do not react the way they are hoping for. If you do you lose and they win.

If you find you have been showing one face to others and hiding your authentic self then now is the time to change that too. It’s time to dig deep and bring forth what is within you, knowing your true, authentic self is far more powerful than any mask you might hide behind.


AQUARIUS: The Herohero

Your card this month — from the gorgeous Chrysalis Tarot — is this deck’s version of traditional tarot’s Fool. Here he’s portrayed as a Hero, or more specifically, the legendary wizard Merlin.

As the first card in the 78-card tarot deck, this card represents the onset of the Fool’s journey. And yet this version portrays him as a wizened old man — someone whose life experiences have brought him to great pinnacles of awareness.

But this is a card of transformation and change. It’s a reminder of the importance of embracing each new chapter with the idealism and wonder of a child — no matter where you are in your own life’s journey.

Notice that Merlin’s staff is actually a snake — the archetypal symbol of transformation. And his familiar sits at his site, wide-eyed, alert, and embodying the traditional feline mysteries that have been passed down through the ages.

The light creeping over the horizon and twinkling stars above tell you that a new day is dawning. It’s an opportunity to start fresh.

With Mars moving past its shadow point in your sign this month, and with the New Moon at your apex, it’s time to think about throwing caution to the wind and taking a giant leap of faith.

The Hero card encourages you to draw on the wisdom you’ve gained through your life experiences as you embark on each new chapter. You’re given the opportunity to embrace new experiences with the youthful spirit of a child, without losing sight of what you’ve already learned.


Pisces: Princess of SwordsPrincess of Swords

Are you waiting to hear from someone this month or expecting an important message? Perhaps you’re in the process of negotiating a contract or settlement, and are preparing to sign on the dotted line.

The Princess (or Page) of Swords is a “messenger card.” You may hear from an old friend, receive news, or learn the answer to a nagging question — whether it’s the answer you were hoping for or not.

As with all the court cards, the Princess of Swords card refer to someone in your life (or coming in) or it can refer to a frame of mind that you need to adopt in order to meet your goals. If this is someone in your life now, you can expect her to cut to the chase, not mince words, and tell you the truth without sugar coating it.

Here she stands alert in field of wildflowers, a gentle breeze touselling her hair and cloak. Her sword is held blade down, wrapped in a silken ribbon. A bird flies high in the distance, perhaps delivering a message to a far-off place.

The Princesses in the Druid Craft Tarot deck are the female versions of “Pages” in traditional decks. They’re youthful, sensitive, and sincere. They’re full of potential, lacking in worldly experience and sophistication and may be overly idealistic and naive.

The Princess of Swords though has a bit of a “bite.” She can be feisty and sarcastic with a sharp wit and even sharper tongue. This may be why she’s given a bad rap in some interpretations — as she’s said to lack both tact and diplomacy.

If the Princess of Swords makes an appearance in your life this month, know that the message she delivers is of some importance. If instead it refers to you, make sure you’re willing to step up and tell the truth — even if it hurts — and to accept it from others as well.



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