August 2017 Tarot Scopes by Melodie

Three of Wands

ARIES: Three of Wands

This month you may be bursting at the seams with all the passion and confidence that are needed to put your goals into place.

The Three of Wands — this version from Timothy Lantz’ Archeon Tarot — speaks of a renewed sense of purpose, clarity and motivation – the desire and willingness to “make something happen!”

You may already have a new project in the works, in which case you’re probably beginning to see the fruits of your labors pay off. Or you may be on the verge of launching a new project, and if that’s the case, there’s no better time than the present.

The Three of Wands embodies such a powerful life-force energy that it never permits itself to be “still.” It’s always improving.

Notice how the Pegasus in this deck is both watching over his shoulder (toward what has already been accomplished) and preparing to take flight. There’s a nobility also associated with this card, which is befitting the majestic stance of our winged friend.

You may have recently discovered your life’s purpose. Or you may just now be acting on aspirations that you were too afraid to reach for in the past. This card speaks of a new burst of inspiration, a second wind, and the confidence with which to see it through.

If you’re starting something new try to inject yourself fully into it, as from this point forward you’re going to have opportunities to expand your horizons. Whether that means through travel, enterprise, education or career, the Three of Wands tells you that now is the time to spread your wings and fly!

The Devil

TAURUS: The Devil

This month you may be thinking about ways to escape from the restrictions in your life that have been holding you back.  With 6 planets in retrograde this month, you may be struggling with issues like confusion, uncertainty, escapism and avoidance. If this is the case, it’s very possible that the limitations in your life are largely self-imposed.

The Devil card — this version from the gorgeous Dreaming Way Tarot — encourages you to move past some of the restrictions you’ve imposed on yourself, particularly with respect to the more unsavory emotions — jealousy, anger, paranoia, fear, etc.

If you look at the figures in this card, the Devil herself is bound up in some sort of straight-jacket configuration. She has two smaller beings chained to her, but the chains are loose and her manner of holding them is almost apathetic.

She’s either indifferent to their plight or is so sure of her hold over them that she doesn’t think there’s anything to worry about.

But these two figures could easily unchain themselves and slip away. So what is preventing them from doing that? Back to the self-imposed restrictions — namely negative thoughts and fears.

Your challenge this month is to figure out what’s been holding you back — what chains you’ve bound yourself up in — and release yourself from them.

If you have a bigger monkey on your back — such as addiction or another unhealthy form of debauchery — now is also the time to come clean with yourself about it and get clean. Whatever it is, know that the Devil card is here to remind you that only you can reclaim your power. You can liberate yourself from the chains that bind you only if you’re brave enough to face them first.

Five of WandsGEMINI: Five of Batons

You may feel that you’re at cross purposes with a loved one this month. Whether it’s a love interest or a bona fide relationship partner, it’s going to take some fancy footwork for you to dodge the bullets that will more than likely be lobbed your way.

This is the Five of Batons from the Zirkus Magi Tarot. It refers to conflicts with others, being at odds with your partners, and struggling with finding a middle ground. Arguments, confrontations and disagreements are all strong possibilities.

Look at the figures in this card. Each have their strengths and each have their weaknesses. But rather than joining together and making good on the “sum of the parts being greater than the whole” axiom, they’re busy duking it out.

The Five of Batons (Wands in most decks) refers to strife, conflict and competitive drives. Power struggles. A clash of wills. Who wears the pants in the family? Who wields the bigger stick?

You may feel like you’re engaged in a battle of wits with your partner. Or you may feel like your partner is purposefully trying to push your buttons or “get your goat.” Either way, you should know that this going round and round in circles is not going to suddenly end in your favor.

While this card relates to conflict in general, these transits make for a far more personal rivalry. So be aware of the temptation to compete with loved ones, to see them as enemies, or to engage in compulsive patterns of one-upmanship.

Ask yourself whether you even remember what it is you were fighting about to begin with. Chances are good you either don’t know, or you and your partner recall a completely different version of events. You’ll get some relief later in the month when the Sun and Mercury move into mutual reception. Working through these conflicts and attending to your relationships will sustain you, and may turn out to be your saving grace.

Seven of SwordsCANCER: Seven of Swords

You may need hold back on expressing some of your ideas this month, or to at the very least develop a filter.

The Seven of Swords — like all Sevens — speaks of consequences that come from compromising your own principles. In this case it has to do with words, opinions and ideas (Swords) which may be in serious need of a 5-second delay.

It’s one thing to express yourself openly but another thing entirely to insult, offend or attack others.

There’s a danger of being too cocky or of being so sure of yourself that you don’t think about how your words can affect those you care about. Others may take what you say out of context too,

This version — from Patrick Valenza’s Deviant Moon Tarot — has a harlequin figure with her legs in the air and a sword balanced precariously on her feet above her. Another sword dangles from its hilt mere inches from her open mouth.

Is she too confident in her abilities? Too pompous to even consider the repercussions? Or too reckless to care? She may be all three. But if any of them cause her to slip up, the damage will be irreversible.

The Seven of Swords is sometimes associated with duplicity. There’s often a devious / shifty vibe to this card. But this version seems to emphasize the sort of recklessness abandon that can cut just as deeply. The lesson here is the same as it is with all versions: be careful what you say as words are powerful and can end up doing more damage than good.

EclipseLEO: The Eclipse

This month’s New Moon solar eclipse takes place in your sign (on the 21st), and what better card to depict this occurrence than this beautiful version of the Moon card, from the beautiful Whispering Tarot?

From an astrological perspective, the Moon is tied to feelings, emotions, intuition and primal instincts, as well as the unconscious mind. It relates to security issues and needs which can translate to insecurity, uncertainty, fears and apprehensions. And these are all emphasized in the Tarot’s version of the Moon.

It can manifest as confusion, uncertainty or paranoia, especially when we try to analyze it logically, which is foreign to the Moon. Just as we can’t fully appreciate the beauty of the Moon in the light of day (consciousness), we struggle to grasp its archetypal meaning through the lens of reason.

The Eclipse card takes this a step further by bringing in some of the symbology associated with the dark side of the Moon. It can refer to anxiety and confusion, based on instincts that you can’t make rational sense of.

This card speaks of the need to get in touch with your emotions. Even the deeper, darker, scarier emotions, the “Shadow side” of you psyche, the part that so many of us deny or ignore. It’s related to mystery and the unknown, all that is hidden and that lies beneath the surface. This is the realm of the unconscious: that which is churning beneath your awareness and which often translates externally as anxieties, suspicions and fears.

You can quiet your fears by reminding yourself that you won’t be left permanently in the dark. The Eclipse card reminds us that things are still “up in the air” and that the future has not yet been written. There’s still much to do and still time time to achieve the outcome you desire. You can work on curtailing some of the more harrowing elements (doubt, fear, suspicion and paranoia) and tap into the more uplifting aspects (intuition, perception, sensitivity and discernment) instead.

Two of SwordsVIRGO: Two of Swords

This month you may find yourself weighing the pros and cons of a situation, or weighing the different options before you so that you can arrive at an informed decision.

You may see yourself at an important cross-roads: a career-related decision or a relationship, or even long-term goals that you’ve not yet pulled together.

Whatever it is, it’s going to be important for step back and weigh the different options that are available to you before you arrive at a decision.

While you don’t want to let yourself be swayed by external desires or distractions, you also can’t allow your own uncertainty to prevent you from taking a stand.

You may wish to “rise above” all of the turmoil that is festering beneath you, but as with the imagery depicted in this card, you won’t be able to completely escape it.

The Two of Swords — this version from Charissa Drengsen’s Steampunk Tarot — refers to conflicting ideals and emotions. Feeling torn or pulled in two different directions. Weighing options. Straddling the fence.

It can also refer to inaction and immobility. Sometimes this is due to fear: “What if I make the wrong decision?” But it’s just as often related to a desire to not have to choose at all. Notice that the figure in this card is wearing a blind-fold that covers both her eyes and ears. She’s also underwater. It’s as if she’s attempting to mitigate the turbulence around her so she can think.

Whether you feel yourself being pulled in two different directions — between head and heart, for example — or just need a break from the chaos surrounding you, this card encourages you to take a step back, be still in the moment and reflect on what you want, removed from any external distractions.

Six of PentaclesLibra: Six of Pentacles

What if money really did grow on trees? And what if it were so plentiful that there was always enough to go around?

This seems to be what’s happening here with the Tarot of Trees version of the Six of Pentacles. These little guys look like they are squirreling it away for the winter. And of course it’s always wise to be resourceful.

But there’s something more valuable here than just the unexpected windfall. There’s the joyful act of sharing rather than just grabbing it all for yourself.

This card is all about the exchange of energy — which often comes in the form of gifts or tangible goods. But whether it refers to giving or receiving is a matter of perspective.

Front and center in this card is the consummate “giving tree.” You can imagine that if you reached up and plucked a gold coin from one of its branches that another one would grow in its place. And this is attitude you want to take with you: that there is always enough for everyone and that prosperity and abundance can be continuously replenished.

An important feature of the Six of Pentacles is also gratitude. Noticing the small miracles and blessings that surround you as well as the bigger ones. And honoring those who’ve helped you along the way.

This is a time for both giving and receiving. It doesn’t have to be money or material things; it can be as simple as a smile, a hug, a pat on the back or a moment of your time. Be conscious of all that you receive as well, and don’t forget to say thanks!

Two of CupsScorpio: Two of Cups

Love is in the air for you this month. Whether you’re in an established relationship, starting something new, or just out there looking, now is the time to let someone you care about know it.

The Two of Cups is all about falling in love — either opening yourself up to new experiences or reigniting a connection with someone you’re already involved with.

It’s this process of falling in love that reveals to us ourselves at our very best. It’s where we put our best version of ourselves forward and the Universe responds by opening up unanticipated doors.

The Two of Cups is known as the “Love” card as it refers to that love at first sight sense of finding your other half. It’s a marriage or union of opposites, as seen in this version of the card from the Arcus Arcanum Tarot.

It’s the mutual attraction card, the “soul mate” card, and so much more. It’s the process of falling in love or renewing a love connection that replenishes itself over time.

There’s a synergy that pulls two people together and echoes their feelings back to one another. In this respect the Two of Cups is more about falling in love with yourself, as seen through your loved one’s eyes.

If you meet someone new this month, consider it an opportunity for growth. It could be the yin to your yang — or it could just be a friend who shows you the true meaning of the word. You may also be working on revamping your current connection or reuniting with a loved one. Whichever it is, be grateful for the opportunity to see yourself through someone else’s eyes.

Eight of CoinsSAGITTARIUS: Eight of Coins

This month you should be thinking about how you can be more efficient and productive. You may be putting more effort into honing your craft and turning your skills into something you can be proud of.

The Eight of Coins is a card of craftsmanship — however that might apply to you. It can be as simple as being focused on your work and showing the powers that be your dedication and service. And it can be as innovative as taking something you’re uniquely capable of and turning it into a career.

In this version — from the Joie de Vivre Tarot — we see a Fox in wizard’s attire conjuring up a magic potion. He’s focused and dedicated, standing over the bubbling concoction as the cauldron sizzles and boils.

Five disks hang from trees and three more are pinned to his pointy hat. He’s so good at what he does he can afford to take his eyes off the mixture. But he doesn’t dare step away: the successful completion of this project depends on his being right there to make it happen.

This is also known as the apprentice card. It refers to taking on an interest — a brand new one or a lifelong dream — and devoting yourself fully to it.

The Eight of Coins can refer to an all-work / no-play mentality. But this is all relative, as the hours that you’re putting in will likely not feel like “work” at all. Not if you truly love what you do. This is about being fully engrossed in what you’re learning, creating or developing.

Take some time to think about what you really want to be doing. Chances are good that once you start seriously thinking about your options, taking steps toward making them happen will come to you naturally.



Your card this month — from the gorgeous Chrysalis Tarot — is this deck’s version of traditional tarot’s Fool. Here he’s portrayed as a Hero, or more specifically the legendary wizard Merlin.

As the first card in the 78-card tarot deck, this card represents the onset of the Fool’s journey. And yet this version portrays him as a wizened old man — someone whose life experiences have brought him to great pinnacles of awareness.

But this is a card of transformation and change. It’s a reminder of the importance of embracing each new chapter with the idealism and wonder of a child — no matter where you are in your own life’s journey.

Notice that Merlin’s staff is actually a snake — the archetypal symbol of transformation. And his familiar sits at his site, wide-eyed, alert, and embodying the traditional feline mysteries that have been passed down through the ages.

The light creeping over the horizon and twinkling stars above tell you that a new day is dawning. It’s an opportunity — as with every new day — to start fresh.

Now is the time to conduct yourself with both confidence and humility. There is a gentle, compassionate energy about this card that makes progressing toward your goals less about ego and more about experience.

The Hero card encourages you to draw on the wisdom you’ve gained through your life experiences as you embark on each new chapter. You’re given the opportunity to embrace new experiences with the youthful spirit of a child, without losing sight of what you’ve already learned.

Three of SwordsAQUARIUS: Three of Swords

Your card this month — from the Mary-el Tarot — is a very different Three of Swords than we’re used to seeing.

The most common version depicts a blood red heart lanced by three swords, symbolizing loss, pain, heartache and rejection. Being stabbed in the heart or broken hearted. A deep searing wound accompanied by unfathomable pain.

And while the Three of Swords is hardly a happy card, this version emphasizes the powerful process of healing and transformation. The broken heart is replaced by a gentle white dove, discovering his own strength and ability to overcome adversity.

The Three of Swords often represents a painful ending. Or a necessary break that’s been a long time coming. It can refer to the end of a relationship or the loss of a dream that you’ve held onto for far too long. You can see that struggle here with swords that the dove grapples with in this card.

While the sky grows dark behind him, if you look closely you can make out a face in the clouds. It’s as if there’s a protective force behind him as he morphs into a mighty bird.

The storm clouds remind you that it’s not going to be easy. Loss and endings never are. But there’s a potential for triumph inherent in this card that tells you you can rise above.

If you’re dealing with the aftermath of your own heartache this month, know that you have it within your own power to prevail. This card serves as a powerful reminder that even the gentlest creature can overcome adversity — and so can you.

Ace of SwordsPisces: Ace of Scrolls

This is a time of new learning and what better way to learn than by throwing out everything that has gone before and learning something completely new.

This is the Ace of Scrolls, the Chrysalis Tarot’s version of the Ace of Swords. The language on the scroll implies you will be doing something you have never done before… something foreign to you. The black bird shows you that what you do learn will take you far.

If you have a plan to change something in your life — your career, your relationship, your goals or even your mindset — then the answers to how you can best do that will open up to you.

Use the keys in the bottom of the card to unravel what it is you are wishing to change and then use all your willpower to make it happen.

The sky in this card neither implies it is dawn or evening. The moon may be new or at the end of its 28 day cycle.

What you are wishing to change in your life may come about from years of accumulated knowledge you have which you launch into something new or it may be that you try something totally new to you that you have never considered before.

There is also the implication here that you leave the door open to return to your current safe life but if you do so you may be missing out on a very exciting opportunity.

You want to be conscious about what you “put out there” this month — through your words and through your actions. The Ace of Scrolls encourages you to speak truthfully, but to do so from the heart. Be considerate of the feelings of others: remember that words can be both helpful and hurtful, so use yours wisely.




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