Ask the Astrologers: When Saturn Comes to Call


This question is related to choosing between putting down roots after having a life full of travel and adventure and looking at the birth chart to see what is going on now and the transits which shall shortly hit the chart to glean insight into what is to happen next.

Our client “Mary” has written to ask about transitioning from the very rich and rewarding life she’s created for herself (seeing the world, traveling, volunteering and applying her skills to altruistic ventures in foreign lands, etc) to a more “normal” and settled existence back home.

Chrisalis takes a look at the current transits as they apply to Mary’s natal chart.

Her chart is full of freedom, excitement and new learning experiences and as Saturn comes closer to the natal node it shows what can occur within the person and around them.

Hi Mary,

I took look at your chart and can imagine your frustration.  You have Gemini on your Midheaven which makes sense given that you have so many “trades” behind you and are always striving to learn something new.  Gemini rules mental processes.  You would be very good at thinking “inside” and “outside” the box when it comes to work issues.  On top of your Midheaven sits Mars… which is a planet that is not known for its patience and sitting as it does in your chart gives an insight into why you are always doing something different… and I’d add to that… usually at the drop of a hat.  Nothing wrong with that and a lot of people would envy your life and all that you have packed into it in such a short time!

Your ascendant is Virgo which would also highlight your mental processes and make you hone in on the nitty gritty of a situation and get to the bottom of it faster than most people.  Your moon is in Aries along with Jupiter conjunct (sitting on top of) your moon.  Lucky in love?  You didn’t mention love but you would be quite lucky in that department and also possibly like the chase more than the “capture”… lol. Jupiter conjunct the moon gives a joyful disposition and this in your seventh house which rules relationships and love.

I specifically went looking for what triggered the recent frustration you had felt and came up with this.  Your node is in Scorpio at 22 degrees.  The node rules fated events and when it is triggered either by transit (as it has been in your case) or by someone else’s chart it is a powerful thing.

You may know that in October/November Mercury turned retrograde.  This caused all types of frustrations for everyone especially with communication (the type of thing you are good at!).  End of October and the first week of November Mercury made direct contact with your node.  This was in your second house which is the area of the chart that makes you want to feel secure, know what is your’s and what isn’t, gives you a push to get your house in order and have a life that is stable.

To compound this you will soon feel the effects (if you haven’t already) of Saturn coming into conjuction to your node.  Saturn is a planet of wisdom, order and practicalities.  It will be pressing down on you to be practical, do the right thing, don’t be flighty, change what you have into something with more order.  That is your dilemma and it is going to be with you for a while to come.

The dates you specifically need to look at this are 22 January, 2014 till around the end of the year… December 2014.  Saturn will be trying to pull you into line and go against what has so far felt natural to you.  You have already started to question what you want and sound as if you are excellent at landing on your feet in situations that most people wouldn’t be able to tackle at all.  From the week 22 January, 2014 to end of April is when you really need to look at what you want.  At this time Saturn will also turn retrograde and hit off your natal node (keep an eye on the week 22 March, 2014).

Towards the end of the year in the latter part of October I feel you will also have the opportunity to really answer the question you are asking yourself… should I settle down and put down roots or should I continue to travel and explore.  On the one hand it sounds as if life without travel and exploration and learning would be boring and on the other hand you need a stable base and to experience that in order to feel you haven’t missed out on anything.  I get the irony!

I feel that 2014 is when things will come to a head for you with this.  You will have opportunities to go either way ie continue the way you are or settle down in one place.  I feel this may not satisfy you for long as you need an outlet for learning and different experiences.  I wondered also if you could work from home in some way and take that “home” with you when you wanted to travel thus getting past the requirement to be in one place for 3 months.

Keep an eye on the dates I gave you and know that you are only at the start of more things to come which will have you questioning what you want.  As you wander through 2014 it will all become more apparent.  Situations and opportunities will arise especially around the times I gave you above and these will give you a good guide in what you should do next.

Good luck!

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  1. heather

    Wow, I just remembered this answer so came back to check out how things worked out. The dates are uncanny! I did end up moving, yet again, after visiting my parents in January. I received a job offer in their home country for a year. I thought I would be ‘settling down’ but the organisation restructured so I ended up back where I was only a few months after starting! Until October when I was approached for a volunteer job overseas for a year. I have been housesitting all over the place waiting to head off overseas. I guess the desire to settle hasn’t overwhelmed the opportunity to explore….just yet anyhow!

    1. Chrisalis

      That is excellent news Heather and sounds like life is treating you wonderfully!

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